New & old knowledge about the 13-A death-trap
Posted on May 14th, 2013

C. Wijeyawickrema

With reference to the recent Lankaweb news item:

         “LET US UNITE TO ABROAGTE THE 13TH amendment, Posted on May 9th, 2013-Ranjith Soysa (Spokesperson) SPUR   (Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc)

We wish to record our appreciation of the bold stand adopted by Mr Wimal Weerawansa   MP and his party the JNP with regard to the 13th Amendment and the Elections to the   Northern Provincial Council”¦”

I wish to state the following.

Old knowledge about 13-A (what we already know about 13-A)

1.      13-A is not a reasonable concept as explained by the facts (items) listed below;

2.      It was forced on JRJ by Rajiv Gandhi;

3.      JRJ tricked/forced MPs to vote for it by keeping them in a hotel;

4.      Rajiv said it made Sri Lanka similar to Bhutan (under Indian control);

5.      It gave constitutional status to the Tamil homeland myth;

6.      All those who said “this war is not winnable” embraced it;

7.      Prabakaran rejected it;

8.      Neelan Thiruchelvam did not want Muslim or Sinhala enclaves (like in the Indian Pondichery model) inside his NP-EP Tamil federal Unit. He did not want a moth-eaten like Tamil region and GL Peiris and Mrs. Chandrika agreed with his Mono-Tamil plan;

9.      RPremadasa and Mrs. Chandrika offered NP to Prabakaran on a platter;

10.  RanilW gave NP and EP  to P (world’s greatest give away) and the rest of the country for Prabakaran agents to operate freely using suicide bombers if and when needed;

11.  Sinhala political crooks found it a gold mine to thrive and make family fortune as PC members;

12.  It did not help at all in reducing poverty or making people’s lives better in the Seven Provinces it operated;

13.  Same thing ( as in12) will happen in NP as Crook TNA leaders will enjoy  while Tamil people falling in the same boat based on caste prejudices etc.;

14.  Since the ethnic population distribution map is like a scrambled egg “Tamil grievances” outside NP/EP will still be a problem under it;

15.  Per Dinia (greater Pakistan) map of 1932 by Choudary Rahmat and the Oluvil Declaration by the Muslim Congress the kind of Azath Salley’s can ask Muslim units under it (go to Wikipedia for details of the Dinia map);

16.  As long as 13-A is there Tamil Eelam will have a legal constitution-based root;

17.  Dayan Jayatilaka has been the father of 13-A Plus who stupidly or cunningly think that the separatist cancer will be cured by 13-A Plus or plus and plus;

18.  Generally, old and new Marxists and Colombo living rich Christians support it;

19.  In 2005 Sinhala Buddhist people voted for MahindaR expecting he will remove 13-A, but he became a “pluralist” supporting impliedly inter-faith jokers and unreasonable minority projects such as the halal game; and

20.  Inside the cabinet there are so many 13-A based Eelam supporters (Rajitha, Dilan, Amunugama”¦)

New Knowledge about 13-A

1.      Dayan Jayatilaka at an interview with the Derana 360 revealed that he secretly added 13-A to 2009 UNHRC proposal made by him (he fooled the president So 13-A is now international!);

2.      Retired SC judge Wigneswaran made it clear recently that TNA wants more than 13-A system. He says Tamils were not a minority since 1921. Tamils want a separate country, he says. Thus the Tamil moderate’s cat came out of the bag. Now Dayan J has become a cat who did something on a rock. 13-A is not a solution to the separatist cancer.

3.      Dayan revealed that a Wikileak-uncovered secret document exposed American government secretly supporting the use of UNHRC-Geneva  as a tool to create a 13-A based Tamil Eelam;

4.      Tamil Nad joker chief ministers use Katchchativ as a rallying point to divert caste-based separatist demands in Tamil Nad itself (there is agitation for dividing it into 3 separate caste-based states);

5.      LLRC report nullified 13-A by indirect means. It said no ethnic home lands in Sri Lanka. It said devolve power to the people (not to crook politicians). It said empower people at the lowest possible level (Panchayathi Raj concept in India). For Sri Lanka this can be a village or a GSN unit;

6.      Because Dayan J made 13-A an international issue with his secret work at Geneva, the removal of 13-A can face international pressure if it is replaced with something which MahindaR can say as 13-A plus. This is what LLRC also recommended. Devolve power to Tamil (and other) people at GSN/ village level, after demarcating GSN/village boundaries on the basis of ecology/geography. Ironically, under Prabakaran after 2002 CFA this kind of system was implemented in his kingdom!

7.      Devolving lot of power to local people can be done by modifying the Divineguma Law making it a project run by locally elected people’s committee, elected on non-political party basis. Officers must be made to implement the decisions taken by this local committee and not what is now done by Divineguma Law, where a new set of officers will run the show to the long-term detriment of the whole country;

8.      Already Gami Diriya is working with this idea of people running their local affairs but minister Basil did not want to copy this idea! and

9.      Unless Wimal Weerawansa is willing to suggest an alternative to 13-A, meeting the American and Indian requirement of “more meaningful devolution,” his effort will be of no use for the country.


