Posted on October 29th, 2012

By Gomin Dayasri

Hark, hark, dogs do bark; sleeping dogs “”…” the procrastinators, warm stools in high places without attending to the imperatives, after securing a 2/3 majority. Awake before it’s too late- this could be the last call on the 13th Amendment.

Impact of the 13th amendment can be diminished or demolished, satisfactorily, if the legitimate grievances of Tamils, as identified in the LLRC report and accepted by the government in its Action Plan presented to Hillary Clinton, is implemented, which is a preferred alternative. It means directly addressing the problems of Tamil people in the North/East, satisfying their prime necessities.  Political power, TNA seeks through the 13th amendment, to reach a circumscribed federal status, is ancillary and could be averted.

Difference stands out- TNA is avaricious for power, while Tamil people seek relief for many of their unresolved problems. TNA will never seek reconciliation between the Sinhalese and the Tamils, with or without the 13th amendment, since TNA craves for rancor: for their survival, TNA strives for acrimony between communities, as did the LTTE.

Procrastination on the LLRC/Action Plan will be felt more in March 2013 than November 2012 at the UNHCR.  Be ready to face allegations of sub-standard and undone work at the coming sessions. Peal every bell in temple or kovil or church – it falls on deaf ear. Failure to push officials, who failed to present positive results, gives us a bad name.  Timely action on promised premise would have assuaged India and the USA: to prevent efforts of a silent regime change that is being engineered from outside our shores.

The government specifically sought a 2/3 majority and voters mindfully provided it to a government that had gained confidence by successfully wiping out terrorism. Has anything worthwhile materialized out of this majority? Why was it sought and why was it provided? The answer is obvious – to change the constitution.

Imposed forcibly by India, it being no home sprung remedy: the 13th amendment has been in existence for nearly 30 years, without any beneficial impact emerging. It’s a wasteful extravagance that has remained without repair or replacement: no undertaking to rectify or revoke its obnoxious provisions, notwithstanding talk and more talk. A task, which only Mahinda Rajapakse is capable of fulfilling- in the present political woodwork- if, he is sufficiently fired up and possesses a team to achieve it- instead of nitwit voodoo advisors.

Government faults the 13th amendment and there is little else beside its loose talk of a 13 plus/minus situation to irritate India: the Opposition supports the 13th amendment and is totally discounted, as shown when the vote is exercised at elections. The 13th amendment continues reign supreme and a woeful future awaits Sri Lanka, if the tendency to dawdle remains untouched.

National narrative shows Sri Lankans can make things turn for the better, if decisions, however hard, are made. Rallying around the national flag the locals undertook a mission to back the security forces to the hilt, in more gruesome times, to pull a victory from the jaws of defeat. Sri Lankans have the spirit and the dedication to achieve the impossible, asking hostile nations to mind their affairs without interfering in our domestic matters.

Has Lanka-euphoria waned and the dedication dimmed with the post war architecture where Lanka-skeptics have gained ground? Gone back for a snooze in the land of noddy? It’s more convenient to do nothing and sit on buttocks on the back of an armchair “”…” allowing the 13th amendment to wend it ways to make the country tiptoe on interpretations given by the judiciary. Unconsciously, we are entrusting the upkeep of the constitution to the judiciary “”…” a matter that was never contemplated by the founding fathers who later had to watch in vain, the weaving of an Indian design around the 13th amendment, mother of most problems, in the time of J.R. Jayewardane.

The 13th amendment has resurfaced with suggestions it be leveled to the ground, ironically coming from sources deemed influential and persuasive. The country is in it’s last lap with a 2/3 majority on its final journey before being laid to rest “”…” it’s a now or never opportunity – with five options to choose from- (A) Confer powers so far not delegated, including police and land powers, to the Provincial Councils and attach the concurrent list to the provincial council list. (B) Leave the 13th amendment – as it is “”…” and procrastinate with idle small talk. (C) Eliminate Police and Land powers conferred on the provincial councils and redistribute the subjects dealt in the three schedules whereby national interest is safeguarded (D) Take the 13th amendment comprehensively off the constitutional map and redraft provisions to provide for the hiatus, (E) Leave it to judiciary: through interpretation to determine whether Sri Lanka’s constitutional character is bent towards a exclusively unitary or a semi-federal structure. If judicial interpretation swings in favor of the “ƒ”¹…”fedrophiles’ it would lead to federalism and a division of the country.

Option A:

This is the desire of the TNA and left elements within and outsize the government. TNA craves through the 13th amendment and with favorable judicial interpretations, to reach the promised land of Elam via federalism through a legislative cum judicial process. For the Left- with its venerable leadership ready for nursing homes than parliament; their political philosophy been laid to rest in the mausoleums of Stalin and Mao Tse-tung by the voters, do not count any more except as votes in securing a desired majority in Parliament- a heavy price to be paid for having them as appointed MPs on the parliamentary pay roll.

Option A is comprehensively outside the Rajapakse agenda and probably not favored by the UNP in conferring police powers to the Provincial Councils but the trends in judicial interpretations are unpredictable. It was safe under Sarath Silva in the Supreme Court, in his patriotic moments, would not permit a swing towards federalism after his decision in the de-merger case being enamored previously by the political package.

Option B

This is the procrastinators’ dream world and a likely eventuality that will be satisfactorily to the TNA, as they would look forward to achieving their objective in the years ahead through a Supreme Court veering to their thinking under a changed administration. Leaving the 13th amendment in its present form places the Supreme Court in a pivotal position to interpret the constitution to confer, more or less powers to Provincial Councils “”…” like tossing a coin in the air to watch whether it flips head or tail- such are the ways of interpretation.

Option C

If a constitutional change is envisaged, it is the least controversial route to take on the 13th amendment. If properly marketed using a by-partisan approach the UNP may come on board. Only a few left leaners will be left out from the southern block. More likely, the UNP may change course to use it as a bargaining chip to make inroads into the minority vote. If the wrong option is taken the UNP will have many more years in the opposition, if the national fervor reaches a climax. If option C is taken the venomous sting is de-fanged out of the 13th amendment but the extravagances associate with the Provincial Councils will remain. To reach grassroots, Grameeya Sabha system would be an imperative need to supplement the vacant mezzanine floor that exists between the tiers of the Central Government and the People at ground level.

