SAMPUR has yet to prove its benefits
Posted on February 3rd, 2014

Ranjith Soysa

According to a report in Sunday Island ( 2nd Feb) the Indian High Commissioner has requested to expedite the approval of the Sampur power project. But, the
question of proposed low quality technology to be applied and the environmental hazards envisaged are areas of vital importance which have to be looked into in detail prior to the project receiving the green light.

India is in a hurry to set foot in Trinco for hundred other reasons. Yet, the majority of the Sri Lankans and many technocrats are still not convinced that the Sampur project has passed the cost-benefit test.

Sri Lanka should not be expected to gloss over the issues involved. The decision to go ahead or abandon the project should be in the hands of Sri Lanka who will have to finally pick up the damage bill.

The general Indian big brotherly attitude and treating Sri Lanka with a pinch of salt too should receive our attention when considering a project located in a
geo-politically critical area.

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  1. Nanda Says:

    Sri Lanka will go nowhere with Indian involvements.
    Stop ALL Indian involvements should be No1 priority.

    Remember what happened in Zimbabwe.
    Up to 2008-2009 UK led IC was hammering Zim and Mugabe. Then everything suddenly went quiet. Why ?

    Get China in honestly and in a more grand scale and kick out India. This is the only way.
    Same with UK, USA. Outright China alliance can only save Sri Lanka.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    This is HARAKIRI.

    Sampur is a COAL powerplant. NO COUNTRY builds COAL power plants in the 21st century!!

    The problems at NOROCHCHOLAI are created by Tamil engineers. They DELIBERATELY break it down to make the Endian COAL project attractive.

    GOSL should NOT approve Sampur. RELOCATE the COAL powerplant to Jaffna.

  3. douglas Says:



    Again a reminder of a pure Sinhala saying: ” KANNA OANA UNAHAMA KABARAGOYATH THALAGOYA KARAGANNAWA”.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    One mistake doesn’t mean we have to repeat it!! Lets LEARN from the mistake and NOT do it again.

    There is a proverb. “Ra wattunu kakusu wale thawaleth panninawa”. (Jumping into the same cess pit in broad day light after accidently falling into it last night.)

    At least trust Mr Ranjith Soysa who is a strong patriot. He cannot be wrong on this!!

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD INDIA BE ALLOWED ACCESS AND EVENTUAL CONTROL OF THE TRINCOMALEE HARBOR!!!! This harbor is too important as a strategic port. The British recognized its potential when they stated during world war 2 that they can fit their entire navy in that harbor and still have room.

    President Rajapakse stated at the UN in his speech: “The evidence of history is that to secure power in Asia control over this port of Trincomalee should be obtained”. INDIA WOULD HAVE ACHIEVED THIS HARBOR HAD SHE SUCCEEDED IN HER PROXY WAR USING THE LITE TO CARVE OUT EELAM. INDIA MUST BE STOPPED FROM ACQUIRING ANY POWER BE IT COMMERCIAL OR NOT FROM THE TRINCOMALEE HARBOR!!

    This would be similar to Sri Lanka acquiring power and a strong presence in India’s Visakhapatnam Naval port. India would never allow that.

  6. Sirih Says:

    Indians use much clever tactics to get this project going… Indians want to control not only the power plant, they also want to have exclusive coal rights and we know for a fact that Indian coal is so low in quality/energy terms and have more ash.. You should try to read the agreement since its all one sided..
    We are better off buying Aus coal since they are high quality but overall we should avoid coal fired power stations any way.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Breaking news.

    US Ambassador at Large for Women’s Affairs, Catherine Russell has been denied visa.

    SL’s Independence Day today!

  8. jayasiri Says:

    Thanks Ranjith Zoysa…….We are too late to STOP Sampur, because it was a fast track approval to go ahead THINKING THAT PM of India will attend the CHOGM if MR gifted this project closer to Trincomalee. YET the answer waas NO. How many times SRI LANKA has to be KICKED, before our leaders realize INDIA is always looking after her own interests.

    Our leaders don’t get this. All projects in the North except SALT are breaking down, & the countries who promoted those plants are JUST enjoying their loot, while Sri Lanka will pay through our noses to pay back those loans.

    In a related matter I read in the Lanka Page, that ONE LAWYER has suggested we protest to IFJ re: not only the resolutions 1 & 2 but also the upcoming one in March 2014. According to him, THESE RESOLUTIONS ARE ILLEGAL. Now that is a very useful point if we can prove that USA/UK, through UNHRC have violated and introduced a SELECTIVE way to punish Sri Lanka.

    We all should read that article by LAWYER Dr. DHARSHAN WEERASEKERA in today’s newspaper. He pointed out the grounds on which Sri Lanka can PROTEST this USA resoltion & therby NEGATING ones passed in 2012 & 2013 too.

    Lawyer CHANKA BANDARAGE of australia who volunteered to monitor 2014 resolution can also help us DECIPER what others are saying. So anyone who knows these gentlemen should contact them direct to FIGHT for saving Sri Lanka (accused wrongfully).

    Thankyou all……..J

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