Help Sri Lanka Please
Posted on March 13th, 2013

Amy Poirier Staten Island NY 10301


 I have written this attached letter to President Obama.  As an American I feel that we could do more assisting and less judging. My hope is that it falls into the hands of a person with an open heart who can assist in making change.

 I follow on a daily bases some days I write a response mostly I do not.  I would like the people of Sri Lanka to know that NOT all Americans are looking to step into areas of the world that we have not been asked to assist in.  Yes American is a super power, however we have had our dark days and taken part in very bad situations.  Many years ago we had our own civil war and we worked past it.  I am a firm believer that experience gives us a great opportunity to have empathy and compassion for others. 

 I truly believe that this is a great time for many positive possibilities for Sri Lanka.  A new beginning for ALL the people of Sri Lanka and with time it will be a dream destination where they people live in great peace and tolerance

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

February 22, 2013

 Dear President Obama

 I as a citizen of America have lived in great privilege by the rights that our forefathers fought for many years ago. Those very rights that you safe guard on a daily bases.  I am a very proud American. I serve my community and people wherever I am invited to give of myself.  I do this because I believe that it is my right and responsibility to freely and humbly service where asked. As well as it is my responsibility to walk in the imagine a likeness of GOD in my life.

 In my entire life i have never felt the need to take pencil to paper and write any sitting president.  Yet I do so now.  As I write this letter I am foolish enough to think that any letter from me will change the course of history; however it is my hope that as a fellow America what I write will be read and factored into the thoughts of the powers that be.

 I have been following the recent news of Sri Lanka. I have read many articles as well as the many demands regarding the US in bringing a resolution against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC over the alleged human rights violations during the war. I wanted to share my first hand experience of my time spent in Sri Lanka.  I have traveled to Sri Lanka a few time post war and those times I personally have seems such great improvement in the country, services and spirit of the people as well as the nation.  My first trip to Sri Lanka I wanted to travel into the north however, as a foreigner I was not permitted due to landmines and over all safety concerns.  Today those areas are safe, landmine free and open to visit.  I have traveled into and all around Colombo where there where many people living in shacks and clearly displaced, today those people have been relocated and provided with stable lovely housing. Better than I am sure many dreamt of.  While in Sri Lanka I can honestly say that only one time did I feel uncomfortable and afraid of my surroundings so I removed myself to a safer area.

America is a blessed nation, a nation that is built on the greatness and shoulders of many strong powerful people.  We have been lucky that we are not a nation of war.  We are a tolerate nation, a nation that has and continues to assist other countries in their time of need. We are often called upon and even over the opinions of some we are guided to serve in and assist others in need. We are America and this is how we respond.

Sri Lanka as you are aware is a country that until slightly over 3 years ago was a country at war with its own people.  What a truly tragic time.  During that war time they were forced to deal with the LTTE one of the worst terrorist groups of our time.  Sri Lanka survived that war. Putting to what they pray is an end to the LTTE efforts in Sri Lanka, just as I believe you would so any terrorist group or individual on our soil. When Terrorists act in America, America puts an end to the action, justice is served.  Such acts will not now or ever be tolerated here on our soil or where American live, work or serve.  This is fact and the world knows this by example.

Mr. President, I can tell you first hand that the people of Sri Lanka are thinking and believing in you as the Leader of the free world the head of a super power need to assist them.  I do not know if you have ever been to Sri Lanka but as I stated I have had the honor of going and the honor of seeing the great strives that they have made in the short time since the end of the war. The Sri Lanka war was  raging for over 30 years which is the better part of both of our lives.  Imagine had we spent much of our childhood within our country while it was in a full blown war.  Would we be the same people we are today had we grown accustomed to the sounds of gun fire, would we have become the parents we have become had we had to hide our children in fear of them being taken or made into child soldiers.  Would our children be able to laugh at silly stories and funny dog trick or simply attend school and know college is theirs to experience?  