Option D

This is the most favorable option from a country perspective to restructure the entire constitution to satisfy the needs of people after ending terrorism jettisoning the Indian edition of the 13th amendment. It requires a bold initiative President Rajapakse alone is capable of taking and if accomplished satisfactorily will be of lasting value. The people will undergo any economic hardship to achieve the objective if attended with a sense of justice and equity. Opposition from hostile local and international forces would be immense. Would the government be strong to overcome the onslaught as during the war?  The blessing of the majority will be with such a venture.

Option E

Supreme Court can freely interpret the Constitution and should not be faulted on interpretation with the 13th amendment in place: the dividing line is running thin- a most disturbing aspect. This is the route to follow to get on the federal highway and the TNA is already on a bye road. Jurisprudential schools believe that interpretation by the judiciary is often a discretionary inclination based on individuality and is the reason for a judge in the USA to have his track record minutely examined before appointment. The fault is more with the legislature for placing the judiciary in jeopardy by introducing the dubious 13th amendment to the constitution leaving scope for interpretation. Leaving such power of interpretation in a body not elected by the people means that the fate of a nation could be decided by a few. Loyalty of the Supreme Court to a unitary state as declared by the constitution, will be the decider and composition of a single bench to hear a crucial case can change history.

Sinhala lobbyists maintain that grievances are common to the people of all communities which is an over simplification of a grave issue. True, most are but not all, with a few of the prominent being exclusive to varied ethnic groups. Language rights in the use of Tamil conferred in 1958 by legislation have yet to be fully functional and are indeed belated for which all governments should take blame. If a trilingual society emerges, as currently envisaged, problems can be solved by a direct dialogue and learning the others language has been endorsed by 94% of the Tamils in the North /East and 92% of the Sinhalese in the South as revealed at recent survey undertaken by the government. Naturally, TNA does not support the venture.

Being accused as a chauvinist by the extreme Tamil elements and a “ƒ”¹…”Tiger’ in sheep’s clothing by a few in the Sinhala diaspora, realize that we can live in harmony provided we understand rationally the problems others face instead of ours’ alone.


  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    As WW said, the 13th Ammendment is a ticking Time Bomb. I would equate it to a BLACK MAMBA, whose sting is known as the ” Kiss of Death ”

    The atmosphere in Parliament, relating to the 13th ammendment, clearly reflects that those who are warming the seats there, are UN-EDUCATED NIT-WITS, unable to visualize the tidal waves coming with it. They are all tongue tied, in deadly damning, silence. Not one of these nit-wits are prepared to speak for the country, the very concept they acquired their seats for. Apparently they are scared to speak out to their Leader, lest they ruffle his unpredictable moods, and his way of thinking. SHAME.

    It must be remembered that the LTTE Megolomaniac ‘our soul’ had Police Powers and Land Powers. It was evident how he put them to use. I need not delve on it. TNA ‘our souls’ too now want to continue with that agenda. The nit-wits in Parliament cannot see it. The people of Sri Lanka can see it. People are helpless. So what is the remedy ?

    What I envisage is that ” HUMPTY DUMPTY WILL HAVE A GREAT FALL ” ‘ not all the Kings Horses and all the Kings men, would ever put ” HUMPTY DUMPTY ” together again.

    Before this calamity, can we please, please say, AMEN, TO THE 13TH AMMENDMENT ???

  2. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    A new constitution is the best and right solution so that 13A (this number is a dreaded no. there is no 13 floor on elevators in N America) will die its own death with the remnants of Tiger outfit with it. Consultation at grass root level right up to intellectuals from all walks of life representing from all communities – Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher and other communities and Expats should feed the formulation of a home grown constitution. Most of all it should be a Simple constitution so that Colombons will have no room to indulge in fruitless arguments over technical points in the constitution drinking arrack and the corrupt judiciary will have no lengthy ‘cases’ to fill in their pockets. If the English bastard has no written constitution why should we in fact has this menace on us afterall. I wonder why the Judiciary in Sri Lanka fail to appoint ‘Field Magistrates’ who could solve especially Land disputes right on the spot (on the land) rather than lawyers draging on cases inside court rooms using unitelligible Latin terms and Magistrates and Judges getting santhosams collected from lawyers who earn more than the Magistrates and Judges. Our whole country should be revamped.
    Mahinda Rajapakse should dissolve the government immediately and face the masses (preferably Gota should be an ideal candidate to replace Mahinda) – a referandum to abolish the present constitution completely. No political party should represent in the process to formulate the constitution, as this cancer has caused more divisions of our society than any other – go back to basics, keep governance simple – a rotational basis of governannce should be ideal with representation from all communities to govern Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka. To hell with these Anglo Saxon bastards who dictate our leaders, especially people like our Foreign Minister, hypocritical bastions of Freedom and democracy while they commit heinous crimes against humanity and commit war crimes and engage in all immoral activities and work hand in hand with the Sakkili Tiger outfit to destabilise our country destroyed over the years by Dravidians, Portugese, Dutch and British.

  3. Dham Says:

    “Mahinda Rajapakse should dissolve the government immediately ”


    Just stay there like an old man and listen to younger brother. Simple.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SUNIL !! When you say, ‘the English bastard has no written constitution ‘ it brings me back old memories. I remember well, the Late Stanley Tillekeratne or the Late G.V.S. de Silva, in an Economics class telling us that British has no written Constitution, and it is all, a mass of Ammendments.

    Dham !! Let him remain young and vibrant, and yet LISTEN to his younger brother Gota, and act right now.

  5. Dham Says:

    The joke is whatever happened in the British parliament, courts , monarch can overluel everything.
    GOD SAVE THE QUEEN – not much better than Quoran.

  6. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Dham – You may be right and I might be wrong – however it’s one of the most crucial junctures in the history of Lankadeepa, we dearly love – the most beautiful island on earth – every tourist say and the most beautiful people on earth – the sakkili tiger outfit will dispute this.
    Susantha- the bloody mad cow syndrome and our fools just follow the cows.

  7. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    Barking at sakkili tigers who were helped well by UNP Sinhalese, or 13th amendment or LLRC sounds Sinhalese still prove they are at 1983.

    The current government created LLRC, but reluctant to implement it. Why? Fooling others has some limits. Double crossing is a hard issue now.

    The problem is Mahinda is not ready to implemet 13 or LLRC. Are you all who bark at India, TNA, Tamils, 13 etc want India or some other country use force to implemnet LLRC or 13?

