Dr. Dayan Jayathilake is an idiot- Sri Lanka should never, ever give any more powers to the Provincial Councils including land and police powers
Posted on February 10th, 2014

The plum blossom

 I completely disagree with the analysis of Dr. Dayan Jayathilake in 09th February’s Sunday Observer.
It is obvious to anyone with an iota of a brain that bogus human rights concerns are used by the criminal countries US, UK, Canada and India to create fear within the Sri Lankan Government so that they are terrorised to hand over land and police powers and other powers to the provincial councils and much, much more such as setting up of a federal state and subsequently a separate state. This the Sri Lankan Government should never ever, ever, ever do unless we actually want to create a separate state.
Dr.Dayan Jayathilake is either a separatist or he is stupid if he thinks that giving any further powers to the Provincial Councils will not create a separate state since it would most definitely will create a separate state. Why should the Sri Lankan Govt give any further powers to the provincial councils anyway? The 13th amendment has been implemented as far as it can go. This is it! This is the political solution. Take it or leave it TNA, India and all other international busybody countries! This is what the Sri Lankan Govt. should tell them. 
Sri Lanka as a whole is the homeland of all it’s people i.e. the sinhalese. sri lankan tamils, muslims, malays, burgers, veddhas and others including it’s north and east. Therefore no bit part of Sri Lanka can be exclusively claimed by any group of people. Why should the Sri Lankan Govt. then ‘hand over’ the north and east to the TNA or anybody else? Why should the Sri Lanka ‘hand over’ even one square inch to anybody?!!! It is insane and crazy.
Dr. Dayan Jayathilake is crazy to think that India does not support an eelam since actually the criminal country called India is the godfather of eelam. India wants to grab the north and east from Sri Lanka as does the US and they are using bogus human rights charges in order to terrorise the Sri Lankan Govt to give extra powers including land and police powers to the provincial councils. This the Sri Lankan Govt should never, ever, ever, ever, ever do unless we actually want to create a separate state.
The countries US, UK, Canada and India are criminal countries and whether persons or countries, criminals should be treated as criminals. They are the ones who have flouted the UN Charter and committed massive human rights violations on a regular basis internationally and domestically. Whether we win the UNHRC vote or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is that criminals trying to grab other people’s property (in this case the north and east of Sri Lanka by trying to terrorise the Sri Lankan Govt. into granting land, police and other powers to the provincial councils and thus paving the way for a separate eelam), should be treated as criminals, Therefore the US, UK, Canada and India should be treated as criminals no less.
Dr. Dayan Jayathileke along with the US,UK, Canada and India can go fly a kite if they Think Sri Lanka is going to hand over it’s territory to them since it is also obvious that the US, UK, Canada etc. are after the resources of this ‘separate state’ that they are out to create and also to set up naval, air bases etc. for example at Trincomalee and to grab the resources such as minerals, oil, the vast sea resources etc. by creating a ‘separate state’. 
For Dr. Dayan Jayathilake’s information I have written some obvious facts below which should be understood by even an idiotic person such as him. I wonder how he got his PhD being so stupid or maybe he is a closet separatist and thinks the Sri Lankan people are dumb and stupid!
The north and east of Sri Lanka comprise over 28% of the land area of the country. It also comprises two thirds of our coastline. Besides this, the Exclusive Economic Zone (the large ocean area around the island) that the country can claim as Sri Lanka’s is eight times the size of Sri Lanka itself! Over four times of this is within the remits of the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.
It should be obvious to anyone that around 11% of Sri Lankan tamils or the TNA have no right whatsoever to claim the north and east as an exclusive tamil homeland. What does the rest (which is the vast majority of this country of over 88%!!!) i.e. sinhalese, muslims, malays, catholics, burghers and up country tamils entitled to then? In the east, it is the sinhalese and muslims together who are in the majority anyway!!! 
The sinhalese have lived in this island for over 2,500 years, with our earliest ancestors living in this island for a much, much longer period of time than even more than 2,500 years as evidenced from the prehistoric cave man archaeological finds some as old as 40,000 years!!! The sinhalese kingdoms spanned all parts of the island especially the north central, northern and eastern areas of the island from the very beginnings i.e. from more than 2,500 years ago and for very long periods of time, until 1,300 AD with a somewhat more diminished presence afterwards until the present day. Therefore we have fundamental rights to this island and to live in any part of the island which cannot be taken away by anybody.
A homeland can only be claimed if those people alone as a people lived in a territory from time immemorial and no one else. The northern, eastern and north central parts of the island were part and parcel of sinhalese kingdoms for most of the past 2,500 years.  So more recent arrivals i.e.  the Sri Lankan tamils cannot claim northern and eastern areas as somehow exclusively theirs since these areas have been inhabited by the sinhalese for very long periods of time as part of the sinhalese kingdoms during a very long earlier history from 2,500 years ago until at least 1,300 AD with a somewhat more diminished presence afterwards until the present day. In fact, it is the sinhalese kings who built most of the irrigation tanks and reservoirs in the north and the east which survives to this day such as the Giant’s tank or Yoda wewa and Kanthale wewa, for example. There are so much more examples of irrigation tanks built by sinhalese kings in the north and the east and that itself is enough said.

