Shame on India for attacking a Sri Lankan Buddhist priest
Posted on March 18th, 2013

Shenali Waduge

There are no suitable words to condemn the manner in which India has stooped to such low depths as to attack a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk visiting a temple. It simply showcases to Sri Lanka and to Sri Lanka’s leaders that there is nothing we can expect from India other than insult over insult that has now piled up over decades and possibly centuries.

 While Sri Lanka’s External Affairs head may still be asleep there is still no statement coming from Sri Lanka’s authorities denouncing the rising acts of violence on Sri Lankans visiting or studying in India and the act of physically attacking a person in robes is downright shallow and not becoming of a nation supposedly aspiring to be given a seat in the UN Security Council.

 India’s aspiration to be a member of the UNSC must seriously be reviewed in the rise in its human rights violations as seen by the manner it is treating its women where every second a rape is taking place and the number of little children being raped is appaling to say the least. Now even tourists face danger of visiting India as the likelihood of them being gangraped is something their embassies and travel agents should take into consideration given that practically every State is having its dosage of rapes and other attacks. The response by India is that “changes” that will protect women is still “coming” “”…” that was what the female President of Congress recently claimed.

 The attacks on Sri Lankan visiting India is nothing new. Our children visiting India to take part in sports had been attacked and even threatened to return to Sri Lanka, Asian sports events had been cancelled by a Chief Minister who has amnesia in her choice of supporting LTTE, the Sri Lankan military personnel going on training have also experienced their share of abuse as has the many pilgrims whose buses have been attacked and many of these pilgrims are senior citizens. Therefore, it is a real come down on the Indian authorities who simply think issuing a statement about how “friendly” the two nations are will suffice to satisfy what the public feel about India.

 India may forge ties with the Government officials in Sri Lanka but the majority populace find India one of the most uncouth neighbors we have had the destiny to find ourselves next to.

 Never has there been a time that we can say the friendly ties have been superior to the antics of destabilizing that Sri Lanka has experienced covertly and overtly. As we speak there are possibly scores of Indian intelligence outfits upto mischief planting all sorts of destabilizing ventures tapping upon the weakness of our own people.

 If the Indians can call Sri Lanka’s envoy over Indian fishermen poaching on Sri Lanka’s water denying Sri Lankan fishermen a means to their livelihood what is stopping GLP from doing the same now that a Buddhist monk has been attacked again. If Sri Lanka’s envoy in Delhi thinks it is alright for India to vote against us at Geneva that is certainly not what the Sri Lankan populace think. Similarly, we are waiting for statements from the Buddhist organizations in Sri Lanka condemning this attack since they are ever ready to be issuing statements on non-Buddhist related incidents especially the Buddhasasana Ministry.

 This is not the first attack on Buddhist monks in India either. In January 2011, three Buddhist monks, including a chancellor of a Sri Lankan university were attacked at the Maha Bodhi Temple in Chennai.

 It has now come to a stage where apologies do not suffice. We are well aware that India is a major player in the Asian region but at no time has Sri Lanka used its geopolitical advantage against India though India cunningly uses that to always destabilize Sri Lanka and humiliate Sri Lanka on international podiums as we see happening in Geneva and to top it all makes speeches of “friendship” which is more of an insult than a bouquet.

 The safety of Sri Lankans visiting India is certainly a risk factor and it is the duty of authorities to ensure that no Sri Lankan citizen becomes a victim to the shallow acts that India is now adopting.

 India may like to make note that scores of Indians visit Sri Lanka many illegally overstaying and probably many more illegally taking residence in Sri Lanka especially in Sri Lanka’s North over the past so many decades which accounts for the confusions in the population demographics but no India has been harmed or abused to date “”…” which shows how Sri Lankans behave compared to that of a handful in India and despite India banning LTTE we would like to know why India continues to allow LTTE supporting Indians to run amok in Tamil Nadu?


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  1. Senevirath Says:

    Our foolish buddhists do not understand what indians are doing aganist buddha dhamma. our famous buddhist priests have converted their temples to kovils.
    we dont have to go to india to see buddha. do 5 minutes meditatation a day u will see buddha

    who cares where he was born? what we need is pristine dhamma . we have it here

  2. Vis8 Says:

    These are the hooligans living in the real Thamil eelamland :) What pathetically misguided morons. They will destruct themselves, soon. Karma will give them their due returns.

