Posted on February 27th, 2014

Senaka Weeraratna

This is a slide show movie on NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE. With exclusive images of NETAJI. Must watch all the parts of this video.


This is a must watch video.

This is the India that one will not usually see on Bollywood films.

Both visuals and music are stirring and inspiring.

This is the India that Subhas Chandra Bose wanted to establish that will not be subservient to Western imperialism or act as a poodle of the West.

India that will give dignity to its own people and the people of Asia.

India that will protect the people of Asia and particularly the people of its neigbouring countries from Western imperialistic aggression and not sacrifice their freedom shamelessly for local /  regional  electoral gains. This is not statesmanship. Neither Gandhi nor Nehru nor Subhas Bose would have ever contemplated such a course of action as we see today under the current Indian Government.

If Sri Lanka gets closer to China then the responsibility for the push factor must be borne by India and any other Asian country contemplating voting against Sri Lanka at UNHRC in Geneva in March 2014.

Japan and South Korea must seriously consider their loyalties to Asia and not vote against fellow Asian countries at Geneva at the instance of Western colonial countries that have not lost their appetite for re-colonization of Asia and Africa.


  1. Christie Says:

    Jai Hind Jai.
    Bose, Mohandas and Nehru are the worst enemies of subjects of the Indian Empire. The trio’s vision was to see the emergence of an Indian Empire from the British-Indian Empire. Nehru hated Sir John Kotalawala. This trio maser minded the Third Eye the Indian intelligence service, the most secretive and ruthless intelligence service in the world. It was India and Indian colonial parasites who funded SWRD dividing the Sinhala unity. It was Mohandas who was instrumental in forming the Jaffna Youth Congress the roots of Socialism in Ceylon.
    British did not colonize Ceylon or any other tropical Births dominions, it was the Indians who colonized them.
    India is doing what these three wanted done. It is India, Indian colonial parasites and vermin who are behind the actions against Ceylon.

  2. Christie Says:

    India look after its own people, what sacred bull dust is that. India is building tens of thousands of houses for the Indian colonial parasites in Ceylon, the land of the Sinhalese. half the Indian population has no shit houses. Some say India is the jewel of the British Empire. I say it is the sewer that spilt over to places like Ceylon and as far as Fiji and West Indies.
    For those who worship India, Indians, Indian colonial parasites and vermin I say for the Indians you are Chandals, Dalits, or HariJans or Untouchables.

  3. samurai Says:

    “British did not colonize Ceylon or any other tropical Births dominions; it was the Indians who colonized them.”

    Ha ha ha you must be from another planet. The British Empire spread from South Asia to Africa. It is NOT some people but the British themselves who considered India their ‘Jewel in the Crown’ because it was their biggest and most valuable colony. (In fact sometime back there was a TV series on British colonialism in India under this title).

    Which historian says the British did NOT build an empire? At one-time it was known as the empire on which the sun never sets. “It is so because the Sun could not trust a Britisher in the dark,” said a wag.

    Queen Victoria called herself the ‘Empress of India.’ It was her additional title. The present-day India was created by the British. That is the start of the whole problem today. There is no race called Indians, just as much as there is no race called Sri Lankans. And there are 100 percent no pure races either anywhere in the world. It is the cultural identities that matter.

    Before the advent of European colonialism India was just the Indian Subcontinent with many kingdoms, the nature of which changed from time to time. The invasions came from different kingdoms at different times and the Sinhala kings allied themselves with one kingdom against the other depending on the circumstances.

    Anyone who looks at history in just black and white and confuses present-day Indian politics (since 1947) with the history of her kingdoms, her culture and their links to Sri Lanka needs to have his/her head examined – because this is not a question of worshiping or vilifying India but looking at complex facts as they are.

    In short Asians did not go out to conquer Europe. It was the Europeans who occupied Asian lands, whether it was the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka or any other country.

  4. samurai Says:

    I may also add that the British Imperialists were also responsible for the problem ‘stateless’ Indians in Sri Lanka as a result of their bringing South Indian labour to work in the hill country tea plantations.

    This commercial economy was introduced at the cost of neglecting Sri Lanka’s self-sufficient agro economy which nourished the country for 20 centuries during which rice was even exported. The British destroyed thousands of acres of fertile paddy lands in Wellassa in the course of suppressing the Uva uprising of 1818.

    Eventually Sri Lanka was compelled to sign an agreement with India to settle the issue of stateless Indians, although the troubles it caused continued to affect Sri Lankan politics for several more decades.

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