A Critical Analysis of the 2015 Sri Lanka Presidential Election
Posted on November 23rd, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

 The impression given to the public is that the country has had enough of President Rajapakse and his family rule – if the country hated President Rajapakse so much why did the main Opposition and the Opposition parties need to fish for and field a Common Candidate? What is interesting is not the nomination of the General Secretary of the SLFP to contest against the incumbent President but the fact that at a crucial press conference announcing the common candidate the absence of the UNP was a noteworthy factor giving rise to the question how many UNPers will want to vote for a SLFP. The office of the Executive Presidency has been in existence since 1978 and numerous promises have been made to abolish it – no one has actually even attempted to do so. The President is elected not by politicians but by the people but this election appears to be nothing but about levelling scores against each other.

 Can Maithri fulfill the aspirations of those supporting him?

 The common theme said to unite the common opposition camp we are told is the aim of abolishing the executive presidency. This is an obvious ruse which they know and we should by now know can’t be done in the manner they are promising. What we need to realize is that those in the Opposition Common camp have their own wish-list while those that funded the cross-overs have their own wish-list as well. How will Maithri be able to satisfy all in the same measure given the background history of all?

  • How far do we know CBK will not fall for dollar carrots for which she was ready to hand over the North for 10 years without elections to Prabakaran or enter into detrimental agreements such as PTOMs and ISGA? Did she not have a majority that even President Rajapakse has not achieved – and did she also not promise to do away with the Presidency but stayed for 2 full terms!
  • How far do we know if Ranil will not enter another CFA type agreement. Let UNPers note that even his party was not aware of the clauses and probably do not know all that RW actually promised the LTTE. But we do know that scores of intelligence personnel were killed after divulging their names to the LTTE and these men included Tamils and Muslims.
  • How far do we know if TNA and SLMC will make their own demands for separatism again under bogus names meant to fool us?
  • How far do we know how much money transpired to buy over these cross overs and what promises were made in exchange to fulfil upon election victory and the biggest question is in what capacity will these promises end up comprising the national security of the country as a result of the bargains made?
  • How can a possible President-elect Maithri fulfil the aspirations of the ‘kandahaliya’ supporting him?
  • What will happen if Maithri ends up doing a Uvais Mohamed on the parties and individuals supporting him? Remember the Municipal elections of 2006 when the UNP could not contest they supported Uvais Mohamed who claimed that he would hand over leadership to the UNP after winning the election and all the Colombo UNPers voted for Uvais and what did Uvais do after winning – he refused to give up his title and became the Mayor of Colombo – what an anti-climax for the UNPers! Would such get repeated?

 Can people trust jumping jacks?

The cross over factor is becoming a curse to the nation. Coming from people’s vote what moral right do politicians have to change camp for personal remunerations and personal glory? What is the likely outcome from such an arrangement when politicians can be bought over for anything and by anyone?  Is it not a dangerous scenario when politicians can be manipulated by depositing dollars and pounds?

 Is this not why the office of the President is important to maintain stability in a Parliament that has parliamentarians susceptible to be purchased and not only that if money will also be used to get them to use their office to sign and make deals that are detrimental to the nation and the people!

 Most often the reason for cross –overs have nothing to do with the needs of the nation but are purely based on personal factors – to escape investigation for abuse of office, promises of new titles etc.

 Corruption factor – Name a person not corrupt?

It is agreed that corruption has got worse and will never be solved unless administrative changes and discipline is adopted to put a stop to corrupt practices. Corruption occurs in both state and private sector and from the top to bottom. There is little place for honest people nowadays as the systems are run by the corrupt who will ensure that the honest are never in any leading roles. It is good to take a leaf from the discipline that prevails in the military where mechanisms are in place to take action against those found guilty and similar procedures must be put in place without anyone enjoying impunity. That there is a blanket on people in high places from being punished for wrong actions is certainly a factor that the current President needs to now seriously look into. Only people in office should have a right to lead the nation not their families. Ignoring these factors have given risen to multiple situations where the same people who have been let off end up being the headache!

 Nevertheless, what needs to be said is that if people are against corruption there is no requirement for them to remain with corrupt people. Look how Gamini Jayasuriya showed what a man of integrity he was. He did not agree to the Indo-Lanka Accord and he graciously bowed out – how many politicians have been part of the corrupt circle and then when elections come they emerge to become the beacon of righteousness against corruption.

 The question is would Maithripala Sirisena have come out against corruption and to abolish the Executive Presidency had elections not been called for? Would the JHU have done the same? Why are people coming out against this, that and the other only after elections are announced? Why did they not resign from the Ministerial portfolios if they felt so strongly against the wrongs taking place? This question applies to not only Ministers but officials holding portfolios as well. What the public needs to understand is that while they too played a role in aiding and abetting they cannot claim to be the Mr. Clean’s during election time only!

 Another factor is the issue against the power exerted by the family. These are certainly issues that the President needs to seriously look into and address but at the same time it is good for those pointing fingers to ask would the war be ended if not for the three-family members, would the development taking place not be a visible reality if not for the same threesome? Has any of those pointing fingers done an inch of what those they find fault with have done for which the entire nation is openly praising?

 Can Ranil lead the country or does he really want to lead the country?

This question needs to be answered at some time or the other by the UNP and even Ranil W himself. It looks pretty obvious that every time an election is called for he is well and truly happy to put a scape goat to face elections and claim upon victory he would hand over mantle to RW – why cant RW fight his own battles? Why is it that both Ranil and Sajith are reluctant to face elections – is it because they know they will not win or because they do not wish to win lest that should expose them for their lack of leadership (some like to be thought of as leaders and do not like to prove they are)! The contention that RanilW is more than happy in his role as Opposition Leader with all the perks minus the hassle of leading a country of natives that he has no connection with or desires to connect with is a reality that people need to take stock of.

 The class struggle prevails across ethnicities

Another underlying factor not put into the open but needs to be critically analysed is the caste factor as well as the class factor in elections – electing candidates, voting for candidates are essentially based on these two factors for the lack of policies playing a role in deciding who to vote for. It has to be accepted that manifestos are just pieces of paper that people hardly look at and those pledging never mean to uphold. Thus, it is personal charisma that often decides who people vote for. This is why actresses have gotten more votes than no. 2 in the UNP, this is why people promising jobs, money and other remunerations end up getting votes too. Will the JHU get votes based on a policy they uphold and why is the JVP vote base declining is this why we see a culture of clinging on to parties for political survival?

 Who thinks of the country and the welfare of the people?

The next important question that voters need to ask themselves before voting for anyone or party is who among the politicians actually think about the country and the welfare of the people? What have they done for their electorates in terms of development from the allocated funds given? Have roads, been built, have they facilitated means of employment, have schools and other education facilities been provided, how much of prominence have they given to education and employing the educated against people who are willing to do their dirty work, what role have they played to bring a moral and ethical society devoid of illegal and illicit activities in the villages and towns that come under their purview….the answers will reveal which politicians have been no action talk only ‘leaders’ who now come forward to make complaints against others.  