I know that there are many questions that may not ever be fully answered regarding the facts around the war and the end of the war.  The reality is every war has a few things in common, fighting, guns, killing and the tragic death of innocent civilians.  This is not ever good but always a fact of war.  I am sure that when you gave the Order to go into Pakistan under cover of darkness with no apparent permission or conversation with the powers of Pakistan you hoped and prayed for the best.  Well, people were killed, a man who under American law had the right to confront his accused was denied that right by his death.  A death that happened in front of his children and wives.  No man, husband and father should be shot to death in front of the people that loved him and believed in him. As unfortunate it happened and we moved to get past it.   No one is calling for a UN investigation or pointing a finger at you or your camp for crimes against humanity.  What is the difference here?  President Mahinda Rajapaksa gave the order to take steps to finally end the war that was destroying the people of Sri Lanka on the island of Sri Lanka.  People died, innocent people most likely also died.  This happening saved the lives, minds and spirit of Sri Lanka.  Often as in the case I am sure that the leaders and people making the soon to be very famous call fear for the worst but knowing and seeing a far bigger picture of what is happening still pray for the best as they make what I am sure is a very difficult decision.  Yet, at time those decisions must be made.

I believe that Sri Lanka has taken great strides in bettering their country.  It cannot be easy and might never become easy to make sure changes.  The government feeds the people who are hungry, is building housing for the displaced and for the first time in history the Tamil people are free to move around the country freely.  This is an interesting time for the people of Sri Lanka, after years of negative they are forging their own personal journey in new things, new thoughts, new directions.  They are learning how to make this happen. Just as in American there are bumps in the road, some people want to stand still and not move forward they do not want to see change even if it is improvement.   Some people are comfortable in the violence, some people are scared and these people will come together and think that the old ways were better.  Many of the people of Sri Lanka have lived their entire lives within their own country at war. 

Please President Obama, PLEASE be an example here.  Extend our long American hand and assist where and when asked, but most importantly give Sri Lanka and the government time to be together and continue to heal.  If the war was over 30 years long then why would the world think in a few short years they were be settled and have no issues. It has been less than 4 years in peace surely it takes longer to correct over 30 years of war and the thinking that surrounds living during that war more than 4 years to heal and make drastic change.  If we as American can stand up and stand alongside of Sri Lanka then other countries will also assist where asked. The people of Sri Lanka need assistance not negative press and judgment at this time. The energy that goes into defending the news articles and the shaking free from the negative judgment is taking away the energy needed to become a great nation and provide and ensure the rights and liberties of their own nation.  Surely, America Government is able to stand strong alongside the Sri Lanka Government and listen to what they are saying and assist is way they are asking to be assisted.  Sri Lanka is not America and I am sure they are not looking to become a smaller America but they do love their nation and their people and need support.  More support than the wonderful new hospitals and the positive things the Embassy offers.  They need a visible friend and a powerful nation to do the right thing and stand next to them.

 Mr. President, I did not vote for you but I have faith in you.  I have watched you shed a tear for the children of Sandy Hook, I have seen you stand before us and make what I would imagine to be positive announcements but wrapped in the situations very painful announcements.  I believe that if you would open your heart to the children of Sri Lanka and see them just as you saw the children of Sandy Hook, or the children ripped from the arms of their mother on Staten Island during hurricane Sandy then others will also see the great possibility for the future of Sri Lanka.  There is NO difference in any of these children or my children or even your children.  They deserve the best also. 

 In closing Mr. President I pray that this letter in some way opens your heart the reality of what I witnessed in Sri Lanka and that you can find it in your cause to stand tall with them and lend a much needed strength and voice.  Your voice is in the position to be heard throughout the world please let it be heard now for the positive of Sri Lanka.

God Bless America, God bless Sri Lanka and may the powerful leaders of both come together to show everyone that in time healing time all will be well.


 Amy Poirier


17 Responses to “Help Sri Lanka Please”

  1. LankaLover Says:

    Thank you Amy!

  2. Voice123 Says:

    Thanks for trying Amy.

  3. Outspoken Sri Lankan Says:

    Thank you Amy for your heart wrenching plea to President Obama. We all appreciate your effort to be heard. Please forward your letter to the proper authorities in the UN as well. Particularly Navi Pillay who is Tamil and is bending to the manipulation of Tamil Diaspora who are outside Sri Lanka. The Tamil people in Sri Lanka feel so deceived by the diaspora and they want to disrupt the country and bring their own people more misery as if the LTTE leader Prabhakaran didn’t do enough to them including taking away their children and their freedom. What the Tamils in Sri Lanka want is very different to what the diaspora want. They are using blood money from their own people to do this. SHAME SHAME SHAME on all the Tamils in the US, Canada, UK you all are traitors to your own race!!!

