Cut the Bull on Human Rights, Amnesty International
Posted on February 28th, 2014

 Shenali D Waduge

Globally over 50,000 NGOs (international and local) enjoy $10billion fund allocations. Who funds them and what they do with the funds raises more questions than answers.  For too long we have mistakenly fallen prey to organizations that have pretended to be the spokesmen for world human rights. In reality they function as mercenaries disguised as human rights champions. World policies are dictated by corporate-financiers and their interests which take place through powerful Western Governments and a new breed of mercenaries like Amnesty International.

  • When Amnesty International USA runs a campaign titled “Free Pussy Riot ” Help Amnesty International send a truckload of balaclavas to Putin” and moreover seeks DONATIONS for this campaign from the American public does that depict UNBIAS, FAIRPLAY and ETHICAL PRACTICE?


When Amnesty International gets students to carry placards with “Russia, stop arms transfer to Syria” does that now show political bias? There were no placards asking US/UK or NATO to stop arming and training rebels.

When Amnesty places on bus stops in Chicago hoarding that reads “NATO, Keep the progress going” does it not convey a hidden meaning?
  • When Amnesty International says it is ‘Independent’ of Governments and Corporate interests, is this not contradicted with the appointment of Amnesty International’s Executive Director, USA (Susanne Nossel) who was directly drawn from the US State Department given her role behind US State Department-backed UN resolutions regarding Iran, Syria, Libya, and Cote d’Ivoire.
  • When its Executive Director Suzanne Nossel was a former Assistant to Richard Holbrooke as well as functioning as Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Intenrational Organizations at the US State Dept as well as working for Human Rights Watch where is the credibility of Amnesty?
  • When Amnesty International says “Amnesty International is funded mainly by its membership and public donations. No funds are sought or accepted from governments for investigating and campaigning against human rights abuses. Amnesty International is independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion” ” Is this not a lie in the light of the following statement by Amnesty International itself “The Directors are pleased to acknowledge the support of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Oak Foundation, Open Society Georgia Foundation, the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Programme, Mauro Tunes and American Jewish World Service. The UK Department for International Development (Governance and Transparency Fund) continued to fund a four year human rights education project in Africa. The European Commission (EuropeAid) generously awarded a multi-year grant towards Amnesty International’s human rights education work in Europe.”? Does this not prove that Amnesty International takes money from both Governments and Corporates? George Soros’s Open Society is connected to both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch illustrating how these two bogus human rights entities have been fooling the masses with their human rights crocodile tears.
  • When Tom Cartalucci of InformationClearing House declares Amnesty run by US State Department representatives, funded by convicted financial criminals, and threatens real human rights advocacy worldwide.” Is he wrong?
  • What a sham Amnesty International reports are in the backdrop of its connections to Western Governments and Corporate financiers.
  • Can Amnesty International deny making a payment of UK £533,103 to its out-going Secretary General Irene Khan when her annual salary was only £132,490.while the deputy secretary general ” Kate Gilmore who retired the same year (2009) received an ex-gratia payment of only £320,000
  • Can Amnesty International deny its racial bias concentrating mostly on non-white non-western nations only as seen by its annual reports and other promotional material?
  • When former Amnesty International Board Member Prof. Francis Boyle during the 1980s-90s claims that Amnesty International policy is closely aligned to foreign policy interests of US and UK does this not seal Amnesty International’s lies and hypocrisy? Boyle even says that 20% of AI’s international budget comes from AI USA which inadvertently means the US State Department?
  • Did Amnesty International not reply on Syria without even setting foot in the country?
  • Can Amnesty International deny its role in telling lies during the Gulf Far? Amnesty International in a 1991 Press Release accused Iraqi soldiers of killing “scores of civilians, including newborn babies, who died as a direct result of their forced removal from life-support machines.” This was used by President George Bush to justify US actions. Prof. Boyle has admitted that Amnesty International did not establish how the babies died, they had only see the graves ” these were unverifiable evidence which Amnesty International claimed was evidence. How many other ‘press releases’ have had unsubstantiated accusations which may have led to powerful Governments taking action?
  • Sri Lanka has not forgotten Amnesty International’s dirty games played during the cricket 2007 World Cup. Amnesty International launched a campaign titled “Sri Lanka, Play by the Rules”. Amnesty International may recall that the GOSL even accused Amnesty International of siding with the LTTE.