 At the end of the day the voters must vote for people who have done a job and done a job well utilizing the money taken from the state coffers paid for by the tax payer. The public do not mind their leaders enjoying the fruits of labor so long as they are divided equitably and the lives of the people are looked after and looked into as well? The question is how many of our politicians have with the money allocated to them looked after the needs of the people or their own needs first?

 Another factor that voters need to keep in mind is that electing leaders should not be looked with temporary relief or temporary solutions. People need to look far beyond and realize that our leaders need to be leaders able to fend off foreign pressures and foreign incursions. Just imagine what the country would be like if CBK signed PTOMs/ISGA or gave the country to Prabakaran for 10 years to run? What would have happened to the country if all clauses of the CFA were implemented and foreigners were given the mantle to run the country – the same nations that have ruined the countries of Yugoslavia, the Middle East, Africa and are now focusing on doing the same for Asia!

 With the literacy of over 90% of Sri Lankans able to see the dangers of these incursions the voter must play a greater role in questioning which leader can face these challenges and come out of it without compromising the national sovereignty of the country?

 How will people vote?

A party where class plays a key role, who in the UNP will vote for a farmer from the Opposite Camp? Class is why Sajith will never be accepted, why Dayasri left, however Premadasa had to be accepted for lack of other choice, but why Maithripala will never be accepted and possibly why no UNP sat at the press conference announcing the common candidate!

 Ranil chickened out of contesting the last presidential election and Fonseka fell for the bait funded from foreign sources. Is 2015 an encore!

With the minorities voting for the UNP the question is

  • Will the Tamil UNP vote base vote for Maithri?
  • Will the Muslim UNP vote base vote for Maithri?
  • Will the Christian/Catholic vote base vote for Maithri?
  • Will the high class Colombians vote for Maithri?

 Some advice for the President

This is a good time to take stock of matters.

  • Who are the reliable, how reliable are they?
  • Have the loyal to the party been rewarded  or discarded because make-believe loyals have used their money to nudge their way to priority status? (money cant buy loyalty)
  • What can tip the balance – abolishing the 13a, adjusting provisions of it, safeguarding the interests of the nation, not people pretending to be doormats and then leaving camp!
  • Take the honest into one’s fold and get rid of the useless!

 How much is the public affected in their day to day lives because of the office of the President – is it they who want the Presidency abolished or is it just a political slogan because the office stands in the way of bigger plots and plans?

 What do the public want that a President can and should deliver? Is it giving in to political slogans or to provide leadership to keep the nation and its people safe, uplift the masses and develop the nation?

 What a chaos the country will land itself in trying to experiment with people promising change with no plans for such and what a cocktail of uncommon compromises will need to be made to make the common candidate selection team happy!

 Voters must decide and voters must not fall prey.





66 Responses to “A Critical Analysis of the 2015 Sri Lanka Presidential Election”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Tomorrow is the FINAL READING of the budget.

    MANY more MPs will cross the floor tomorrow. Even if some others in the government like Hack-him, etc. ABSTAIN from voting, the budget will LOSE forcing a general election!!

    That will be a massive election blow because the budget is an election budget.

    JVP terrorists are already getting ready for their BAD OLD WAYS of strikes before elections. Unless MR has 70% Sinhala Buddhists behind him it will be very difficult to stop these DIRTY MOVES affecting the election.

    With POPE coming in January, tensions between Buddhist patriots and the govt. growing.

  2. Christie Says:

    Chandrika is the Indian agent of the day.

  3. Leela Says:

    “Unless MR has 70% Sinhala Buddhists behind him it will be very difficult to stop these DIRTY MOVES affecting the election.” Lorenzo said. Very true.

    Getting 70% is not a cake walk. To understand that one must read Champika Ranawake’s interview published in today’s ‘Irida Divaina’ e-edition. Mind you Champika presents his facts to average Sinhala Buddhist who can perceive what’s happening. Champika made even a strong Sinhala Buddhist like me to halt at a cross road and think deep which road to take. With RW as his executive PM and bandit queen as a sidekick, I am not even suggesting that Maithree is the Savior. But Shenali’s old arguments pales in to insignificance if people see MR is wearing new shoes as Champika says there.

  4. purohithaa Says:

    It’s sad to see clean chaps like Champika, Gammanpila are unable to do justice for the masses under the prevailing rotten system, what they do unwittingly is to cut the nose to spite the face! Or alternatively damn if you do it, damn if you don’t do it, either way all become losers! The deciding factor is the Buddhist factor!

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Today I watched the Youtube.com video on the Sirasa TV sponsored interview of Maithripala Sirisena (MS), Dr. Rajitha Senaratne (RS), Anura Kumara Dissanayake (AKD), and Ven. Athuraliye Rathana (AR) regarding their defection from and opposition to the Government.

    1. MS stated that the UNP leaders had assured him that all the necessary funds would be available for the election campaign and even a referendum. Can those great gobs of ready money at short notice be coming from foreign sources; sources that Ranil was lining up during his foreign trips to the UK and US in the not too distant past? This addresses the question raised by Leela and Eusense on foreign funds.

    2. The overall impression I got from their comments was that they, especially the defecting Ministers, felt they had been PERSONALLY EXCLUDED from exercising power by the President and his Family. They said all the functions of the Ministries were controlled by the Rajapaksas, and that there was nothing for the Ministers themselves to do except rubber-stamp the decisions of the Rajapaksas. They said the President had too many Ministerial portfolios and exercised total control over the budget.

    3. Another impression I got was that their own ambitions had been checkmated by the Rajapaksas. Perhaps that control and intrusion into their Ministries PREVENTED them from profiting from their departmental budgets, and of exercising POLITICAL PATRONAGE by distributing benefits to their own followers. Clearly, part of the reason for Champika Ranawaka’s defection could be his demotion to a less important Ministry with a much smaller budget.

    4. Anura Kumara Dissanayake was easily the best and most aggressive speaker, as most JVP leaders tend to be. His remarks reminded me of the “class struggle” spouting JVPers of my day at the U. Peradeniya, who resorted to the argument of force when they could not convince the people through the force of their arguments. Those viplavakarayas were either killed or are in hiding abroad to this day. I would not trust his newly discovered commitment to democracy even to save my life … for I know this type of frustrated revolutionary very well.

    5. If I were the President, and had a Band of Able Brothers like he has, I too would use them as a defensive phalanx for protection against the totally ungrateful and treacherous politicians driven by unbounded ambition and greed that proliferate like snakes in Sri Lanka. What would you do in the President’s position surrounded by internal and external enemies?

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Please view this Video of the Announcement of the Decision to leave the UPFA Govt by Patali Ranawaka and others of the JHU.


    As a supporter of the JHU, I am quite sad that the JHU chose this path to discipline the President.

    This is not the way. I hope that they will somehow join hands with the President and the SLFP again, before the PATRIOTIC ALLIANCE is destroyed beyond recovery.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Govt. may consider dissolution if there is mass defection

    November 23, 2014

    Government seniors were this week considering the possible early dissolution of Parliament, the Sunday Times learns. Consultations at the highest levels were held on the pros and cons of dissolving Parliament. This comes against the backdrop of the revolt by a section of ruling UPFA Ministers and MPs who have opted to back the opposition’s common candidate, former SLFP General Secretary and Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena at the January 8th presidential election against incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    Mr. Sirisena’s party post was handed over to Petroleum Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa and the Health Ministry was taken over by President Rajapaksa. The thinking behind the move for an early dissolution of Parliament was to strip dissident UPFA MPs of their positions in government and parliamentary privileges with immediate effect.