  3. Jayantha Says:

    The Tamils in Tamilnadu are the brothers of Prabhakaran.

    Prabhkaran killed and maimed not only the laymen of Sri Lanka, but Buddhist Priests and those who were praying. And not satisfied with that butchery he bombed the most holy and sacred shrine of Buddhists “The Temple of Tooth of Sri Lanka”.

    When Tamils in India beat up Buddhist priests these past few days, it goes to show the real colours of the barbaric Tamils. Throughout the history of Sri Lanka this is how these barbarians invaded Sri Lanka and tried to get a foothold. The writers of Tamilnet too go into that category. So they find that is the time to make a big impact with the mis led and naive west.

    Have they ever treated the Christians the same way – kicking and assaulting the catholic priests. I never heard of it. One then wonders, whether these tamils are Hindus or Christians. One way or the other most Tamils in India are savages. So what could one expect from such except savagery.

    The white man taught them how to cover their naked bodies by covering them with clothes. They also gave them schools. But covering their nakedness and going to schools alone have not educated these savages in ways of living as human beings and of coexist with fellow-man.

    The Tamils in Tamil Nadu including their leaders have a very long way to go.

    JP / USA

  4. Voice123 Says:

    Jayantha, please dont get sidetracked into religious non issues. Otherwise this will be the undoing of the Sinhalese. Regardless of what religion they externally profess:

    Tamils are Tamils.

    They want us to be sidetracked by religious issues. Please dont fall for their trap and alienate (non-Tamil) genuine Christians who have nothing to do with this barbaric mob and actually find their wheeling and dealing in the name of religion quite barbaric. There are many Christians I personally know who see right through India and aware of its barbarism, caste system, rape culture etc.

    This is a Tamil TERRORIST issue pure and simple. Stay focussed. Fight Tamil TERRORISM.

  5. Voice123 Says:

    In fact Hindu mobs ARE attacking Christians too. Nuns are routinely raped, Christian preachers attacked or murdered, so know your facts before becoming emotional. I know a Christian from South India who says he has been attacked many times. An Australian priest was murdered a few years ago. His family is still seeking justice as the killers run free – probably now attacking Buddhists or murdering some hapless Muslims!

    Unleashing Christians against India is a good way to teach these dogs a lesson!

  6. Universal Citizen Says:

    This is a crime against a Human and against a clergy.
    The monk was attacked because he was a SriLankan / Sinhalese and probably not because he is a Buddhist monk. The Indian governments actions or in-actions and any sort of incidents like this that will happen tomorrow will tell us their intentions.

    A big incident that will result in loss of some SL lives in India can trigger reactions here.
    What precautions are the SL government taking.

    Peace to All !!

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    SLs will NEVER REACT. Only FOOLS react like buffalos chased by dogs.

    SL should not stay without doing anything either.

    We should TARGET SURGICAL operations in RETALIATION to this. Target and destroy Tamil Nationalist interests in SL with discipline, maintaining peace and with a LOAD of propaganda.

    LLRP/DPU units are MORE useful in peacetime than war.

    I can think of 133 potential targets and 13,300 methods of eliminating them.

  8. Voice123 Says:

    I second that Lirenzo. We should dispassionately and STSTEMTICALLY targeting traitors like those ELEMENTS of the TNA with foreign loyalties, some others in the ethnically based political parties, local puppets for the NGOs etc and disempowering them so they cant harm the national interests. All this can be peacefully done.

  9. Voice123 Says:

    Universal Citizen hit the nail on the head:

    “The monk was attacked because he was a SriLankan / Sinhalese and probably not because he is a Buddhist monk”

    Spot on! They were VERY careful not to attack the Burmese monk – so that the Tamil diaspora in Singapore, Malaysia and their operatives on Burmese and Thai soil do not fall out of favor with the East Asians.

    Sinhalayas please use your minds NOT your emotions. Die-ass-pora WANT us to think this is a religious issue and start bickering among ourselves and others who ALSO hate India. We can deal with those differences AFTER Tamil fascism is eliminated from Sri Lanka entirely. Now is not the time for that.

  10. Muhandiram Says:

    Population: Census expert disputes anti-Muslim claim

    March 18, 2013, 10:29 pm

    by Dasun Edirisinghe

    A senior census and statistics official yesterday disputed a claim being propagated in the country that the Muslim population is likely exceed that of the majority community. The Sinhala population in the country is 74.9 per cent according to the Basic Population Information Report of the Census of Population and Housing 2011.

