Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi, better watch TN!
Posted on April 11th, 2014

Jayantha Gunasekera Courtesy:  Daily News

The Lok Sabha

Tag-Point-of-View-2013l.jpgAt the UNHRC sessions in March 2014, India’s advisors saw through the move by USA, UK, EU and Canada on the one side, and TNA, LTTE diaspora and TN Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on the other side, to destabilize India, using the Sri Lankan issue.

Quoting the Editorial of the Sunday Times of March 30, 2014, “It is known that India was very much involved in the drafting of the Resolution. The inclusion of the para relating to the 13th Amendment came from India. Once satisfied that the Resolution would pass muster, India decided to abstain, and keep its peace with Sri Lanka”.

But what is important is that we cannot at this stage contemplate granting Police and Land Powers incorporated in the Amendment, till the threat of separation by Tamil Nadu, TNA and Navi Pillay wanes. Even now, there are rumblings of recommencement of violence. India must be told that it would be in India’s interest too, to refrain from granting Police and Land Powers till the threat of Separation is completely over. Police are now hunting for Kajeeban Ponnaih Selvanayagam alias Gopi, and several others who are in the pay of LTTE diaspora, to recommence violence.

Our government will naturally keep a close tab on TNA members being funded by the LTTE proscribed fronts.

UNHRC Resolution

To quote the Editorial of The Island of March 29, 2014, “But for the successful war against terror, the people of the North would not have been able to elect a Provincial Administration to look after their interests. They would still be under the jackboot of a trigger-happy school dropout thirsting for human blood, child abductions and the violent suppression of dissent would have continued and only those vociferous supporters of the UNHRC Resolution here would have benefited, because they were in the good books.

Narendra Modi at a meeting
Rahul Gandhi greeting crowd

Tamils can move about freely with their children attending school, without fear of being abducted and turned into cannon fodder, they can exercise their franchise and have themselves heard at all levels of government; so much so that even those political leaders who grovelled before Prabhakaran and recognized him as the sole representative of the Tamil people, are today free to campaign for democracy. Muslims can pray at mosques without being massacred in their hundreds, and cultivate their fields”.

No government of India, whether headed by the Congress Party or a BJP government headed by Modi, would ever be bamboozled by the representative of a relatively miniscule 50 million Tamils. They are responsible to 1,200 million Indians! The whole of India cannot be sacrificed to cater to a game plan of the Tamil Nadu politicians.

They are attempting (with the help and money of the LTTE diaspora) to fragment Sri Lanka, which will have to be resisted by the government in India. Included in Jayalalithaa’s election manifesto is that she will create Eelam in Sri Lanka. If she succeeds, she will use Eelam as a launching pad to create a separate state in India.

The Tamils in India cannot openly talk of creating a separate state there, as Jawarhalal Nehru has by the 16th Amendment to the Indian Constitution, made it illegal to canvass for a separate state. Therefore Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi are approaching this problem in a futile manner.

Indian advisors are highly intelligent and can see through this plan. We have the 6th Amendment to our Constitution. Now the time is opportune to invoke its powers against the traitors who are promoting separatism.

Nehru’s grandson Rajiv was murdered in Siriperumdur (Tamil Nadu), by the LTTE.

Tamil Nadu politicians

Tamil Nadu politicians should realize that India has one thousand two hundred million people, and that the Tamils are a mere drop in the ocean. Any Indian govt will have to ensure that Tamil Nadu cannot dictate terms to 1,200 million Indians.

In 2012, when Hillary Clinton visited India, she went only to Tamil Nadu to have a confidential pow-wow with Jayalalithaa. Did Hillary encourage Jayalalithaa to pave the way to break away from India? Isn’t it very strange that of all the states in India, HILLARY CLINTON VISITED ONLY TAMIL NADU? Jayalalithaa is now putting a plan into operation, by stating in her election manifesto that she will press for a separate state of Eelam in Sri Lanka, through a Referendum. She must clearly understand that 50 million Tamils in Tamil Nadu, have pressing problems at all levels in their lives, which need her immediate attention, rather than be concerned about Human Rights issues in Sri Lanka.

It is only a handful of TN politicians (influenced by the LTTE diaspora) who are attempting to create anger amongst people who are not concerned one jot about what is happening in Sri Lanka. Why are the TN fishermen encouraged to fish in our waters, thus depriving our Tamils their bread and butter, when the TN politicians pretend to be concerned about the welfare of our Tamils in the North? It is obvious that their game plan does not include love for the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

The monies of TN are frittered away by their politicians, while the rank and file Tamils are leading a hand to mouth existence.

Jayalalithaa has tasted the power of being Chief Minister and handling the money of TN. That is not enough for her. Does she want to be the Prime Minister of a separate country, hobnobbing with world leaders, and handling billions of money? This ‘concern’ for Sri Lankan Tamils is only to achieve that end.

TNA taking mean advantage

We made the dreadful mistake of not objecting to Navi Pillay presiding over our destinies. She has consistently, never made any bones about the fact that she is with the LTTE and the LTTE diaspora, all the way. She is due to retire from the UNHRC in August 2014. She is hoping that she will by acclamation, get a further extension of two years, as she did in 2012. It won’t be surprising if the Western countries dictate to Bang Ki Moon, that her term be further extended, in order to finally nail Sri Lanka’s coffin.

The task entrusted to Navi Pillay by the USA, UK, EU, TNA and the LTTE diaspora, is to well and truly fix Sri Lanka, or else all their efforts in March 2014 will be in vain, and they would be made to look fools.

The crime Sri Lanka committed was to eliminate the world’s worst terrorist organization (so listed by the USA), and save the lives of 300,000 Tamils who ran away from the clutches of the LTTE. As our President so rightly said the government has restored to the people in the North and the South, the highest human right, and that is the right to live without fear.