    Senior Government officials cited a precedent where President J.R. Jayewardene dissolved Parliament on December 20, 1988 the day after the 1988 Presidential election was won by R. Premadasa and fresh elections were called two months later. This deprived President Premadasa of having the 5/6th of Parliament under UNP control then, they said.

    The obstacle to an immediate dissolution of Parliament is the need to have the 2015 Budget approved. The third reading of the Budget is scheduled for tomorrow when the Ministry of Finance votes will also be taken up. The Government still maintains a comfortable majority in Parliament to have the third reading passed with a comfortable majority but a mass defection of MPs might precipitate an immediate dissolution and a Vote on Account being passed in lieu of the Budget, it is learnt.

    The Opposition has also asked for a special session of Parliament on December 12 and Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa has allowed it. Should Parliament be dissolved, the Government will be run by a caretaker Cabinet of Ministers headed by President Rajapaksa.

  8. Vimutti Says:

    I think this is an easy election for MR to win but he has to PUBLICLY connect the dots VERY SOON so it is clear to everyone that the same actors who are behind the UNHRC probe are the ones behind MS. It is critically important to define MS to the Sri Lanka voter before he has a chance to define himself.

    I would start with US Ambassador Sison’s public statements and actions before she left her post this summer. Sison was clear what the US priorities were in Sri Lanka, and at the top of the list was ABOLISH THE EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY, second was RESTORE THE RULE OF LAW, and three was MEDIA FREEDOM, which are precisely the same three issues being pushed by MS. Sison and her staff were also going around meeting with opposition leaders to try to get them to take up this US agenda in Sri Lanka, and even met with Ven, Sobitha of the JHU to encourage him to move forward with the USA reform agenda for Sri Lanka, especially abolishing the executive presidency. All of these things are public record, and could easily be reduced to campaign ads that would be fairly persuasive with the vast majority of the voters. If reports are true that Western nations are also putting up significant money to back MS, this will also play well in the campaign ads. The Ranil and Chandrika USA connection should also be stressed.

    There also should be a clear rationale stated in the campaign ad for the Western meddling, starting with MR switching Sri Lanka’s alignment to China to provide the funds needed for Sri Lanka’s extraordinary post-war development thus far, and protect Sri Lanka from baseless UNHRC accusations by being a veto holder on the UN Security Council, The US is also concerned that about China’s plan to finance Colombo Port City, the largest economic development project of its kind in the world, and the prospect of China having a naval base in Sri Lanka and including India in a new “Asian security alliance” that is capable of checking Western intrusion into this part of the world. The other part of the rationale should stress the “egg on the USA’s face” for promising a so-called political solution to Northern Tamils that sought to divide Sri Lanka into very small parts, a promise that was mooted by MR routing the LTTE in 2009. And in a pitch to Northern and Eastern Tamil VOTERS (not politicians) MR should stress the same “a nation divided will not stand” theme that was recently promoted by ALL UK politicians in their effort to beat back Scottish separatism, and then question why the US and the UK would want to divide Sri Lanka but are against separatism when it is in their own country. Divide-and-conquer is an old colonist trick that was used everywhere the European and American colonist went throughout the world, in which they sought to pit local subgroups against each other so that the country could easily be oppressed (kept poor and under control) by the colonists, as internal conflict is a major distraction from doing what is truly in the best long term economic interest of the country.

    This “Western meddling” campaign of MR reduces MS voter support to UNP (30%) and N/E Tamils (5%) and 50% of Muslims (5%) for a 40% total versus 60% for MR. This is roughly the support MR has now, and will be a slap in the face to Western countries who thought they could initiate regime change from within Sri Lanka.

  9. Vimutti Says:

    I would also play MS’s promise to hospital staff in a loop on national television that “he is not like other ministers that would try to use his influence to get his son out of a jam with the police” and then show the series of phone calls he made to other ministers and police officials using his influence as minister to get his son out of jam with the police.

    It COMPLETELY DESTROYS MS’s credibility with the voter.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:


    Please read Mahindapala’s exposition at LankaWeb of the choice before the voter entitled ” Maithripala – Ranil’s latest puppet”.

    It is humorous and edifying!

  11. cwije Says:

    Maitreepala is not coming to bring UNP to power. But by getting UNP support there is a good chance to retire Mahinda. He said he will create a national govt. In a national govt, UNP will have a better say than the present mess.

    For the Sinhala Buddhists the key issue is if he is going to abolish 13-A, which he can say during the election time.

    Mahinda has last chance to abolish 13-A.

    If not Mahinda is useless because war victory is lost with TNA going back to 1976 Vaddukoddai and 1985 Timpu or 2002 Oslo.

    There are no saints in politics and CBK’s blunders have Mahinda’s finger prints too. PTOM was presented in parliamant by Mahinda. CBK’s thief PBJayasundara runs Mahinda’s money shop.

    So I hope Shenali does not lose her balance in her excellent writings.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    Please look at the Tamil POV.

    Tamil separatists think continuation of MR will further ISOLATE SL and MR will continue to give them UNFAIR benefits against Sinhalese and Muslims!!

    This seems very odd but this is how Tamil separatists think.

    SL has been isolated from the west during MR’s govt. EVERY YEAR SL gets bashed at the UNHRC. West has STOPPED giving loans to SL. Now they are investigating SL’s alleged war crimes. The report is due in 4 months. It will be a DAMNING report (obviously biased towards LTTE but there is nothing SL can do than get further isolated from the west).

    If this CLASH with western governments continues TAMILS believe there will be a UN INTERVENTION, sanctions and even restrictions in CRICKET.

    With the north Tamil ONLY, IF the UN intervenes for a referendum, it will say a BIG YES for TE.

    But Tamils don’t like to vote for MR. So they are likely to BOYCOT voting for Sinhala candidates this time too.

    This is EXACTLY what Tamils did in 1982. Tamils knew JR was on a collision course against Endia and LET him continue.

    The LEAD Kobbekaduwa got over JR from the north and Batticaloa district was VERY LOW because a Tamil candidate contested and won MOST votes.

    (This does NOT mean people should vote for MS!! He has NOT made it clear he will SCRAP 13 amendment. Bandit Queen and CFA Run-nil are with him which is a VERY BAD sign.)

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Cwije is CORRECT on these.

    Mahinda has last chance to abolish 13-A. If not Mahinda is useless because war victory is lost with TNA going back to 1976 Vaddukoddai and 1985 Timpu or 2002 Oslo.

    100% true. We fixed the SYMPTOM not the SICKNESS.

    “There are no saints in politics and CBK’s blunders have Mahinda’s finger prints too. CBK’s thief PBJayasundara runs Mahinda’s money shop.”

    100% TRUE.

    But this is NOT true (unless cwije can prove it.)

