OPEN LETTER to Hon. Maithripala Sirisena, President of Sri Lanka and Hon. Justice C.V. Wigneswaran, Chief Minister of the Northern Province,City of Jaffna, Sri Lanka.
Posted on June 7th, 2015

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

7 June 2015

OPEN LETTER to Hon.  Justice C.V. Wigneswaran,   Chief Minister of the Northern Province, City of Jaffna, Sri Lanka. and  to Hon. Maithripala Sirisena, President of Sri Lanka

Dear  Justice Wigneswaran:

I have been following your story of acting your cry-baby antics reporting to international Sri Lanka- interfering visitors about how your Tamil people in the north are not being treated well as a minority Tamil community by the Sri Lanka government.  Ha!  What poppycock.

I live in Canada, and I don’t think that neither you nor your Tamil people know how lucky you lot are.  Every First Nation person in Canada would want to move heaven and earth just to exchange places with you lot, especially with those 295,873 Tamil refugees who were rescued by the mainly Sinhalese Sri Lankan Army  by  19th May, 2009, at the end of the 30-year long Eelam War.  Remember, these Tamil refugees were herded like unwashed cattle not by the majority Sinhalese, but by your brethren, the ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists, as a human shield for 30 months moving them under a scorching hot sun from the west coast to the east coast of the island.

These Canadian First Nation peoples would have loved to have had enjoyed the luxury of getting fed three hearty meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for almost three years and not having to spend a single penny to pay for these meals.   And you Chief Minister, you are sly and cunning like a fox, not to tell your international  ‘it’s-not-their-business-probing visitors, I am glad and thankful to the Government of Sri Lanka and mainly the majority Sinhalese people for preparing a million meals a day to sustain my people.  And that Sir, most certainly was not an act of Tamil genocide.  It was far from it.  This shows true compassion by the majority Sinhalese people, and  also the Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government respecting  human rights  by not letting my people starve to death.”

 You are a disingenuous Tamil, aren’t you, Wigneswaran?  Where the heck is your honesty?   Your blood red Third eye between your eyebrows is no help for you to see reality on the ground and around you.   Try changing your blood red Third eye to a compassionate Buddha’s saffron-yellow, which might help you to see the truth.  I am a Buddhist.   And Wigneswaran you lie and you croak like a yellow-bellied frog  in a muddy-puddle in Killinochchi, when you see Foreign officials walk towards you.  And then you call on them begging for international action against the Sri Lankan government’s program of settling Sinhalese families on Tamil owned land forcibly appropriated by the military.

For Pete’s sake, don’t discard your legal-cloak of intelligence.  Didn’t you know that the Sri Lankan troops are stationed for a specific reason around the island?  Not just in the Jaffna peninsula?

It’s for national security, to safeguard its sovereign territory and all of its peoples.  You cannot fault and penalize any government for that sensibility.  Stop pretending that you are dumb, because you are just not.

More to the point Wigneswaran. What’s so special about you Tamils?  The bottom line Wigneswaran is that the Sri Lankan Government is within its sovereign rights to station troops where it likes and when it likes through out the island based on the needs of national security.  And its time that you and your Tamil people learn to live with that reality as the majority Sinhalese have. There shouldn’t be any if’s and buts”.

Anyway Wigneswaran, what is wrong with that, when 75% of the prime real-estate  in Wellawatta a suburb of the capital Colombo, is owned by your Tamils  and not wanting to rent  the annexes to the Sinhalese.  Phew!   I call this ethnic cleansing.  What would you call it, Wigneswaran?  You have the legal brain and not me.  But then, the majority Sinhalese, whether  persons of the military or non-military have every right to settle and live in the north as much  as your Tamil people have claimed their rights to settle and live in every nook and corner  in that beautiful island, which also happens to be my homeland as much as yours.  And 40% of the population of the capital Colombo happens to be the people from your ethnic-tribe.  And you complain.  What’s wrong with you Wigneswaran?

Do you know what, Wigneswaran!  If my grandmother was still alive, I would have put her on to you.  She wouldn’t have cared two fried shrimps curled on top of two masala-wade’s as to who you are.  For sure, she would have dragged you by your ear to the nearest sink and forced you to wash your mouth with carbolic soap to cleanse it so that you would speak the truth from then on.

Let me, as a Sinhalese, sing to you Wigneswaran with an apology to Woody Guthrie an adaptation of his song This Land is Your Land:

This land is my land this land is your land as said

From Point Pedro to the south coast’s Dondra Head,

From the toddy palm gardens to the Galle harbour waters

And this land was made for me and you.


As I walked up that A9 highway

I saw above me that endless blue skyway:

I saw below valleys filled with Tea gardens

And this land was made for me and you.


No living Tamil can ever stop me

As I go walking up A9 to the North

And no Tamil can ever turn me back

At Omantai the gateway to the North

As this land was made for me and you.

You know Wigneswaran, you have a legal mind, that certainly doesn’t mean that you can decipher from what is a lie and what is a truth.  Your third red eye between your eye-brows is certainly betraying you.

Here is the reason why I told you that you and your Tamil people should count your lucky stars to be well treated as a minority community in Sri Lanka.  I mentioned to you earlier that the Canadian First Nation peoples would love to exchange places with you lucky Tamils.   And their children would move heaven and earth to have an education like your Tamil children.  Here is a revelation for you Chief Minister of the North.  After reading this story I hope you will stop croaking  your gripes like a yellow bellied frog with your complaints  about not been treated well as a minority community in Sri Lanka.

This story was reported in The Ottawa Citizen of June 2, 2015, bylined Tom Spears.

I grew up in a fearful life, says Vernon Jacks, who was sexually abused for three years at a residential school in British Columbia.