  8. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    In fact the problem was our leaders played communal politics to gain vote irrespective of what party they belong to or what community they belong to. This was and is parliamentary democracy at its worst not going by principles and not thinking of country as a whole. The Tamil politicians NOT statesman played the communal game, (so too were others) went behind British to win them over to get maximum support for their causes with UNREASONABLE demands. The Sinhala Buddhists not Christians were penalised while playing the game with a hypocritical Kandyan Convention. That brought Col.Olcott to Sri Lanka. I need not go any further. The Radala Sinhala clan was actually a creation of British – consisting of mostly Kandyan Christians. You need to be a Sinhalese to realise this – while being pushed down by every bastard who conquered our country and DESTROYED our country namely Dravidians, Portuguese, Dutch and British. Sinhala people have sort of an oath to protect Buddhism as was prophesised by Thatagata. True Tamils too faced discrimination at the hands of other communities in Sri Lanka but not to the extent where they should demand self rule. That is going too far, again going after foreigners. Majority Tamils who live among Sinhalese testify and prove that they have no fear of reprisals after 83, again caused by a maniac ordering to kill 13 soldiers. Just think once through our Sinhala angle. Tamils demand everything where ever they live or go be it Malayasia, India and cry foul. This has become a habit and now they will demand things in Norway, Canada etc. who embraced Tamil brothers and now facing the music.

  9. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    The same fate and discrimination met by Hindus in Sri Lanka. But the Christians/Catholics still wield much power over the Hindus/Buddhists. Creation of LTTE is an example. Catholic Church tried to create an East Timor in Sri Lanka to facilitate their Western masters but it was failed due to the Indian intervention.

    Buddhists/Hindus of Lanka must remember that they are able to follow their religious ideals because of India. If no Indian influence, all the Lankans will be Fernandos or Abdullahs!

  10. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Mudali – we all side with whatever affiliations we carry with us. No doubt Catholic action is one of the worse things happening in Sri Lanka. That is why I say only and ONLY Sinhala Buddhist truly love Sri Lanka while others appreciate and worship Vatican, Pakistan and South India and some England and other European countries. We Buddhist owe India and King Asoka for most of the inheritance of true culture in SL but we have no obligation or play the ‘affiliation’ game with North India, like others or give a damn about them. If India was a Buddhist country today, as it should be like ancient times, up until Moghuls and to an extent Brahmins, Tamils in Sri Lanka would have a really hard time getting the support they need to self determination crap!. So we, although originated from Gujarat, Hastinapur(New Delhi) or Orissa (Kalinga) we don’t give a damn about India or Indians, I repeat. We Sinha people are the cream of India which later mixed with hela people in Lankadeepa, produced this Sinha+hela people. I am a de Silva and that doesn’t mean I am a Catholic. My seeya is an an aspirant of a future Buddha. Some just got names from Portuguese, say Coorays (some of my cousins) got it as they were chased away ‘cooray, cooray’ when asked for a name – so they became Cooray or Cooreys.
    ‘The same fate and discrimination met by Hindus in Sri Lanka’ – well tell me on where on earth there is no discrimination? I lived in the most fabulous coutries on theis planet, Canada, Australia and Sri Lanka and I have faced discrimination in all three countries at least if someone denies this I would say ‘preferential’ treatment.
    Hindus discriminate against Hindus in India, North and South, it’s not a Buddhist thing. What is worst than Caste discrimination?

  11. jayt Says:


    there are a very few singhalese have studied this tiger case, and those studied, yet they missed detail of daily operation against sl since 1950s. Second. if sl had people right from the beginning in 1950s to create an independent intelligent agency without appointing by politician to study and gather daily info on espionage activities locally, regionally and globally, then, these could have advised sl politician to go about on every matter and could saved lives of many sl politicians whose lives have taken away by foreign agents along with thousands of singhalese lives

    Third, sl agent could have had discovered amassing tools, unlimited solution to counter foreign agents who are hell ben on conspiring against singhalese. And if sl had that kind of foundation from the beginning sl and india would not have divided. Third. Sl could have military agreement with India to be indian military protectorate and today there wouldn’t be NGOs and church groups and no other internationals groups against sl.

    Fourth, Sl could have negotiate estate tamil back to India right from the begins and yet still sl would have problem from other tamil but sl could have find more friendly method like giving them money or bribing them with money and encourage them to leave for other countries to avoid foreign agents attempting to create blood path, divide india and sl and destroy both countries culture which they are punting foundation for it right now.

    Fifth. sl could have avoided foreign agents directing india through espionage to misunderstand and mistrust Sl

    Israel appeared on the news about being supported two side but compared to British and American goals, they have been doing that in many countries not just sl just to make them specially recognise them which is their priority. I tend to forgive them and give them benefit of doubt because their background in especially in Europe.

    However, I wish Israel use friendly methods to win people or countries and they can do it excellently rather than using harmful methods against innocents people which can be misinterpreted and backfire against Israel and against
    innocents Jews
    in Sl case, However, in late years , Israel have proved greatly to work toward the singhalese interest, and have been willing to improve on many areas.

    I do not believe hating anybody but nobody on earth willing to tolerate British and American method of warmongering, manipulation to control and buy local assets and rule

  12. jayt Says:

    wikileak is well fabricated story. Wikileek is two agencies. mainly UK and US and created for SL to tell singhalese indirectly how Britain and US have been working together in last 30 years. This the styles UK use to tell Singhalese. They never said this to Singhalese at the beginning war years. Both UK and US pumping propaganda to Sl that india was the only one behind sl war. They were have been doing it constantly for first 20 years and they are now releasing this info under named “wikileek to tell singhalese that they are the one who is the real owner of sl war.

    They began to come out in the open to tell sl that how they meet Norwegian because they believe now Inda is fully dead and they now fully controlled dead Indians.

  13. jayt Says:

    temporary independent that India, Pakistan, sl Afghanistan got absolutely because of India. All have to thanks for India for it but now India is taking back by selling out Indian assets and on “destroying india tour” ‘by betraying indian grant parents who gave up lives in millions to get away from Brits colonial occupation and slavery system.

    Sl were lucky at least first 30 years, they enjoyed live freedom without bombs but West never allowed india to enjoy life without a bomb from 1948 up until now and they never left the room for it. Same with Pakistan afgan.

