Developing the Maritime Silk Road – with Pathfinder Foundation, Sri Lanka has become the first country
Posted on February 24th, 2014

Press Releases – Pathfinder Foundation, 

The Pathfinder Foundation (PF) received a Chinese delegation led by Mr. Qin Yucai, Director General, Department of Western Region Development, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of the People’s Republic of China, which is currently visiting Sri Lanka. Mr. Milinda Moragoda Founder, Pathfinder Foundation and Mr. Luxman Siriwardena, Executive Director, headed the PF team at a productive working session yesterday morning (24 February 2014) at the Colombo Club, Taj Samudra.

Sri Lanka has become the first country to support China’s plan to build a Maritime Silk Road (MSR) which is designed to improve connectivity and promote mutual development among the countries of the region. The MSR will be an open-ended platform for integrating various aspects of ongoing cooperation, particularly those linked to connectivity (in the spirit of the ancient Silk Road which was land-based). The MSR can be the basis for accelerating development in the participating countries of the region. The concept was first launched by President Xi Jinping during his visits to Indonesia and Malaysia. The MSR is expected to benefit Sri Lanka by building on the role China has played in the development of the Colombo and Hambanthota ports and the vastly improved road network. The PF which has already promoted business and people- to- people contacts between Sri Lanka and China, through its collaboration with the Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD), is well placed to play a similar role in support of the efforts being made at the official level in relation to the MSR.

The PF is of the view that the following areas could be promoted through the implementation of the MSR

”¢          Relocation of Chinese light industry and services, particularly Maritime services, to Sri Lanka

”¢          Developing Sri Lanka as the bridge between China and the Indian sub-continent

”¢          Vocational training and skills development to meet the humans resource requirements, particularly of the Chinese enterprises locating in Sri Lanka

”¢          Teaching of Chinese language and business ethics to meet the soft infrastructure requirements associated with the rapidly rising Chinese tourist arrivals and the increased presence of Chinese businesses in the Sri Lankan economy.

”¢          Developing a Buddhist tourism trail linking places of religious worship in Sri Lanka, China, India and Afghanistan.

”¢          Developing the Fisheries sector

”¢          Exploring the strengthening of rapid response and disaster management capacity of the participating member states.

Developing the Maritime Silk Road Chinese Delegation!

The Chinese Delegation comprised the following from the National Development and Reform Commission, Dept of Western Region:  Mr. Qin Yucai, Director General, Mr. Fei Zhirong, Counselor, Ms. Sun Xuezhen, Advisor and Mr. Liang Linchong, Director, Department of International Cooperation; as well as Mr. Lv Jin, Director of International Economic Affairs and Mr. Zhang Xuehai, Second Secretary of Asian Affairs from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Other members of the delegation included Ms. Luo Rong, Division Director, Bureau of Research Administration, Academy of Macroeconomic Research, NDRC; and the Chinese Embassy officials: Commercial Counsellor and Mr. Wang Yingqi, Third Secretary, Ms. Yu Jiamu,

The Pathfinder Foundation Delegation comprised Mr. Milinda Moragoda Founder, Pathfinder Foundation, Mr. Luxman Siriwardena, Executive Director PF, Dr. Indrajit Coomarasway, Deputy Chairman-PF, Prof. Sirimal Abeyratne, Senior Research Fellow, Dr Valsan Vethody, Advisor PF, Ms. Yasalanie Amarasinghe, Asst. Project ManagerPF and Ms. Deepan Augastin, Secretary PF.

Developing the Maritime Silk Road

3 Responses to “Developing the Maritime Silk Road – with Pathfinder Foundation, Sri Lanka has become the first country”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    But be very careful.

    NEVER let the pro-Endian NGO PATHFINDER FOUNDATION hijack the REAL deal!!

    GOSL, NOT NGOs should form SL’s foreign policy. I knew some gimmik was cooking up.

    The foto says it all. The CFA, LTTE, RAW, Endian faces are all too familiar!

    The real deal is a DEFENCE DEAL WITH CHINA. That is the MAIN thing.

    You can’t have a maritime Silk Road in PIRATE, Endian terrorists, Tamil boat smuggling operators, Endian drug terrorists and Endian Tamil fishermen terrorists infested waters. DEFENCE is the first priority for ANY maritime trade deal.

    We have to write to Chinese embassy, the Chinese govt, and the foreign ministry of PRC warning them about the dangers.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    PATHFINDER FOUNDATION is an NGO. Norway, Endia are its biggest financiers.

    GOSL, NOT NGOs should form SL’s foreign policy. I knew some gimmik was cooking up.

    I hope my comments will not be deleted for telling the truth.

    We have to love our NATION – SL. Not politicians or their NGOs.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    CIA-RAW mafia headed by CHADRA JAYARATNA and YOU-KNOW-WHO (married to an American who is very closely related to a top US defence official) are trying to SUBTLY derail the SILK ROAD project.

    Good things they highlight are GOOD. Must be done.

    But the real deal is a defence deal. That is the priority.

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