    Director, Population Census and Demography Division of the Department of Census and Statistics, Indu Bandara said that according to the 2011 census, the Muslim population was 9.2 per cent and the Sinhala population was 74.9 per cent. Sri Lankan Tamils and Indian Tamils were 11.2 and 4.2 per cent respectively.

    The census taken in 1981 showed that the Sinhalese accounted for 74 per cent of the population, Muslims 7 per cent, Sri Lankan Tamils 12.7 per cent and Indian Tamils 5.5 per cent.

    Answering a query, at a seminar held yesterday, at the Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute, Mrs. Bandara said that the Sinhala and Muslim populations had increased at the rate of 1.04 and 1.87 per cent respectively between 1981 and 2012, but it was not a threat to Sinhala people contrary to claims being made in some quarters to that effect.

    She said it was also false to state that the Muslim population was higher than the Sinhala population within the Colombo Municipal Council area.

    “There are divisional secretariats, Colombo, Timbirigasyaya I and Timbirigasyaya II, in the CMC area, but those reports were based only on the Colombo Divisional Secretary’s area,” Mrs. Bandara said.

    According to the latest report, the Malay, Burgher, Chetti and other minor ethnic groups increased at the rate of 0.23 percent, she said.

    Sri Lanka’s population consisted of 70.2 percent Buddhists, 12.6 Hindus, 9.7 Islamists and 6.1 percent Christians, according to the census of 2012, Bandara said.

    “The male population decreases year by year and the 20,263,723 total population, by 2012, was made up of 48.5% males and 51.5 females,” she said, noting that the longer life expectancy of females and the migration of a large number of males in search of foreign employment could be the increase in female population.

    The child population in 1981 was 35.2 percent and it had reduced to 25.8 per cent in 2012 while elderly population had increased to 12.2 per cent by 2012 from 6.6 per cent in 1981, Bandara said.

    The senior official said that the working age population had increased to 62 per cent (2012) from 58.2 per cent (1981) and it was a boost to the country’s development.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    first of all I geniviely sad aboud this incident only, only because My Srilankan citizen should not attacted by oudsider specaialy relieges prisent should not be !
    my requised to TN Tamil do not do ,please do not do it against & please apologe for this incident ,your are not helping to achieve our lasting solution Thamil Eela Thayakam !

    he was a SriLankan / Sinhalese and probably not because he is a Buddhist monk”- not agrred because why other srilankan travelers with these Amaththurus are not attacted !!!

    Our problm is not language problm , ours is faith problm but modified to language problm !!!

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    There is an attempt to cover up the true Tamil problem i.e. Caste/poverty problems for Tamil people of Tamil Nadu, by getting thugs to attack some Buddhist priests from Sri Lanka, attempting to turn the Caste issue into a Hindu/Buddhist fracas. We in Lanka will NOT fall for that ruse !

    We in Lanka are going to analyse the problem, keep cool heads here and not react foolishly to Tamil Nadu games. India has already told the DMK that they can leave the Parliament. See article below.

    Questions to ask :

    * When will UNHRC acknowledge that the so called Tamil Problem is a Caste/poverty problem originating in Tamil Nadu ?

    * When will Lanka stop dependency on Tamil labor brought in by the British for the tea estates, and other plantations ? This can be done only through Modernisation & Mechanisation of tasks particularly in the plantations sector so that others too can work there. Remove the insular ‘line room’ living brought in by the British, and make the Plantations sector Tamils join mainstream life in Lanka.

    * Does Sri Lanka exist to remove Caste problems for Tamil people of Tamil Nadu ?


    India key ally DMK pulls out of ruling coalition on Sri Lanka issue

    BBC News, 19 March 2013

    There have been a series of protests in Tamil Nadu against alleged atrocities on Sri Lankan Tamils
    A key regional ally has pulled out of India’s ruling coalition over the government’s failure to condemn alleged atrocities against Sri Lankan Tamils.
    The DMK party’s 18 MPs will not support the Congress party-led government. Five MPs who are ministers in the government will also resign from the cabinet.
    A senior minister said the government was “stable” and would remain in power.
    The DMK is the main opposition party in the southern state of Tamil Nadu which has a large population of Tamils.
    DMK chief M Karunanidhi has demanded that the government pass a resolution in parliament condemning alleged atrocities committed by Sri Lankan forces against Tamils during the island’s long civil war.
    He has also protested against the Indian government’s position on a resolution on alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka which is before the United Nations Human Rights Council – he wants India to push for stronger language in the resolution, including the use of the word “genocide”.
    Correspondents say the move will make it more difficult for the government, which lost another important ally in September, to pass legislation – the Congress party is dependent on several regional allies for support in parliament.