  14. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    jayt – agreed on most things – however, in 1950 we wouldn’t have thought of an espionage agency as Mossard, CIA or RAW as the world was a peaceful place and certainly Sri Lanka was. Although DMK threat was there it was just political dialogue. Anyway our politicians were/are not visionaries nor had the wisdom to do anything, let alone a foreign policy. The ungulate Anglo Saxon worked on a plan, like a military one, speading the map on the table – and working out where to have the control over others. Encroaching Diego Garcia island and few other unused islands in the Indian Ocean (should be rightly called the Southen Ocean) is one of the best stratergies they executed.

    Quote wikipedia – The largest island is Diego Garcia (area 44 km2), the site of a joint military facility of the United Kingdom and the United States. Following the eviction of the native population (Chagossians) in the 1960s, the only inhabitants are US and British military personnel and associated contractors, who collectively number around 4,000 (2004 figures).[5]

  15. Dham Says:

    Did you read
    extremly sad story.
    Mad Cow showed her colours here. Must see John’s video as well.


  16. jayt Says:

    try this knoledge you have to give to other sinhalese. Most Sinhalese have no clue about on the otherside of western countries. I find singhalese have more negitive thinking and negitive energy circulating around them than thinkingv positive and have positive energy circulating around them. These are bassically came from sl politician who tought singhalese criminal politics and how to take revenge on the innocents famillies who voted for defeated party in the general election.

  17. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Dham – enlighten the forum and Sri Lankan Colombons who worship these most arrogant, ignorance, hegemonic race. thx. The rest of the world should openly hit hard at them at World Forums instead of showing respect to these ungulates and going after their money and feel under obligation. Most Africans are under their spell although Asians are slowly realising. I truly consider the root cause of all problems on this planet and even in Sri Lanka is not Tigers and Wahabis alone but the Angl Saxon.

    Jayt – how can Sinha+helaya who is preoccupied with English, Tea and Cricket(I might antagonise some cricket lovers) care to learn about what is happening on the other side of the world? The 5 Pancha Seela of Sinha+helaya are Bolai, Battekai, Bothalai, Bathai, Bailai. Alcohol consumption of our race is the bane of our society. A bottle of arrack and a good cricket match is all they want – to hell with international politics! And you wil be surprised the corrupt programs they watch on TV. In fact I find the whole country is corrupt in one way or another – well when corrupt political leaders lead the way what do you expect from the rest of the country? Values are already vanished – this is why I strongly believe we need an incorrupt leader now who will be bold enough to face the world and steer the country in the right direction.

  18. Dham Says:

    I am a cricket fan. But I don’t drink and try proper panchaseela. I don’t like two of your seelas.
    Cricket is not a problem. English speaking is alos not a problem as long as Sinha-helaya understand the Mad Cow decease.

  19. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    King Asoka has nothing to be related with the Sinhala or Tamil racism. Barking at India or caste is a joke. Are you telling the Sinhala Buddhism has no caste issues? Cheating yourself and hiding under the HELA mantle never help any one. Tamil Language also devolved from the Hela Language of the Southern India.

    Asoka’s inscriptions mention TAMIRA BHARANI which is a small hamlet in Tamil Nadu, for Sri Lanka.

    Catholic Church which has more economical power than Sri Lanka, always create tensions in Sri Lanka. You must know the same church supported EELAM or SELF determination crap among Tamils. But the Sinhala Catholics keep silence of the actions of the Catholic Church which is the loot keepers of LTTE.

    India never support any form of separation. That is a well known fact. If the Sinhalese bark the opposite, Indian interfearence is inevitable.

  20. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran Says:

    Mr.Gomin Dayasiri,

    I appreciate your objective presentation. You have laid out the available options on the ‘National question’, directly, without pretending to be the proverbial ostrich. I have to thank you particularly for acknowledging that Tamils and other minorities have specific problems within Sri Lanka. As you have said the LLRC recommendation are a good starting point to commence discussions in the PSC. I have to only add that the the sections relating the PCs in the 13th amendment and the follow up laws/statutes, have to reconsidered in terms of their deficiencies being improved or replaced by a system that permits the minorities to participate effectively at the centre and in affairs relating particularly to the northern and eastern provinces. The ‘Gam Sabbas’, will be insufficient to address the addrees their feeling /perception/experience of being nonentities in the Sri Lankan political scene and in the affairs of the provinces where they are a majority. They have to feel that they have a say or influence in the affairs of these provinces. The question centres around asserting their identities and position within Sri Lanka and the influence their numbers warrant in the northern and eastern provinces. If there is no special status provided to them, they will continue to be non-entities within the Sri Lankan system. Whatever position according to individuals within these communities would be favour or a bargain and not a right. The fact that the Tamils and Muslims are also an ancient people and are part of our heritage should not be ignored.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  21. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Mudali – I do not know whether you replied my comments or some other – wondered where King Asoka appeared.
    Of course no one denies caste consciousness among Sinhala people but that has nothing to do with Buddhism, which totally rejects it. Brahmanism however is based on caste and some cock and bull story about the Hindu all powerful Brahma creating various people from head and arms etc.
    Of course you hate Sinhala people which is apparent from you comments over the years in this forum and also there is not a single comment of yours without hitting at Catholic church, which you abhors. I hate Tiger outfit which is probably majority of Tamils but honour civilised Tamils like NT, Lorenzo etc. and my teachers and friends. So I do not hate Tamils as per se and I am not a racist. I dread Catholic action which is quite apparent in SL.

    ‘ Indian interfearence is inevitable’ – which side you are on? India or Sri Lanka. Thanks to Ponna politicians we had to toil ourselves to counter Indian influenced Tiger outfit. India never support any form of separation you say but what they did was going towards separation and they too fear the boomerang effect. Well the central govt. of India annexed Tamil Nadu, the place you worship most, few decades ago and ruled from the centre. Have you forgotten this or not aware of this? – which was the consequence of the USUAL TAMIL agitation, anywhere they live. Which Tamils you guys mention in comments? Jaffna Tamils, Baticalo Tamils, Trincomalee Tamils, Central Hill Indian Tamils (you call Sakkiliyas to differentiate from Jaffna Tamils) who are discriminated by Sinha+hela people. You exibit and demostrate a bit of knowledge about history of Sri Lanka but just don’t attempt to be an authority on that subject and making yourself a fool. My honest opinion of history is that we read on topics which were written by humans. He or she may have been biased at the time of writing or had some affiliations or sentiments towards a religion or a race or whatever. And we go by documented ones as authoritative and that which comes down by word of mouth as unathoritative, and like fools beleive only the former written by someone.