During the long nights he would think: When is it going to happen again? Oh, here it comes.”

Jacks the Chief of the Tseycum First Nation in British Columbia, told his story Monday as thousands of native people from across the country have converged on Ottawa for the conclusion of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission….

An Indian agent came to Jacks  grandmother in 1951 and said he had to attend school or she would go to jail.  She cried and cried and cried.”  He remained in the residential system until 1960, when he ran

away at age 17.

He told his grandmother that he wouldn’t go back because I was getting raped and beaten up.”

Laying there with someone walking toward you, you can tell what time it is,” he said.  You know what’s going to happen.  A fellow doing something to you, fondling you, all hours of the night.”

Different men on staff forced him to have oral sex and anal sex, which was the shock of a lifetime.”

 That story is a reality check for you Chief Minister, Justice C.V.Wigneswaran.  Your minority Tamil children didn’t have to experience those despicable-sickening acts in Sri Lanka, and you have the gall to complain about the Sri Lankan government to your goody-two shoes foreign western government visiting nosey-Parkers.  Give me a break, Wigneswaran!

And this is how fortunate your Tamil children were with their schooling and education up to 1981, two years prior to the riots.  You can read it, burn the information and use the ash to draw three finger-stripes across your forehead with a prayer that you from now on will be honest with your self and don’t dare to spit at us Sinhalese.

By 1981 schools in the Jaffna Educational District were well supported and qualitatively superior in comparison with the situation elsewhere in the island.  Even in 1981, two years prior to those ugly riots kick started by your Tamil Tigers, the Jaffna Educational District had 555 Government Schools for a Tamil student population of 207, 524, where as the capital Colombo had only 251 such schools for a multi-ethnic student population of 231,690 students. The Sri Lankan Tamils enjoyed a literacy rate of 88.3% compared to 86.5% for the majority Sinhalese.  And you have the gall and temerity to complain, croak and gripe.  Come on, Wigneswaran give me a break!

The privileged position of the Jaffna Educational District schools was evident from student facilities and amenities such as approved science laboratories.  They were available in 41% of Jaffna schools compared to the all island average of 19.6%.

So there you are, Wigneswaran.  Are you still going to complain like a yellow bellied frog in a muddy-puddle in Killinochchi?  Count your lucky stars, and don’t be so stupid and ridiculous.

Reading a news report in the TAMIL GUARDIAN, you say four years after the armed conflict, tens of thousands of Tamils remain displaced in the Northern and Eastern province as the Sri Lankan military refuses to withdraw from their residential and agricultural lands.   What’s all that about Wigneswaran?  You completely ignore about the lands and houses taken over by the Tamil Tigers, your brethren, in the North and East from other ethnic communities.   Shish, man! Don’t be so dumb.

These Tamil Tigers of your community were no God-damn Saints, nor were they paragons of virtue, were they now!  These serial killer-scoundrels kicked out 100,000 Muslims in October 1990 within 24  hours from the North and East  and took over their houses, lands and valuable personal property, and are still displaced after a quarter of a century.  How come you are not crying for them Wigneswaran?   You Tamils ethnically cleansed 27,000 Sinhalese between 1971 and 1981, who lived for generations in the Northern peninsula, and they lost their lands and their homes and you don’t cry for them either.   This is creepy.  This is balderdash. This is sick, Wigneswaran.    That’s when I tell myself, this guy with the red third eye is an absolute sly cunning fox.    No one should believe him!

I could go on and on and on, stripping every dhoti off you with facts that you will be ashamed of your self, like shedding the seven veils of Salome.   And I wish my grandmother was around, as you wouldn’t dare try to teach her to suck eggs with this unholy caper.

So please be honest. Please be judicious…and don’t spit at the Sinhalese as you will be spitting at me as I am Sinhalese. And you bet, I won’t like it one bit and you will most certainly hear from me.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)


5 Responses to “OPEN LETTER to Hon. Maithripala Sirisena, President of Sri Lanka and Hon. Justice C.V. Wigneswaran, Chief Minister of the Northern Province,City of Jaffna, Sri Lanka.”

  1. stanley perera Says:

    Asoka, You have failed to ask Vigneswaran one question: “What are your grievances?” If Army camps are removed from the North What happens to the South? If GOSL listen to racist Vigneswarn the entire SL army must be deported to Tamil Nadoo. Bloody racist Vigneswaran we are wasting our valuble time trying to educate the racist Tamils. Mouth of the cow on South and the udder on the North.

  2. Sarath W Says:

    Tamils have never learnt from their selfish mistakes made where ever they were taken by the Brits to do their dirty work. They were kicked out of Uganda, Kenya and Fiji because they tried to take over the trade and in Fiji the government as well. They are an ungrateful race that try to eat the hand they are fed. In Singapore and Malaysia they are kept under control by the respective governments. The mistake we did in Sri Lanka was to treat them like normal human beings. Even in Endia they do not have the rights they enjoy in Sri Lanka. It is absurd for the government to go out of the way to reconcile with them. It is up to them to take the initiative to reconcile with other races if they wish to live peacefully in Sri Lanka.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    If Army camps are removed from the North What happens to the South? you are right from Koddiya who will protect?
    ok but where is Koddiya (Velu &co) ???

    Uganda, Kenya – No Indian TN Tamils there only North Indian .

    if they wish to live peacefully in Sri Lanka ??? if

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    ***TO PAVE THE WAY FOR EELAAM.***Sangathi Sonaaley kardal, Sangathi Sonaaley.***

    Why is his right hand always up, purported to be clutching something, in every picture ?

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    C.V. Wigneswaran is Osama Bin Ladin’s African version.

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