  13. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Atrocities? What atrocities? Colombo is full of them and muslims. Sinhalese are a minority. Jaffna? Oh it is for Tamils only. Universities? Cream of the facultieis are for them since they write in Tamil for exams; pass rate is very high. Surprise, surprise. Free education, free medicine. Parents don’t have to spend any money to make their daughters, sons doctors, egineers, lawyers etc. etc. It’s the Government’s duty. The Government of Sri Lanka spend a lot of money to educate and care for these traitors. Fled Sri Lanka to avoid Tamil Hitler Prabhakaran forced conscription. So they fled; not to their beloved TN. Skipping TN to Canada, UK, USA, France, Germany etc. etc. Now visa secured, they should leave Sri Lankan Tamils to get on with their lives. But they still not happy, they want the mythical Tamil kingdom for real. We all know there was never a Tamil kingdom. Only in books. Nobody has seen any ancient Tamil buildings any where in the country. So it’s obvious to anybody that is a myth. But there are lot of MPs in the countries where they domicile now who can’t stop making a lot of noise about this ‘persecution’ to garner a few hundred Tamil votes. Shame on them. Disgrace to mankind. These traitors should thank President Rajapaksha for saving them from extinction. The ‘saviour’ prabhakan used Tamil youth as canon fodder for his futile war. If the war had continued for another 20 years they would have been wiped out in North and East and replaced by fast multiplying muslims. But their treachery is not new to Sri Lanka. They become doctors, engineers, lawyers, successful business people, thanks to free education, free medicine provided by the state. Even the richest country in the world, USA, won’t provide FREE education, FREE medicine to its people. But poor Mother Lanka do. But these people don’t have an iota of gratitude to the country which did do so much for them. They proudly say I’m American, I’m German, I’m French. etc. etc. but ashamed to mention their country of birth. No matter where you live in the world, the country you were born is your country. Where is your conscience? Aren’t you ashamed? TNA (traitors national alliance) should give up Tamil kingdom dream you couldn’t achieve through bombs and live in the real world or settle down in TN with your beloved brethren.

  14. Voice123 Says:

    Ive got a comment for the above Indian poster Sridaran.

    You’re either seriously deluded, naive or dishonest. Sri Lankas Tamils overall have a much higher quality of life and income than 80 percent of your own citizens and compare favourably with the other communities on the island. Why dont you concentrate on attaining independence for Tamil Nadu from the Indian Union? You will then be freed on this perpetual New Delhi and regional parties circus over the “Sri Lanka (non) issue” and instead focus on feeding your poor people, building latrines, health and education.

  15. Voice123 Says:

    Dear Sridaran

    What are you jabbering about anhilating the Tamil race … I sm not even going to dignify that comment with a reply. The only people at risk of anhillation are all Sri Lankans, Sinhalese and Tamils included. I dont see any chance of Tamils in India being anhillated except by – lets see- a nuclear accident? Cholera? Plague? Or some other disease caused by filthy unhygeinic conditions.

    You are clearly one of the priviled few Indians:
    A) you are literate unlike 50 percent of your compatriots
    B) you gave access to a computer.

    So dont purport to talk for you “untouchables” whom the whole wide world knows your country mistrears regularly. Im sure theyd jump at the idea of being free of Hindia. By the way conditions of our estate labour have improved immensely since the British (whom some of your countrymen still have a doglike subservience to) left. If I had a choice between living on a Sri Lankan estate and being a poor peasant in a Tamil Nadu dustbowl, I know which I would choose! As for “attacks on Tamils”, there havent been any mob attacks by non Tamils on Tamils for decades. Contrast with Hindia where barely a day goes by without Muslims or other minorities being murdered or tortured!

    Anout latrines, perhaps your olfactory glands have been desensitised? Again, the whole world knows that less than 50 percent of your people have access to latrines and are forced to go outdoors everywhere including ths streets. Ive been to India, and wished I took a gas mask. The reason you have open latrines is for untouchables to be humiliated by carrying nightsoil. Another one of your countries human rights outrages. Just because the United States is using your country right now doesnt make this less of a problem.

