Posted on November 28th, 2014

Chaminda Perera  Courtesy The Daily News

Al Jazeera: UNP MP and nominal ex Govt. MP egged on Tiger ‘war crimes’ advocate

Some elements that stated in the past that talking about ending terrorism is a rotten subject, now take pride in claiming over Al Jazeera Television that the war heroes who ended terrorism in Sri Lanka may be taken before War Crimes Tribunals, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said yesterday.

He said when Global Tamil Forum spokesman Suren Surendiren spoke about prosecuting war heroes before War Crimes Tribunals for eradicating terrorism in Sri Lanka, a former nominal government parliamentarian and an Opposition MP were seated on either side of him.

The President added that these elements who have easily forgotten the killings of Buddhist monks, children, thousands of people and leaders of the country, are now talking only of taking him and war heroes who made many sacrifices for the country, before a War Crimes Tribunal.

President Rajapaksa was speaking at the presentation of the Sannaspatra to the chief incumbents of temples declared as sacred places by Gazette notification at the Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre. The President who made an unprecedented contribution to the uplift of Buddhism was also felicitated by the Buddhist monks.

Over 3,000 Buddhist monks representing the Sasanarakshaka Balamandalayas around the country invoked blessings on the President chanting Seth Pirith.

President Rajapaksa said discipline has deteriorated to some extent and his next step will be to restore it. My next endeavour is to establish discipline in the country in our path towards development in the aftermath of terrorism,” he said. The President said there is no need for haste as he believes that the blessings of the Maha Sangha are always with him.

President Rajapaksa said that the government created an environment in the country where the people have become more closely engaged in Buddhist activities. Some elements alleged that going around temples will not help win the election at the time I visited temples as Prime Minister,” he said. President Rajapaksa said he is the only person capable of abolishing the Executive Presidency in the event it is to be abolished. It is hilarious to say that the Executive Presidency would be abolished in 100 days. A two thirds majority is a pre-requisite for such a move. It is only this government that enjoys a two thirds majority,” he said.

Mahanayake of the Sri Lanka Amarapura Nikaya, the Most Venerable Davuldena Sri Gnanissara Thera, Anunayake Thera of the Malwatte Chapter Most Ven. Niyangoda Vigithasiri Thera, Mahanayake of Ramanna Maha Nikaya Most Ven. Napane Pemasiri Thera and Adhikarana Sanganayake of Colombo and Chilaw and Chancellor of Kelaniya University Ven. Welamitiyawe Kusaladhamma Thera and Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne were also present.

– See more at: http://www.dailynews.lk/?q=local/unp-chases-war-heroes-and-me-war-crimes-president#sthash.jRHj8dTd.dpuf


  1. helaya Says:

    Well said President. LTTE diaspora already acting like MS is won the presidency.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Does this sound like the President is READY TO TRUST the SHIP-JUMPER Maithree and his Executive-PM-in -waiting Ranil, who has NEVER SUPPORTED THE ARMED FORCES and colludes with Foreign Powers to Undermine Sri Lanka, to protect the War-Heroes that FOUGHT THE BATTLES, and the Rajapaksa Family that LED THE WAR EFFORT to a victorious conclusion?

    If Ranil and Maithripala, who hid in the grass like a snake to spring his trap on MR at the very last moment, believe they are going to be TRUSTED by MR to PROTECT the War-Heroes and their Political Leaders of the UPFA, they are living in an UNREAL WORLD!


    ONCE BITTEN, TWICE SHY they say! MR WILL NOT, and SHOULD NOT, TRUST the UNP or Maithripala Sirisena to do ANYTHING but to persist in LOW TREACHERY!

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    I do not know where to put this news where Sri Lankans can read it so I chose this website:

    Please watch: “CIA Insider: Project and Prophesy” on utube. It speaks of a rapidly coming economic crisis that would impact Sri Lanka very badly. some points that might interest those who see this comment.