  4. Melbourne Patriot Says:

    Shame on Gordon Weiss and Channel 4 who want to

  5. Melbourne Patriot Says:

    shame on Gordon Weiss and Channel 4 who want to fatten their wallets by spreading lies

  6. Amarasiri Says:


    Thank you for looking into the other side the US Administration is not willing to look at.

    “I follow on a daily bases some days I write a response mostly I do not. You can also broaden your knowledge about events in Sri Lanka bu looking at other news sources as well.

    Amy, you are fortunate that USA had great founders like Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and George Washington, who forsaw the future and made Church and State Separate. In addition, there was a great president Abraham Lincoln. Sri Lanka lacks such great statesmen, and it is the hope that evolutionary pressures will allow for great leaders in Sri Lanka in the future.

  7. aloy Says:

    Thank you Amy

  8. gdesilva Says:

    Nice to know that ordinary people in the US see things quite differently compared to those in power. If nothing else, I hope Obama takes good note of that fact and your letter would not have been in vain. Alert people about the atrocities carried out by the Western Administrations in the guise of protecting freedom, human rights, national security that’s the only way we can bring about change against the wealthy minority who control this world.

  9. Nihal Fernando Says:

    THANKS A LOT indeed Amy for understanding the true situation in Sri Lanka and trying to bring it to the notice of the President of the United States of America.

    We do deeply appreciate your support.

  10. dhane Says:

    Thank you Amy Poirier and God Bless you!

  11. Ramanie Says:

    Much appreciated Amy! Your right understanding of the situation and the honest attempt to help is of great value to us! It is people like you who change the world for the better!

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Excellent effort, Amy ! Thank you. We hope & pray such letters as yours will bear fruits of peace, prosperity & happiness for all Lankans. Hope the press & media in USA picks up Amy’s letters and publishes them.

    Now is the right time for Lanka to set course for fresh new directions filled with creative & life supportive action. Sri Lankans have suffered for too long.

  13. cw Says:

    Thanks Amy, like you, I am not a friend of the governing party in SL, yet I feel for my motherland. May this plea open the eyes of the ” Sri Lanka blinds”.

  14. Vis8 Says:

    Thank you, Amy!… Sri Lanka is hounded by some western politicians who have been bought and duped by Tamil refugees who made the ‘war’ and excuse to flee to greener pastures of the West. All these people want is to stay in the comfortable west, with free doles and healthcare. They do not care about lying…. it comes automatically to them. Fabrications, faked pictures and videos etc are the norm for these pathetic losers.

  15. Vis8 Says:

    Unfortunately, Obama has taken over $2.5 million in ‘campaign donations’ (aka terror-money) by the ‘global tamil forum, a front for the tiger terrorists in NY….. so, has John Kerry…. the houndings will go on until Sri Lanka makes it clear to the world what is happening……

  16. Ratanapala Says:

    We sincerely appreciate Amy’s effort. Like Amy as she says there must be many Americans who feel bad about the US approach to Sri Lanka – especially over matters concerning the UNHCR resolution. I guess they all belong to the 99% helpless Americans who has no say in the affairs of the state. President Obama came with big promises with his “YES WE CAN” campaign, but we can see where all those promises are. He is as much a victim of the system and I guess John Kerry too is.

    The US president is similar to an engine driver of a freight train with instructions to go from A to B. The tracks are laid and the signal men are all in place to send the train from A to B. However well intentioned the US President has no power deviate from the course. His options are either to go fast or go slow. The US military industrial complex has its own agenda and momentum worked and generated by the 1%. It is sad that it is 99% who has to live with the guilt of all crimes US perpetrates around globe in their name.

    What we see in the UNHCR resolution authored by US is America’s geopolitical agenda for South Asia. It is in their longterm agenda to dismember Sri Lanka as a stepping stone to do the same for India – which is the ultimate goal with this Sri Lankan adventure.

    As for the current UNHCR resolution based on what happened at the end of the Eelam War is only a red herring and excuse to get involved in furthering their agenda for the dismemberment of Sri Lanka. Even if we had zero casualties, the Christian West would have found some other excuse to take on Sri Lanka.


  17. Senevirath Says:

    I know well that there are very good understanding kindhearted people in u s a. My friend Bob Barrows became a buddhist, doing meditation 3 hours a day, and looking forward to settle in sri lanka and born again in S.L

    but american politicians are not like that
    any way thank u very much

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