26 Responses to “Dr. Dayan Jayathilake is an idiot- Sri Lanka should never, ever give any more powers to the Provincial Councils including land and police powers”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Good FACTUAL analysis.

    DJ (correct name is DAYAN DE SILVA) is a Tamil racist. His father’s name is Meryn De Silva – an ANTI-SL journalist.

    His PhD has NO worth. Even an idiot can get a PhD.

    e.g. Hon Dr Alhaj Mervyn De Silva, MP.

    This MESS was created by DJ. He escaped the JVP, escaped the LTTE and escaped patriots so far. I hope he will not escape from his crimes and sins for long.

    It is damn foolish for SAJIN VAS GUNAWARDENA the real foreign minister to trust him again. If we send him to Geneva in 2014 we will CERTAINLY lose.

  2. Nanda Says:

    Why these Colombians hide “DE SILVA” name I don’t know.
    If his name is Dayan De Silva Jayatilake, he is hiding DE SILVA on purpose.
    This bugger cannot be trusted.

    If we send this bugger this time we might WIN Geneva battle but we will definitely LOSE our motherland.

    If DJ is sent there by MR , that will confirm MR as the BIGGEST TRAITOR in Sri Lankan history.
    He will then be Elaara Maharaja , not Dutugemunu, the people’s king.

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The Tamil Diaspora will not let this issue of decentralizing power go away so Sri Lanka with her Buddhist Sanga and Colombo should take a pro active role. Abolish the 13th amendment. that alone would be a shot heard around the world. Secondly relocate Tamils from these provinces to other provinces and do the same with Sinhalese into these provinces. Not by brute force but by incentives which negate the positive effects of Tamils staying in the north and east provinces and give positive economic incentives for the transfer of Tamils and Sinhalese

    Reinforce Sinhalese Buddhist culture and its presence by rebuilding ancient destroyed Dagobas, Viharas and monasteries including new ones in those provinces with the final aim of passing a bill to make Buddhism a state faith.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    the final aim of passing a bill to make Buddhism a state faith !!! at least you Sinhalese are honest about your final goal!
    The Tamil will not let this issue of decentralizing power to TE !!! We Tamils are not honest to say We want United SL but our final goal is TE .

  5. Fran Diaz Says:


    State and Religion (any religion) ought to be kept apart. Protection of Buddhist structures and teaching of Buddhism can be written into the Law of the Land. The Culture in Lanka is Buddhistic enough – there is no need to pass a Bill to make Buddhism a state faith.


    Activate the 6-A and remove the 13-A, then most of the problems imposed on Sri Lanka from outside due to Cold War politics will be removed. Follow the Singapore way of doing things and all will be well.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    Activate the 6-A and remove the 13-A- contradict !
    Activate the 6-A and the 13-A to Unit mother Lanka !!!

    We should have done when Indian implemented union territories in 1956 (in SL first traits) !

    may be too late for us !!!! hope I am wrong !!!

  7. Fran Diaz Says:


    There is no contradiction in Activating the 6-A and Removing the 13-A. Both actions see to it that Lanka stays whole.