            Please add to these two lists. I spent eight months in Sri Lanka one year ago and I found that ordinary people are under lot of stress and distress. The JRJ-made capitalist free market thing has created a useless country making everybody wanting to become a crook even if it means selling ones old parents or daughters.  Another phenomenon that I saw was that people have become so selfish and so greedy and so vulnerable due to what had happened to them for 30 years of fear of bombs and deaths. This fear psychosis is gone after May 2009, but what was ingrained in their brain and heart for 30 years will not evaporate soon. In fact the children are worse affected by this fear-induced inner mind. For example, they do not know that lying is bad, or borrowing notes from a classmate and not returning it was bad! I found cases of children do not help each other this way because if you give your notes to help another then that persons who borrowed them will not give it back. I can give a dozen more examples using children’s behavior only.

            Sri Lanka has a larger crisis than 13-A or Ven. Maduluvawe’s project of killing the Executive President post. The politician, the officer and the NGO are acting as an evil triangle at local, regional, national and at project/work/office level and this is a war that MahindaR has failed to understand. There is mismanagement everywhere. I do not for a moment think that the solution is RanilW or Sarath Fonseka or JVP or Ven Maduluvawe’s project prepared by Christians and Marxists.

            When I see the Bodu Bala Sena website, I see 90% of what I saw in Sri Lanka covered by its mission and vision. I am puzzled by the silence of people like Gunadasa Amarasekera, Nalin Silva in not understanding the socio-economic mess and support BBS. On the other hand the unbelievable anger and venom against BBS shows that BBS hit the bull in the eye of those who ruined Sri Lanka since 1832 as people’s representatives. Then we had a Sinhala rep who opposed making Veask a public holiday. Now we have crooks as MPs. Hopefully BBS is building a movement at village level to change this setup sooner or later.

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5 Responses to “New & old knowledge about the 13-A death-trap”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Pirapaharan the terrorist was USEFUL to keep 13 amendment away. He killed ALL Tamilians who agreed to 13 amendment!

    Now we have to KILL the 13 amendment. The movement against 13 amendment is growing. We should all support it. Soon the govt. will get the message.

  2. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you, C. Wijewikrama……….Very thoughtful & thorough analysis of events, crooks. Now what? as you say there is some good in what BBS says, but if it turns out to be more aggressive & uncompromising, many of its good & constructive aspects will go by the way side.

    Leadership is something most of our Sri Lankan brothers & sisiters lack. A well planned united policies, and the courage to carry them out, even if it brings much criticisms from within & outside, is the way to go. If we look at the Elam war & how presnt President distroyed it.

    Not to listen to Int. community (maily ENDIA), and some of our own Sri Lankans of various stripes, who will support or pretend to do so, but ruin the efforts ultimately. A leader must come from our own Sinhala Buddhists who can & will NOT listen to outside forces. Carry out the OBJECTIVE, how difficult or arduos the journey will,be.

    President was asked to stop the war,but he did not. Today at least we have some peace. We need somone else to now take the torch, and make BBS a united force.

    Just expressing my two cents…….from Canada……..~J

  3. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    thanks cw. people who live in this country know the struggle they go through, not these arm chair pundits or some expats who presume mahinda’s govt is doing a good job, and still support it, even after he approved the npc elections to establish the foundation stone for the sakkili outfit. hambantota harbor and airport have been ‘not so successful stories’ former because of a bedrock and the latter, birds being a hindrance. already some airlines have opted out since the risk is too great.
    capturing power through the ballot box is a complete joke in sri lanka, with thuggery and intimidation of this government. the only solution is a peoples movement to oust slfpiers, unpiers and jvpiers and the lot and establish a regime run by professionals including expats. bbs needs to get into politics for that to happen, closing doors is not the answer. corruption of this murderous regime should be taken ‘head on’ by bbs. there should be an influx of lay persons in the administration of this organization. the emotion should be diverted to work with not brawn but brains.
    most christians, catholics in the colombon circle would love to see bbs dismantle – I feel these is the most dangerous lot in sri lanka as they speak English and others not and get the international audience listen to them through media.
    expats should get behind bbs rather than wasting time talking about dumb commonwealth and it’s presence in heladeepa in November. let us hope mahinda gets the message on 21st when an islandwide strike is planned. he is definitely an unwise leader, who depends on the wisdom and advise of others. fair enough do the right thing but he is all muddled up and the country is bankrupt.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Sri Lanka has spent about 85% of the loans and aid it has received in the recent past on development in the North, Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa stated.

    He said that the government has taken many steps to improve the living standards of the people in the North.

    The Minister highlighted the government’s achievement in resettling 30,000 displaced persons in the North adding that a large sum of money has been spent on improving infrastructure in the North after the war had left the region devastated.”



  5. Marco Says:

    It is interesting the same author castigates WW in an article in another website.

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