Confounding Amnesty International’s Calls To Incriminate Sri Lanka At The UNHRC Summit.
Posted on February 14th, 2014

Insight By Sunil Kumar

February 14th 2014

When Amnesty International, the so called international watchdog has in a written statement to the forthcoming session of the UN Human Rights Council, saying that the Council must help Sri Lankan victims of human rights violations they are once again resorting to their dirty tactics which has brought them the name of International Rabble Rousers who are mere mercenaries under false pretexts and guises in the payroll of the still powerful Tamil Tiger supportiveTamil Diaspora. (heaven knows why as they should have had their effectivities linked to mendacity terminated long ago).

The statement, which is another bold affront toward the smooth functioning of the mutri ethnic albeir predominantly  Sinhala Nation has been made public ahead of next month’s UNHRC sessions in Geneva. When It states that “thousands of victims of human rights violations and their families have been denied justice, truth and reparation, as the Sri Lankan government concentrates its efforts and resources on blocking a credible international investigation of alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the armed conflict between government forces and the terror group the LTTE that ended in the extinction of the terrorists in the best interests of Sri Lanka and the world. It is one of the boldest and unsubstantiable accusations against the GOSL which carries neither tangible evidence to back it up nor does it emphasize the reality that there were greater  provable attrocities committed by the terrorists against Sovereign Sri Lanka, her majority Sinhalese, the Tamil community,  other minority groups such as the Muslims and other residual ethnicities which inhabit Sri Lanka and constitutes blatant lies which appear to be as it always has as blatantly and apathetically composed towards discrediting the Nation’s administration.

It appears to be a falsified Amnesty International concept  that “long-standing and credible allegations of violations of international law by the Sri Lankan government forces and the LTTE during the armed conflict, some amounting to war crimes or crimes against humanity, remain unanswered “which by the shallowness of the statement which has used the LTTE towards justification of the accusations against Sri Lanka  shows, where the former were ruthless blood letting  terrorists and the Sri Lankan Administtration a Sovereign Nation defending Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity and no Imternational Law to this day has contradicted the justification and legitimate rights in so doing as the campaign against the terrorists were conducted with implicit accuracy towards defending the nation and to a greater part protecting innocent civilians regardless of ethnicity.

To boldly suggest that there is substantial evidence that Sri Lankan government forces committed enforced disappearances, extrajudicial executions, intentionally shelled civilians and protected areas such as hospitals, and blocked food and medicine from reaching civilians trapped by the fighting is a total affront to the reality of it all where there are many depositions from credible sources to the contrary, some of them being prominent public figures where it was in fact the Tamil tigers who left behind credible and tangible evidence towards their culpability of the attrocities so well defended by the Armed Forces.
Very provably the LTTE is accused of using civilians as human shields, killing individuals who tried to escape and recruiting child soldiers which was confronted and thwarted by the Armed Forces as testimonies from innocent sivilians ass well as credible sources from various walks of life to this day reign supreme over the lies and innuendo of pro- LTTE sources, one of them being the dangerously misleading and vituperative Channel 4 News team which is a disgrace to intarnational news reporting by way of their doctored videos and concocted evidence which has been proven as false by many experts who examined and analyzed them probingly and scientifically.

The Sri Lankan government very justifiably continues to deny  allegations of crimes under international law committed by its forces and to resist calls for independent international investigation, including of senior officers allegedly responsible, several of whom remain in positions of authority as the cognizances of the Government brings to bear their stand which is based on unshakeble conviction that theirs was a concerted battle against the Axis of Evil namely the LTTE who not only tried to annex the Nation towards their objectives but attempted to destroy it in the event of their failure where nothing transpired in their favour.This is not only poetic justice but in reality is also what the Tamil Diaspora are still fuming about and they should be brought to justice if they continue to pose obstacles towards the progress of the Nation alongside Amnesty International which in more ways than one appear to have Carte Blanche from their mentors the USA, the UK, the EU and other supportives who would like to see nothing better than the downfall of Sri Lanka despite the precedent setting eradication of global terrorism and the massive progress, development and opening up of the country to investment in the wake of overcoming internal armed insurrection which lasted for three decades .