    PTOM was presented in parliamant by Mahinda.

    IF TRUE this is a VERY SERIOUS issue. PTOMS was all about sharing money with the LTTE for tsunami reconstruction!

  14. Ananda-USA Says:


    The way I see it is like this:

    The UNP and the TNA will get the most votes for the opposition in the upcoming Presidential Election. MS does not have any chance in hell of dictating anything to his UNP and TNA supporters in the very unlikely case he is elected.

    In the extremely unlikely case of MS winning, he will only be the President but will not gain control of the Parliament, unless a sufficient number of UPFA MPs defect to the opposition. Even in that case, the opposition in Parliament will not have the required 2/3 votes to amend the Constitution.

    So, unseating the President Rajapaksa now is USELESS for passing any bills not supported by the UPFA. This is why the JHU tried to get MR to hold the Presidential and General Elections at the same time.

    Therefore, things will stay UNCHANGED until the next general election, which MS, if he becomes the new Executive President, can call early.

    If a general election is held soon after the Presidential Election, the UNP and the TNA will get most of the current opposition’s seats in the Parliament, but not enough to capture control of the Parliament.

    In the UNLIKELY case they do capture control of the Parliament also, then MS will have to rely on the UNP and the TNA to propose amend any aspect of the Constitution, and UPFA support to get 2/3 majority to do it, which they will NOT GET!

    ALL of these barriers to MS having the required 2/3 majority for AMENDING ANY ASPECT of the Constitution, makes it VERY UNLIKELY that any changes to the constitution, incuding

    1. REPEALING the 13A (which the UNP and the TNA will oppose)
    2. REPEALING the 18A
    3. RESTORING the 17A
    4. ENACTING a NEW 19A

    will EVER HAPPEN!

    So why then did these FOOLS jump ship? This is a FOOLISH EXERCISE in FUTILITY!

    The executive Presidency will stay where it is until the current UPFA govt does it, or a future government with 2/3 majority by itself comes to power.

    The MOST LIKELY SCENARIO is a WEAKENED UPFA Govt remaining in power with MR still as the President, and its MAIN IMPACT will be that the nation’s rapid development to become the New Wonder of Asia will come to a screeching halt.

    I hope the People of Sri Lanka will hold those miscreants who brought this DISASTER upon their heads will hold them RESPONSIBLE for it at both the Presidential and General Elections!

  15. cwije Says:

    It is my policy that I do not write anything not factually correct.

    Thanks to Lorenzo, I could now correct a mistake that I made on PTOMS.

    I saw somewhere that Mahinda presented in parliament but I cannot trace it back now. May be someone who has access to Hansard could check if it was submitted as a bill to parliament.

    Until it was checked I withdraw my statement that Mahinda presented it in parliament.

    Instead here is what I found from a book written by one Roshan de Silva Wijeyeratne, Nation, Constitutionalism and Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

    Mahinda was Prime minister when PTOM was signed by Govt and Prbakaran on June 24, 2005. Mahinda remained silent during the PTOM debacle.

    It was JVP and JHU which fought against PTOM. JVP quit the govt. over the issue. Two monks stages a fast unto death. JVP went to SC and got an interim injunction against implementing it.

    What we do not know is whether Mahinda protested against it within the govt, privately at least, as he was the PM.

    In 2005 Presidential election, Mahinda said he will cancel the PTOM agreement.

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    “VERY UNLIKELY that any changes to the constitution, incuding

    1. REPEALING the 13A (which the UNP and the TNA will oppose)
    2. REPEALING the 18A
    3. RESTORING the 17A
    4. ENACTING a NEW 19A

    will EVER HAPPEN!”

    YES. As in 1995 they will say “Oh the other side didn’t give us 2/3 so we CONTINUE as it is!!”

    But Run-nil is NOT after the PM post going forwards. PM is selected from the parliament by the president. He will be the PM appointed by MS but that parliament will face a general election SOON thereafter!!

    Run-nil is ONLY interested in keeping his UNCLE’S party in his dynasty.
    Chandirikka is ONLY interested in keeping her DAD’S party in her dynasty.

    This is ALL they want. So MS will NOT face a challenge from them AS LONG AS THEY GET THESE.

    As I explained before, Tamils will BOYCOT the election. Tamils are DISAPPOINTED the common candidate is a SINHALA BUDDHIST NATIONALIST. Accordind to Tamils, it is “SAME SHITT”.

    In fact they want MR to stay so SL will CONTINUE to be bashed by THEIR favourite west which now they call HOME.

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    Thank you.

    HIGHLY APPRECIATE your relentless patriotic work!

    I will do a search. MR was the PM then. So there is SOME possibility.

    “In 2005 Presidential election, Mahinda said he will cancel the PTOM agreement.”

    By then the COURT had ALREADY annulled PTOMS!

  18. Independent Says:

    Thanks Chandrasiri and Lorenzo.

    We should not get attached to “politicians” but to the Sinhala nation.

    Few facts have been wiped out together with Prabhakaran and the war. We should revisit these and I must thank you for that effort again.

    • Rajapakse was a JVP sympathiser during Premadasa government. He was one of the leading patriots who made some controlled noise within limits. He openly said India has invaded Sri Lanka.
    • He, together with Vasudeva (old friend and current friend) tried to go to UN HRC to complain and handover a petition. I am not sure whether this is the 1st instance of “betrayal of motherland” (a recently re-invented weapon) by a Sinhala ( and specially a born Buddhist).
    But we remember very well the hell during Premadasa’s suppression. (not sure we should forgive Sajith for this , unless he condemns his father on this). When we were travelling towards Colombo, people were celebrating like never before. If Premadasa is considered as a hero who defeated mighty India ( using whatever the tactic), then Rajapakse is one of the first betrayers who invented this “complaining to International community” method.

    Nevertheless, I take this as something against injustice, not betrayal. You cannot be attached to mere words and personalities which are subjected to change all the time. Justice Sinhala people should come even before “betrayal”. Ranil and Premadas killed Sinhala youth indiscriminately.

    • As you said he probably tabled PTOMs or could have been the PM during PTOMS. But what we definitely know is that JHU / JVP ferociously opposed PTOMPS. They fought against appointment of DEW Gunasekera as the Constitutional Minister and representative of the Government in the PTOMS, who has been a sympathizer of the LTTE he became an MP through the National list. DEW Gunasekara still is the President’s supporter.

    Most things the President did after the war was against the Sinhala majority. You sadi Kalu Sudda to JR but JR too almost defeated Prabhakaran ( until Indias’ invasion). Do we consider him as a hero ?
    But we tend to forgive Mahinda for every bad thing he has done against Sinhalas and we consider ANY man or woman rising against his injustice as “betrayer”. We cannot fool ourselves forever.

    A lot of people are joining together because of his terrible habit of listening to bad friends and growing of his family tree at the cost of Sinhala people. These people are not betrayers, NGO puppets – they are fed up with his one man show.

    One thing for sure is he will never repeal 13 A in the future because he did not do it when he easily could. Any other person may do it, there is some chance.

  19. Independent Says:

    Sorry. I missed out one whole set of words.