    US dollar invested in 1950’s had a return of $2.41
    US dollar invested in 1970’s had a return of 41 cents
    US dollar invested in 2014 has a return of 3 cents

    US Stock Market liabilities in 1924 87%
    US Stock Market liabilities in 2014 234%

    Only reason US can print money nonstop is because it is the international currency of exchange. Now it stands at 62% of global currency exchanges after the creation of the Euro. It will continue to drop after the creation of BRICS

    During the 1970’s oil crisis Henry Kissinger went to Saudi Arabia and had an agreement where the dollar will be used for global sales of oil. This created the term “Petrodollar”. From Russia to the Middle East uses the dollar..till recently.

    the Russian standoff changed that.
    Obama’s shift of power from Saudi Arabia to Iran freed Saudi Arabia to do transactions with other currencies and gold
    Bilateral trade not using the dollar has sharply increased. This will bring the crash of the US economy and the dollar faster than one thinks. Please watch that video.

  4. OaO Asithri Says:

    Here’s the JOKE of the day:
    Latest Headlines from SL:

    Sri Lanka opposition presidential candidate vows to protect President and security forces from war crime charges
    Fri, Nov 28, 2014, 11:10 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 28, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s common opposition presidential candidate Maithripala Sirisena vowed to oppose any move by anyone to haul the Sri Lankan leaders or security forces to an International Court on war crime charges.

    Addressing a media briefing convened by the common opposition in Colombo today, Sirisena stated that he will not allow the international community or the pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora to carry out an international war crime probe on the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, his family or the security forces who freed the country from terrorism if he becomes the President.

    WOW! This man MS, I thought he was more smarter than this, but I was sadly wrong!

    According to the claim he made, he is ONLY going to be the Executive President for 100 days and then he is going to handover the reins to the notoriously unpatriotic Run-nil to head the GOSL – but then he makes this proclamation as if he can honor it!

    What a crafty and dishonest man this MS has turned out to be!

    Never mind that Run-nil is the lap-dog of the west, also the silly-putty in the hands of the LTTE and LTTE pro-Tamil diaspora and pro-LTTE Norway, he expects us to believe his word when he himself has said that after the 100 days, he is going to fade-out and then it is going to be Run-nil’s show!

    What a simpleminded crackpot this MS is if he thinks he can fool us with this kind of vote-grabbing, cunning ruse!

  5. Independent Says:

    Mr. Wijeysingha,
    Thanks for that. I watched it. Scary. What will happen to people in the proud USA when it happens ? Suicide ? Actually Sri Lanka has been following the same path. Our increased reserves are minute compared to ballooning debt. But our gamarala’s will always have something to eat at least.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Sad to see this VITAL issue has been POLITICIZED.

    MS or anyone will NOT betray SL war heroes.

    1. IF anyone betrays our war heroes, people will take matters into their own hands and DESTROY those traitors.

    2. SL is NOT a signatory to ROME STATUTE so NO ONE will be sent to war crimes tribunals anyway!

    3. There are NO war crimes by SL forces anyway so everyone is safe.

    4. ONLY LTTE committed war crimes. KP, KA are war criminals. They may face war crimes charges.

    MR should NOT act like this. It gives the WRONG IMPRESSION SL has things to hide!!

  7. Vimutti Says:

    Lorenzo – it goes back to who you answer to and who they answer to. MS answers to RW, and RW answers to the USA who wants to push the war crimes issue.

  8. Nimal Says:

    Sadly there’s much treachery in the country where these scum bags wants MR to be hauled before the international criminal courts. Some of them seems to think that CBK and Ranil is the best but they have forgotten their treachery over PTOMS,where they nearly divided the country after the Tsunami.
    President hardly impressed the supporters and the world at large, good governance is poor, His association with thugs and criminals haven’t helped and his weakness was exposed to the world in NY where a county’s High Commissioner was assaulted by a thug.
    When people were critical of his association with a thugs then he should have made note of it and taken the appropriate steps as the IC sees him as person running a failed state which will lead to inevitable interventions. One must learn from the fate of Milosevic and other leaders of the third world where they think they could allow bad governance and get away with. My advise to him to have technocrats and successful CEOs of genuine companies advising him but two bit culture ventures and religious freaks. He should haunt hospitals, schools court house and the offices of utterly incompetent civil service and not temples and churches as the latter is not conducive to a modern state.
    Yesterday was a good example in UK where the courts fined almost half a million pounds to the former chief whip of the government for abusing a police officer and we must learn from these countries or it would be to our own folly.