So when the USA  says “counter-terrorism cooperation with SL ‘limited’ due to human rights concerns and that Sri Lanka must be forced to close the ‘Guantanamo torture centre’, where human rights abuses take place every single day, including force feeding of inmates who have been held without trial for many year”, this stunning respose which follows seems more than appropriate towards exonerationg Sri Lanka of the appaling accusation and portrays some of the plain truths which need to be considered before rendering Sri Lanka a criminally liable nation in the eyes of the world when she is a nation that really  needs many acollades!

It has been composed with accuracy and sensitivity firmly hinged to veracity as opposed to the innuendo and gut wrenching false propaganda of Sri Lanka’s adversaries and critics. It is entitled The Congress Required Country Report which delivers more than a back handed slap to Sri Lanka’s name callers amongst other things in more than one perspective. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL SHOULD PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO IT BEFORE PRESENTING THEIR USUAL ROUTINE CODSWALLOP, WHICH BELONGS IN THE TRASH BIN!

” This is just a lame excuse by the government of the United States of America. USA is getting the real feel that Sri Lanka cannot be bullied into alignment of USA and to dance according to American whims and fancies. USA tried its best to punish Sri Lanka on purported human rights issues at the past UNHRC’s review by enticing India to support it. America’s concern here is not the welfare of Sri Lanka or its people that include Tamil terrorists, but China’s rapid expansion in that part of the world economically as well as powerbase. Sri Lanka being a close ally of China and China’s establishment of various treaties with Sri Lanka including security and strategic alliance, USA is worried and India is bedwetting ” therefore USA and its allies are bending over backwards to destabilize Sri Lanka at any cost.As a Sri Lankan from Canada has written ” I quote: As of undefinedundefined April undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined, the United States, the greatest superpower in the world, had $undefinedundefined trillion of debt held by investors of which a significant amount is held by the People’s Republic of China. If China decides to put all its U.S. Treasury bonds into the open market US economy will collapse. (It is not in China’s best interest to do such a thing but you get the picture) I guess when it comes to borrowing money to pay for their artificial life styles and meaningless wars, USA does not mind borrowing money from China even if they have some human right issues but Sri Lanka should not borrow money from China???? It is humorous! Those countries which supposedly treat people with respect and dignity do not have money to lend. They do not have enough even for their own use, let alone lending. USA keeps complaining about China’s human rights record but keeps borrowing money from China as both the congress and the senate are deadlocked, unable to agree on a plan to get out of the financial mess and to reduce the national debt as both Republicans and Democrats are playing politics to
solidify their political future.
You are still trying to get rid of terrorists, We did it undefined years back ! never mind cooperation ask us nicely if you want any help. Dont be shy.
We are very ‘limited’ with you too ! due to your past history and activities in the middle and near east.
You have on of the worst HR records and it had gone hidden, as you control the fire power but wait and see things are changing for the worst for the US!
You all are the biggest violators of Human rights on this planet Earth. You all say in war civilian casualties cannot be prevented. Just to safe guard your country when you commit crimes you say one thing and to developing nations who eliminated terrorism you all preach some thing else. What double standards. Today no country on this planet earth respects your U.S.A and do not believe in what you say
ha ha ha ha.. Human rights and USA.. biggest joke going around the world. Hmm what did Obama say about drone killing and civilian deaths.. War is not Clean and that’s a necessary action… just like all other previous presidents before him accept FDR and Lincoln