  22. Ceylonese Says:

    Repealing the 13th Amendment is a bogus front to demarcate the current provinces to dilute the minorities in the North and East. The long term plan is to strip the minorities of all their rights over a period of time. India and others are well aware of this and only time will tell if this coup will work or back fire. To this effect the minorities will muster diplomatic help from all Quarters. Politics is a commercial venture. Money Talks.

  23. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    DHAM !!! Thanks for highlighting that Youtube. It is very inhuman to kill those dogs like that, and also starve people to death. Britishers will someday die, just the way they killed the dogs. LAW OF KARMA will take them on.

  24. lingamAndy Says:

    The long term plan is to strip the minorities of all their rights over a period of time !

    So far so good ! 1948 We have Demila 2.60m , now 1.60m ( 800,000 chased out + 200,000 killed ) !

    only time will tell if this coup will work or back fire ! be confident ! with our Chinese fire power nothink can back fire !!!

    India and others are well aware of this !!! well said !

    The fact that the Tamils and Muslims are also an ancient people and are part of our heritage should not be ignored ! What a jock !

  25. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    Buddha never supported the caste system and gaveup his throne and all other comforts but SL Sinhala Buddhism is kind of same “caste discrimination” of Hindus.

    I know how the Catholic Church distributed money to all Tamil terrorist outfits in the 70s. So, I will oppose the Catholic Church forever.

    Did Buddha go against the Hindu beliefs of creation?

    POPE a NAZI declared Buddhism and Hinduism are not religions at all.

    Hinduism and Buddhism have many such cock and bull stories. Can you deny the Jataka Stories? Sinhalese still tell Mahinda Thero flew to Minintale by passing South India and many other regions. I hope you believe them.

    I am not worshipping Tamil Nadu but historically Sri Lankans are connected to Tamil Nadu since the times of the Kings.

    India became a political entity during the British rule. Brits annexed all the states and not the centre annexed Tamil nadu with India. Read some Indian History.

    To a Sinhala racist all the Tamils are same whether they are Jaffna or Batticaloa or Up Country. Cricket Murali’s biscut factory was burnt down by Sinhala thugs in 1983. Dont you know it? K.Gunaratnam’s Vijaya Studio at hendala was also burnt down and many Sinhala films lost forever. Sinhala thugs and racist dont discriminate about Tamils. They will kill any Tamil. That is the reality.

    I am not an authority on History but I know the History of Sri Lanka well. But Sinhalese always hang on to the “biased history”. For example the author of Mahavansa whichi is the Sinhala racist political bible, came from a Pallava Royal house from Kanchipuram, Tamil nadu. How many Sinhalese tell this fact here?

    Your tell Lorezo a ” fellow civilised”. For what? He cried that Tamils must e killed in this forum. Is it the “civilised” record you admire? So, killing Tamil Sri Lankans is supported by you. Dont try to hide under the Hela or Sinhala racism and preach here!

  26. Lorenzo Says:


    How about Tamil racists who are still running riot and ILLEGALLY OCCUPY Sinhala and Muslim properties in Jaffna?

  27. Lorenzo Says:


    Stop this racist bargaining.

    NO one should get any right due to their ethnicity.

    You are again dragging Tamils to Nanthikadal lagoon. Tamils must not be allowed to maintain their identity in SL more than they can in UK or Canada.

    We saved eastern province from TNA by DILUTING Tamil numbers there. This is what works in the north as well.

  28. Dham Says:

    Did Buddha go against the Hindu beliefs of creation?

    Buddha did not have to do anything. Creator God (Maha Brahma) came to visit is chief disciple even, not to argue like MuDalit but to pay respect.

  29. Dham Says:

    P Lingam,
    Your brother has already murdered remaining Ceylonese after the rest ran away to Canada and Australia.

  30. Dham Says:

    Don’t thank me. It was posted first by Nallaih Dayabaran.

  31. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Mudali – you are like a nagging wife – kathabactha all the time – you have so much hatred in you and I feel you are a typical hardcore Tamil racist – you point out killings of Tamils by Sinhalese – were your ears and eyes not operational when your god father Prabah killed Sinhala babies banging them on tree trunks and shot people in meditation in Anu and shot Tamils his own people who were fleeing and blow up people in the south? what do you call that?
    You come up with cock and bull history, the disinformation created by Dravidian so called ‘scholars’ to bring about a new history chapter which has conditioned your brain. True sometimes you come out with some sense but as I said do not distort history and make up stories. I must admit we are all racists it differs only in degree.
    You are a pathetic entity ‘crying foul’ all the time. Jjust forget Sri Lanka – just go and live in Tamil Nadu where all Tamils belong and thats your GREAT HOMELAND and for us Sinhalese Sri Lanka is our GREAT HOMELAND.
    Forget 13A – we need to abolish the whole constitution – this crap piece of paper – burn it and write our own home grown constitution to satisfy all Sri Lankans NOT divided on communal lines, like what has happened over the years ‘claiming’ land as our and theirs. Are there any Sinhalese or Muslims in North? Are there any Tamils in south? you answer that! take your discrimination crap to your god maother Jayalaitha.

  32. Dham Says:

    This Mudali bugger also went away for 1 year and came back after the good news at UNHCR.
    Sometimes he too post good comments. “Barking” is his mother tongue.

  33. HussainFahmy Says:

    Cancer Cells in this forum:-

    NO one should get any right due to their ethnicity.

    Tamils must not be allowed to maintain their identity in SL more than they can in UK or Canada.

    Control population growth of Muslims, Hindus and Christians. Control the share of the economy in their hands. Control the political power in their hands.

    The right thing to do is to PUT Tamils where they RIGHTFULLY belong in SL society using the FORCE of law.

    In Burma Muslim terrorists had attacked and sexually assaulted Buddhist women.

    These barbarians are spreading everywhere like ameaba and causing misery to everyone on the planet including animals.

    Now for HAJ they try to do another MUNNESWARAM type terrorist attack on thousands of animals. Why no one tries to stop this nonsense?

    Have you not heard just before an animal is tortured to be killed, it’s brain sends signals to self poison its flesh.

    There is a connection between excessive meat consumption and ameaba like growth, BOTHWAYS!!

    Excessive consumption of good meat—->massive population growth
    Excessive consumption of bad meat—->massive population growth decline.

    The birthplace of Islam and the guardian of the 2 mosques and the biggest Islamic country Saudi voted AGAINST SL at the UNHRC.

    Wahabi terror is as bad as Tamil terror. The right thing to do is PIT one against the other.

