Sri Lanka in a Panic Mood.
Posted on February 25th, 2014

By Charles.S.Perera,

 The Sri Lanka Government seems to be running like a dog having  got its paws burnt as the old saying goes, sending in a hurry delegations to South Africa in search of  a  report of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. 

 The USA government’s over zealous  ballyhoo against Sri Lanka for violation of human rights, and war crimes, is a gimmick to frighten governments of developing countries to show them what USA and its allies are still capable of doing despite their losing their economic leadership panache to China ”Russia.  There is no need to panic USA and its allies will be there again at the next UNHRCouncil presenting another resolution against Sri Lanka, as they can think of nothing better to do.

 USA and its allies are only capable of leaving  behind them desolation and destruction.

 Perhaps this resolution against Sri Lanka is of double interest to USA-  it marks the 11th Anniversary of  the Invasion of Iraq by USA on the 19 March,2003.  It also marks  the beginning of  a  war without bombs- a war nevertheless to destabilise Sovereign States of  the third world.

 China -Russia is a combined emerging world leadership which  is  popular for its generosity and their ability to evaluate problems of nations with a democratic attitude, without  demonising  a government in power, getting dissidents  to agree on  a dialogue laying down arms.  Both China and Russia are a more acceptable leadership for the developing countries as they are neither aggressive, nor do they come with destructive motives.

 USA and the Western forces rallying together like wild wolves, frighten emerging nations, and force them to take distance from them .  Their power is in the likes of NATO Forces and the weight  of their bombs and the number of them which  could be  dropped in one raid on a developing nation in each take off of  their bomber planes.

 They call this “humanitarian bombing”.

 In 1999, the U.S. national security state ”” which has been involved throughout the world in subversion, sabotage, terrorism, torture, drug trafficking, and death squads ”” launched round-the-clock aerial attacks against Yugoslavia for 78 days, dropping 20,000 tons of bombs and killing thousands of women, children, and men. All this was done out of humanitarian concern for Albanians in Kosovo. Or so we were asked to believe. In the span of a few months, President Clinton bombed four countries: Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq repeatedly, and Yugoslavia massively. At the same time, the U.S. was involved in proxy wars in Angola, Mexico (Chiapas), Colombia, East Timor, and various other places. And U.S. forces are deployed on every continent and ocean, with some 300 major overseas support bases ”” all in the name of peace, democracy, national security, and humanitarianism. (1) (

 USA and its allies bombed Libya saying it was to save the Libyan people from their Leader Colonel Gaddafi.

 “All NATO’s targets are military in nature and are directly linked to the Gadhafi regime’s systematic attacks on the Libyan people,” said Rear Adm. Russell Harding, deputy commander of Operation Unified Protector. “Given the escalating use of naval assets, NATO had no choice but to take decisive action to protect the civilian population of Libya and NATO forces at sea.”

 Their peace is like a doubled aged sword.  Hence the people of a country whether they are for or against their elected government should be warned to  unite to fight against USA and their forces the greatest enemy of emerging Nations amoung the developing countries.

 The USA and the West are a  force with waning power, now climbing on the shoulders of  dissidents of developing countries. In  Sri Lanka  they have climbed on to the shoulders of  the  anti Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora, National Tamil Alliance in Sri Lanka with a wife of  a former terrorist Ananthi Sasitharan,  to make their rallying call to defeat the aim of Sri Lanka to become a Nation of a united people.  USA and its allies  rally  to  change regimes  and balkanise developing Nations.

 They accept any false evidence, as valid such as the Video footages and Documents by UK Channel 4 which no decent Nation would accept, if it serves their purpose to bring accusations against the  Government of Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces  that defeated a ruthless terrorism to bring peace to the country and to the people who suffered for 30 years under terrorism.

 USA as it did in the past with its CIA,  infiltrate into countries to create chaos within and force a peoples’ uprising to make the Government and the Leaders to step down.   They did it in Iran against Mosadeq, in Chile against Salvadore Allende , in Congo against Lumumba. They did that in Yugoslavia, Egypt, then in Tunisia. They are doing the same thing in Syria,  Ukraine, and Venezuela.

 USA and its Allies are now trying to do that  in Sri Lanka as well, using Human Rights and War Crimes as their new arms.  They are trying to fool some of the  delegates , attending the UNHRCouncil Sessions in Geneva,  presenting  them the  resolution against Sri Lanka  asking them to vote in favour of it.

 They are doing that accusing Sri Lanka,  to  show themselves as the saviours of humanity   not  showing  the  blood marks left on them from  the innocents they have killed, in  Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, and Yugoslavia, not to speak of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

 So why should Sri Lanka be on a panic mood, now  running to South Africa  to study  Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report of that country.  It has no relevance what-so-ever to Sri Lanka. It is really a short sighted move which  shows Sri Lanka’s weakness, rather than its strength.  What has South Africa achieved with that Reconciliation Commission ?

 In South Africa today the economy is still in the hands of the rich white South Africans.  The black South Africans are still poor, with a highly increasing criminality amoung them.

 In South Africa it was a White minority who set up a white man’s regime pushing the natives black Africans  into ghettoes. ” From 1948 onwards public life was marked by a strict segregation that was enforced by massive policy powers. The segregation aimed at ensuring the rights and privileges of the white population and at providing cheap black labour.