Counterterrorism cooperation and training between Sri Lanka and the United States in undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined was limited, due to statutory and policy restrictions based on “concerns about alleged past human rights abuses” committed by Sri Lankan security forces, a US report said.
In undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined, the Government of Sri Lanka militarily defeated the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which was seeking an independent homeland for Sri Lanka’s Tamil population.
The Sri Lankan government’s comprehensive and aggressive counterterrorism stance is a direct result of its experience in this nearly three decades-long conflict, the US State Department said Thursday as it released its annual report on international trends in extremist violence.
“Counterterrorism cooperation and training with the United States in undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined was limited, however, due to statutory and policy restrictions based on concerns about alleged past human rights abuses committed by Sri Lankan security forces,” according to the Country Reports on Terrorism undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined.
The report said that although there were no known LTTE activities in Sri Lanka in undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined, the government asserted that peaceful protests at Jaffna University in November were organized by students trained by overseas LTTE supporters and made several arrests.
The report also noted that the Government remained concerned that the LTTE’s international network of financial support was still functioning and that many counterterrorism activities undertaken by the government targeted alleged LTTE finances.
“Also, the Sri Lankan government maintained a strong military presence in post-conflict areas and voiced concern about the possible re-emergence of pro-LTTE sympathizers,” the report said.
“Although the LTTE has been militarily defeated, the Government of Sri Lanka asserted that sympathizers and organizational remnants have continued to raise funds in many countries,” it said.
The report emphasized that Sri Lanka was blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in June for significant anti-money laundering/combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) deficiencies.
However, the report noted that Sri Lanka has made significant progress, since then, in addressing the FATF action plan by passing AML/CFT legislation and that based on largely completing its FATF action plan, Sri Lanka will be considered by the FATF for removal from the blacklist in June undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined, “pending successful completion of the on-site visit.”
“In the past, the LTTE has used a number of non-profit organizations for fundraising purposes, including the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization. The Sri Lankan government continued to actively search for other financial links to the LTTE.”
The Congressional Required Country Report

21 Responses to “Confounding Amnesty International’s Calls To Incriminate Sri Lanka At The UNHRC Summit.”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    It is so obvious that if not for the LITE rump organizations Sri Lanka would not be facing human rights violations. In that context Sri Lanka must dismiss accusations brought upon her by pro LITE organizations and their host nations. Instead Sri Lanka should go on the offensive and demand that those nations hosting terrorist groups have to first deal with that issue before accusing Sri Lanka any further.

    In addition once they do deal with the issue of harboring pro LITE organizations any accusations have to include the entire war which would mean the human rights violations committed by the Indian peace keeping force, RAW, New Delhi and Chennai is their support, training and funding of the LITE

    Finally Sri Lanka should go on the offensive of demanding compensation from those who funded the genocidal acts of LITE

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Amnesty regional boss is an ENDIAN. That explains it.

    It is funded by the LTTE RUMP.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    This is such a stupid idea.

    “A large group of people mainly consisting of Buddhist monks and laymen today staged a protest in front of the U.S. Embassy in Colombo against the proposed resolution on Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. The protestors also dashed coconuts on the road while elephants from the Gangarama Perahera were also used in the deomontration, organized by the Hunupitiya Gangaramaya Temple.”

    We should NO be protesting in front of the US embassy. NOT with smashing cocoNUTS!!

  4. Christie Says:

    Amnesty Intenational has a lot of Indians working for them. Then Indians provides a lot of funds to AI. Tamil terrorists are an Indian terrorist arm. what would you expect. About thirty years a go CI used provide fund to AI. Indian intelligence service the Third Eye has been providing funds few years after it started.

  5. Christie Says:

    Will the demonstrators go in front of all the Indian Embassies?

  6. Sooriarachi Says:

    Amnesty International plays a very important role for Western Nations led by the US to divert attention from the Crimes the west keeps committing with impunity.
    Why else would they ignore the human rights of millions of innocent citizens in Iraq, Libya, Afganistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iran etc, violated by the Western nations?
    Today it is supporting the LTTE fraudulent claims to destabilise Sri Lanka and deceive Tamilnadu, probably because it helps USA’s longer term agenda in South Asia.

  7. Nimal Says:

    He is desperate to win votes from UKP,desperate to get back the lost votes and he is now running like a headless chicken.

  8. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    “thousands of victims of human rights violations and their families have been denied justice, truth and reparation, as the Sri Lankan government concentrates its efforts and resources on blocking a credible international investigation of alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the armed conflict between government forces and the terror group the LTTE that ended in the extinction of the terrorists in the best interests of Sri Lanka and the world”

    When the past two human rights resolutions were enacted against Sri Lanka both India and Australia changed the wordage where they crossed out “international investigations” and replaced it with domestic reconciliations in order to avoid such actions being applied to India on a range of human rights issues. It is obvious the US is trying to bypass this with a new agenda for an international investigation.

