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Mahinda Weerasinghe

I wrote this piece as a comment to I. Ahmad essay, the heading of which is outlined below. On second thought the majority of my enemies would have missed it and I felt that they are unable to offer their valuable opinion. So I did a little bit of touching this up in order to get the bite and acidity flowing, and also made the subject juicer, and posted, for your reading pleasure.

 Ayesha’s Age at the Time of Her Marriage – A Response to Innocence of Muslims”

Posted on September 20th, 2012 By I. Ahmad

No doubt about it I. Ahmad has done satisfactory research concerning Ayesha’s age as to when the prophet consummated his marriage with Ayesha. I have not gone deep into his findings; but if it historically tallies with what he assesses, then the showing of video was uncalled for.

Indeed he makes an excellent comparative analysis Vis a Vis Catholic Church contra Muslim girls’ age of consent.
He writes;

The Catholic Encyclopedia says Mary Mother of Jesus (peace be on him) was 11 (and Joseph was 90) upon their marriage. [The Catholic Encyclopedia: An International Reference Work on the Constitution, Doctrine, Discipline, and History of the Catholic Church, New York Robert Appleton Company, Vol. VIII, Pg. 505]. Yet, we do not hear anti-Islam elements raise objection to this recorded fact of history. If Ayesha, even at age 12, was too young to be married, then certainly Mary Mother of Jesus was too young. Likewise, if Prophet Muhammad at the age of 53 was too old to marry Ayesha, then Joseph at age 90 was certainly too old. Yet, such objections do not exist, demonstrating the double standard anti-Islam individuals assert against Muslims.”
This information too I did not check up but I am willing to accept these facts as bona fide.

Yet the fallout of the above information is sensational; leaving aside the marriages; the real question which emerges is: did Joseph and Mary consummate their rights. Not if going by the Catholic Church and the Christians at large. For they accept a bizarre fact without much ado, or investigation that; Mary was a virgin and a holy virgin no less!
Personally to me, it is unimportant whether she was a virgin or not, when she became impregnated with Jesus, (Naturally any sane people will not accept anyone’s virginity after impregnation without a doctor’s certificate)!

That begs the question: How can the bible implicitly canvass for a virginity of a mortal mother without any physical evidence, thought divinely impregnated or otherwise?
I pondered over this crucial question and found that there are three alternatives to choose from;

a.) That Mary is truly a virgin and God planted the seed of Jesus by bypassing biological constrains; well these are the marvelous things a God does for reasons only he can explain. But being a rationalist I will suspend judgment till I see tangible physical evidence as to this; much touted virginity of Mary.
b.) Second possibility, however unpalatable to the Christians may be; is that Joseph was the father of Jesus. If this is a fact, then Joseph has been a con artist of a grand magnitude.
c.) However this last option though utterly distasteful to the true believers” is the most rational of the alternatives and I will put my money on this one. That Joseph was cuckolded. In which case the last sentence of section b.) Above, the names of Joseph, and Mary should interchange here.
Thanks Ahmad, without grasping the consequences you have opened a can of worms. Thanks here, because I have been waiting for this opportunity to question this myth!

By the way you may be not aware, but ‘Ayesha’ the youngest and the favorite of the Prophet and she is also the daughter of the first caliph of Islam (Abu Baker); but above all was also the initiator of the Shea Sunni divide. Those past deeds it seems to me will fire the WW III, more than ever today, thus engulfing the Shea, Sunni not to mention the Christians.
Personally Ahamd I am of the opinion that most number of the holy wars was initiated by one or other of imagined Gods of the Judeo-Christian sects that emerged from the desert.
Out of the three sects I support Judaism, not due their being a ‘chosen people’ or any such ‘hogwash’.

But for two historical and provable facts; they had not annihilated any Buddhist nations and taken over their land (read the history of the Silk Road nations); perhaps you notice what Taliban did to the ‘Buddha’s of Bamiyan’, so world at large can clearly experience the intolerance” by the adherents of the religion of peace”!

Secondly it is the Jews out of all the Judeo-Christian sects, outside of Asia that aided the dissemination of Buddhism to the world at large.
No one can question the Jewish impact on the sum total of knowledge as Jews bag most of the Nobel prices in natural sciences. And if Islam is no threat to their survival, The Jews” with their intelligence and wisdom, has to end up as Buddhist!
Ahmed no use accusing outsiders for the hostility shown to Islam, go into your percepts and you will find the reasons therein, as you did in this case! But would you?
Mahinda Weerasinghe
The author of The Origin of Species According to The Buddha”

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