Triumph of the Sinhala Buddhist voter – 1931, 1956 & 2014
Posted on February 27th, 2014

C. Wijeyawickrema, LL.B., Ph.D.

Erase Sri Lanka’s Sinhala Buddhist foundation

            Two recent phenomena indicate the new recognition of Sri Lanka as the country of the Sinhala Buddhists (and poor Sinhala Christians).  One is the decision by a collection of Marxists, Christians and Eelamist (13A +) local and foreign agents to promote a Buddhist monk as a single issue presidential common candidate to defeat the all-powerful MahindaR. The other is the decision by MahindaR himself to deploy JHU (Udaya Gammanpila) as the main party to handle the WPPC election in March (65% of people in Colombo are minorities and its hinterland is Sinhala Buddhist (SBs)). These two decisions have deeper meanings and are ironically, so intertwined.

Sobhita Thero Saranam Gachchami

            Rosie Senanayaka presents the UNP theory that the Sinhala Buddhist foundation of Sri Lankan society should be erased (so far UNP did not deny or opposed this view). Another Christian, Dayan Jayatilleke presents the same view from a Marxist-Cuban angle.  The Cardinal says this differently, by promoting a Tamil homeland in the island. All of them shouted opposing Buddhist monks getting into politics. But then suddenly, kabaragoya became a talagoya, a secret and open process took place to use (or abuse) Ven. Maduluwave Sobhita as a single issue presidential candidate. If the statement alleged to have made by Ven. M to a Tamil newspaper is correct he could end up as a repeat of the Sarath Fonseka drama; good soldier, bad-mouth politician vs. monk with a patriotic history, but bad sponsors.

Interfaith-pluralism president

            In 2005 MahindaR won by a razor thin margin because of the Sinhala Buddhist (SBs) vote. His own SLFP was mostly against him. SBs did not vote for him to discriminate against minorities. All what they expected was to be a reasonable president to all citizens. But this does not mean that SBs expected him to be an active sympathizer of the interfaith (Palli Nikaya) or the agents of pluralism. He and his PM became prisoners to these two new colonial mechanisms (his government is actually an ex-UNPers government), and SBs were wondering what was going on. A president elected by SBs is not reasonable if he invites Pope to visit Sri Lanka, because Pope’s mission is to Christianize Asia/Sri Lanka.  All he needs to do is let Vatican and the Cardinal handle those deals themselves. It appears that touting minority vote (Muslim, Christian) is his priority rather than doing what is reasonable and just for the country. SBs got so dissatisfied that they were ready to act as their own police, because the president was not willing to pass at least minimally, laws to prevent unethical conversion or illegal church/mosque erection.  

Aanduwa Saranam Gachchaami

            Sinhala Buddhist majority was the suffering segment of Sri Lanka since Don Juan Dharmapala, became the only Catholic king (1551-1597) in Sri Lanka.  But those who came to power after 1948 have forgotten this fact and thought that only a minority community could be a discrimination-prone material.  This was why DS Senananayaka, on the advice of Sir Ivor Jennings, told the Buddhist delegation that there was no Fourth Refuge in Buddhism called Aanduwa Saranam Gachchami. With the bahubootha JRJ thing and the EP job that made all those who held it go lunatic (except DB Wijetunga), MahindaR has been acting lately as if he was another Rajasinghe II, ignoring Buddhist monks and SBs. For example, the Sinhala Ravaya had to force him to consider importing beef for the Christian and Muslim market as a reasonable solution to the gava ghatana pinkam that Alevi Moulana was talking about. Allowing Pakistani Christians and Maldives Muslims to immigrate to Sri Lanka were never heard of in Sri Lankan history! His decision to use JHU, which is also losing face among the SBs because it (JHU) could not get anything done by the MR government, is an indication that MR got the message that he cannot ignore SBs anymore. So ironically, the reverse of what DSS said in 1950 is now taking place in 2014.

