Senator Segal’s (Canada’s) Attitude to Sri Lanka
Posted on March 27th, 2013

Ira de Silva London, Ontario

The Honourable Hugh Segal
Member of the Senate of Canada ,
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Sir:

I am writing to you regarding your views expressed prior to your visit to Sri Lanka when you claimed that you were going with an open mind and your snide remarks at a meeting in Sri Lanka at the lecture titled “The Commonwealth as  Force for Good” where you were a guest, which indicate that far from having an open mind, you were expressing the same biased, belligerent attitude of your fellow members of the Conservative Party in the Canadian Government.

You attended the lecture after visiting the north of Sri Lanka and had seen  the effort by Sri Lanka to develop that part of the country which had been laid to waste by the LTTE for the past 30 years which is why you refer to concrete superstructures. However you went on to say “but  superstructures of civility and generosity would be of immense value”.  You imply that there is a lack of civility and generosity. If re-directing most of Sri Lanka’s post war spending to the war ravaged areas of the north, perhaps at the expense of the other parts of the country, is not generosity, what is? As for civility, can you explain what was “uncivil” in the effort to restore peace and an create an environment in which the people of the country can resume their normal lives?  That you have recognised the huge difficulties that needed to be overcome and seen the tremendous achievements made in such a short space of time but  refuse to acknowledge progress, indicates how mean spirited Canada is, that you are not generous and that certainly you are uncivil.   Considering that Canada has permitted funding of Tamil terrorism for decades, perhaps you are just expressing Canada’s disappointment that terrorism was ended and  that you can not report back to your  government and Canadian Tamil  supporters of LTTE terrorism that development is taking place,  that there is peace  and that civilians are living without fear which was what Canada was supporting prior to 2009.

Canada’s bias and prejudice, as indicated by the constant efforts by your government to harass Sri Lanka is the message that you are conveying as did the Minister of Immigration on his visit to Sri Lanka in January and his report back to his Tamil LTTE supporters in Toronto on his return.  It does not require the Commonwealth meeting for Canada to do that – you have made it clear. Canada is just using the CHOGM to bully and try to dictate to Sri Lanka. Members of the Commonwealth are equal  and therefore it can be a force for good unlike the UN where western dictates are forced on countries because of inequality. It is a principle which Canada does not seem to understand believing that it is the “new colonial power” and can do at the Commonwealth what the U.S., Canada and other western countries do at the UN.  Mr. Kenney’s statements made it clear that all these accusations/demands were at the behest of the LTTE supporters in Canada and Sri Lanka is well aware of this. If Canada decides not to attend it will not mean much except perhaps to the LTTE supporters whose message Canada is taking to the meeting.  Sixteen countries did not attend the meeting in 2011 but none of them made these obnoxious comments before or after. Why does Canada attend the meetings of  the Francophonie Summit in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country run by a  brutal leadership  without a whimper about human rights, civility, generosity etc? It is because Canada has no principles, just double standards and hypocrisy guiding it’s foreign policy.

You state that the CHOGM provides Sri Lanka with the opportunity to make real initiatives on the issues. What issues? Without Canada’s bullying and dictation, Sri Lanka has been dealing with the aftermath of terrorism and is doing it’s best at reconstruction, healing wounds and reconciliation with no help from Canada. As for accountability, when is the Canadian government going to even consider being accountable to Sri Lanka for knowingly permitting Canadian citizens to fund terrorism in Sri Lanka that killed and injured thousands as well as destroyed economic development? The problem is that while Canada believes that it can condemn and dictate to Sri Lanka it does not believe that it should live by the same principles.

For Canada to be taken seriously by Sri Lankans, who are well aware that terrorism was condoned by successive Canadian governments contrary to your claim that Canada has a zero tolerance for terrorism and that now the LTTE supporters in Canada are dictating Canadian policy on Sri Lanka as indicated by Mr. Jason Kenney’s statements, as well as the fact that Canada has a poor record on humanitarian issues evidenced by it’s treatment of it’s own citizens, Canada should deal with these issues first. Until then Canada has no right to dictate/criticize Sri Lanka or any other country.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva

London, Ontario

3 Responses to “Senator Segal’s (Canada’s) Attitude to Sri Lanka”

  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    It is organizers mistake to invite crap politicians to Sri Lanka as guest speakers. Organizers must check to whom they invite and the speaker is with whom? Just invite someone from western world doesn’t mean anything. Best expression in Sinhala is “illan kanawa” or “edagena nagannawa”
    Either segal or karunanidhi or sampanthan or wickramabahu invited similar anti Sinhala, anti Sri Lanka speech will deliver. Their heads filled with lot of dirt as crabs.

  2. Senevirath Says:

    This foolish govt always do this””ILLAGENA PARIPPU KEMA””
    Who were the L.L.R.C members?Mahinda knew who they were But he appointed them because he likes them personaly. Wait and see these members will get higher positions in the govt. service.

    Mahinda will not get rid of 13A. He killed PRABHA to save himself. HE is just killing the time until the right time comes to impliment this L>L>R>C> report

  3. douglas Says:

    1. Sri Rohana: Your assertion the organizers made a mistake in this invitition is wrong. This is another way of saying thank you to Canada. Why? It was reported on 11 March 2013, that the S/L Government asked the United States to abandon the prosecution of a Canadian chaged with buying equipment and laundering money for the LTTE. It was reported that the S/L Government sent a letter to the U.S.State Department to drop charges against Mr. Suresh Skandarajah – Canadian Citizen who was extradited to U.S. to face charges. So the organizers though it fit to clinch support of Canada and establish “friendship” for their efforts to get this LTTE Terrorist off the hook. But District Court Judge Raymond Dearie ruled that this letter is not relevant to the bail proceedings and ordered Suresh to be held in custody for the duration of the trail.

    2. Ms. Ira de Silva: Do you think it is “fair” for you to find fault with this Senotor Hugh Segal who was sent to Sri Lanka as the Canadian Government “Fact Finding Representative”? Please refer to the comment I posted above and what you are trying to do is to “undermine” and “disrrupt” the efforts made by our Government to establish some sort of “friendship” with Canada and “dispel” any doubts they have in regard to our “Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation”.

    The fact that this letter was sent has not been “challenged” or “denied” by the Sri Lanka Government so far. So todate it stands as true. This letter surfaced at the bail hearing.

    3. Senevirath: Please do not call our Government “Foolish”. This is not “ILLAGENA PARIPPU KEMA”, but we give voluntararily a “Breath of Life” and probably on this day of “Easter” we pray them to “RISE FROM THE DEAD”. AMEN.

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