The examples are many and it simply showcases the fact that foreign governments have leveraged their espionage activities and outsourced it to a new group of people who can take cover under the globally protected maxim of ‘human rights’. Just mention the name and from UN Secretary General down there are protective mechanisms to enable them to be used to drag targeted nations to the gallows.

The mischief these organizations have got up in Third World nations are no small number backed by the Western media and their local stooges that act as the 5th column happy to take hefty remunerations to sell one’s own country and compromise the integrity of the nation simply to serve the needs of white imperial rule. They are nothing but mercenaries who have sold their souls just to live a good life while thousands and millions suffer and the world is torn up in strife – is this why none of the world conflicts can ever see an end?

These are the very organizations now being used to through their local surrogates penetrate society, fool the masses, manipulate them and bring them to the streets to create ‘democracy’ that would lay the foundations for the West and their corporates to descend and plunder nations in what is a remaking of colonial rule under a new nomenclature.

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  1. jayasiri Says:

    Thanks SHENALI…as always.. very interesting turn of events, just approaching March 2014 deadline. Everybody WANTS TO ADD some devastating comments or actions to IDENITIFY & EXPLODE non existing crimes. EVEN if they listen to Tamil Disapora or any other Tamils in USA, UK & EU it is time for them relax.

    The more they try to bring disrepute to Sri Lanka, the more moderates wil DECIDE to support SRI LANKA. Itis any wonder A I had to admit that they recived $50,000.00 from Tamil dispora few years back. THIS is how Tamils operate, they could not WIN the war, now trying the diplomatic route.

    ICG, AI, HUMAN RESOUCRES & many other agencies mostly supported by EX -USA or UK supporters are trying WITHOUT HAVING any other business EXCEPT DAMMING Sri Lanka. This will backfire against the purperatrrs in some way or another.

    At least Australia has decded to support Sri Lanka while our own NEIGHBOUR India has still deciding till the last mmoment to SAY NO to Lanka. Fringe parties of other countries are joining with Tamil diaspora to HANG SRI LANKA. But according BUDDHISM it will NOT work.

    Those countries hve to ANSWER for atrocities in Afganistan, LIBYA, IRAQ , TUNISIA and lastly lSYRIA. Lets hope OUR LORD BUDDHAS preaches & good PRECEPTS will prevail…..Thank you all.. Now there is a ETITION by Sri Lankans in USA to forward it to PRESIDENT OBAMA. Although we Sinhalese DID NOT SHOUT & SCREAM about supporting Mr. Obama at the last TWO elections, our expats DID vvote for him.

    Lets hope at least NOW LISTEN to the other side the SRI LANKANS livingin the USA. Please sign this petition…J

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well, my previous post on impending Russian Military intervention in the Ukraine has proven to be prophetic! Today, Russia ent troops by military helicopters to occupy the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine, “responding” to calls by the citizenry of this region, 95% of whom are of Russian extraction and Russian speaking.

    This will REVERSE Nikita Kruschev’s “gift” (presumably in a drunken stupor) of the historically Russian Crimean Peninsula to the Ukrainian SSR of the Soviet Union.

    It will not end here; Russia will now move to “respond” to call of Russian speaking Ukrainians in the Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine for protection, and will occupy that part of the Ukraine to set up a client state, with or without full integration into the Russian Federation.

    This will be Vladimir Putin’s answer to all of the threats and abuses to date inflicted upon the Russian Federation by the West (US, UK and the EU) including the inciting of revolts in Russian provinces and former parts of the USSR (Chechnya, Georgia com to mind), the undermining of Russia’s allies (Libya, Syria, Iran, for example), the stationing of ballistic missiles in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, presumably to counter Iranian missiles but really to corral Russia within a missile fence right next to its borders.

    I think the US Policy makers over-reached miscalculating the mindset of the Russians and their perception and response to such a clear, present and growing danger to their country’s survival. These are people who have not forgotten the burden they had to face in WW-II against the might of the Nazi war machine fighting on the main battle fronts of that holocaust, and the need to buffer their country against invaders with the territory of allied nations.

