Yet Another Continuing Aggravation To The Smooth Functioning Of Sri Lanka Surfaces In The Form Of UN’s Naveen Pillai.
Posted on February 13th, 2013

Insight By Sunil Kumar

Feb.14th., 2013

When The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mme. Navi Pillay  demands “an independent and credible” international investigation into alleged violations of international human rights and humanitarian law in Sri Lanka, She seems to be making a mockery of a situation she seems to have no first hand knowledge about nor any tangible evidence to strengthen her claim which seems steeped in bias towards the Tamil Community she belongs

to while also quite forgetting her South African roots, a nation which was once a hotbed of racism.She has neither privy nor carte blance simply because of her capacity in the UN to sound as obstreperous and high handed as she has done against a world democracy which has successfully waged a war against terrorism and the so called oppressed Tamil Community needing accountability towards their sufferings something which can be paradoxically offset against the sufferings of the rest of Sri Lanka’s citizens making her claim given all the related facts and circumstances a worthless one.

The reference to racism has been exemplified here based on the freedoms granted to all citizens in Sri Lanka irrespective of ethnicity and what Pillai seems to be attempting to do is isolate the Sri Lanka Tamils over an issue she interprets as segregation perhaps where there is no such degradation in Sri Lanka and never has been in her long history where people lived harmoniously side by side untill the Tamils isolated themselves voluntarily and intentionally towards their secessionist dreams and failed! What transpired as a consequence can only be interpreted by whats fair in love and War in a nation desperate to retain its Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity regardless of how much of the nation’s inhabitants were affected where compensations are being made in great measure towards addressing it. In this respect asking for accountability seems somewhat feeble minded on the part of those who continue to insist that Sri Lanka has done anything but safeguard her interests and those of her people, either a clear misconception or a deliberately orchestrated distortion!

The issue of  monitoring any domestic accountability process seems to have a hollow ring to it which has also been picked up by some other nations where the tone was set by another improbable aspirator towards the alleged excesses of war and in reality Naveen Pillai’s boss the at times incomprehensible Ban Ki Moon with his perpetual grin, the comical headshake where hardly anything of real worth towards the issues he raises ever seems to materialise favourably towards the cause beyond rhetoric and appears to be an inspiration for the latest Pillai rantings which do not carry much water if the real story behind Sri Lanka’s precedent setting war against Tamil Tiger terrorism is fully understood rationally and analysed towards feasibility and accuracy.

Sri Lanka, with a vast majority of the Sinhalese race alongside its other ethnic minorities of which the Tamils are also part of, having overcome the ravages and mendacities of a horrendous organized internal armed insurrection which was fuelled mainly by Tamil diaspora overseas and others who had vested interests and agendas  beyond the common eye and led by a murderous uneducated thug with no rights to leadership which mattered for a nation such as Sri Lanka has no need nor cause to be continuously harrassed by the likes of Pillai and any others of similar ilk over issues, the objectives of which are at times plainly visible and has little or no bearing towards the well being towards the Nation’s progress and needs to be stopped in her tracks for the simple reason that the harm it is likely to do could have dire ramifications to a nation of freedom loving liberated people recently liberated from the devil himself figuratively speaking where the intervetion of banshees for all the wrong reasons is totally unnecessary in a manner of speaking.Currenly Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and other minorities do live contentedly side by side in a greater sense of freedom not known for the past thirty odd years and is a welcome sign rather than cause for criticism or dissent! Needless to say there are misfits towards this perspective who either need to reassert their confidences in the Administration and attempt to reconcile of their own cognizances or find  fresher pastures as harsh as it may sound!
It has now become common knowledge that Sri Lanka’s  adversaries have discovered that by intimidatory tactics relative to the report on Sri Lanka to be submitted to the UN Human Rights Council February “”…” March session, it appears to be a viable tool towards dispersing anger and resentment towards the Island Nation on the part of the International Community where the Tamil Diaspora and sympathisers of the deposed Tamil Tigers all of which could easily incorporate the mindset of the likes of Pillai also where the buck does not stop there! It extends as a means of disruption intended to influence aid donors to Sri Lanka as well as taint the image of Sri lanka’s political leadership which in the overall scheme of things has done a world of good to restore Sri Lanka to her former resplendency and more as some analysts quite rightly believe and hence becomes a malicious intent on the part of Pillai and her collaborators towards the progress of Sri Lanka for the lack of better things to do perhaps in a world full of disarray and real needs which are being bypassed towards appeasing disgruntled Tamil Diaspora clarion calls and the motley bandwagon of anti Sri Lankan elements who seem to revel in heaping discredit on the Nation for all the wrong reasons.

Ironically enough,in a draft which she has  submitted to the Government of Sri Lanka, Pillay notes that ” while the Government has made significant progress in rebuilding infrastructure; and while the majority of internally displaced persons have been resettled, considerable work lies ahead in the areas of justice, reconciliation and resumption of livelihoods.” surely an area which she seems to have little  knowledge relative to the last three mentioned areas  whilst warming a chair in her UN office where in a set of recommendations to the Government mentioned in the report as quoted from the news media, “Pillay calls for the establishment of a truth-seeking mechanism as an integral part of a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to transitional justice.” but what is her right or mandate to such authoritative demands with no real first hand knowledge of what transpires in Sri Lanka today irrespective of her commission in the UN? That beyond the exaggerated hearsay that emanates continuously from sources with unfriendly and derogatory intent towards the smooth functioning of Sri Lanka for very obvious reasons at times painfully so!