SBs are like the proverbial kind-hearted woman

            The reason for this change of heart by the Christian-Marxists and MR respectively, were strategic reactions. Both got rattled by the meteoric rise of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) that began just two years ago.  All what BBS tells is “come and discuss with us, we have issues.” With this approach, BBS showed to the country that not a single discriminatory law enacted before 1948 injuriously affecting SBs were removed or modified by the fake SB ruling party crowds, blue or green.  Instead, what they did actually harmed SBs. Take the destruction of Vidyodaya and Vidyalankara Pirivenas or Poya-pre poya weekend holiday joke or nationalization of schools that killed Buddhist schools while Muslim and Christian schools could thrive. So BBS has made it clear that the bogus SB politicians of green or blue can no longer take SBs as milk cows to come to power and then discard. One Cardinal has  become more powerful than ten Mahanayakas.

            BBS is a movement that came to fill the vacuum created by the elimination of Ven. Gangodawila Soma. What Ven. S said that will happen to SBs has happened and politicians even the JVP used pirith nuul to benefit from Ven. S’s dowry. Today one can gauge how corrupt a politician by the thickness or width of the pirith nuuls on his wrist. BBS exposed this game.  What Ven. S said was what the Anagarika Dhramapala predicted in the 1940s as the fate of SBs. This means BBS has a leading role to play in SB politics in Sri Lanka. Thus when it says that if a monk contests presidential election without a Cardinal behind the scene, it will support him, all kinds of politicians including MR needs to pay attention. If SBs of the UNP, SLFP, JHU, MEP get together including even SBs in JVP, nobody can touch that force. Even Sarath Fonseka could join this force, if he gives up revenge against MR or GR. The country is more important than a politician in power on a temporary basis. The only basis that MR had as a winner of the war is degraded so much with mismanagement that what had happened to Winston Churchill can very well happen to MR. It was RanilW, Ravi K and L Kiriella who will never receive pardon from SBs for what they said about the war, and the 13A plus path MR is now following can end his war capital. The question is whether SBs unite to save the country and save MR as a side issue. Unless the moral decay taking place is not stopped there will not be a Sri Lanka for the SBs.

Razor blades to monkeys -1931

            The status given to SBs by their enemies (one can call it the Anti-Mahavamsa movement) and the recognition of the power of SBs by MR in 2014 had precedents in the past, for example in 1931 and 1956. The respective SB leaders at that did not realize it or did not have power or faced sabotage by the Christian black-white power within the government machinery.  A discussion of those two past episodes can be useful to understand how easy or difficult the task ahead. In 1931 SBs were compared to monkeys with razor blades, not qualified to use votes intelligently. Ironically in 1956, in Sir John’s words, those who were climbing coconut trees got elected as MPs. He even kicked M.S Themis in the butt.

            In 1931 SBs got power for the first time after 1815 (imagine that the Tamil kings were never considered as Hindu Tamil kings. Only their wives were Hindus). Since 1832 communal representation gave Tamils and Sinhalese equal membership and the Sinhala member, for 70 years or so, was from a Christian family. So much so he opposed making Vesak a public holiday stating that one week of holiday for the Christmas was enough for all!  Even the colonial governor was embarrassed.  Since voting right was based on property, income or education Tamils always had an advantage because colonial master preferred them (next to Burghers) and American mission schools began in Jaffna and Batticaloa a few years after 1815. Sinhala Buddhists, on the other hand, had to wait until the 1880s for the arrival of Col. Olcott, the first white Buddhist in the world, to begin a program of English medium Buddhist schools.

            By 1923 Tamil leaders realized that they were not going to be the future ruling class of Ceylon, and vehemently opposed the territorial representation based on universal suffrage.  With Madras influence a movement began to ask for a separate country. Tamils, Christians and even so-called Buddhist leaders opposed universal suffrage, the only exception being A. E. Gunasinha, the labor leader.  If one looks at the list of state councillors’ elected in 1931 or 1936 it is clear that except for one or two all happened to be black-whites and feudal remnants that got enriched by spying for the colonial master. These people had two first names, one Christian for the office, one Buddhist for the kitchen. This black-white Sinhala-Tamil crowd opposed any people-oriented welfare measure including the free education proposal. Anagaraika Dharmapala was branded a radical and efforts by Ven. Kalukondayawe Pragnasaara with his Crime eradication and village development movement were sabotaged. The Marxists were anti-Buddhist another set of black-whites. With no Buddhist leader the period from 1931 to 1956 was a time of SBs suffering under the Christian control, not knowing that was what was going on. It was a period that Tamils realized they cannot run the affairs of the island protecting their colonial privileges,

