Indian Politics In Tamil Nadu Sullied By A Bunch Of Actresses,Circus Clowns and Would Be National Leaders With Little Direction Towards Reality!
Posted on February 26th, 2014

Sunny Sunil’s Column Of Critical Analysis

February 27th 2014
A perfect reflection of what transpires when, clowns, actors and street singers take to politics has suddenly manifested itself in neighbouring India as the days of intellectual leadership with  charisma, foresight and sensitivity seems to be fast on the decline  and in danger of becoming extinct primarily because of what emerges from the State of Tamil Nadu in India the State of dirty politics run by a bunch of grossly negligent individuals calling themselves political leaders who are no more than a bunch of stage actors with unattainable dreams as their objectives to a greater part.
While it is not the best thing to maintain the image of India the trend probably was started by the likes of MG Ramachandran  in the ’50’s now deceased who was a huge crowd favourite of the masses with little or no political savvy yet ruled the roost as he held the attention of his screen audiences even as a politician for all the wrong reasons. Perhaps during his tenure in Tamil Nadu it was his motley inspirations that gave wings to some of what transpired with the terrorist movement of the LTTE in Sri Lanka while aiding and abetting the misery which was inflicted on a Sovereign Nation simplty because a miniscule minority of Tamils were foolishly inspired  to attempt overthrowing the incumbent majority Sinhala regimes and what followed were decades of horror and misery that was eventually put down by a very assertive and forceful Administration that still controls power in Sri Lanka today quite admirably.
Following closely in the footsteps of the infamous playboy actor turned politician another clownish movie personality from ~ not Hollywood by any stretch of the imagination but ` the Indian movie industry before Bollywood, seems to be ruling the political roost in TN and seems to be evoking much laughter from assertive and discerning observers around the globe who is presently on a campaign much in the tone of her predecessor MGR but this time her intentions seem more deadly and serious albeit lucid and impervious to reality towards de-stabilising Sri Lanka through her manoeuvrings and rhetoric which seems to have sent a world audience into titters especialy as she has proclaimed an interest in becoming the next prime minister of India with hardly a claim, credentials or the wherewithal to such a privilege  yet emphasizing the folly of would be political leaders  whose egos by far exceeed their entitlements.
This seems more than emphasized by what The ruling AIADMK party in Tamil Nadu led by J Jayalalitha has, in its election manifesto for the 2014 elections, promised to move the UN for holding a Referendum amongst Tamils in Sri Lanka and displaced ones across the world for formation of a separate Eelam (homeland) State. which seems not only a brazen disregard for Sri Lanka’s Sovereignity and territorial Integrity but a rank display of ignorance of International law as well as the related protocols portraying the tiny mindedness of her perception of  regional politics of South Asia  with emphasis on Sri Lanka which has commanded respect from far superior and better educated individuals than herself as Indian Leaders yet her distorted ego somehow seems to take precedence over her sanity as her mumbo jumbo continues!
Perhaps it’s good to have ambitions and float on a wave of adulation from impoverished masses who do not see beyond their penury and pathetic means of existence in a nation of the richest and poorest living side by side~ the latter category quite neglected by the hierarchy and The AIADMK, decides to play on their sympathy to sustain their political survival with ambitions towards seeing the four-time Tamil Nadu Chief Minister as the country’s next Prime Minister in a pipe dream kind of scenario yet perhaps plausible in the eyes of a blinkered area of persons in the sub-continent who would in all probabilities believe in anything where necessity is the mother of invention.

All the hoopla and hype relative to this seems to have been released with fervour through their election manifesto a day after party candidates for all 39 Lok Sabha Seats in Tamil Nadu besides the lone Puducherry constituency were announced by Jayalalitha, Indian media reports said.
“We have spelt out many policies and promises to implement many schemes and aims not only for the development of Tamil Nadu but also for the progress of the entire nation,” Jayalalitha told reporters after releasing the manifesto.

What Jayalalitha does not seem to realise is that based on her capacity to mislead the masses who have blindly voted for her to sustain their meagre existences for whatever length of time, it is not foreseeable that the same equation will apply to all of India which will invariably reject her ambitions to the privilege of national leader as the stupidity and emboldened ignorance of such an ambition becomes plainly visible.

India per se has always respected Sri Lankan Sovereignity, banned the Tamil Tigers who were on a similar path as Jayalalitha where consequently her political future could be much in jeopardy unless even hypothetically Tamil Nadu separates from India where she could continue her somewhat lopsided policies and objectives and in which case she could invite the miniscule minority of Tamils who no longer want to align with the Sri Lankan Administration to join her and her cronies to live happily in a state of Eelam set in place in Tamil Nadu rather than talk gibberish sounding rhetoric about setting up a State of Eelam and having a UN backed referendum in Sri Lanka towards this as it would simply not happen if she were to open her blinkered eyes and align with reality!

In this respect she could perhaps invite the Tamil National Alliance theTNA  an LTTE proxy as many identify them as being ( rightly so perhaps), as well as the Tamil Tiger Rump known as the LTTE sympathetic Global Tamil Diaspora to join her ranks as they too appear to be hell bent towards acheiving Eelam and secession in Sri Lanka and what better way to begin a campaign towards a separate breakaway state in TN and reaching their objectives as there is no capacity nor proviso for this in Sri Lanka.