  8. jayasiri Says:

    THANK YOU.. “The Plum Blossom.”…….What a great article. NOW, ONLY if we can at least attempt to have a STAB at it, because we have spoken about 13, 13 A, and all versions of it, PLUS we have mentioned the 6th Amendmment etc. NOW when do we get these done? Let Geneva come & go, BUT these ammendments & devolution of powers are NOT in the cards NOT NOW, NOT EVER.

    We have given too much already & MUST bring legislation to CURTAIL USE of Tamil languge as it is DIVISIVE to have two official languages in a small country like ours. SZE of West Virgiinia,USA or size of NEW BRUNSWICK in Canada & in India our country is so small to compare to any state of India. THEN WHY DID WE AGREE to devolution of powers UNDER INDIA’s threat & intimidation.

    NOW there is no threat or any type of ATTACK by India beacuse INDIA herself have not DEVOLVED ANY powers to TAMIL’S HOMELAND in India the TAMIL NADU. It cannot sepearate or do any ANTI-Indian activities. If they DO, Indian centarl govt, can take over the STATE of Tamil Nadu. or any other.

    SO WHY BE SCARED or worried to say what we do & do it. LET India or any other CRIMINAL countries interfer & they will get the same message, as we defeated the LTTE. They better NOT EVEN TRY. Now going to UNHRC has become an IN THING to do. The soldiers who commited crimes in various USA wars, according to AG of USA,these WILL NOT be investigated.

    Then looking back at UK, Mr. David Cametron is STILL holding FIRM ,not to release the findings of LORD in UK secod chamber Mr. Cilcott or someone. Because his findings IMPLICATE former PM of UK, Tony Blair. NEXT Mr. David Cameron is REFUSING to go to IFJ as they have found UK guilty of certain war crimes.

    JUST imagine the so called INT. Community including India, are thwarting the laws accepted by HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS, of UN or or any other body, BUT quick to point fingure at SRI LANKA. INdIA is STILL refusing to GRANT KASHMIR independence and have blood in their hands. Pakistan has declared Jamunu & Kashmir are integral part of Pakistan.

    SO as the auther said, JUST act on laws provided in Sri Lanka, and amend if NECESSARY to REFUSE NO MORE CONCESSIONS to Noth & East……Thank you.all……ONE COUNTRY, UNDER ONE LEADER , STRONG & FREE……J

  9. Senevirath Says:


  10. Lorenzo Says:

    That is right Senevirath.

    He is a DUBIOUS character.

    Anti-SL Tamil woman Thisaranee Gunaseraka is another good friend of DJ. Recently DJ had a secret meeting with Viggie.

    GLP will be going to Geneva this time. So even if DJ goes ( HOPE NOT) he will NOT be the one calling the shots.

    China has WARNED SL not to allow Endian spy DJ to ruin the whole thing.

  11. Ratanapala Says:

    The goal of the Eelam project are multifaceted. For the Tamils it is the creation of a Tamil State and the bifurcation of Sri Lanka. For the Western Christian Powers it is the stepping stone to balkanisation of India. For the Christian Church is the eventual Christianisation of Sri Lanka and then India.

    Eelam has no definite boundaries. This is clearly seen from the Eelam maps they produced from time to time. These are clearly seen from the illegal stamps they produced in 1980 and then later. Crux of the matter is the Eelam border will ever move southwards in a pincer movement to engulf the rest of Sri Lanka and there will be unending wars across this undefined border for a plethora of bogus demands. One of the main reasons will be water rights and a thousand Mavil Arus across every water way that crosses this bogus border.

    The Christian Church is running with the hares in the South and running with the hounds in the North. GOSL is properly fooled by the Catholic Church and the President has swallowed hook, line and sinker the Catholic bait. Soon the leader of the pedophile Church will be feted in Sri Lanka at Sinhala Buddhist expense.

    The two Mahanayakes are walking mummies when it comes to Buddhist heritage and rights. Maduluwawe Sobhitha seems to have been black mailed by the Church as well and is now doing his best to take the Ranaviruwoes before the ICJ.