    The US warns Russia to respect “National Sovereignty” of Ukraine under “International Law”, but sovereignty is a notion that the US and UK has flouted time and again in recent years … in former Yugoslavia, Libya, Sudan, Iraq etc etc … ad infinitum, ad nauseam. The US and the UK are the last countries on this earth qualified to preach to others. Whenever they felt threatened, they invaded hiding behind various fig leaves of “human rights”, “democracy”, “WMD” , to secure their NATIONAL INTERESTS in distant lands far from home, trampling upon the Sovereign rights of the invaded countries.

    The machiavellian machinations of Hillary Clinton to destabilize and undermine not only the allies of Russia, but also Russia’s itself, will now blowback BIGTIME! We could be seeing the opening salvo of a return to a new COLD WAR confrontation between the US, UK and EU and its allies on the one hand, and those of Russia and China on the other.

    Congratulations, Hillary Clinton …. the time bombs you set in place are now going off … and are now metamorphosing from your Neocolonialist agenda presumably without repercussions to the Western Neocolonialists into a new Cold War pitting the West vs East that will impoverish and destroy the lives of millions of people the world over, and will divert scarce resources away from human development into the military industrial complex.

    I can guarantee that this fallout of Hillary’s time-bombs will NOT BENEFIT the vast mass of ordinary citizens of the United States who were looking forward to emerging from the Son-of-a-Bush’s War on Terror to an extended period of peace, prosperity and focus on addressing their urgent needs.

    Those who wish to profit from this titanic struggle courtsey of dear old Hillar Clinton should invest their money in the Defence and Aerospace Sector!

    The Absolute INSANITY and STUPIDITY of US Policy makers who threatened and pushed Russia into a corner leaving it no option but to strike back will now REAP the FRUIT of their FOLLY. There will now be no “Peace Dividend” of withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, but further expenses to confront this new self-inflicted threat.

    From this ARROGANT FOLLY may EMERGE a FRONT UNITED IN OPPOSITION to the Neocolonialist Western Agenda that has accelerated its Global Criminal Activities and in Arrogance in recent years.

    We may even see a mass exodus of countries from the Western controlled United Nations to join a alternative Union of Nations led by Russia, China.

    These events no doubt would create more support for Sri Lanka against the “Water Torture” planned by the US, UK and other Western Nations in March 2014, in Geneva!

  3. Christie Says:

    Shenali; these are not NGO as we call them. They do not pay tax and donations are tax deductible for the donors so donors tax is reduced. They are more powerful than the governments.
    Amnesty international and Human Rights watch gets a lot of money from Indians in the West. Recently I asked the CEO of HRW (his name starts wit R) that Indians are providing a lot of funds to HRW. His face went blank and did not answer my question. India and Indians were pouring money in to Amnesty International from the time it started.

  4. Christie Says:

    Please visit above and make reasonable factual and logical comments.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    RT reported the cause of CKDu in SL is the use of ROUND UP herbicide.

    We should immediately BAN its use.

  6. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    If Amnesty International wants to deal with human rights issues then this organization should also single out the nations around the world that host LITE and LITE sympathizers. Nations such as India, the UK, the US, Canada, and other Western nations shamelessly harbor the LITE organizations including the Tamil Global forum in London whose intentions of forming Eelam are clear.

    In addition to these nation the Tamil National Alliance which continues to be the voice of the LITE has to be disbanded as a proxy to the LITE and not a genuine political entity interested in the issues of those who voted them in. It is now fully clear that the 30 year war waged in Sri Lanka was a war against Tamil Terrorism and not in any way a civil war

    The best example is India’s struggle against the Khalistan movement which like Sri Lanka ended by a military action but was never termed a ‘civil war”. With the change of the nature of the war comes the change in post war actions. Now it is a war against Tamil Terrorists who have gone global and are using the host nations to get what they want out of Sri Lanka. Colombo needs to fight this new method of the LITE on the international arena and accuse those nations who not only harbor them, not only give voice to them but also allow them to raise funds within their nations to be used on an endless diplomatic war waged on Sri Lanka for the sole purpose of creating Elam

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