    If so then Colombo should demand that such an investigation address the entire war in a similar manner of the Nuremberg trials. Investigations of human rights violations that take into account the entire war would also force the investigations to address the Indian peace keeping force and their human rights violations including the role of RAW and New Delhi under Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. India would be judged in the same manner the Amnesty international wants to judge Sri Lanka

    On another topic the 13th amendment was formed in 1987 to end the war and to disarm the LITE, including the decentralization of powers to the provinces in lieu of disarming the LITE. That failed, India did not disarm the LITE and the war dragged on for another 12 years. It is now imperative to nullify the 13th amendment regardless of the trumped up charges of human rights violations. It is time for Colombo to show she has the power to decide what is legal in Sri Lanka and not be subject to foreign entities.

  9. Marco Says:

    Not sure where you read the wordings of the resolutions.
    There was never a mentioned of a “international investigation” in the 2013 Resolution.
    India (not Australia) watered down the resolution to “Sri Lanka should address accountability issues to the satisfaction of the international community”. in the hope that SL would accept a soft wording.

    May i address your point and Dilrooks point from another thread.
    Sri Lanka, regrettably has burnt its bridges on “credible independent” inquiries or investigations. GOSL is incapable of providing the same, judging by the past. Interestingly, Rambukwella (Cabinet Spokesperson) only recently (2 days ago) provided us with an interesting definition of what he refers to be “credible”.

    I agree if there was to be an investigation, the time frame should be extended to a particular point (already covered partly by LLRC) where it all went wrong.
    Under no circumstances should this investigation/inquiry be headed by domestic/locals as there aren’t any worth their salt to provide an independent, unbaised conduct of such investigation. (refer to the past APRC, LLRC, PSC etc)
    It should be headed by a renown credible independent lead with representations from all communities in Sri Lanka.

    If for any reason the GOSL think fit that it should be headed by a Sri Lankan. (If they can find any?)
    Desmond De Silva QC would be an excellent choice.

    Finally, if you think the 13th Amendment is redundant, i do wonder why MRGOSL is still holding out to it.
    Promises! Promises!

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    “The Sri Lankan government is in a dilemma due to some foreign governments refusing to collaborate in its efforts to verify information as regards those persons reported missing during the conflict.”

    MOST “disappeared” Tamils are LIVING HAPPILY in foreign countries. SHAMELESS Tamils (their mothers, fathers, siblings) in SL knowing this still complain they are disappeared to get MONEY.

    TYPICAL Tamil mentality = parasites.

    Because the govt. CANNOT verify the existence of the LARGE number of “disappeared” Tamils who are living in Canada, Swiss, UK, etc., etc. the TOTAL number of disappeared EXEXPLAINED will be VERY LARGE.

    International community will ASSUME they are DEAD as Tamils want them to.

    Govt. has DUG its OWN GRAVE again!! Govt. census will be another LLRC = OWN GOAL!!

    ANYTHING that depends on trusting Tamils will be a FAILURE. Only FOOLS trust Tamils.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    TGTE is after a Tamil Elam referendum in SL.

    This is why GOSL should immediate take steps to MAKE TAMIL A MINORITY IN THE NORTH.

    “The self-styled Prime Minister of the transnational government of Tamil Eelam, Visvanathan Rudrakumaran, on Friday appealed to all parties in India to include the issue of Tamil Eelam in their manifestoes and urged the Centre to prevail upon the international community to pave the way for a referendum in Sri Lanka.

    Addressing journalists through videoconferencing from the United States, he said the people were aware of the genocide committed against Tamils during the last phase of the war in Sri Lanka, and the sentiments had snowballed into a vote bank. “If a referendum can happen in South Sudan, East Timor and Kosovo, why not in Sri Lanka.” India was morally, diplomatically and strategically positioned to take the lead in reaching out to the Tamils.

    The government should either sponsor or co-sponsor a resolution in the upcoming United Nations Human Rights Council session for an international independent commission, Mr. Rudrakumaran said.?

    – the hindu

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    A Tamil racist by the name Charles Sarvan has explained your thinking elsewhere.