As though she is now  judge, jury and executioner she  has also called for the drafting of laws dealing with witness and victim protection, the right to information, the criminalization of enforced disappearances and the revision of existing laws to bring them into line with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment ~ the protocols of which the Government of Sri Lanka is well aware of and needs no intervention by the likes of Pillai to re-assert their fullest implications yet on the strength of her rhetoric could have a very adverse effect on how the  world views the GOSL.Apparently her influences seem to come from areas of the world which do indeed agree with the accusations despite the lack of corroborative tangible evidence the implications of which hardly touches her conscience!

She seems to have very conveniently turned a blind eye in similar vein to what her head honcho once did in similar circumstances carrying on regardless with their lill dispensed itanies where it is  always Sri Lanka that needs to be hounded on virtually baseless reasoning albeit spurred on by the baying of the diaspora hounds which only seems to get louder by the day indicative of their frustrations and perhaps even envy despite how worthless they are!!

6 Responses to “Yet Another Continuing Aggravation To The Smooth Functioning Of Sri Lanka Surfaces In The Form Of UN’s Naveen Pillai.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Where is IMPARTIALITY when a Tamil at UNHRC talks about Tamils in SL.

    This is a joke. Navi Nazi Pillai is another Tamil racist which is part of the problem.

  2. Nanda Says:

    When this woman, bus driver’s daughter , was a lawyer in South Africa she only served Indian community. Nowadays, poor back gilrs are being raped daily by rich whites and no action from Naughty Pillay, she is fighting for Tamil murderers.

  3. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Navi Pillai is hopeless. She is a coward who is scared to accept the invitation of the SriLankan Govt to visit the country and see for herself the truth, which would be quite different to the tune she is blindly playing to please Tamil separatists and Western Masters. Instead of visiting SriLanka, she sent two of her handpicked reps to visit Sri Lanka and thereafter wanted to send ten more such delegates for further observations and reporting, which the SriLankan Govt quite rightly rejected, as they probably were coming to write-up preconceived adverse reports.
    Navi Pillai seems to be busy 100% with issues relating to Sri Lanka and other countries such as Syria, Iran etc targeted by her Western Masters. She cant see the war crimes committed by the West in Iraq, Libya, Afganistan, Pakistan etc and the ongoing US Drone assasinations violating all norms of human rights, which could set a precedent for other nations to do what the US is doing.

  4. NAK Says:

    These people are still stuck in the credible allegation stage. They do not have a whiff of evidence to substanciate the charges they have come up with. If there is any evidence of any wrong doing what is the TNA doing globe trotting instead of gathering those evidence and provide it to their pay masters? Why does any one need any internaltional panel to investigate without TNA,who has the ability,resouces Tand the oppotunity in getting some credible evidence for such an investigation. the truth is,they know there is nothing but just wants to keep the pressure on the government with the hope that the government will capitulate under that pressure and will hand them what they couldn’t get after fighting for thirty long years. They are mad! or are they? could be they are enjoying the lime light and perks that comes with it.

  5. S de Silva Says:

    Sunil Kumar: Has anyone in the inner circle in power in the GoSL ever formally publicly objected to Navi Pillay for the reasons you give as a tainted and prejudiced ‘judge’ who should not be sitting over Sri Lankan issues? We have to take responsibility for all this inaction. It is all talk but very little action. When I pointed this out in the past on Lankaweb, someone wrote in to say that ‘SL at the time supported her appointment, so why are we complaining now!’ Fair comment. At the time of her appointment I too objected to her presence having foreseen the very issues with her, now apparent. And I was fobbed off with the explanation that “we should not pre-judge her before she is into the job – we could be seen as biased against a Tamil”. Be that as it may, all I can now say is that it shows up the gross incompetence of the GoSL in the follow up action required after the War. Great though it was, military success in itself is hopelessly inadequate if we do not have a plan to deal with the aftermath. Action is required urgently on many fronts by the GoSL and this is only one such item. If not the military victory at great sacrifice and cost will be seen eventually as a non-victory! – S de Silva – London

  6. vichara2 Says:

    S de Silva Says:
    February 14th, 2013 at 4:16 am

    “Navi Pillay is a tainted and prejudiced ‘judge’ who should not be sitting over Sri Lankan issues?”

    Navi Pillay issued a statement on 26 April 2011 welcoming the publication of the (UNSG Panel ) report and supporting the report’s call for further international investigation. The statement went on to state;”The way this conflict was conducted, under the guise of fighting terrorism, challenged the very foundations of the rules of war and cost the lives of tens of thousands of civilians.
    Can a head of UN organization make such a statement that the war conducted by the govt of SL was a mere pretext to kill tens of thousands of Tamil civilians. To her LTTE was not a group of ruthless terrorists.
    She is totally biased against SL and is only another pro LTTE voice.

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