    “On the day of Premadas’s death, as we were travelling towards Colombo, people were celebrating like never before. If Premadasa is considered as a hero who defeated …… “

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    “We should not get attached to “politicians” but to the Sinhala nation.”

    But MOST of our people are attached to POLITICIANS.

    After the war victory ROTTEN CROOKS surrounded MR. Now they are dragging MR to hell.

  21. cwije Says:

    PTOMS in Parliament- who submitted it

    I did further digging and found an Island news report in which CBK says Mahinda presented it to Parliament as PM.

    The other thieves in this PTOMS game were Sarath Amunugama, then Finance Minister and Dew Gunasekera who was constitutional Minister and PTOMS govt rep.

    Why this whole issue arose was because Ms. Shenali Waduge blamed CBK for PTOMS. But when all facts are considered Mahinda was also in the soup. And two other thieves are now with Mahinda Amunugama and Dew. So these idiots are fooling us and we must come out of this box.

    We must not be unfair to Maithreepala if he is going to form a national govt. It will not be a UNP or a Ranil govt. It is sad that Mahindapala from Australia also look at this issue from a narrow angle.

    Ranil knows he cannot win so he gave it to M and that means at least 30% Sinhala Buddhist vote block. It is not difficult to get another 20% from the 11 groups I identified and sent to Lankaweb as an essay. I hope Lankaweb will print it.

    Island September 10, 2005

    President Chandrika Kumaratunga on Thursday slammed Prime Minister Rajapakse over his agreement with the JVP and asked him to inform her and the public how he hoped to achieve peace under the pact.

    In a harshly worded letter, a copy of which was obtained yesterday by the Associated Press, she pointed out that he had breached party discipline by entering into the deal without permission.

    She told the premier that he had “unilaterally decided to reject the tsunami aid-sharing structure,” which had been “approved by our entire party, the Cabinet – including yourself – and presented to Parliament.”

    “I hereby inform you that your actions totally breach party discipline,” she asserts.

    Kumaratunga pointed out that the Post-Tsunami Operation Management Structure (PTOMS) had been endorsed by all segments of the SLFP, including the central committee, district and electorate level organisers.

    PTOMS was presented to parliament on June 24 after it was approved by Cabinet, the SLFP, other supporters and by Mahinda Rajapakse himself, Kumaratunga reminds him. However, he has rejected PTOMS in his deal with the JVP. How could Rajapakse reverse his endorsement of the agreement just two months after helping to present it in parliament, Kumaratunga asks.

    She also refers to Rajapakse’s proposal to conduct face-to-face negotiations with Prabhakaran, placing it in the context of the Mahinda-JVP pact. “Under this agreement, if you do meet Prabakaran, it would only be to share a peace of cake with him and not to achieve peace.”

    “Inform me and the people of this country how you can bring peace through this pact. You have spoken of a solution within a unitary state. Till now, the party has believed in achieving peace by devolving power within a unied Sri Lanka. As far as I know, there isn’t yet a system in the world whereby you can devolve power within a unitary state.”

  22. cwije Says:

    Another PTOMS news

    Island, Dec 26, 2005

    CBK praises Mahinda, pledges
    support for tsunami rehab. efforts Jaya Lanka launch today

    by Shamindra Ferdinando

    Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga has pledged her support to President Mahinda tsunami reconstruction programme.

    “I extend my best wishes to President Mahinda Rajapakse in carrying forward the tunami reconstruction programme. President Rajapakse will need the full support of all Sri Lankans in this endeavor, and he has my full blessings too,” she said in a brief message issued to mark the first tsunami commemoration day.

    “I still recall with pride the manner in which Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse and all religious, political and civic leaders acted in unison to provide relief to the affected people,” she said.

    Rajapakse led the tsunami relief efforts in Kumaratunga’s absence.

    The message comes in the backdrop a damaging row over Rajapakse canceling cheques issued by the Secretary to the President’s Fund on the verbal instructions of Kumaratunga on the eve of the November 17 presidential elections. Rs 600 million had been released to Presidential Cultural and Sports Centers Trust.

    They are also at loggerheads over provisions approved for Kumaratunga. She had sought four bullet-proof motor vehicles, two VIP jeeps, three VIP vehicles, seven jeeps, one van, one bus and 18 motor cycles and a large personal and security staff,

    Rajapakse is scheduled to launch his much publicized Jaya Lanka programme to spearhead tsunami rehabilitation and reconstruction drive. The launch will take place at Pareliye where a train load of passengers were claimed by raging sea waters a year ago. It replaced the hotly disputed Post Tsunami Operational Management Structure (PTOMS) that brought the government and the LTTE together to handle reconstruction.

    The JVP quit Kumaratunga’s government in protest against PTOMS pact paving the way for a pre-poll pact with Rajapakse that envisaged among other scrapping of the PTOMS.

  23. Lorenzo Says:

    Thanks cwije. Information should be free.

    I hate to say this but MR’s approach towards the UPPER and the LOWER has been INCONSISTENT.

    e.g. We ALL criticised Tamil Pee-illey’s BIASED UNHRC. MR also said so. But then she is allowed to visit SL!

    e.g. We ALL criticised Callum McRae’s channel 4. MR also said so. But then he is allowed to visit SL and further gather “evidence” against SL!

    e.g. JUST AFTER UNHRC 2012, 2013 and 2014 sessions MR through his ministers said SL will NOT bow down to UNHRC resolutions. But ALMOST ALL those were done!! Demilitarization, poltiical solution, jailing our soldiers for killing terrorists in Trinco, etc.

    e.g. MR blasts commonwealth colonialism but when its chairmanships is given ACCEPTS it!

    So MR presented PTOMS to parliament and then for the election agreed to scrap it to appease the JVP! Good he SCRAPPED it but why on earth he presented it in parliament? In between these 2 events something else also happened. HELP HAMBANTOTA.

    This is NOT about insulting MR but to present some FACTS about this puzzling duplicity.

  24. Vimutti Says:

    Lorenzo – The alternative to MR – MS, Ranil, and Chandrika – is much, much worse, and essentially sets Sri Lanka backward to the pre end-of-war era taking orders from the US, UK, and Norway.

  25. Ananda-USA Says:


    You are ABSOLUTELY correct, the proposed opposition CURE is FAR WORSE than the alleged UPFA DISEASE!

  26. cwije Says:

    I see no big difference between CBK and Ranil and MahindaR. The war ended that way because of Gotabhaya and the monks. I know personally that Gotabhaya did not want to file cases against SarathF.

    Yes, MR was the political boss but he ruined all war victory by his foolish or selfish acts after May 2009. There is nothing much he can do now other than retiring after 2 more years.

    If Maitreepala handles the removal of 13-A the country can be better under a national govt. All this foreign intrusion is not going to happen if we remove the source for such interferences which is the TNA with NPC which is the ladder MR gave to separatists Tamils.

    It was like our thinking King Parakramabahu as a great king. He killed all his enemies (royal blood?) so that withing 100 yrs afater him the kingdom fell without suitable heirs. MahindaR was king but not that great a king when you think that the end of war was not the end of dividing the country.

    It was so hard for me to think like this but the country is more important than this or that person.