    You better read it unless you have already read it. ;)

  13. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Minoritise the Tamils in the North and East sounds like a very feasible concept as Sri Lanka is being continuously aggravated and harrassed for trying to be conciliatory towards this minority ever becoming more and more miniscule as time goes by yet more and more aggressive also.The world has to accept the starkest reality that these were a tolerated lot once despite being a minority who tried to establish a separate state in the most ludicrous fashion, was fuelled and fanned by powerful external sources with their own agendas yet failed miserably.This is what these external adversaries of Sri lanka find hard to accept.The time is probably very right to take steps to change the Comstitution to incorporate Treason against the State for anu group or persons trying to ursurp the smooth functioning of the State based on the reality that there are many Tamils who have accepted the policies of the Regime where the rest needs to be criminalised something that Nations like China, Russia predominantly amongst many other Nations have adopted succesfully and no Western Power has the capacity or wherewithal to interfere with. It is time the pro LTTE Tamil lobby was stopped in its tracks which indeed is a viable means to begin setting right what’s truly wrong in Sri Lanka namely the ludicrous tolerance of a Nation harmful entity by giving them too much leeway.China and Russia amongst many others have always emphasized that Sri Lanka having done nothing provably wrong by the statutes of International Justice~ beyond the cooked up horror stories against her yet tangibly applicable to the Tamil Tigers for their attrocities need to be left alone to handle her own internal affairs rather than using the bifurcated global media loaded with lies and innuendo to create mayhem in a Sovereign nation which stoically defended Sovereignity and territorial integrity. Sri lanka also seems to have paid the price for overlooking the volumes of Tamils who left Sri Lanka without tagging every one of them individually as the hue and cry of lament for dissapeared persons also seems to be blown out of proportion on this basis alons and easily lapped up by Sri Lanja’s adversaries who are mostly Tamil Sympathetic where not a tear is shed for the masses of Sinhalese, Muslims and other minorities who suffered greatly under the psycopath Prabhakaran and his cronies spread around the globe.
    The persons who are aggravated by the tolerance of Tamil demands to an extent which could be harmful to the Nation have a very valid point when they suggest nullifying the effectivities of the Tamil lobbyists as after all this is a predominantly Sinhala Nation whose priority of securing the Nation takes precedence over the psychological sympathies extended towards the Tamils who used it towards their own ends and did not act within the Constitution of Sri Lanka towards National unity. To hell with the pro Tamil sympathetic rhetoric put them in their place and if they cannot integrate with the requirements of the National constitution short of rehabilitating them make them persona non grata and ask them to find their solace in places that may tolerate them.

  14. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    In like manner to how the Tamil tigers were annihilated, Sri Lanka now is faced with dismantling the global Tamil lobby aided and abeted by its powerful anti Sri Lankan allies.They have proved continuously to be a huge obstacle towards the progress of the Nation in a terror free environment which some consider subliminal in Sovereign Sri Lanka today where there is more than a felt need to remove this obstacle and any other which could be a threat towards the peaceful co-existence of all her citizens.

    It may be wishful thinking (to reiterate) about the objective of making personas non grata of enemies of the state holding national citizenship but it may be relatively easy to indict them and punish them severely for treason which is what attemptong to overthrow and disrupt through violent means the smooth functioning of a Sovereign Nation is tantamount to whilst the hangmans noose in Welikada and other places of penal confinemet sways listlessly in the wind of indifference. Eat your hearts out China and Russia, USA et al who are promoters of capital punishment whether it is by lethal injection, firing squad or the noose.!!

    While there seems little or nothing logically which could really harm Sri Lanka at the UNHRC except the threats and intimidations of certain powers sympathetic to the intolerable demands of the Tamil Diaspora, the greater emphasis should be on precautionary measures to prevent a resurging of pro Tamil Tiger sympathies and the best way to do this is to purge the Nation of this salient threat through the elmination of any sources contributing to it, through every legal means available. Or else it will be a continued Sword of Damoclese over the Nation which has suffered so much in the past and continues to be humiliated through Administrative neglect to find closure to the issue despite being delivered fom the scourge of terrorism.

  15. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Marco: I got that information by Googling “India watering down the UN resolution on Sri Lankan human rights”. In that article it mentions Australia. As we know India did water down the resolution for the reason that it does not ricochet on her. I found it surprising that Australia was mentioned in that article.