Ape Aanduwa in 1956

            SBs got a second opportunity in 1956, and during a short period of April 1956-September 1959 so many things had happened to create a political resurgence of SBs in Sri Lanka. SWRD was only a midwife of this silent revolution which was led by the Vidyalankara monks. The control of the country by a small crowd of English-speaking Christians was challenged, but G. P. Malalsekera, L.H. Mettananda or F.R. Jayasuriya were no match in the face of black-white power. These forces used JR Jayawardena (UNP-Christian) and NM Perera (Marxist-anti Buddhist) to sabotage the empowerment of SBs. Buddhists monks got highly demoralized when anti-SB forces used two monks as cat’s paws to kill SWRD. The killing of SWRD (first attempt was to give him a glass of milk with cbra venom which CPde Silva drank) was by the same forces that floated a police-navy coup in 1962 or the Lake House coup of bribing ministers and MPs in 1964. In the world scene Burma faced a coup and Patrice Lumumba in Congo was murdered.

            When police officers prevented villagers to enter the parliament chamber, SWRD told them, “Let them come in.” This and the people sitting in police jeeps telling these are our jeeps- our money, some police officers who joined the 1962 Coup got offended as reported in a later book on the mindset of the coup officers. By sitting in the speaker’s chair in 1956, people had a feeling of “our government” for the first time after 1551. The inability of the SB leaders and monks to prevent the attempt by black-white Christian powers to divert a Buddhist-Christian conflict into a Sinhala-Tamil language fight was severe blow to SBs that they could not recover ever since. SBs became pawns in the hands of cunning politicians who used the SB label just to come to power and doing things such as constitution-making to stay in power. Each party leader thought that her/his party was check-mating the opposition party in this game. But UNP learned the worst lesson in this regard with its bahobootha thing. MR has used the bahubootha thing to kill UNP like what Parakramabahu the Great did in the past. That king was great in invading even India and Malaysia but he killed all his local opponents to stay in power and thus ended the kingdom itself with no leader to rule the country after his death!

Ven. Gangodawila Soma’s dowry – 2014

            There was a time in Sri Lanka after 1978 that a Buddhist was afraid or ashamed to say he was a Buddhist, and Ven. Soma came to rescue SBs from that world. He said he had nothing to lose if he was killed. Politician men and women were so scared of death from those in power or from Prabakaran.  He gave hope to SBs and his Buddhist approach demonstrated how Christian and Muslim extremist activities will destroy SBsin the island. He was actually proving what the Anagarika Dhramapala said in the past. Ven Soma became a real threat to Colombo black-white political crowd when he said he will contest to become the president of the country and he was killed by a Christian plot.

            After his murder Mrs. Chandrika and JVP tried to benefit from his death-dowry. SU/JHU was another beneficiary.  But it was MahindaR who finally hit the pot of gold. He never said “this war was not winnable,” but he was always for a negotiated settlement. He was forced by GotabhayaR and the Buddhist monks such as Ven. Elle Gunwansa and the younger monk Galabodaatte Gnanasaara to end Prabakaran.  Ven.  EG was even at the battle front boosting the morale of soldiers. Ven. GG was confronting Kumar Rupasinghe and Mervyn Silva in Colombo attacking their peace facades in Colombo when soldiers were fighting to open the Mavil Aru anicut.

            But after the end of the war MahindaR made so many mistakes in handling Tamil separatism. He got surrounded by his former enemies and yes men. Prabakaran could have got his Eelam via 13A if he was smart. Now MR has given it to Wigneswaran and TNA as if MR is given a mandate by people to do so.  After the war he was expected to make Sri Lanka a happy place for its people, but there is no difference between what he is doing and what UNP had done. The country is rapidly becoming a corrupt, morally decaying pit surrounded by a few impressive-looking roads and constructions. For example, the capital city of Sri Lanka should have been taken to somewhere inside a triangle of A’Pura, Vavuniya and Trinco.  He should have thought of empowering people at GSN level. A new constitution was needed. There is not a single item of daily life or state craft that is not a mess. Basic administrative, managerial, accountability rules are violated and already symptoms of sickness are appearing of a Chicago style criminal corrupt society.