    Clearly youre a victim of LTTE propoganda. Get your facts right.

  16. SA Kumar Says:

    I tried my best to explained with my basic knowlege of english our Tamil problm in mother lanka for last 6 month in web side ,thanks to modarater of this web for allowed me even though I am pro Eelamist !
    I hope & pray your success Mr sridaran- good luck !

    I want more Tamil write here to explain our sinhala sakotharayas !!!

  17. SA Kumar Says:

    Clearly youre a victim of LTTE propoganda. Get your facts right. & You are clearly one of the priviled few Indians:

    sridaran – this is what our Sinhala sakotharayas stamped you if talk any sence – indian or VP’S man !!! or sakkiliyas

    end of the story you will call them modaya sinhalaya !!!

  18. Voice123 Says:

    Sridaran, SAKumar, PLENTY of non Eelamist Tamils already write on this forum eg Lorenzo, Nallaiah etc

    And they all speak with one voice as the rest of us Sri Lankans

    CORRUPT Indians, sort your filthy mess up before coming preaching to us. Come respectfully woth suggestions, and we might listen.

  19. SA Kumar Says:

    Come respectfully woth suggestions, and we might listen.- We done it since 1948 ! no use modayas !
    modayas always modayas no point in any sugeestion ! for time pass any one can waindup them !

    Naalai pirakkum Thamil Eelam … like Jesus will come back …. !!!! keep dearm you modayas !!!

    you will never get Saiva Thamil Eelam in Mother Lanka you sinhala sakotharaya !!!

  20. Voice123 Says:

    “Who do you think you are ? Some sort of an elite group having a different DNA more superior to the other inhabitants of this globe”

    – nobody in Sri Lanka thinks like that. (I wont stoop to your level and call you a moron). You’re the ones who divide yourselves into a thousand castes and trample on those you consider inferior and at the same time shamelessly lick the boots of the white man.
    – dont worry about our breath. Just keep your TERRORISTS out of our country and we would leave you in the shade. No you cant leave us alone can you? Jealous Indians have to sponsor terrorism in neighbouring countries to suppress them. Ask anyone from ANY of your neighbouring countries. They all loath your country. So where is the problem coming from?

    As for our history, you havent got a clue do you? Oh okay, you only know what your elleikaran masters taught you. Its no wonder you have that view of us! The whole world knows how the British had to outlaw your barbarous practices of Suttee and kali human sacrifice. Thats how low you had sunk after the Moghuls invaded half your country. Unfortunately today despite America’s backing your country (which they do purely to target a fellow Asian country, China, not because they find anything in common woth you) is rapidly gaining reputation as the rape centre of the world. Dont bother inventing and repeating unsubstantiated LTTE fabrications of “human rights abuse” about ours. Thats the best you can do.

  21. SA Kumar Says:

    sridaran/ Voice123

    very interesting comments !!! between Indian & Srilankan for Eelamist myself !

    keep it up !

    My Ilankai theevu but these two are fighting for it !!!! Aridda Solli Ala (to whom I can tell to cry) !

    Modayas & Sakkiliys !!! Kukeni in my Queen & Ravana in My King !!!

  22. Voice123 Says:

    Sridaran, listen carefully to SAKumar. You are being used by LTTE mafia. Take care of your own country. Let us solve our own problems, including the terrorist problems your Indian politicians created. Get rid of your current politicians. Theyre mostly crooks and will sell your asses to AmeriKKKa!

  23. Voice123 Says:

    SAKumar, ghost of VP is calling you. Where is your cyanide capsule?

  24. SA Kumar Says:

    Where is your cyanide capsule?- with me , will use it in Eelam war V !!!

  25. SA Kumar Says:

    You modaya I know you won’t understad what i am going to say but for my satisfaction !
    We Northern & Eastern high caste Lankan Thamils are untouchable !!!
    here is the fact….
    We started unnecessry artifiacl communal different between our comminity (Sinhala , Demil & Soni) before 1948 to keep only only for our benift (When I say We, Means only this high caste English / University educated Tamils)!