    BAN polygamy. BAN torture of animals and humans. Have ONE law for all where MAN and WOMAN are equal.

    If any man marries many wives, each of those wives will be eligible to marry many men of their choice because they have equal rights.

    A better system will be one man, one woman marriages for all.

    “After getting rid of the 13A, lets work towards a Gonibilla free Sri Lanka! When I walk the streets of Sri Lanka I want to feel I am in Sri Lanka not some misogynistic, polygamous stone age hell hole like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan.”

    Well if some people bang their heads on the ground many times a day to make an imaginary creator happy,
    if the same people need to make sure they don’t face a particular direction when they defecate,
    if they have to suffer seeing people who don’t follow their dogma eat or drink during the day when they don’t for a month,
    if they have to be the stinky person in town because they can’t bath during the day (again for a month),
    if they can’t enjoy yummy yummy bacon,
    if they have to dress in a Gonibilla dress suitable for a bleak desert and boil in the hot sun,

    There is more of these slurs.

    Beginning to believe the 13th A is a blessing in disguise or may be the Indians know better with trust issues.

  34. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran Says:


    Good idea.

    1. Remove all references to language and religion from our constitution.

    2. Remove the special status accorded to Buddhism from our constitution.

    3. Make merit the only criteria for recruitment to the government services.

    4. Make merit the sole criteria for selection to university admissions

    5. Stop declaring areas as sacred and dispossesing land from those who own it and dispersing them (read the recent article by Kishali Pinto). This happened previously in Anuradhapura and Kataragama. Now it is happening in Nallur and Dambulla.

    6. Make law and order as practiced blind to differences between people by their origins and wealth.

    If we can make a level playing field for all citizens, your vision will com true. I wish it will become so. Until then, let us have protections for the vulnerable in place or where deficient put them in place.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  35. HussainFahmy Says:

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

    The basis for peaceful co-existence is spelled out clearly. The big question is ‘Do we have committed Leadership in the country to implement’? First, we have to beat Greed and Arrogance. Second, Learn to Respect. Third, No Dominance. Forth, very important not to compare Sri Lanka with other countries in terms of Religion. All is not lost yet. Thanks.

  36. Lorenzo Says:


    “Stop this racist bargaining.
    NO one should get any right due to their ethnicity.”

    But what you say has NOTHING to do with ethnicity!!

    “1. Remove all references to language and religion from our constitution.

    2. Remove the special status accorded to Buddhism from our constitution.”

    ALL countries have their language and MOST have religions. That has nothing to do with ethnicity. Majority’s language becomes national language and majority’s religion becomes the nation’s religion (at least religious holidays).

    So Sinhala must be the language in SL and Buddhism the religion like ALL other countries.

    “3. Make merit the only criteria for recruitment to the government services.
    4. Make merit the sole criteria for selection to university admissions”

    Agree. Not JUST merit. Merit plus UPHOLDING UNITARY SL Constitution at all times in ALL its provisions.

    5. Stop declaring areas as sacred and dispossesing land from those who own it and dispersing them (read the recent article by Kishali Pinto). This happened previously in Anuradhapura and Kataragama. Now it is happening in Nallur and Dambulla.

    Rubbish! Sacred land must remain sacred. It has NOTHING to do with ethnicity. ALL SLs irrespective of ethnicity and religion worship at these places so your argument falls.

    I agree with #6.

  37. Lorenzo Says:


    ETHNICITY based rights include:

    1. Vesavalami Law (applicable ONLY to Tamil Vellalas)
    2. Polygamy (applicable ONLY to to Satanislam followers)
    3. Kandyan law (applicable ONLY to some people)
    4. Sharia law (applicable ONLY to barbarians who don’t recognize eqaul rights to men and women)

    SCRAP them all.

    Make everyone EQUAL in law.

  38. Lorenzo Says:

    Cancers of the world and SL.

    1. Wahabism and Satanislam.
    2. Polygamy.
    3. Animal sacrifice for religion.
    4. Unsustainable Muslim population growth.
    5. Tamil Elam.
    6. Western colonialism.
    7. Lawlessness.
    8. Sharia law.

  39. Lorenzo Says:

    Osama Pirapaharan bin Velupillai Laden!!!

    We don’t need a secret service to tell us to keep them seperated.
    But if we don’t seperate them, “they” will, and we will not be disturbing them.

    Premadasa gave weapons to both groups to kill each other.

    Kathankundi —————-> Kundikadichchiaru.

  40. Lorenzo Says:

    Kishali Pinto Jayawardana is a NGO funded woman. She is paid to say what she says.

    She was against the war, but…………….

    What she says contradicts our views. So we had a contest and sorted all of them in the Mulaitheevu beach 3 years ago. What was sorted then are not up for negotiations now. :))

  41. HussainFahmy Says:

    Daily News, Sri Lanka, Wednesday, 31 October 2012

    US $ 60 m Saudi grant for road development (WAHABI GESTURE)

    President Mahinda Rajapaksa being greeted by Saudi Arabian Financial Minister and Saudi Fund For Development Director Board Chairman Dr. Ibrahim Al Assaf at Temple Trees yesterday. Picture by Chandana Perera
    The Saudi Fund for Development has agreed to grant a financial allocation worth US 60 million dollars for the development of Sri Lanka’s road network.

  42. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran Says:


    ‘Ethnic’ by definition refers to a racial, national or tribal group. In Sri Lanka. because of the shared genetic origins and centuries or more of residence, we are only different in a communal sense. I have stopped using the word ethnic and ethnicity a long time back. I prefer the word ‘Çommunal ‘ to decribe our differences.

    What ever you may call Kishali Pinto, I also disagree with some of her position, there is much truth in what she says in her recent article. I have seen this phenomenon unfold for a long time. The beginning was before I was born, when SWRD.Banadaranaike was minister of Local Government, during the colonial period- whenthe sacred city project in Anuradhapura came into being. I witnessed how the scared city project unfolded in Kataragama with my own eyes.
    As I said in my last comment let the constitution be ‘Çommunity’- language and religion- neutral and then naturally all laws and statututes have to become so too. This will be a level playing field for all citizens and assure an equality that is absent today.

    When jobs are advertised for the public service, a requirement should be that the candidates should be trilingual, with more proficiency in their mother tongue and English than in the third language. This should apply to University admissions too. Every parent will rush to make their children proficient in the three languages. They will pay for this through their noses too. The government has to of course make facilities available in every government school to provide tri-lingual education. Even the private and international schools will fall in line. The Tamils and Muslims will then try to become very proficient in Sinhala. I am sure the Sinhalese will do likewise with Tamil. Competition for jobs, where they would have equal chances of being selected, will bring about the citizen level equality you propose.