            The SBs were the most affected by this decay and as JHU was failing to deliver a new movement arose called the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS). Who is opposing BBS is a good way to understand how relevant BBS has become in dealing with Sri Lanka’s present plight. If domestic matters are handled in a Buddhist way Sri Lanka has nothing to fear about Navin Pillay or Michelle Sisson or David Cameron.  Sri Lanka will not get another MR and MR can help Sri Lanka if he can get rid of yes men and tap the talents available in plenty.

            The recent disclosure by Sarath Fonseka’s media coordinator Sanjeeva Smarasinghe that at his third meeting with her Mrs. Chandrika told SF that only she can defeat MR, makes it more appropriate that BBS support a monk as a candidate for president, because SBs cannot depend on MR or UNP for justice for the mother Lanka. The removal of any incentive that helps separatists must be priority number one. Prevention of further moral decay, eradicate corruption, crime and inefficiency in the country should become a new war in Sri Lanka.  See a simple example of how what should not has become a problem in Sri Lanka. I know a poor mother of two small girls who has to find a school for her elder daughter because she is in grade five.  This is near Horana. She has to pay Rs.10, 000 to get the child admitted to a school. She talks about English medium too. What is this lunacy in the country? Who created this; Rajiva Wijesinha or CBK- friend, Tara de Mel? All what Sri Lanka need is teaching English as a compulsory subject from grade 3 by teachers who know how to teach English as a foreign language. Let them learn history and chemistry in Sinhala or Tamil, but give them a working knowledge in English. How many ministers, officers and millions of dollars wasted on this English craze?  So what is there to talk about Dengue or Kidney failure? For the country these are the bread and butter issues, not Geneva March.

28 Responses to “Triumph of the Sinhala Buddhist voter – 1931, 1956 & 2014”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    No hope from MR.

    He is another ANTI-SL Tamil sympathiser to say the TRUTH.

    e.g. Vigneswaran was created by MR.
    e.g. Ananthi was created by MR.
    e.g. LLRC was created by MR.
    e.g. Endia rule of SL was created by MR.

    BBS should spread within the army, navy and AF. That is the only hope.

    But we must defend SL in Geneva every way can. When faced with an external enemy we should UNITE to defeat it. Other things can be sorted out later.

  2. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Dr. Wijewikrama……FINE analysis of Lanka history, WITH your vast knowledge I feel your ADVICE & constructive criticism SHOULD BE offered to MR, evem without pay.

    As Lorezo said TODAY’s issue is fighting UNJUST resolution for the THIRD TIME, by USA & its allies. WE have to FIGHT ythis. Surely if we fought SANCTIONS back in the day, for nationalizing Oil companies & got back the country after TSUNAMI, we can fght USA & its allies,FOR DISCRIMINATORY act, they pursue to SATISFY THE Tamil diaspora.

    Sinhalese MUST UNITE as never before to KEEP TAMILS in their place, never allow them to INTEREFERE or DEMAND any more concessions. We have given too much ALREADY. It is CLAWBACK TIME NOW, our country, we govern the way we eant NOT HOW others say.

    I am seriously OFFERING hhis suggestion as there are very few people MAINLY SINHALA BUDHISTS edcated as you are. It is time to contribute to SBs of lanka & at least make a LAST EFFORT TO PUT THINGS RIGHT. Thank you all……..J

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    I think JR Jayawardena was a Buddhist not a Christian.

    “SBs are like the proverbial kind-hearted woman”

    Absolutely true.

    Kind-hearted woman is always pregnent.

    “hitha honda gaani emathaama budding”.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Not 2014.

    2014 will go down in history as the year SL was BETRAYED by the MR govt. under instructions from his IN LAWS.

  5. mjaya Says:

    Triumph of the Sinhala Buddhist voter? 2014??? MY FOOT!

    Now even our IDs are CONTAMINATED with TAMIL.

    In a way we have Triumphed… that is ended up wearing Triumph with minorities running the BDSM show.

  6. mjaya Says:


    of course we have to unite.