 The introduction of so-called homelands (officially independent tribal areas of the blacks) like Transkei, Ciskei, Venda and KwaZulu was supposed to bring racial segregation to perfection. By establishing these huge ghettos, where only black people were allowed to live, the South African government tried to completely abdicate from its political, economic and social responsibility. ”

 There was nothing like this in Sri Lanka the Sri Lanka’s majority community did not treat the Tamil community differently. Even today the Sinhala community has opened them selves to the Tamil people.  But it is the Tamil Politicians of the TNA and the anti Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora that is separating the Tamil people from the rest of the Communities in Sri Lanka .  There is therefore no apartheid in Sri Lanka and there never was.  Why should we then look for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa ?

 Even Mandela knew what USA is capable of, “When Mandela was taken to the ruins of Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli, which was bombed by the Reagan administration in 1986 in an attempt to murder the entire Gaddafi family, he said:

“No country can claim to be the policeman of the world and no state can dictate to another what it should do. Those that yesterday were friends of our enemies have the gall today to tell me not to visit my brother Gaddafi. They are advising us to be ungrateful and forget our friends of the past.” (

 USA and its allies proposes an International investigation in Sri Lanka to study what happened when the terrorists were finally eliminated.  But  in reality  some among the 47 delegates representing the 47 countries at the UNHR Council Sessions should move that before presenting the resolution against Sri Lanka USA and its allies should first consent to an international investigation about their own violation of human rights and  war crimes in Iraq , Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yugoslavia, and also those civilian deaths in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Vietnam.

 The problem with the LLRC for USA and its allies is that the Commissioners  were all local black Sri Lankans. They were learned highly qualified  people.  Most of them were eminent judges; some were Diplomats.  Some of them Studied in Foreign Universities as well. 

 But only disqualification for USA and its allies is that they were coloured locals, therefore they are not accepted as honest.  If there was a white man amoung the Commissioners even if he was half educated the Commission would have been acceptable to the USA and the West.  Therefore,  the demand for an International Investigation in the USA resolution against Sri Lanka.

 What is strange in this is that the USA and the West accepts all false stories concocted by Ananthi Sasitharan the wife of a terrorist as the truth, because it suits them.

 Sri Lanka Government instead of being in a panic mood behaving like a dog whose paws have got burnt, should start a campaign of information  every where in Sri Lanka to make the people aware of the scheming of the USA and the West, in countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, and Venezuela, where their Agents the CIA and NGOs  infiltrated into the towns and villages and bought the people tempting  them with promises they never keep to rise up in groups and masses against the elected Government. 

 Inform the people that USA and the West , once their objective achieved set up a puppet Government  which does things according to their bidding and  leave the country, poor , underdeveloped depending on hand outs from USA and the West.

 They are planning such an uprising to make a situation where they could intervene with ntheir own armed forces and bomb Sri Lanka shattering into rubble the five years of infrastructure developed by the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his Government.

 Let the people of Sri Lanka be informed in mass meetings  that the time is ripe for all people to bury their political differences and rally round the President and the Government to show America and its Western allies that they cannot do in Sri Lanka what they did in Egypt, Tunisia, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, or Venezuela.

3 Responses to “Sri Lanka in a Panic Mood.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    GOSL is in panic!

    GOSL is giving away billions to Tamils (ONLY) in the north as resettlement aid (already resettled), pension to ONLY northern farmers (TAMIL ONLY), LLRC appeasements to Tamils only (others didn’t get ANY), etc.

    But this is exactly what drives and creates parasites. They know it is this panic caused by LTTE RUMP, TNA, Tamil Peeilley, Tamil controlled Endia, etc. behind these goodies. So they do it more.

    Unless GOSL stops this TAMIL ONLY appeasements people will NOT rally around it.
    Govt. should PUNISH TNA terrorists. They are the ones INSTIGATING UNHRC against SL.

    Even the LTTE RUMP and TN have been silent compared to the TNA in SL who are extremely busy digging a grave for SL especially NPC!!

  2. Marco Says:

    I don’t believe we have panicked this year compared to 2013, when our Geneva Team was not even appointed and or approached 7-10 days before the commencement of the Geneva 2013 Session. Although in fairness in 2013 prior to the Geneva Sessions we had the farcical events of the Chief Justice being dismissed by the PSC that was internationalised, a embarrassment to all Sri Lankans that was foremost in the minds of MRGOSL.

    We have responded well (although repetitive) to the recently published report of Navi Pillay. There are of course concerns none the Resolutions passed in 2013 have made addressed apart from the usual denial.

    Sending a “hurried” delegation to South Africa weeks before the Geneva Sessions is not going to sway anybody. In fact it would have the opposite effect. Especially when South Africa have stated they were not invited at the current time but still welcome to visit and have deliberations. The International Community are well versed in these ploys and tactics of President Rajapakse and are rather immune to it.

    Having read the response/comments of GOSL to the Navi Pillay draft report in full I’m intrigued as to why there was no mention of our own video experts opinion on the CH4 videos apart from the blanket denial of a “fake”. It is regrettable that the UNHRC do not think so.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    MR is wetting his pants.

    “Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has invited Tamil Nadu fishermen who were released from Sri Lankan custody and repatriated to come and get their boats back, an Indian media report said.

    The President has asked the Indian fishermen to come to the island and take charge of their released vessels that are still in the possession of the Sri Lankan Navy, New Indian express reported.

    Presidential spokesman Mohan Samaranayake has said that 49 boats which were released earlier are still in the possession of Sri Lankan authorities and the President has noted that it is time the fishermen concerned came over and took charge of them.”

    – colombopage

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