    This will work miracles in Sri Lanka. The Tamils, Muslims and other minorities will not seek any mechanisms to protect their community status within Sri Lanka. Everyone will then become as much equal as possible within a unitary and united Sri Lanka. What they are seeking now is akin to wild life protection reserves for their safety and survival!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    Dr. Rajasingham Naredran

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  43. Lorenzo Says:


    Sinhala is the official language and so is English and not Tamil (IF NOT for the cursed 13 amendment). So those fluent in either of those 2 languages are sufficient.

    More than 90% of SLs can understand Sinhala. Teaching Sinhala to the remaining less than 10% will do the trick.

    This is what happens in other democratic countries. SL should follows them.

    Again you are talking about ethnicity.

    e.g. Tamils and Muslims, Tamils and Muslims?

    As long as you look at problems from that angle, it is impossible to reach out.

    The common practice is for the minorities to learn the majority language and NOT the other way round.

    e.g. In USA, the majority does not learn the minority red Indian language but the red Indians learn the majority’s language.

    e.g. In India Hindi speakers are not learning (or not required to learn) Tamil or Malayalee. But Malayalees and Tamils are encouraged to learn Hindi. MOST Malayalees, etc (EXCEPT Tamils) can speak Hindi.

    SL should follow.

    In my view Sinhalese = SL Tamils in every way. They must integrate into a unique SL language and culture without copying any south Indian language or culture. Then all can claim homelands. If you speak a language ONLY found in SL, then by definition SL MUST BE your homeland.

  44. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    Sinhalese and Tamils are realtives for thousands of years. I dont want to go against my Sinhala realtives in Anuradhapura. Myself and many friends fought the LTTE goons and we suceeded in banning that terrorist outfit in Canada. But you cry like a fool without knowing any of the ground realities.

    I dont need to make stories but you are doing it.Not only reading the Indian History, you read Mahavansa as well. Then you will know many facts and the Tamil connection with Sri lanka. Who are you to ask the Tamil people to go to Tamil Nadu? Being a Sinhala is not enough to ask those things but those sentiments wil backfire anytime.

  45. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    No doubt we both are fools – fool is a relative term. Admire your drive to ban LTTE but have no admiration for your constant disinformation based on history written by Tamil so called scholars, to push their eelam agenda and self rule. Let us stay on the topic which is the dreaded Constitution that’s is in place which I repeat needs to be burnt in public and discarded, and with that the 13A.
    We expats and everyone from all walks of life in SL should sit down and write a simple constitution in simple language so that our corrupt lawyers and politicians will not have enough ammunition to waste public money on lengthy cases and what not. One thing about both these races whom you call relatives is that they are like sky and earth, poles apart in cultural values. They can co-exist but the differences are many to similarities. thats how my pathetic brain see it. Let us put our valuable time and focus on to more important issues resolving the issues back home and Lankaweb, as I mentioned to me friend who is the editor, is the ideal forum and Professional Association in Sri Lanka too should join us.

  46. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran Says:


    I do not agree with your stand. Tamils and Tamil are part of the Sri Lankan’s heritage. They have to be accomodated within the Sri Lankan polity. The government is absolutely right in taking the tri-lingual policy forward. This will build new bridges in place of the many bridges that were blown apart in the euphoria of the immediate post-independence years. I admire the government for taking this initiative forward boldly. They should invest more on this initiative. This government is composed of bludering baboons as many make it out to be, despite some mistakes they make.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  47. HussainFahmy Says:

    This forum should be to win the hearts and minds of its readers, however Islamophobic slurs will not carry any weight in repealing the 13th Amendment. On the contrary it strengthens the case to impose further measures to give the minority communities the right to seek self Governance. Decisions are taken at the highest level and the wishes and aspirations of this forum is a mere wishful thinking if they are meant to attack the sensitiveness of the minorities. Islamic republics should examine the records these comments to assess the animosity of people in general.

    P.S. To everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts are with you. Please be safe!

  48. Dham Says:

    Raja Ayya,
    I too do not agree with you on 3 language policy.
    Tell me why Tamil, spoken by a mere 15% people must be taught compulsorily to everyone. It sounnd ridiculus.
    Sir lankan culture is connected more with the language Pali than Tamil.
    There is no problem learing Tamil if people are inersted, otherwise no. It is the same with Tamil people. If they wish they can learn if not do not learn.
    Language did not create any problem ( this is propaganda and brainwashing by stupid, cruel tamil politicians).
    It the poverty, political game, no proper governance plus arrogance mentality of Jaffana Tamils created this problem.

    Thosai and Tamil people are an important part of Srilankan heritage, but that doesn’t mean compulsory 3 language madness should be introduced. Muslim people too are a part of Sri lankan (not so long ) history. that doen’t mean all should learn Arabic.

  49. Dham Says:

    Did Allah created the Hurricane to punish Americans ?

  50. Dham Says:

    “It the poverty, political game, no proper governance” refers to Sinhala politikkos.

  51. mjaya Says:

    Indeed it is best that the stone age republics record the comments made about them and their dogma.

    Then provided that they have some brain cells the will realize these things,
    1. That their intolerant system of governance so afraid of criticism, full of misogyny, barbaric amputations, stonings, beheadings, etc. belongs to the stone age and not the 21st century.
    2. That their barbarism is not welcome in the civilized part of the world (east or west).
    3. People of the civilized world know their agenda, glad that they don’t live in a stone age republic and don’t want to see their beloved free countries dragged back to the dark ages.
    4. That no matter how much petrodollars they spend on propaganda, the free spirit of humanity will prevail!

  52. Lorenzo Says:

    Islamic violence on the increase. We have to punish them at the FIRST indication.

  53. lingamAndy Says:

    There is no problem learing Tamil if people are inersted, otherwise no. It is the same with Tamil people. If they wish they can learn if not do not learn.-
    Be a objective ! We both have to agrred Sinhala language specken in mother lanka by 90% people (include Tamil & Muslim) so problm is how to educte balance 10% to learn , give them opportunity (free education centre in NEP) !
    than language problm will desapire itself ! it does not mean We won’t fight other !!! Why big question now ?
    ok we will solve later once we solve this problm now !!! happy my Chinhala Sakothraya !