    GLP is a gutless gutter snipe who has no gut strength no inborn love for the Buddhist Lanka. He was the author of Devolution and will continue to follow that goal while fooling the President. He is a fellow traveller on the same band wagon as Christian Dayan de Silva (Jayatilleke).

  12. Marco Says:

    (I completely disagree with the analysis of Dr. Dayan Jayathilake in 09th February’s Sunday Observer.)

    Would the author please refer us to the article written by Dr Dayan 9 Feb in the Sunday Observer before the going out in a tangent.
    The Print and Internet edition carried out
    ‘West has only a fraction of the votes’:
    ‘Ground’ in Geneva favourable for Lanka – Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

    If one is to take your analysis with any serious credible note perhaps you would like to share with us where and when did Dr DJ write to the Sunday Observer on the 9th of February.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    The 13-A is ILLEGAL as it was imposed on Sri Lanka under DURESS. Recall the times when a number of VIP MPs walked out rather than signing into it. J.N. Dixit was like a Vice Roy dictating terms to JRJ. JRJ had resignations of MPs ready to sign if they did not sign in the 13-A – so it was done under pressure and DURESS is proved. Any document signed under Duress is NULL & VOID in any Court of Law, anywhere in the world.

    There is so much evidence about the illegality of the 13-A. May the Powers of the Universe send for Lanka a ‘Daniel’ to judge the pathetic situation of this country hounded by people who were/are still helped by Sri Lanka.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    Irrespective of Dr Dayan J., the 13-A has to be removed and the 6-A activated.

    Without peace and trust, there will be NO Prosperity for ANYONE in Lanka. The ‘Divide & Rule’ principle only brings distrust and
    more pain. There are NO winners.

    I think the biggest concerns of the ordinary Tamil folk is to get out of the Caste mindset (enslaved) from Tamil Nadu, progress with basic needs, education, jobs, etc. Except for Caste mindset part, the Sinhala people share the same goals.

  15. SA Kumar Says:

    Both actions see to it that Lanka stays whole.- agrred but to people stays whole We need Activate the 6-A and the 13-A together !
    13 A is alternative for separation (avoid stays whole) like in India .

  16. Nanda Says:

    “Eelam has no definite boundaries. ”

    A very important point. These cowards even attacked Maldives.
    Eelam Cowardly Force is just a contract killer force who will do ANY thing to extend Elam boundaries including forcing their own mother to be a prostitute or a suicide bomber.

    Actually, MR himself MUST now visit China. What is he doing ? Going to remote villages and telling them not to be mislead. What can the villagers do ? He could have summoned Kassipu Joe, Saundrra and Ranjith given a big lecture.

  17. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    The following item which seems to have caused such a furore amongst some of the readers inducing pathetic name calling and insults on Dr. DJ was composed by columnist Manjula Fernando who has quoted Dr.DJ accurately and appropriately.Can anyone of the name callers come up with tangible contradictions to confound what Dr. DJ is trying to express, This seems typically apathetic denigrating of a person of high intellect whom the President still sees fit to entrust some of the related responsibilities and any discrepancies of his family name as forcibly comnscriptred here simply to heap insults on Dr.DJ as well as his father who hardly deserves to be treated this way is a simple reflection of the apathy in those who stoop so low towards their indulgences. It is more than likely that if any of these high and mighty critics are asked if they know the difference between ignorance and apathy they are more than likely to respond by saying I don’t know and i don’t care !! which has to be a true summation of the issues related.And it is highly unlikely Dr.DJ used any pseudonym to present his writings at any given time as it is simply not his style .It would be in keeping with decorum if real facts were presented towards substantiating the needless incarceration of this proud son of Lanka sans the worthless name calling.He is someone who has been so grossly misunderstood by some yet perfectly accepted and endorsed by the President himself.
    The following is the Sunday Observer insert so judge for yourself!
    And it may be meritworthy to wait for the outcome of what happens in Geneva before casting any further insults based on unmitigated paranoia where the name calling probably should be directed at the Tamil Diapora and its powerful lobby which contary to misconceptions DR.DJ has always vehemently opposed.

    Ground’ in Geneva favourable for Lanka – Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka
    by Manjula Fernando

    Sri Lanka’s former Ambassador to the UN in Geneva Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka said with the West having only a fraction of votes in the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the “ground” in Geneva is favourable for Sri Lanka if the support of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa is harnessed as a bloc against the third US sponsored resolution next month.

