Amnesty International lacks Moral Authority to Question SL on Human Rights Issues
Posted on February 25th, 2014

Dr.Chula Rajapakse MNZM

Mr Grant Blaydon,
Director Amnesty International
New Zealand.
Dear Mr.Blaydon,
Has AI asked for an   ” independent investigation and accountability ” from the US for it’s alleged violations of human rights in the same manner as AI has been doing with Sl and relentlessly pursued  it as AI has been doing with SL.
Further , as I have asked before , why is AI not questioning the role of leaders of the British Tamil Forum, Global Tamil Forum , Trans National Government of Tamil Elam, in funding three decades of threatening & violation of the most fundamental human right of all, the right to life for 20 million Sri Lankans , with Tiger Terrorism. Also, why is AI not questioning the role of Britain in permitting unfettered & unquestioned access of UK  to them  and access to their parliamentary premises once a year in March to celebrate their inauguration as they have done for three years so far.
These groups , though operating under new names were open supporters and funders of Tiger terror in Sri Lanka for three decades as stated and have simply assumed new names to overcome proscription of Tigers in many countries. They are the ones now instigating and engineering the “alleged human right violation”  vendetta against SL.
Also, why is AI not questioning Adel Balasingham’s unquestioned existence in UK given her well known role in adorning hundreds of child soldiers with a cyanide necklace and sending them to the front as cannon fodder.
Till AI has done these , with the US and the Tiger Diaspora as identified above, I don’t believe AI has any moral authority to question SL on human rights issues.
Dr.Chula Rajapakse MNZM

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