    My blood is boiling…..we only have ONE COUNTRY and TAMILS are DICTATING what we have to do.

    I am disgusted to the core with this, and this spineless feminine government of pansies.

  7. mjaya Says:

    We let go the “Shri” on our license plants? What did we get? NOTHING…

    Any Tamils going to Geneva to say that SL Army saved them from the LTTE? NO, instead those ungrateful people are lying through their teeth saying that 40,000 imaginary Tamils were killed.

    Some one send MahaRanee a bikini. Its time for REGIME CHANGE.

    Yes IT IS TIME FOR REGIME CHANGE…..enough of this “voting for the lesser of two evils” crap. The UPFA, UNP, JVP, SF are all useless politicians who want us fools to vote for them.

    We need a SINHALESE GOVERNMENT. We need to enforce the 6th Amendment. The TNA and Kallathonies without a smidgeon of loyalty to SL should be stripped of their citizenship and deported to Toilet Nadu, the stinky place from where they came from.

    May the spirit of King DUTUGEMUNU intervene!!!!!!!! (for now that is all I can do…..)

  8. mjaya Says:

    We went through very dark moments but we always won in the end.

    We defeated Chandrika’s and Package Pappas package
    We defeated Ranil’s CFA

    but it is the subtle war on us Sinhalese that we are loosing. We HAVE TO GET RID OF THE 13A. Its this single piece of constitutional CRAP that let this Kallathoni language become “official” in Sri Lanka.

    It was a stupid lawsuit that brought this misfortune on us. We must use the law against it.

    Right now I am feeling the same frustration and anger I felt when Ranil signed the CFA. Back then it was Lankaweb that helped all Sinhalese people come through… history is repeating itself.

  9. mjaya Says:

    ** But we must defend SL in Geneva every way can. When faced with an external enemy we should UNITE to defeat it. Other things can be sorted out later. **

    Absolutely!!! I just ranted to vent my frustration and anger. We are compromising our pride in exchange for servitude.


  10. Christie Says:

    The writer is not different to most of our beliefs. Eating beef is not a problem for a Buddhist. The problem the non-Indians face in Ceylon is the same in Fiji or in Mauritius. Indians dominate these countries. India funded SWRD and divided the Sinhala unity. 1956 was th end of the Sinhala aspirations. In all tropical Dominions of the British-Indian Empire it was the Indian colonial parasites who ran the Minions. Look at Ceylon, Fiji etc. British were the absentee landlords. British did not allow Indian colonial parasites lands colonized by the British like British Canada, Australia and New Zealand or the Falklands. and colonialrs

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    In Sri Lanka, political matters are so arranged that any Sinhala/Buddhist leaders elected to political high office have to move toward the Minority big wigs for help, sooner or later. Minority big wigs are generally speaking, servers of Cold Wars, ex-Colonists, etc. So, in such instances, what happens to the rural poor who feel neglected ?

    Take the current case of cornering Pres MR, GoSL & Army after the war with the LTTE. Note that the cornering started from the west with War Crimes, HR violations charges etc. with pushes from the local E-Colonsits & Minority big wigs.

    It is mainly the COLD WARS that determine the fate of leading politicos, whichever political party, ethnic or religious group.

    Isn’t is important that Sri Lanka stays NON-ALIGNED and signs Agreements/Treaties/Pacts, to this end with India and the rest of the countries in the SE Asian region ?

    Otherwise, an “Independent & Sovereign Sri Lanka” does not mean much as the mass of Voters are not from Colombo, but from the rural areas.

    It is important that the rural folk know some English and learn to operate the computer. Otherwise, they have to wait for translations to learn what is going on. This is justice delayed (and Justice denied) in a Globalised world. To know how to operate a computer is to have a knowledge at hand all the time.

    Re DENGUE & CKD : It is very important that clean air, water and food, plus Preventive Care for good health are delivered to all in Lanka. A knowledge of English and a computer will help to achieve ALL these important objectives.

  12. AnuD Says:

    Long ago, I identified how threatening MR was to the Sinhala – Buddhists. then LANKA WEB began deleting my comments. Now, Lorenzo himself has enlightened.