    “When we get things right we can defeat the UK-US and Madam Navi Pillay’s offensive, drummed up by the secessionist Tamil diaspora vote bases,” he said.

    Dr. Jayatilleka said Sri Lanka achieved this milestone in May 2009 to defeat a resolution aimed at calling off the humanitarian operation, securing 29 votes out of 47, which the superpower US failed to get in either of the two resolutions it moved against Sri Lanka in 2012 and 2013.

    Sri Lanka scored three victories in Geneva from 2007 to 2009. “We got the West to remove its draft Resolution of 2006 from the UNHRC agenda, we prevented a “Stop the war Resolution” in March 2009 at the UNHRC’s 10th session and we passed our own resolution with 29 votes in May 2009.”

    He said Africa, Latin America and Asia tend to vote on the basis of what the regional sub-superpowers or pivotal powers do rather than what the USA or UK tells them.

    “In Asia, the pivotal powers are India and China, in Africa it is South Africa and in Latin America it is Brazil followed by Chile and Argentina,” he said.

    Dr. Jayatilleka said that in Asia, the role of India is far more influential in US thinking than that of Israel adding that Sri Lanka’s road to Washington DC lies not via Tel Aviv but rather New Delhi.

    At the UNHRC 34 out of the 47 votes – that is 72 percent of the votes – come from the three regions of the Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa. The West has only 13 votes.

  18. Nanda Says:

    It is obvious ” if the support of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa is harnessed” we win, don’t need a “high intellect ” to see that.

    But how do we harness India and South Africa ?

    1. If you give elam or promise to give LTTE powers , yes Endia will End its support to US. Otherwise lollipop lady from TN will have a nude dance.

    2. South Africans have been heavily bribed by US to keep UN support. Whatever “reconciliation” mantra we recite Nodi Pillay Auntie’s country will not support us unless same as 1. is promised.

    So, DJ’s this useless analysis is only giving us false hopes if not complacency.

    He may be “someone who has been so grossly misunderstood” but haven’t seen anything contra that lately.

  19. Senevirath Says:



  20. Lorenzo Says:


    Thanks for that information. Can’t understand why MR has fallen for DJ – a KNOWN anti-SL pro-Tamil Elamist traitor.

    But then again MR trusts Mervin and Dumbinda too.

    IF SL agrees to commit HARAKIRI then UNHRC will save SL to commit hara-kiri. The “solution” should NOT kill the patient. DJ’s “solutions” kill the patient.

    A defeat at UNHRC is BETTER than agreeing to commit hara-kiri. There is NOTHING UNHRC can do to SL.

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    Andy, you say : 13 A is alternative for separation (avoid stays whole) like in India.

    How can this be ?
    Let’s compare and contrast India & Sri Lanka re governance and use of language :

    * Indian states are divided on linguistic lines. In that case, if the 13-A is implemented in its entirety, the Tamil language must be confined to the North only, as done in linguistically divided India. In any case, the widely practiced Hindu language and the Hindi religion binds India altogether. What is there to bind Sri Lanka and keep it whole if the Northern Province identifies itself completely (language, religion, culture) with Tamil Nadu ?
    None of the states adjoining Tamil Nadu have the Tamil language as a major language. This speaks volumes re the protection of those adjoining states of Kerala, Karnataka & Andrapradesh.
    You want a completely Tamil North and impose your will on the rest of Lanka as well re language as well, as it will be a completely Tamil language North !! It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

    * Almost all the Indian states are as big or bigger than the WHOLE OF LANKA. How can a system used in vast and highly populated India be successfully superimposed on relatively very small (area & population) Sri Lanka ?
    It makes sense to give Land & Police powers to huge states in India, but for Security reasons, it does not make sense to give Land & Police powers to a very small area in the North.
    Trying to fit Indian’s form of governance onto Sri Lanka is like trying to fit a howdah put on an elephant on a cat’s back – it won’t fit !

    * With the Police powers given to the North, what sort of law & order jurisdiction would the Central govt. have with the North ?

