Posted on December 2nd, 2012

Embassy of Sri Lanka Washington DC Press Release

Washington, Dec 2, 2012: Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the United States  Jaliya Wickramasuriya opines that one who does good for his or her country is always guaranteed of great satisfaction.

Addressing a large group of US-Sri Lankan community leaders in California at a dinner reception Ambassador Wickramasuriya informed that the time has never been so right for them to help their motherland .

“Doing something good for your country will always make you better. But helping your country now will make you feel far better as our motherland is doing very well”, he added.

The event was hosted by Dr. Hector Weerasinghe, Sri Lanka’s Consul General in California at his official residence in Los Angeles on November 15 in honor  of the Ambassador’s visit.

Ambassador further opined that  great nations are made by the shared will of the people to act for their countries.

“As former United States President Late John F. Kennedy correctly put it-“ƒ”¹…”ask not what your country do for you but what you can do  for your country’ . This is the kind of attitude that made great nations  like United States possible”, the Ambassador added.

California is the State in the United States where the largest concentration of the US-Sri Lankan community is present. Ambassador Wickramasuriya served as the Consul General of Sri Lanka in California prior to his present appointment.

Ambassador Wickramasuriya received a warm welcome from both Los Angeles city council and county authorities during his tour.

A ceremony was held in honor of his visit at the City Hall of Los Angeles by the office of the Mayor on November 13. He met with city council members Eric Garcetti , Ed. P. Reyes, Richard Alarcon, Jan Perry, Paul Krekorian, Bernard .C. Parks, Herb .J. Wesson Jr. Dennis P Zine, Bill Rosendahl,  Tom LaBonge, Mitchell Englander, Paul Koretz, JosƒÆ’†’© Huizar, Tony Cardenas and Joe Buscaino during the event. Ambassador highlighted the cordial relationship that Sri Lanka has with the US since 1948.

On the same day afternoon , Ambassador was accorded a ceremonial welcome by Hon. Zev Yaroslavsky , the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County.  During this meeting Ambassador informed the members of the country supervisory board on Sri Lanka’s recent developments and its emergence as the world’s no 1 travel destination.

Ambassador Wickramasuriya visited  the  Dharmavijaya Buddhist Vihara and Los Angeles Buddhist Vihara  to pay homage to the resident monks . As part of this community outreach program, Ambassador Wickramasuriya also visited the newly opened Sri Lankan food restaurant “Curry Leaf” and graced the Sri Lankan cultural performance “Star Track” as the chief guest  .

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