    “It should be headed by a renown credible independent lead with representations from all communities in Sri Lanka.”

    Marco that is assuming that the charges brought upon the Sri Lankan military is valid. It is not. It has been stated over and over again in this forum and in others that during war there is no such thing as “zero collateral” especially when the enemy is using a human shield to win the war. The only reason the allies won World war 2 is that they followed the “scorched earth” policy. Since these charges are selective, biased, are not verified, and are done for purposes other than dealing with human rights by the Tamil diaspora, then this charade should be met with an equal biased and unverified study. Give them the same medicine Sri Lanka has to swallow. They deny its validity will only mean they open the door to the validity of their charges.

    As you know amendment 13 was formulated in 1987 for the explicit purpose of ending the war by disarming the LITE which was the duty of India and for Colombo to give both land and powers to these provinces, including forming a federal style governance. That did not happen. The LITE were not disarmed, the war continued and was finally ended by a war. That makes the 13th amendment null and void. The Tamil diaspora are trying to shove this defunct amendment after the war had ended when the goal of the amendment was never met. In my opinion the stronger the international pressure on Sri Lanka the greater the chance this dead amendment would be given a burial

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    Sunil Kumar,

    Tamils are a minority in the EAST already. It may be the single largest community but Sinhalese + Muslims > Tamils in the EAST.

    That leaves only the NORTH to be handled.

    The GOAL of ALL Tamil racists is Tamil Elam = a Tamil ONLY north and east. ALL this human rights, regime change, war crimes, terrorism, etc. nonsense is for that.

    Today the NORTH is an (ethnically) CLEAN TAMIL ONLY bride waiting to be married by the LTTE RUMP + TN + TNA + WEST.

    What to do to make her UNATTRCATIVE to them?

    “CORRUPT” the north (as Tamils say) with NON TAMILS. Then the north becomes UNATTRCATIVE to world Tamils and they will let it go. Until then they will do EVERYTHING EVERY YEAR to marry the “clean” Tamil north.

    Settle the army, settle army families, settle Muslims in the north in LARGE numbers. SCRAP Vesawalami law.

    TGTE made a demand to Endia to hold a referendum in SL’s north and east for Tamil Elam 3 days ago.
    Now Tamil Madu politicians have made the same demand.

    What can we do to save SL from that EVER happening?

    TIP the ethnic balance in the north and east AGAINST Tamilians.

  17. Marco Says:

    BW- many thanks for your response.
    Like you i was rather surprised Australia was included in “watering down the resolution” when they in fact did not co-sponsor the 2013 resolution.

    Let me reiterate there have been no charges brought upon the Sri Lankan defense forces. There are supposedly “credible” allegations against the SL defense forces. If my reading is correct, the Sri Lankan authority have not put in place credible and independent mechanisms to investigate such allegations. The prior resolutions requested SL to investigate and report via credible mechanisms on these alleged violations. Sri Lanka has failed to do so, but from 2009 from a “zero casualty” number to a 6000-7000 civilian casualty without even making a reference to the terms of reference as to how they arrived at such number.
    We all now in a war or an armed conflict there is likely to be collateral damage. It was disingenuous of GOSL to advertise the “zero casualty” at the offset even though i believed it was a humanitarian operation to rescue the tamil civilians held as human shield. Regrettably, thereafter they lost the plot.

    As i have mentioned many times in this forum, the 13th Amendment is of no use to any one except President Mahinda Rajapakse. He has ample opportunities with his 2/3 majority to get rid of the 13th Amendment and equally abolish the Executive Presidency as outline in the Mahinda Chinthana.
    The former relates to undertakings given by President Rajapakse to the IC who will ensure those undertakings are fulfilled as a result of “deals” (refer to Rajapakse pronouncements in 2009). The latter refers to electoral and political manoeuvrings to hoodwink the political masses.
    The 13th Amendment is derelict in all respects due to the 18th Amendment passed to consolidate the power base of the Executive Presidency (except on few issues)
    Furthermore, if not for the Provincial Councils President Rajapakase will not be enjoying the grass root vote bank generated from these Provincial Councillors.