  9. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    What will happen to Americans even if a part of that comes true? MURDER! So many in this nation are now heavily addicted to Heroine (Google Heroine use in the US. Google “Vermont Heroine capital state of the US. Google “Heroine in New York city). So many guns and so many addicts that if that aspect alone comes true it will be slaughter. The book mentioned in the video is called “currency wars”. that tells what will happen to the US economy AND the dollar. That will shake the very foundations of the world
    That is why major powers are positioning themselves for that eventuality. Talked to some over here. it goes from the next few years to the next couple of years. That is how quickly it will change to the worse. it will impact Sri Lanka but India will be absolutely devastated.
    But the “Crucible of Decline” by Columbus Falco on Amazon tells of what will happen in the US when the dollar and our economy crashes.
    My advice:
    Prepare in case it does happen and hope while your are preparing that it does not happen.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    NO. MS doesn’t answer to RW. He is answerable to the PEOPLE.

    Tobacco, heroin and distilleries businessmen will spend BIG against MS. They may even harm him. Remember CEYLON TOBACCO COMPANY became SL’s largest (in terms of value) corporate in 2013?

  11. Ananda-USA Says:


    Thank you for bringing Jim Rickard’s prediction of an imminent Financial Catastrophe to our attention.

    Solely because Jim Rickards, the author and potential financial soothsayer, touts himself as a former CIA Financial Threat & Asymmetric Warfare Advisor, I spent quite some time watching the videos, researching his background, and reviewing what others say about him. There is even a short biography of him at Wikipedia.org.

    I have come to the conclusion that NOW he is JUST ONE MORE FINANCIAL SCAMMER trolling the Web, using a combination of well known economic data, a liberal sprinkling of half-truths and half-lies of his own creation, to transform himself into a multi-millionaire, by scaring and stampeding people into BUYING his book “The Death of Money” and his “Project Prophecy 2.0 Wealth Protection Plan” as NECESSARY, SUFFICIENT & ESSENTIAL TOOLS to SURVIVE the Financial Collapse he PREDICTS will occur PRECISELY on May 12, 2015!

    I won’t describe the catastrophe he predicts, or his reasoning in detail; you can discover that for yourself on the web as I did, but I will convey to you my own conclusions about his predictions and motives.

    His SURVIVAL PLAN amounts to shifting investments from financial paper assets into hard-assets (and into stocks of companies owning primarily hard assets like railroads and utilities). Most prudent investors own a mix of stocks and hard-assets anyway.

    While the big debt load of the US (and other Western nations, I might add) is worrying, and the United States will lose its economic leadership in the world sometime in the future, it is also true that the US economy has historically outperformed most other economies, and today is probably the strongest in the world after habving emerged from the rrecent recession, with companies having lots of cash, and making great profits; with employment and consumer confidence increasing rapidly together with an increase in personal savings.

    The stock market is also showing signs of some “irrational exuberance” and is delivering record returns. There are some stock analysts predicting that the US is now poised on the cusp of a 20-year bull market.

    Taking everything Jim Rickard has said into consideration, I will IGNORE his DOOMSDAY PREDICTIONS, and will remain invested in both hard-assets, and more aggressively invested in US stocks that have delivered a return exceeding 36 percent to me in the last 12 months.

    Readers at LankaWeb would be well advised to take into consideration that Jim Rickard’s sole purpose could be to make money on his predictions designed to herd potential customers into his cattle corral!

  12. Independent Says:

    Thank you very much Bernard. Obviously we can see he wants to sell his products but there could be 90% truth to his predictions but 50% reliability on his insurance methods, I guess.
    “So many in this nation are now heavily addicted to Heroine ” – sound like Sri Lanka.
    Are we in Sri Lanka following US now ? We too have too many guns already and too many gangsters already.

  13. Independent Says:

    I heard in that video MS + MR tried to sign a treaty with LTTE which was prevented by JHU. I don’t remember such thing. This is close to Mavil Aru fight.

  14. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Independent. A person wanting to sell does no take away from the message

    By the time you get this you may not see it but I will place it for others to Google. Today in the DRUDGE Report, 3rd column and almost last article today (11/29/14) it may not be there today but you can Google “European Nations Repatriating their Gold from American Vaults”. European nations are pulling out their gold reserves from our banks physically to be placed back in their nations. If Europe does this then I would presume other nations will follow. The issue here is the “trust factor”. If the world cannot trust their gold holdings in our banks then we (America) have a really big problem. Then what that man says may even be true. Regardless of what that man has to say this is extremely significant.

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