    * It may be quite possible that if the complete 13-A is given, the 6-A would be ineffective and would not be implemented in the North due to Land Powers being vested with the NPC.

    There are many more reasons why the complete 13-A will not work for Lanka. Also, if the complete 13-A is given, then the next step is even more, which is a Separatism.

    It makes sense to remove the 13-A and activate the 6-A. The only alternative to Separatism is Integration. Or, cross the Palk Sts to Tamil Nadu, homeland of Tamil people.

    Hope you guys can work this out in mutually acceptable fashion, but so long as you keep thinking of the North of Lanka as your Tamil Eelam, we are all in trouble here.

  22. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Bringing personal vendettals agains Dr,DJ seems to be the order of the day, especially from some of his expatriate adversaries sitting on their rears in foreign domains casting slurs and insults who would rather indulge in this cowardly pastime than go to SL and confront him and the President! Dr.DJ is someone who could easily seek refuge in a foreign domain if he was guilty of the allegations against him, there are many countries including Sigapore, the UK, the USA and Canada who would accept him any day based on his intellect, vision, fairmindedness, sense of patriotism and eloquennce and to denigrate him thus is cowardly.Were he to leave SL in disgust it would be a loss to the country and so far he has endures which speaks volumes for the class of the man. And to the ‘Plum Blossom ‘who name calls outspoken evocative and patriotic sons of Lanka you should consider changing your name to PANSY ot fruit cake!
    Attack the message with class and decorum not the messenger by stooping to low and crass insults while dragging in names of his dead parents in the process which is totally unacceptable in any realm of journalism.

  23. Lorenzo Says:

    Sunil Kumar,

    Personal vendettals is EXACTLY what you have done here against those who bring FACTS!! Your personal attacks on ‘Plum Blossom’ for no reason is not right. It is his view. Let him say it.

    We CRITICISE DJ based on FACTS. There is NOTHING personal here. Even the wise president called him a NGO activist after sacking him.

    Please listen president’s interview with AL JAZEERA. Please google this. A link to the interview is given.


    In response DJ ACCEPTS it and says.

    “The last time I was a member of an NGO it was 30 years ago when I was a member of a local NGO called MIRJE (the Movement for Inter Racial Justice and Equality), based in Colombo.”

    MIRJE was funded by the Endian RAW. Plenty of information on the web.

    DJ has nothing to do if he leaves SL. NO other country needs him.

  24. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Don’t patronise me Lorenzo, you are entitled to your opinion and I mine.
    I am aligned with the prestigious Internatiobnal Press Club and bound by its guidelines.and when I see items starting with personal name calling ie” Dr Dayan Jayatilleke is an idiot’ and the rest of the tirades this item contains ( and there are quite a few epithets thrown at him or anyone for that matter) it is a breach of the protocols that demand decent news reporting particularly at the level involved. This is why I have taken umbrage over it and Innsist on “shooting the message not the messenger”.
    I am arguing on behalf of a principle where I do not view Dr.DJ as a saint but there are certain issues he has been in the forefront of which has done more good to the country than bad. His darker side as you and the rest of his critics see in such an incensed perspective is tantamount to paranoia where much of it has been taken out of context, misunderstood and hardly worth bickering about as the highest authority in the land seems to acknowledge this by his non committal response.
    I think this debate has gone on for long enough let time tell what the outcome of it all will be eventually.

  25. Lorenzo Says:


  26. SA Kumar Says:

    13 A is alternative for separation (avoid stays whole) like in India. !!!
    In any case, the widely practiced Hindu language and the Hindi religion binds India altogether- Why this imagination .
    that why We have 6A like in India 16A no one can not speck about think about separation eg: if you ask any one india Tamil or malayali or patel , why do not go for separation they laugh at you because We already have own union state.

    same apply to us ,once 13A & 6A Our separation night mare disappear itself !

    MR can & will short it out before his political life end !!!
    end of the he has proofed he has finished 33 years with in 3 years time .anythink else is nothing major problem.
    for me , He has already shorted our problem eg: Jaldevi will back in Japanaya in our Tamil/Sinhala new years !!!
    Well come Yalpanam !!! Yalpanam ungalai varaveddkirathu !!!

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