    We create this 7th grade droped our Valveddi thurai Karayan as Our Thesiya Thalaivar & recruite poor innecet estate Tamils as fighter (We call them Kalathoni / Vadakkaththayan / Sakkiliyan) to get killed by Sinhala forces (with Indian backup)

    It went out of our hand so we desied to kill them with out blood in our hand & use Sinhala forces to do our job ! succeed on 19 May 2009 !

    so after 33 years What We achived !

    1 milion of living in Western country very comfordably !
    200,000 killed -who are they innecent those estate tamil ( see their population decreace since 1983 not Northern Tamil )& innecent Sinhala forces (we used them to kill these estate & low caste eastern tamils)
    Our First in command Karu living comfotable with SL forces & Our KP international dealer living 5 strar hotel in colombo & Doucles devanda is having good time Jalpanam with his family !

    is it make any sence my sakotharaya ? NO because that why you are modaya !!!

    Naalai pirakkum Thamil Eelam ! Eelam war V already strart !

    We makesure you sinhalese never live in peace 1 that is our name of our game !!!

  26. Voice123 Says:

    நாளை பிரக்கும் விடுதலை தமிழ் நாடு. நாலளை பிரக்கும் அஃஜட் கஷ்மீர்! மூன்று மொழி தேசீய காலத்தில்!

    Yes SAKKumar, we know your diaspora game very well. But get with the times. Diaspora is stirring. Are now realising it was a big mistake to attack motherland. Stick with motherland and fight for right of proper democracy and freedom from Hindia for Tamil Nadu.

    An Indian came to this page to sing hosannas to Hindia, to attack us Sri Lankan sakotharams and pay homage to Velleikaran. Look what happened? He got frightened away by Eelamist SAKumar!

  27. Voice123 Says:

    When SAKumar said his Queen is kuveni (not kukeni) and king is Ravana, the Hindian interferer Sridraran, ran like a leader of a monkey army!

    Vandura nayakek vagey duwagena giya indiyavata! LOLOL!

    (I think moderator shouldnt have deleted privileged Hindian Sridaran’s rather racist comments about Sri Lankans. Would have been a good education for our Sri Lankan “relatives” to see their true nature).

    SAK, by the way, dont bring Douglas into this argument. He is not interested in your moda terrorism or your moda cyanide capsules.

  28. Voice123 Says:

    PARTICULARLY good education for our Sinhala “relatives” to see the true nature of privileged political type Hindis and all Hindians. Time for them to wake up!

  29. SA Kumar Says:

    He got frightened away by Eelamist SAKumar – well said !
    My chinhala brother We ( Sinhalese & Tamils ) are living together last more than 2,500 in mother lanka ofcause we have different between us but that is part of our family problm! but when it come to out siders we unit for our mother lanka !
    our living example is We kicked out IPKF not SL army ! because this our internal problm we do not need out sider here!

    unfortunatly We both have own weakness which has been problmy utilitesd by outsiders ( Indian , Western world) time to time ! What can we do !

    DD- He was Jaffna commanter for EPRLF now supplying Tamil womans to Sinhala army to creat united Srilanka , in a diffrent way He is right is not it? also he want 13A to implement step by step not in any hurry at all !

    live & lets live my sinhala sakothraya!

    NB/ I am so happy atleast one good thing VP done, it is now more Sinhalese write & speck Tamil than in our time (before 1983 ) ! (eg second layana is wrong but undrestandable mistake ) !
    my genievine requised please educate estate (Tamil) people in Sinhala rather than Tamil !

  30. Voice123 Says:

    SAKumar agrrd – in part. Biggest mistake of Tamils in the island was to support outside forces to attack the motherland. Eg IPKF. TRAITORS in the diaspora encouraged this. Traitors abused Tamils problems and gave cyanide capsules to kill Tamils, not to liberate. Why to die like that, while they live in palaces abroad? And that Velleisakkilikaranpundri woman is living with impunity in the West? Tamils in London know where she lives. Blood of Thousands of Tamils on That Velleisakkilis hands. Karma is a bitch BITCH. Karma is coming your way. Only modeyas will take cyanide for people like Shreedhar, the british-worshipping Hindian to suck blood of both Sinhala and Heela Tamils. Yes fully agrrd about learning Tamil. I appeal to my Singala brethren, MR is correct with trilingual policy. Tamils and Singalas are smart enough. It will help defend the motherland.

  31. Voice123 Says:

    Moderator please let my comment about that murderress through. People are waiting to read. Thank you.

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