The TNA are an ungrateful lot. During the war, they were kept in Colombo and given adequate military protection by the government. They crawled like dogs before Prabhakaran and his band of brigands. If they were not given protection, they too would have been six feet under, like Amirthalingam, Sivasiththamperam, Yogeswaran, Neelan Tiruchelvam et al.

Now that the government has given them the right to walk with their heads erect, and to openly criticize the government (a freedom they never enjoyed under Prabhakaran), they are taking mean advantage. They are going a little too far.

These politicians are paid handsome salaries, and given car permits, which some have sold for over ten million rupees. In addition to all these perks from the government, they receive stupendous allowances and get free air passage and accommodation in foreign climes, from the LTTE diaspora, to be inimical to Sri Lanka. With their new found freedom,(after the elimination of the LTTE), they are encouraging the young Tamils to resort to violence, in order to achieve a separate state here.

This will eventually bring about the formation of a separate Tamil Nation in India, which will be the commencement of the fragmentation of India. 

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8 Responses to “Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi, better watch TN!”

  1. Nanda Says:

    We MUST build strong military capabilities to handle all situations including creation of Tamil US Nadu.
    Cuba remains strong just next to US.

  2. stanley perera Says:

    Time is right for the GoSL to probe racist, seperatist and terrorists backers TNA and throw them behind bars. Sivajilingam first and saibunana next.

  3. Nanda Says:

    Stupid Indians voting for a red haired euNdian.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    A racist rioter and a LIAR (lied about marriage and wife) will be Endia’s PM. Good. Those uncivilized rioters deserve it. Mark my word, when Modi leave office, POOR Endia will be engulfed in WAR from all 4 sides.

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    One must keep in mind that the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Puranas, the Mahabharata (The Sari which was worn by Draupadi the heroine of that epic), The Hindu Tilak (Tamil “Pottu”) The Sutras such as the Kama Sutra or the Arthya Sastra The Ramayana written by Valmiki, The Jataka tales, The Panchatantra – the fountainhead of world folk lore. Kalidasa (India’s Shakespeare), Kautilya (India’s Machiavelli), Aryabhata, Brahmagupta some of India’s ancient Scientists, the numeral system, the concept of the zero, Chess or Chatarunga, Parcheesi, The Gupta dynasty (India’s Hindu Golden age), the Mogul Empire and its Taj Mahal, Shankara one of India most famous philosophers, The Ashokan Empire, The Mauryan Empire, the Kushan Empire, Varanasi (Hinduism’s holiest city), The Vijayanagar Empire where the language of the court was Telugu, Shivaji and the Marathas. The Rajputs, The Gurkhas, The Sikhs, Buddha who gave birth to Buddhism, Mahavira who gave birth to Jainism, The Mahatma Gandhi who was born in the state of Gujarat, Dr Ambedkar who gave rebirth to Indian Buddhism, the famous Nalanda and Taxila Buddhist universities, Guru Nanak who created Sikhism, The Golden temple of the Sikhs, Ajanta Asia’s “Sistine Chapel”, to Ellora, the Elephanta caves which contain some of the greatest Hindu masterpieces, to Sravanabelgola which contains Asia’s largest Granite statue of Gomatesvara, Kajuraho & Konarak the only erotic temples in the world to, Sarnarth, Bodh Gaya, Sanchi with its enigmatic Stupa and fabulous gateways to the white marble Jain Temples of Mount Abu, the temples of Halebid, Somnathpure and Belure, Most of India’s famous palaces of the 19th and 20th century, Bollywood, to Sri Lanka’s Dagobas some of them the largest monuments in the Sub continent to South east Asia, Angkor Vat to Borobudur where Sanskrit was the language of the courts. To even the Gandhi Dynasty who are Kashmiri Brahmins, Even the Hindu Gods from Brahma, Vishnu ( and his avatars) Shiva, Parvati, Krishna who is supposed to be born in the northern city of Mathura, Rama who is claimed to be born in the norhern city of Ayodhya, Saraswati the Goddess of Knowledge, Durga the Goddess of War, Ganesh the lord of beginnings and his brother Muruga to Kali to Hanuman ARE NOT TAMILS OR OF TAMIL CREATION. Yet the Tamils claim what is not theirs. Remove the above and the Tamil culture has very little to show.

  6. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Forgot to add the famous Rajput and Mogul miniatures that made Indian painting famous across the world, the six schools of Yoga, Ayurvetha, Unani and Siddharth, the three traditional Indian medical schools, the dances of Kathakali, Oddissi, Manipuri, Kathak, Hinduism’s holiest river the Ganges, ARE NOT TAMILS OR TAMIL CREATIONS. I make this point because too many Sri Lankans ASSUME these are of Tamil culture. THEY ARE NOT. THE TAMIL CULTURE BORROWED IT FROM THE REST OF INDIA.

  7. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Forgot to add Panini the greatest Grammarian of the Ancient world. he perfected Sanskrit and his work was only equaled by the 19th century when Phonology was created by the British mainly due to the study of Sanskrit. Other issues including the “Jodhpur Pants” made famous by western leaders and military personnel of high ranking. It became so much of a western symbol that it’s Indian origins was only reminded by its name “Jodhpur Pants”. This style of pants is slim at the waist and puffs up at the high boots. The Maharaja of Jodhpur created that. Khaki material is a Bengali creation, The Kashmir and Pushminar shawls that showcase Indian fabric are all creations of India who are NOT TAMILS.

  8. Nanda Says:

    Selection between a red haired EuNdian and a Terrorist.
    Similar to USA, not Endia has no choice.

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