Cruelty to animals in the name of Islam in Sri Lanka
Posted on October 26th, 2012

By Naleem

It is very obligatory to act in a humane way within acceptable limits while performing the Ulhiya ritual. Irrespective of innumerable awareness programs and guidance, our society carries on this practice in a hateful way which is provocative to other communities. This has been the main root cause for the current issues of objections from various non-muslim organizations. None can ignore or disagree in many cases that the way the preparation is carried out for slaughtering in Sri Lanka is appalling: just drag the animal, tie its limbs, push force the animal to fall, grab it cruelly and slaughter, after the animal felt its fate. This routine process of controlling the animal to prepare for a Qurban makes the animal die in fear before its death and at last the performer pretends to be a hero to the audience while making the whole Muslim community hated by others. Many of you may recollect how animals were slaughtered in the open to feed victims of the tsunami. Pictures and videos echoed in the press and electronic media condemning our society and some when on even to dare say that the tsunami was the real punishment for those cruel butchers.

This is an act executed in fear of ALLAH who has not revealed such a cruelty in advance of preparation for an Ulhiya or whatever Qurban. What my personal opinion on this issue is to make arrangements for  demonstrations or awareness programs in which a series of ethic guidance can be taught to those who intends to perform Ulhiya. This should be a typical rehearsal in all aspects of Qurban. This can be arranged area wise by the Board of Trusties in patronage of an un-biased well deserved Alim. The most important fact at the time of slaughter is to maintain high privacy (to keep the access to the venue of slaughter limited only to the prescribed individuals) as certain short sighted persons may make fun with their hand phone cameras without the far sighted knowledge of the evil consequences that the whole society has to confront.

Eidh Mubaarak!


4 Responses to “Cruelty to animals in the name of Islam in Sri Lanka”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you for bringing this up.

    HAJ animal slaughter terrorism will happen on a Poya day. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

  2. mjaya Says:

    I always salute Muslims like you!

    Animal sacrifice is unacceptable under any religion and incompatible with modern society.

    So it is good if Muslims can replace it with a more humane practice that doesn’t involve killing. There are Sufi sects that do not consume meat. If according to the tradition Abraham’s son was spared from sacrifice why not spare the life of an animal meant to be slaughtered for meat?

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    Beautiful Muslims who are very human and humane, and does not endorse cuelty to life, be they be Human Beings or Animals. May they prosper by generation to generation.

    The Ugly Muslims with a Sordid Grin, who loves to Kill by torture, be they be human beings or animals. May they be cursed by generation to generation.

  4. Voice123 Says:

    Ritual animal slaughter was carried out in the name of many religions including Judaism, Islam. Some Hindus and Sinhalese kattadiyas sacrifice animals also. You also find it in Africa, the Carribean, Pacific islands, etc, some Westerners also. These traditions are fueled by ignorance and deliberately causing needless suffering of animals have no place in the modern world. It doesnt matter to the poor animal who is torturing them. People of all religions must unite to end this suffering immediately.

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