    In India, When Buddha, nor Prince Siddhartha, was born, Buddha reached to other faiths. I read, Buddha even visited residences of leaders of other beliefs or faiths when Buddha had extra time to go for Pindapatha.

    Some how my point, Sri Lankan buddhist monks should follow the Buddha’s way. Buddha did not stay in the pansala kept only collecting money and expanding and renovating the temple. Instead, Buddha WALKED every where and reached to people and became a help to people every way Buddha could do.

    Our buddhist monks also should reach top Muslims, Christians, Hindus, low castes and disadvantaged people. How many are doing that.

    In Sri Lanka, others are reaching to Buddhist monks and make those monks believe in power politics and inter faiths etc etc.,




  13. Lorenzo Says:

    That is right Mjaya and AnuD.

    In April 2010 MR talked in Tamilian and blasted Sinhalese for hooting him. What happened? MR LOST the ONLY seat he had in Vanni. Only EPDP and ACML (All Ceylon Muslim League) won from UPFA!! NO SLFP in Vanni.

    That should have taught me where MR was heading.

    Even the SYMBOLIC destruction of the SINHALA BUDDHIST identity is VICIOUS.

    First changed the name from Sinhale (Ceylon) to Sri Lanka (a Hindu name). Now NO “SRI”. Tamilian in everyone’s ID facilitating Tamil Madu peaceful invasion. 1956 VICTORY was REVERSED in 1987 making Tamilian an official language. Vigneswaran replacing MR rule in the north. Najeeb replacing MR rule in the east. Tamilians replacing Sinhalese in Colombo city, Kandy city, Muslims replacing Sinhalese in Galle, Tamilians replacing Sinhalese in Negombo city, Sinhalese PERMANANTLY evicted from Jaffna and Batticaloa. TN Tamilians invading SL. Maldives ISLAMICS invading SL. Pakistani Christians invading SL. Every damn thing is about Tamils.


    This is why I said we cannot expect ANYTHING good from the SYSTEM. Changing govt.s is NOT going to stop this. We need PATRIOTIC PEOPLE from the PEOPLE who defended the country to rule it.

    For the time being lets support SL (NOT MR) defend itself.

  14. Nanda Says:

    Difference between you and most of us was you started supporting Gonseka at one point. Otherwise most of us Love Sir Lanka, not politicians.
    Gratitude is one thing, but it is not like Muslim “gratitude” to a fictitious God. There is always gratitude towards ACTION of MR of the past, before he suddenly assumed Raja status and behaving like a Ranee without Jangiya.

  15. Nanda Says:

    Actually, now we are waiting for a new “proper’ Fonseka to arise , as Gonseka was never a statesman, became a CIA agent and dissolved into a Kalawedda.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    We will pull out of this one too, with MR at the helm.

    Good luck, Lanka !

  17. mjaya Says:

    **Some how my point, Sri Lankan buddhist monks should follow the Buddha’s way. Buddha did not stay in the pansala kept only collecting money and expanding and renovating the temple. Instead, Buddha WALKED every where and reached to people and became a help to people every way Buddha could do.**

    That is exactly what Ven. Gangodavila Soma Thero said in his last sermon. He said if Buddhist Monks went out of their temple just one week a day and checked the well being of the people, missionaries will have nothing left to do…..

  18. Christie Says:

    Please look at things as they are. Ceylon is not the only country suffering from Indian colonial parasites. If you can afford go and see what is happening in Mauritius or Fiji. Who dominates the politics, Judiciary (at last there are some Sinhala magistrates in Fiji and I hope they will stand by the locals not suck to the Indians), professions, economy and the health sector. The same still applies to Ceylon. Please go for a walk in Pettach or Hatton or Wavuniya. I used t go to Jaffna a lot when I was little and there were hardly any Tamils in Wavuniya. Did you know who became the Irrigation Minister in 1956 and his brother in law was the god father of Indian terrorist arm branded Tamil Tigers. That was the end of the Sinhala poor in the North and the East. No more Sinhala people were given assistance by the SWRD or his Irrigation Minister or au one else. 1956 was the start of the destruction of the Sinhala people. SWRD destroyed all Sinhala businesses saying they are the wealthy (dhanapathiyo). Indians who monpolised the economy and were the wealthiest were not dhanapathiyas.