    I challenge Vimukthi and Ananda-USA to explain why they said what they said.

  27. Lorenzo Says:

    Vimutti and Ananda,

    The CORRECT comparison is MR verses MS. Who is the BETTER Sinhala Buddhist?

    IF Run-nil, CBK, Mongal, Ravi, Kirialla, etc. are brought into the calculation, you have to bring in Karuna, Hack-him, Dilan, GLP, KP, Sajin, Mervin, etc.

    Who is worse in this comparison? KP, etc.

    MOST traitors of CFA (on BOTH sides!) joined MR. As Sir John Kotalawala said the arsses have changed but not the arsekissers.

    Am I wrong? Just stating facts. We ALL are patriots looking at the same object from 2 sides. Ultimately SL MUST survive as a Sinhela Buddhist UNITARY nation.

    There is a SIMMERING dispute between GR and CR-MR-BR-NR. I’m afraid ultimately GR will be kicked out too.

    This is what ALWAYS happens in SL. Cricket board officials go with their wives, kids, etc. on foreign tours in first class while cricketers go in economy class. NO tickets for their wives.

    For Olympics our officials were more in number than the sportsmen!!

    We KICKED OUT the army commander who won the war (among others), the cricket captain who won the WC, the hero who reawakened us (Anagarika Dharmapala), the woman who was nailed by Saudi barbarians, the Scotsman who helped us and the high commissioner (despite his shortcomings) who defended SL MOST!!

    What are we?

    Lets kick out everyone who does some good for the country when they disagree and blame a foreign conspiracy.

    Can’t we peacefully DISAGREE and accomodate the GOOD of all?

    Guess what the Tamil separatists and Jihadists think of us? They must be laughing at SL for not being able to peacefully disagree and work for the good of SL. We have become like Thalaivar who killed or tried to kill ALL those who disagreed with him. He too blamed a foreign (meaning Sri Lanka) conspiracy. They still blame!

  28. Lorenzo Says:

    Look what we did to CHRIS NONIS and TAMARA KUNANAYAGAM.

    They did MORE service to SL than ANYONE else in the foreign service. But we kicked them out and BLAMED them! One was literally slapped and kicked.

  29. Lorenzo Says:

    That was NOT directed at Ananda, etc. It was how the GOVT acted. New York slapping incident.

    I foolishly defended govt action (even against patriots) as much as I could but now far too many blunders to defend.

  30. Vimutti Says:

    Lorenzo – read this: http://asiantribune.com/node/85904 and then understand the danger Sri Lanka is in if they fall for the MS gambit.

  31. Vimutti Says:

    Lorenzo – Google: “U.S. foot-hold in Sri Lanka through Ranil: Maitripala Sirisena ‘The Face'” and then understand the danger Sri Lanka is in if they fall for the MS gambit.

  32. cwije Says:

    I do not know how far Vimutti has gone in understanding US policy.

    If 13-A is abolished and instead Jana Sabhas created at GSN level to empower people with basic responsibilities no other country will or can interfere in SL affairs. This foreign direct threat is a beggar’s wound.

    Of course thousands of foreign spy agents are in SL.

    In a national govt and under parliamentary system Ranil cannot sell SL to Christian white people.

    Why is MahindaR not doing it?

    By the way what is your real name??

  33. Vimutti Says:

    I understand US foreign policy very well, and this is why I am concerned about Sri Lanka falling prey to same crap that has plagued many Latin American countries where the US operates and many countries in Asia like Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia.

    There are SUBSTANTIVE moves Rajapaksa has made to chart an independent course from the USA, especially his alignment with China. The US obviously does not like this, and is using Ranil, Chandrika (their long-time allies) and MS as the front person to reset Sri Lanka backward to US client-state status.

    Abolishing the 13th Amendment will help resist some of that by securing territorial integrity, but the meddling will continue as long as Sri Lanka is dependent politically, economically, and militarily on the US and the UK, and Rajapaksa and G.L. Peris seem to be the only ones other than the US, UK, and Norway Embassy staff that seem to understand this.

    It is about alignment and geopolitics and its influence on economic development and security in Asia. The reason the US has a China Containment policy is they feel their superpower status is being threatened by China, and Sri Lanka – because of its alignment with China – gets to become the test case where this is played out.

    If Rajapaksa wins so does China, and the US and UK lose bigtime!

  34. Independent Says:

    Thanks Cwijei and Lorenzo.
    This is the way people should use their time effectively in the web, if they are patriots.
    No point keep on hailing their preferred man even when they are grossly at fault.
    No point being partial to someone, this web will not create votes. But this forum can constructively show deficiencies of a government.
    Unfortunately I have seen some people who kept showing President’s faults disappear forever.
    But there are too many faults lately, one could find one every day.

    Even today he is talking about “files”. Does this make sense ? He has the files showing details of all the wrong doings of his ministers etc. But as log as they are with him, they are safe. Go against him, it is up to him to do what he wants. This surely is worse than NGO alliance. Here we have head of government not punishing crimes against the country or humanity as long as they are his friends !

    Sinhala Bahudaya are not like that. Bahudaya will always do the right thing. The country’s revenue is not the money politicians earn. Although no one is perfect, civilized people try to be as clos as possible to prefect. That is the duty of a human being according to Buddhism too.

    In my view, I say it again, if there is anyone who will abolish 13A , it will not be this President. That is for sure and obvious to anyone. He has never promised it. He refuse to accept anything wrong in it (unlike is brother who is against it).
    Maithreepala will probably not do it either. But even Runil can be persuaded to do it, if an alliance party insist on it.

  35. Independent Says:

    You said “If Rajapaksa wins so does China, and the US and UK lose bigtime!”.

    Are we not interested more what happens to our nation or the wining or loosing of USA, China and UK ?

    We must be worried more about what is happening around us.

  36. Vimutti Says:

    Independent – how could maintaining a few files be ‘worse” than a Western NGO alliance unless you want Sri Lanka to be a puppet government of these countries rather than doing what is in Sri Lanka’s best long-term interest? These NGOs want to DIVIDE Sri Lanka to keep it off balance and in conflict so it can’t rise economically.

    Also, the UK is declining, the US is declining, Japan is declining – only China is rising. And China, unlike the US and the UK has a “no internal meddling policy” in which they do not meddle in the internal affairs of the countries they help, and is even Buddhist in its orientation and culture, just like Sri Lanka.

  37. Independent Says:

    I mean, if we have a immoral person as the head, we will be going down worse then Bangaladesh gradually, regardless of whether we are a colony of USA or not. I am not saying it is happening now but one cannot tolerate wrong doings of one’s own ministers knowingly. It is gross violation of power.
    We are almost like a colony of India now- with 13A.

  38. Vimutti Says:

    Independent – this is rather naive – what happens in Sri Lanka is a direct result of the alliances it makes with others around the world. Who do you think is funding all of the highways, bridges and ports in Sri Lanka – it is China, not the US, UK or Norway. What do you think a free trade agreement with China is worth with a market to sell Sri Lanka products to 2 BILLION people, and how many Sri Lankans can you lift out of poverty with the money made from these exports?

