Documentary On Sri Lanka Shown In British Houses Of Parliament Confounds Critics.
Posted on February 27th, 2014

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February 27th 2014
The following item courtesy of the “Ceylon Daily Mirror” could not have come at a better time for Sri Lanka as the UNHRC sessions in Geneva are due to begin soon.
While it is an independent Sri Lanka made documentary which portrays the other side of the lies and innuendo by the likes of Gordonn Weiss it also depicts a degree of credibility accepted and approved by many British parliamentarians where the likes of British PM the Hon.Mr. Cameron who had so much adversity and animosity directed towards Sri Lanka in the not too distant past is probably dumbfounded over the effect it appears to have had on his colleagues who have attested to the reality that this surely is the other side of the story  the real one which needs to be told and re-told many times over to establish the credibilities of the Government of Sri Lanka and the Armed Forces.
It is extremely well presented towards accuracy and confounds much of the lies and cooked up material  designred to discredit the GOSL and muffles the rhetoric of the likes of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights  Navi Pillai and her brigade of sympathy for the Tamil Tigers as well as the Tamil Diaspora and perhaps a deterrent towards their ambits to create further mayhem over the issue.
The British Parliamentarians named here are very prominent and unbiased which lends much credibility to the GOSL by their responses as Sri Lanka fights on to maintain justification of the conflict as a legitimate one where the evil was perpetrated by the Tamil Tigers who needed to be put down.

 The Last Phase

copied from the “Ceylon Daily Mirror” with all due credits
acknowledgements and courtesies.
‘The Last Phase’, a documentary film depicting the life story of a former female LTTE cadre during the final stages of the humanitarian operation in Sri Lanka was screened in the Westminster Houses of Parliament, London on Monday.

The event was hosted by Lord Naseby, Chair of The All Party Parliamentary Group on Sri Lanka, supported by Conservative Friends of Sri Lanka.

The documentary revolves around the life of a former LTTE female cadre who grew up at ‘Senchcholai’, the LTTE run orphanage for Tamil children. ‘Jayawadanee’ was brought up in an environment that was deliberately planned to portray the other side as the necessary evil.

The Defence Ministry said that it was the first time that an independent Sri Lanka produced documentary about the War had been shown in the cradle of Britain’s democracy and seen by parliamentarians from all sides of the Houses of Commons and Lords. Ian Paisley MP, who attended the meeting commented that it was refreshing to see an alternative perspective about the Sri Lankan war, and this event clearly demonstrated that the international community did not have a monopoly on the truth in relation to Sri Lanka.

Apart from Mr Paisley, the other parliamentarians who attended the event were Baron West of Spithead (former First Sea Lord) and the following Members of Parliament, Brian Binley, Mark Durkan, Bob Blackman, James Wharton, Laurence Robertson, Andrew Turner, Nick De Bois as well as Foreign Office and Parliamentary researchers and assistants.

Lord Naseby introduced a distinguished panel, comprising Professor Paul Moorcraft and Mr. Richard Mundy, who was the narrator on “The Last Phase” to discuss the war and current developments in Sri Lanka.

Professor Moorcroft spoke of the events at the end of the war from a military perspective. He explained that in all his experience, having investigated wars in other countries, that the Sri Lankan Army conducted themselves very professionally in comparison to other armies. His observations and opinions were formed after visiting Sri Lanka and having had access to all the workings of the armed services as well as with surviving Tiger cadres. The total civilian casualties in the final days of the war, he observed, could not be ascertained with accuracy, but based on the figures of those injured, the estimate of 40,000 civilian deaths quoted by Gordon Weiss in his book and thereafter repeated by many others, including by the Darusman Report and Channel 4, is a gross exaggeration, which he confirmed should not be relied upon as being accurate.

Dr. Chris Nonis, High Commissioner addressed the issues pertaining to the Government of Sri Lanka. In a robust delivery he stated that there was never a Civil War in Sri Lanka and that it should be instead correct to understand it as a war against terrorism. He said that people from all communities and religions lived side by side in all parts of the country, and that for example, the demography of the capital Colombo was 30% Sinhalese, 30%Tamils, 30% Muslims. He maintained that many external politicians were making unwarranted pronouncements about Sri Lanka with understanding basic demographics and that it was long and complex war story, which needs to be understood by visiting and experiencing the country’s committed efforts at post-war progress first-hand. He made a passionate plea for supporting the country’s reconciliation processes via the LLRC and appealed to all expatriate communities to work towards this goal. His appeal to the international community was for greater understanding of Sri Lanka’s achievements and stated that all communities are playing a substantial role in the economic and social progress of the country. His address was well received by all those present.

5 Responses to “Documentary On Sri Lanka Shown In British Houses Of Parliament Confounds Critics.”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    Sri Lankan delegation to the UNHCR, and all Sri Lankan missions overseas must take steps to show this documentary in countries, especially where the Tamil diaspora is active.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    MOD should produce mroe horror movies about LTTE, TNA, NGOs and other enemies of SL.

    Match C4 movies with our own. Fantastic!

    Screen this at UNHRC too.

    Show LTTE/TNA as ANTI SOCIAL, ANTI-ISLAMIC, ANTI-DEMOCRATIC barbarians. There is plenty of evidence.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    All Embassies of Sri Lanka should show this film and also show if possible on UK public television.

    Why not produce a few more REAL & TRUTH short story films about what really happened, pre war and post war, and show these films in the west especially, through our Embassies ?

    In such films, clear sub-titles in ENGLISH or clear translations into English essential.

    Sri Lanka’s past and present governments have been constantly driven into corners by the Cold War/s, and made to act against their better judgement. Now it is time to be assertive and put the security, safety and well being of ALL Lankans first. Go Lanka ! we are with you !

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    “In a robust delivery he stated that there was never a Civil War in Sri Lanka and that it should be instead correct to understand it as a war against terrorism”. To me this is the most vital aspect of the article for it completely changes the dynamics of this war. the term “civil war” has been used by all parties without question when it really is not.

    Sri Lanka was engaged in a war against terrorism. A similar example would be India’s war against the formation of Khalistan which was never termed a “civil war” but a war against Sikh Terrorism for the purpose of forming an independent nations. This also changes who should be accused for a war against terrorism as in the case with the US is also actions taken on those nations or individuals who supported the terrorists.

    Now as a war against terrorism India’s role in supporting the terrorists Tamil Tigers means that there are those in India who should also face criminal charges and even taken out for their role. That could include the former Chief minister of Tamil Nadu Karunanidhi who has resurrected a terrorist organization TESO (Tamil Eelam Supporters Org). The Tamil National Alliance, Jayalalithaa who is now openly calling for Eelam.

    Colombo has to change her way of dealing with the post effect of the WAR AGAINST TAMIL TERRORISM.

  5. Nimal Says:

    There are many honourable and decent politicians who are glad that the SL got rid of their terrorists.

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