  18. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    “VesaWalama” ~A side splitting synonym for Thesavalama indeed.
    Opening the North and East to Sinhalese, Muslims and any other ethnicity, establishing a strong Military residential presence despite being a tough ask will probably set the pace for all Tamils to realise they need to co-exist with all ethnicities whether they like it or not or else buzz off to Tamil Nadu or wherever they see fit provided they are accepted.
    Like Malaysia and other nations where the majority rules, prevails and co-exists with the rest despite the bickerings which have prevailed for centuries Sri lanka should probably take that rout too.Trash the 13th Amendment for starters, abolish the Exec. Presidency and open up the country towards acheiving a greater plurality through equal opportunities to all citizens to participate in Government programs and join the Administrative Infrastructure~ Heck! haven’t Messers, Devananda, Karuna. Pillayan, Rauf and so many others from diverse environments proved that this is distinctly possible rather than divide through co-operation to deadbeats such as the TNA whose only objective despite their off key melodies about the needs of Tamils as the needs within Sri Lanka should encompass all Sri lankans. Giving into these so called representatives of the Tamils and their motley demands would be akin to signing Carte Blanche towards secession all over again as opposed to National Unity which can never be maintained by so doing!
    There may be no other choice in the end as the Tamils who oppse the GOSL have really laid the foundation towards their own discontinuation and isolation in Sri Lanka and whose fault is that? They have had their chances to merge amicably and sensibly with the majority Sinhalese and lend support to the Administrations in the past as well as the present one where the testimonies and case histories of the greatest Tamil names such as Ramanathans, Arunachalams and Coomarasamy’s to name a few have proven that it is indeed possible to co-exist with the Sinhalese in a Sinhala dominant society and etched in history but wasted in their conceptual value as it has been mostly the dregs of modern day Tamil societies including those from South India which have attempted to wrest power by hook or by crook sans ballot cum bullet using terror tactics which have failed miserably.
    The land needs to be restored to those who believe that National Unity will eventually prevail over those who attempt to divide it towards their own ends!

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    Sunil Kumar,


    “Ramanathans, Arunachalams and Coomarasamy’s to name a few have proven that it is indeed possible to co-exist with the Sinhalese in a Sinhala dominant society”

    They all lived in a Sinhala DOMINANT SOCIETY. That’s why they learned COEXISTENCE.

    But today Tamils are NOT living in a SINHALA DOMINANT SOCIETY. Jaffna, Vanni, Batticaloa, Nuwara Eliya, Colombo city are TAMIL DOMINANT SOCIETIES. In these GHETTOES only HATRED, RACISM rule.

    IF they are given the opportunity to live in a SINHALA DOMINANT SOCIETY, then they will become good people who love SL. For this Jaffna must be turned into a SINHALA DOMINANT SOCIETY. The rest will follow.

    At least in this 11th hour govt. should settle Sinhalese led by the army in the north. UNHRC cannot stop it.

    IF Sinhalese were living in Jaffna in large numbers, DEMILITARIZATION is not possible. They will DEMAND the army stays for their security.

  20. Nanda Says:

    “IF they are given the opportunity to live in a SINHALA DOMINANT SOCIETY, then they will become good people who love SL. For this Jaffna must be turned into a SINHALA DOMINANT SOCIETY. The rest will follow.”

    – I doubt.
    what happened in wellawatte ? You can see the Tamil arrogance there easily. of course increasing majority population is the best thing ever but DO NOT EXPECT Tamils to become good people who love SL. What you need is STRICT RULE OF LAW specially formulated to Tame the Tamil but applies to everyone. The will be abiding, don’t care their love for Sir Lanka.
    Tamils in Singapore do not Love Singapore.
    Tamils in Malaysia do not LOVE Malaysia.

  21. Lorenzo Says:


    You are right. I was off the mark about “LOVING” SL.

    Tamils will NEVER love SL. They don’t love Canada either.


    “IF they are given the opportunity to live in a SINHALA DOMINANT SOCIETY, then they will become good people who will COEXIST. For this Jaffna must be turned into a SINHALA DOMINANT SOCIETY. The rest will follow.”

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