  19. Christie Says:

    Writer does not want Sinhalese to Learn English. Those who has a sword do not want others to have swords. India set the 1956 policies and the so called Sinhala leaders were just puppets. What we see are the bubbles on the surface. Please see what is under the currents. The only solution is to understand what India and Indians do. When it comes to places like our country it is the Indians in the West who mislead the West. They not only do that to us, they do it to others like us. UK and India were instrumental in kicking Fiji out from the Commonwealth. Indians in the US States Department were instrumental in naming Mau Mau movement in Kenya a terrorist movement. Indians in the West have managed to take Kenya’s PM Kenyatta to ICJ. The reason Kenyans have over the years have kicked out most of the Indians from Kenya. There were about a million of them and now there are only one hundred thousand of them left. In the last year shopping mall massacre one quarter of the dead were Indians. It is the Indians from the African countries who have settled in the West who are behind the actions against us. The Canadian Minister who came to CHOGM was an Indian from Tanzania.

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    RT reported the cause of CKDu in SL is the use of ROUND UP herbicide.

    We should immediately BAN its use.

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    Apparently, it is not the Glyphosate in the herbicide that is really bad. But when the Glyphosate mixes up with Calcium, magnesium etc found in soils and other additives to the soil and forms new compounds, and enters the plant or water table, then it is deadly if consumed by people.

    Sri Lankans ought to concentrate on finding solutions to the REAL problems that we have instead of quibbling over small issues and losing it all.

    Clean air, water and food a must. PARLIAMENT has to have a Science Advisory Committee even at this late stage.

    It is only the present GoSL that has addressed the CKD problem even though the problem has been there for over 20 yrs.
    The present GoSL is loaded with all of Lanka’s problems from the far past. This goes to show that this govt. has done a great deal of good work ! More to go.

  22. Lorenzo Says:

    BAN ROUND-UP immediately.

    Use other herbicides without the bad substance.

  23. Lorenzo Says:

    Sue the manufacturers, importers and distributors of ROUND UP.

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lankan farmers have to practice organic methods of growing crops. Crop rotation, growing ground cover to prevent weeds taking over are some the old and time tested methods to grow healthy crops as well as prevent diseases from herbicides and insecticides. Also in Sri Lanka we do not have vast acres of any crop except perhaps tea, rubber and coconut. In these crops, there can be no crop rotation but some ground may help.

    As to why the three Provinces adjacent to the Central Province has so much CKD needs to be investigated. It may be that
    these paddy growing areas act as catchment for run off waters from the tea & veg patches in the upcountry. Paddy farmers may have to wear galoshes and gloves to prevent absorbing poisons. As well, drinking water has to be tested and reverse osmosis systems put in place for drinking water. These are massive projects. I hope Sri Lanka receives help in this regard.

    I read an article by a knowledgeable person that a special kind of mammoty had been used in the old times to prevent insects infesting paddy fields. This mammoty had two sets of blades or some such structures to allow deeper digging, and so prevent larvae thriving in the soil.

    When Lanka is kept off balance all the time and money wasted in senseless and protracted war, how can we progress in any
    way ? The suffering in CKD is terrible. I sincerely hope help is given from the international sector for alleviation of suffering
    of the people with CKD as well as preventive care made available.

  25. Fran Diaz Says:

    correction and addition : …. some ground cover growth may help. I wonder whether some very useful plant can be used as ground cover to prevent growth of weeds. Suggestions welcome.

  26. AnuD Says:

    I was in the army at one point, for a short time.

    Other wise, I want the same thing that you guys want.

    I know, we don’t know have escape from MR.

  27. AnuD Says:

    WE don’t have any escape from MR.

  28. Fran Diaz Says:


    It is not escape from the President (or any President of Lanka) that we need.

    We have to refurbish and renew our methods of governance, our Education system, our way of protecting the island home from outside elements, our ways of safeguarding our air, water and food from poisons.

    For matters to go in the right direction again, each of us has to be mindful of the way we think and the way we act toward the rest of humanity in Sri Lanka. One act of kindness toward someone each day will make a huge difference.

    I hope not to offend. Intent here only to take away suffering or despair.

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