    Do you really think the US, UK or Norway is going to do a free trade agreement with Sri Lanka? And even if the were willing to do that (which they are not) they are short about 1.5 billion people if you compare their agreement to the one with China. A 1.5 billion person edge in market size for Sri Lanka products is unmatchable by the West, and as I said earlier, Rajapaksa and G.L. Peris seem to be the only ones in the Sri Lanka government that understand this.

  39. Independent Says:

    Sorry Vimutti, this forum is not the place to argue wide ranging issues you mention. FYI no one is ” funding” those projects you mention. They are on loans ( with high interests).

    But I am talking about right or wrong as a head of government. Please address that.

  40. Vimutti Says:

    The focus of electing a leader is his CAPACITY to improve the welfare of the country as a whole, and moral character may or may not affect this capacity. If we had a saint running Sri Lanka but who was clueless and had no prior experience on how to develop the Sri Lanka economy, lift people out of poverty, or unite different ethnicities and religions, what good would such a saint be as the head of Sri Lanka government?

    Alternatively, if you had a pragmatist who has a proven track record of getting things done for the best long-term interests of Sri Lanka, who can squash terrorism before it starts again, grow the economy by close to double digits to increase the job base, build housing for the poor, unite different religions and ethnicities, make the correct alliances with other countries to sustain economic growth, and insulate the country from political harm, would not that be a better leader even if he had a few character flaws?

    If we were voting for the head monk of the temple, I think you would have a point about moral purity, but being president of ANY country, including Sri Lanka, requires enormous capacity to get things done for the benefit of the nation, and this above all else must be the criterion on which to select the leader of the country.

  41. Vimutti Says:

    Independent – “They are on loans ( with high interests).”

    Loans are not a problem if you can pay them back. All of the highways have toll booths that charge each vehicle so the revenue to pay back the loans is fairly secure. The only thing I can see that would would put paying back some of these loans at risk is retrenching from the economic development course charted by Rajapaksa and reverting to a US client-state in which the US doles out pennies to countries like Sri Lanka ( a 9 million dollar US grant is still worth a LOT less than a 5 BILLION dollar Chinese loan in terms of economic development) and subverts any real movement toward being a self-sufficient country by controlling the internal politics of the country.

  42. Independent Says:

    True, loans can be paid back. But please look at our budget and come back again with how we are paying back. I am not going to argue on that, you will see yourself.

    But let me take one more example on my point. What happened to the Indian who got convicted and were on death row ?
    Our president released them. I repeat RELEASED them and the are free men.

    What happened to the Sri Lankan with the same charge ? They are still on death row.
    Are we not slaves of Tamil nadu despite 26600 Sinhala soldiers giving their lives to be a free unitary country ?

    There are facts you can see clearly. But the NGO nonsense cannot be seen. Say only. Every day, different government ministers.

  43. Vimutti Says:

    Releasing the Indian death row inmates was not about Tamil Nadu, but a goodwill gesture to India and Modi. Sri Lanka has to maintain good relations with India, and let India know that despite its relationship with China, Sri Lanka is no threat to India. In fact, I see all three countries interest converging, in which China, India, Sri Lanka, and others are moving toward a trade and security alliance that is independent from the West.

  44. Lorenzo Says:


    I did that. Run-nil will be a NOBODY because the parliament will be dissolved either by MR or MS. Run-nil only wants to be UNP leader.

    But USA cannot invade into SL just like that. You said China will win if MR wins. NO!

    China has been begging MR since 2008 to sign a FTA but MR still has NOT signed it!

    Don’t forget BR and GR are US citizens. Dallas and Ali Zaheer Maolana are also US citizens.

  45. Vimutti Says:

    Lorenzo – if MR wins, FTA is signed next year. There are only small details left to negotiate and MR was smart not to sign to soon, as this can’t be a one-way deal in which China accesses Sri Lanka markets tariff free without a reciprocal amount of tariff-free exports from Sri Lanka to China. So I think the current plan is to phase in Chinese tariff-free imports in multiple steps, conditional upon Sri Lanka exports to China hitting a similar dollar level.

  46. Vimutti Says:

    US citizenship alone is not enough to place one in the US camp, you really have to look at ACTIONS, motivations, and interests. There are plenty of Sri Lankan citizens that may be willing bend over backwards for the USA simply with a scholarship promise to one of their children. And there are also many US citizens that are loyal to Sri Lanka, and have maintained their citizenship for other reasons that have nothing to do with politics at all.

  47. Vimutti Says:

    should be “maintained their “US” citizenship for other reasons…..” in last post.

  48. Independent Says:

    Good talking to you will catch up later.

  49. Lorenzo Says:


    But US citizenship is one BIG step. They have taken an OATH of allegiance to USA!!

    “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America.”


  50. Vimutti Says:

    Do you really think most people take these oaths seriously?

    I personally know people who joined the US Army to escape poverty and have no real ‘patriotic’ interest at all.

    One of the great benefits of US citizenship which entitles you to a US passport is visa-free travel to most countries in the world. That, alone, is enough of a benefit for many people to get or maintain US citizenship, which has nothing to do with politics.

    More to the point, there are many American citizens that do not agree with or support the official policy of their country. This is especially true of Black and Latino voters, and White progressives, who are more interested in uplifting the human condition in America and around the world, especially for people of color who have been enslaved, colonized, oppressed, and discriminated against by America and European countries for centuries.

  51. Lorenzo Says:

    “The 2015 Budget was passed in Parliament a short while ago by a majority of 95 votes with 152 MPs voting for 57 against.”

  52. Lorenzo Says:

    But if anyone does not take that oath seriously, what stops them from taking SL seriously?

    WHEN there is a problem they will fly away to USA like Ferdinand Marcos.

  53. Vimutti Says:

    Lorenzo – it is a question of values and what do you really stand for as a human being. Do you stand with the oppressors or stand with the oppressed, do you stand with the colonists or stand with the subjects of colonization, do you stand with the wealthy or do you stand with the poor?

    These values TRANSCEND country.

    In fact, if Sri Lanka united with more like-minded people in every country with THESE values, think how much stronger it would be as a nation.

    The British and Europeans didn’t just colonize, divide, and conquer Sri Lanka. They did this all over the world, and the people of these countries face similar issues to those faced in Sri Lanka.

    There are ‘problems’ in rich countries as well as poor countries, so the existence of problems arising is not a reason to flee to another countries where there also are problems, albeit different ones.

    So when I meet people, I assess their values and what they stand for as a person first, and everything else is secondary. If someone tells me that they are primarily into money and material things and I can also discern this from their lifestyle, then I know they probably can be bought and therefore have no loyalty to any country regardless of their citizenship. If I meet someone who says they are into fighting oppression, and I see this in their activities, job selection, and the friends that they associate with, then I know they are going to be about that regardless of where they live or what passport they hold.

  54. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    INDEPENDENT ! I too thought of the same problem, immediately the INDIANS were released. Yes, what about the men of our Country ? It is downright TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE. MR SHOULD HAVE PARDONED THEM TOO, IN VIEW OF RELEASING INDIAN FISHERMEN.
    This clearly shows that MR is servile to India, but failed to give a thought to our own citizens, simply because he did not see his own mis-judgement, and cared two hoots about it. He should PARDON THEM ATLEAST NOW. The law of Karma would be kind to him, then only.