  54. HussainFahmy Says:

    Kind Attention of Islamo’phobics

    Islamic republics exponential growth in Economics and Social values are so vast, visible and prominent It scares the heck out of the green eyed critics. Islamo’phobics are a dying breed trying to gasp for survival by throwing dirt and verbal muck. Try to chew this growth; 1.8 Billion in 1400 odd years. AED 162 Trillion Islamic assets and a Shariah complaint annual growth conservatively estimated at 15%. (Source Faith In Finance – Bloomberg Documentary) To denigrate Islam in this fashion simply inspires the Intelligent mind to learn more about the Islamic way of life. Guess what; in this part of the world the growth among residents making a bee line to embrace the Islamic way of life is something of an unbelievable phenomena. Read the News. One is free to live in a Delusional World. Hunters are Hunting while fools are watching.

    Finally, By the way Language reflects Breed and up bringing.

  55. Lorenzo Says:

    I agree with Saddam on one thing.

    BAD upbringing is shown in their conduct, faith and language.

    e.g. Imagine a child who is brought up with these teachings.

    “Quran (2:191-193) – “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-believers]… but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.”

    The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

  56. HussainFahmy Says:

    AlHamduLillah – Only a few Saddams in this forum.

    Before 2:191 please read (2.190) below for context.

    Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! Allah loveth not aggressors. (The Noble Quran 2:190)

    The correct translation for the verses (2:191 to 193)

    And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. And fight not with them at the Inviolable Place of Worship until they first attack you there, but if they attack you (there) then slay them. Such is the reward of disbelievers. (The Noble Quran 2:191) But if they desist, then lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. (The Noble Quran 2:192) And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah. But if they desist, then let there be no hostility except against wrong-doers. (The Noble Quran 2:193)

    One of the definition of a ‘hypocrite’ in the Islamic Shariah is those who take the word of Allah out of context or misinterpret it. Only someone with blinders could walk around today in the Arabian Peninsula and find people with chopped off heads and fingers. So-called (infidels) more than 10 million of them who are residents here enjoy an average disposal income of an 37% living, working and practicing their chosen faith in Peace. One should examine and investigate before falling gullible into a Propaganda.

    The Noble Quran must be read with the understanding of the time, place and the conditions prevailed at the time of revelation of a verse. All verse of the Noble Quran have been challenged by Scholars of various faiths and they have been refuted many times over during the last 1400 years.

    O mankind! Lo! We have created you from male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo! the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware. (The Noble Quran 49:13) Volumes of literature is written on this verse alone.

  57. mjaya Says:

    This is getting better by the minute!!!

    Lets look at it this way,

    If there is an exam and (assuming those who sit for it cannot communicate with each other) all give the same wrong answer, where is the fault? Is it in each and every individual person who sat the exam or the exam paper?


    Someone defecting from authoritarian North Korea to free and democratic South Korea is completely understandable. But if someone gives up a free, open and democratic life in South Korea to go to North Korea, then ………

  58. mjaya Says:

    Indeed Afghanistan and Somalia are two super rich countries!!!!

  59. Dham Says:

    Don’t be fooled by “FREEDOM”, “DEMOCRACY” nonsense of the Zionists.
    DO you think Israel is a free country ? Then why the man who disclosed their nuclear program in the UK sent to jail for 18 years and still cannot talk ? where is the freedom.

    Of course, I too will decide to live in Israel than in barbaric , idiotic Saudi Arabia.
    But don’t hail the Christians over Muslims. All the same with a slight difference in Dhamma.

    Only good thing is Christians got rid of or hide the barbaric statements in the Bible wisely but foolish , brainless Fahmy’s are defending stupid Quran , being true brainless.

  60. Dham Says:

    FOOL Hussainfahmy,
    “The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.”

    Answer this , if you can , in plain language, without quoting “Allah” , “context” – or any single word from Quran. All these words are prohibited. I am sure you are not capable in doing it, but just to give you the last chance.
    I am against Zionist as well as Wahabis but not peaceful Muslims who know the “CONTEXT”.

  61. Christie Says:

    India, the Indian Imperialism is the first problem faced by majority of the people in Ceylon (Sri lanka)

    Then comes the Indian colonial parasites, Tamils, Keralayans, Borahs and so on who are decendants of Indians who came and settled in the island under the cover of the British guns.

    It is India and Indians who are behind the actions of the US and other Western nations. It is the Western nations that are taking up Human Rights issues relating to the island instigated by other Indian colonial parasites like Navanathum Pillayan who is the UNHRC and comes from South Africa.

    These Indian colonial parasites do well whether they are in Fiji, Mauritius, Malasia, Uganda or Kenya compared to the locals.

    1.One issue that we have bring up first is that not a single bomb has gone off since 2009.

    2. The govenment shoul tell the world that it has an obligation not only to Tamils but to others in the island nation.

  62. Christie Says:

    LLRC reportb is naother piece of paper.

    Did they talk to people who lost their loved ones due to killings by the Indian terrorist outfit. The answer is no.

    I was looking to submit a paper and give evidence but it was a closed shop that was only for a few interested people.

    Time to start LLRC again to see what has happened and to look at the grievances of not just Tamils and other Indians, the grievances of Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers and Malays.

  63. mjaya Says:

    Dham, it is only an example.

  64. Christie Says:

    Definitely most important things should be done first.

    Let us remove the priviledges enjoyed by Tamils and other Indians in the island.

    Indians in the Island were wrer priviledged group under the British raj. The government from 1948 started to rverse this but unfortunately India and Indians in the island nation reclaim their postion by installing Bandaranayake.

    The current government is doingits best to provide some releif to the majority at the same time letting the minority keep some of their priviledges.

    As one commentator says let us have a level playing field in business, education, health and welfare and land ownnership.

    Procastinating about the island nations, let us repeal the 13th amendment.

  65. Lorenzo Says:

    There is another uncivilized thing spreading around the world and also in SL.

    It is called female genital mutilation.

    Their impotent husbands and fathers are too scared these females will be normal women who will make intelligent decisions about their marriage.

    By mutilating their genitals only deformed idiots will marry them.


    I hope authorities should take note of this DISGUSTING practice secretly done in Akkaraipattu, Beruwelai, Darga Town, Maradana, etc.

    Totally disgusting.

  66. Lorenzo Says:

    Saddam’s answer is worse than my question!!

    “The correct translation for the verses (2:191 to 193)

    And slay them wherever ye find them”.

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