Then there are some who believe she should give up politics and go back to acting  where new fangled Bollywood just might consider her re emergence on the silver screen while taking the rest of  her entourage of  clowns and  street singers etc etc. with her.

7 Responses to “Indian Politics In Tamil Nadu Sullied By A Bunch Of Actresses,Circus Clowns and Would Be National Leaders With Little Direction Towards Reality!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Tamils ALWAYS vote for RACISM.

    This is the case in SL and TN. Even in Canada.

    Jeya is just playing into Tamil thinking (RACISM).

    She was too sacred even to travel when LTTE was around. A renewed “LTTE” firmly under our control can tame her.

    When Hilarious Clitoris becomes US president in 2016, Pee-illey remains UNHRC boss and Jeya remains TN CM, we will be in MORTAL DANGER.

    We cannot save our nation without thinking outside the box.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    “…..and what followed were decades of horror and misery that was eventually put down by a very assertive and forceful Administration that still controls power in Sri Lanka today quite admirably.” The decades of horror was because of the explicit support the Tamil Tigers got from New Delhi, Chennai and the Tamil Diaspora. If not for the unfailing support of India to the Tamil Tigers they would have been defeated within a few years into the war.

    India not only wanted to divide Sri Lanka, she denied Sri Lanka the valuable years for her to develop her economy. Just like Israel who have got compensations from Germany for the atrocities they suffered and the loss of property and life Sri Lanka should demand compensation from the politicians in New Delhi and Chennai to the nations who hosted the Tamil Tiger organizations during the war which would include Canada, the US and the UK to name but a few.

  3. Nanda Says:

    Why criticise Endia ? We are the same and MR is doing nothing to raise our profile.
    are running the country under Endian PC system.

  4. dhane Says:

    Most number of Tamils lives in India specially over 80% Tamils in Tamil Nadu. Why not all these US, European, Canadian including TN clowns, actors, street singers and street politician get together and form their own homeland Eelam in South India. Why any body want Eelam in Sri Lanka. Its less than 10% Tamils in SL. In Indian & Sri Lanka both countries constitution its prohibited to talk about separatism. Why SL Govt: is allowing these Tamils to talk openly?

  5. Dilrook Says:

    If NDA or UPA fail to get majority in Lok Sabha smaller parties will have a bigger say. AIADMK is likely to win at least 30 seats and will be a very attractive partner.

    In addition latest economic data reveals Tamil Nadu to be the second largest economy in India. Given the double digit GDP growth rate of Tamil Nadu it will surpass Maharashtra in a decade.

    Both these influces can produce a Tamil Indian PM may not be in 2014 but at a future date. Even if it doesn’t happen Tamil Nadu influence on India will dramatically increase.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Also, Mr Karunanaidhi’s family has been accused of excessive forays into the film industry using political clout vis Mr K. Herewith an account :

    Dominance in Tamil film industry :
    There are allegations on a large set of family members of Karunanidhi entering into Tamil film distribution and production on account of political backup. “Karunanidhi has used his political might to thrust his entire family on Tamil cinema,” said Thuglak editor Cho Ramaswamy, in one of the interviews that fuelled a retort from Karunanidhi, “If Prithvi Raj Kapoor’s family is in films till today, if Rajnikanth’s daughter can produce movies and his son-in-law Dhanush can act, what is wrong if my grandsons Kalanidhi, Udayanidhi, Dayanidhi, Arlunidhi and Arivunidihi are into film-making? It is just another conspiracy by the threaded class (Brahmins) because I work for the Dravidian community” after laying the foundation stone for a colony for film workers on 23 August 2010. The feeling of political might is supported by the production of films by family members starting ventures, leaving Sun Pictures during the DMK government during 2006-2011. The distributors also complained of level-playing field with the political clout involved in distribution of films.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Further riots in TN. GOOD! THE MORE THE MERRIER!

    “Miscreants allegedly damaged statues of Rajiv Gandhi in three places here on Thursday as seven members of a Tamil outfit were arrested in connection with the clashes at the state Congress office during a protest against Centre’s opposition to release of convicts in the case related to assassination of the former prime minister.

    Tension prevailed in Vepery, Oteri and Perambur localities where statues of the former Prime Minister were found damaged on Thursday, a day after members of a Tamil outfit clashed with Congressmen.

    While local party workers held protests, a peeved TNCC president B S Gnanadesikan said “anti-social organisations” which indulge in violence should be banned, adding his party would press the state government for this.

    “We will submit a memorandum to the Governor seeking his intervention on this issue,” he said.

    Police said K Veeralakshmi and six others of “Tamilar Munnetra Padai” (Tamils Development Force) who clashed with Congress supporters at Satyamurthy Bhavan here were arrested and remanded in judicial custody.

    Cases under several sections of the IPC including attempt to murder and rioting were slapped on the seven, who had tried to storm the Congress office to condemn the Centre’s stand in opposing the state government’s decision to release the seven convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case.

    Some persons were injured when stones were pelted by some unidentified persons during the protest.

    Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram this morning met Congress worker Sarvanan, who is undergoing treatment at Royapettah hospital for injuries suffered in the clash.

    Petrol bombs hurled at the office of Tamil outfit

    In a related incident, miscreants allegedly hurled a petrol bomb at the office of Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK) at Porur here.”


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