  55. Independent Says:

    Read my comments on “what follows after victory of …”. People are happily bashing Maithree but who knows he could be the biggest hero in our history. Please read Chandrasiri’s comments too.
    We have NOT won yet. We have gone back to pre 2009. Giving our ex-hero another victory will probably be the biggest disaster. He may ruin Sir Lanka completely. He will be the last one to repeal 13A. He will never do that. But under pressure Runil might bulge.
    Can you imagine if Premadas did not get killed what would be Sri Lanka now ?

  56. Independent Says:

    I agree with you. No one takes these oaths seriously.
    But , I believe, people who stay in Sri Lanka even with the ability to go abroad are the real patriots. They are better than people who ran away and grabbed USA, UK , Australia, Canada citizenship. Who love the country more ?

  57. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    INDEPENDENT ! There is a lot of sense in what you say.


  58. Lorenzo Says:


    They may not take it seriously but USA does and knowing they may need to go back to USA one day, they comply!

    BR meets Blake.

    “6. (C) Speaking with surprising candor, Rajapaksa explained
    the GSL’s efforts to prove that members of the Security Task
    Force (STF) murdered five students in Trincomalee in January:
    “We know the STF did it, but the bullet and gun evidence
    shows that they did not. They must have separate guns when
    they want to kill some one. We need forensic experts.”

    WikiLeaks – wikileaks.org/cable/2006/10/06COLOMBO1622.html

  59. Independent Says:

    That sound like a real betrayal ! That proves our forces do such thing. I don’t believe they do that.

  60. Lorenzo Says:

    When you take this type of an oath and when USA ENFORCES it, what else can you do?

    “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely RENOUNCE and ABJURE all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America.”

  61. SA Kumar Says:

    if MR touch 13A than Modi will be in SL before Pope.-

    But MR do not have alternative know , look like We will get our day dream TE soon.

    Nambugnal , Naalai pirakkum TE ! (Not today)

  62. Ananda-USA Says:

    Even as Europeans are afflicted by Global Terrorism, they are DELISTING the LTTE from the list of TERRORIST organizations!

    Will they EVER LEARN, that what goes around ultimately comes around, as Canada is learning now? Frequent reminders from Bomb Blasts in European capitals seem to be ESSENTIAL to jog their fading memories alive!

    Meanwhile, thank God for Lord Naseby, who continues be a lone voice of wisdom and reason in the House of Lords!

    This is a WARNING to those Sri Lankans, busily engaged in UNDERMINING the War-Winning Govt of Sri Lanka, to CEASE & DESIST for they should

    “Ask Not for Whom the Bells Warning of Terrorism Tolls, it Tolls for Them!”</i?

    Lords of British parliament discuss EU court’s delisting of LTTE and Sri Lanka’s presidential elections

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 25, London: The European Union court’s decision to delist Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the upcoming presidential election were among the issues discussed at Britain’s upper parliament, House of Lords on Monday.

    The discussion initiated when Lord Naseby, who is the chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sri Lanka, asked the House of Lords what action they are taking in response to the European Court of Justice verdict on 16 October and its conclusions in respect of restrictive measures currently in place since the LTTE was proscribed by the European Union in 2006 and by the United Kingdom in 2000.

    Responding to Lord Naseby, Lord Wallace of Saltaire said they are studying the implications of the ECJ judgment and considering appropriate next steps and announce that the UK condemns the Tamil Tigers as a brutal terror organization, and it remains proscribed under UK law.

    Lord Naseby informed the House that the Tamil Tiger groups in UK are planning a rally at ExCel on Thursday (27) to celebrate the life of the slain LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran and the other Tamil Tigers, and to raise money for Eelam. He said the rally should be stopped since the LTTE is a proscribed group in UK.

    Lord Wallace responding to Lord Naseby said the UK Government is actively concerned to promote reconciliation and reconstruction within Sri Lanka among all of its different communities.

    The members of the House of Lords also discussed the upcoming presidential elections in Sri Lanka when Lord Bach asked what the prospects are for a free, fair and inclusive election in Sri Lanka given the history of such elections in the past and the blocking of the common opposition candidate’s first TV interview.

    Lord Wallace said the British Government and others are talking about the best way to ensure that there is effective monitoring of the elections. “We will of course be raising such issues with the Sri Lankan Government,” he said.

    The Lords also discussed the progress being made with the United Nations Human Rights Council inquiry into the war crime allegations and the Sri Lanka government’s cooperation with the investigation.

    Lord Wallace responded that as a sponsor of the resolution of the UNHRC, the UK is actively concerned in the issue.

    “We are not at all happy about the refusal of the Sri Lankan authorities to co-operate with the attempts to have an external inquiry, because of our concerns that the internal inquiry’s recommendations have not yet been implemented,” he said.

    When asked what action the British Government will take to ensure that the Sri Lankan Government co-operate more fully with the UN report Lord Wallace added that the UK government has actively made its position clear to the Sri Lankan Government and will continue to do so.

    Full Text of the House of Lords session can be found here

  63. Vimutti Says:

    ALL – here is and interesting article on the USA setting up MS as the next leader of Sri Lanka by giving him an award at Harvard that is funded by USAID that runs the US Embassy in Colombo.

    Google: “Maitripala Sirisena was in United States 2013 ‘Potential Leaders’ list”

  64. Lorenzo Says:


    We have 3 US citizens in the MR camp. Their sons and daughters are US citizens too.

    MS received the Harvard Health Leadership Award from the prestigious university. It is NOT funded by USAID. Jaffna commander Gen. Udaya Perera is another patriot. Maj Gen Udaya Perera was elected as the President of the International Fellows Programme at the United States Army War College.

    Does that mean he too is a US agent? NO WAY! Same thing. They are well ROOTED and PLANTED in SL, NOT USA.

  65. Vimutti Says:

    Now we have the EVIDENCE that Maithripala will retain and “build on” the 13th amendment to devolve power to the North and East.

    In a New Town Hall meeting with doctors over the weekend, Maithripala says if elected he intends to implement ALL of the recommendations of the LLRC, including this recommendation:

    “- A good-faith effort should be taken to develop a consensus on power devolution, building on what exists [13th Amendment] – both, for maximum possible devolution to the periphery, as well as power sharing at the centre.”

    So Lorenzo’s speculation that Maithrapala will abolish the 13th Amendment and is not interested in dividing Sri Lanka into small parts as desired by the Tamil separatist crowd is plainly false.

    I already knew this was the case based on the actors who are sponsoring the Maithripala candidacy, but now we have it straight out of Maithripala’s mouth.

  66. Vimutti Says:

    Lorenzo – you are starting to sound very naive – WHAT DID MAITHRIPALA ACTUALLY “DO” TO EARN THE HARVARD AWARD? And when you acknowledge that he has done absolutely nothing, especially when compared to health ministers in the 200 other countries around the world, then I think you will understand that Maithripala was being setup as the next leader in Sri Lanka by the US.

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