Ranil promises devolution of power to provinces
Posted on July 11th, 2015


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has promised power devolution to the island’s provinces as part of the reconciliation process with the minority Tamils ahead of the August 17 parliamentary election, the PTI reproted.
His government would look to devolve power in an undivided island, Wickremesinghe said.
The Tamil minority has been urging for power to the north and east provinces since the LTTE’s military campaign ended in 2009.
The premier said the private lands acquired for military purposes in the former conflict zones will be returned to their owners after the election.
Wickremesinghe made the remarks – being seen as his first policy statement for the polls – while addressing his United National Party (UNP) special convention which adopted a resolution to work as a broader political front to pursue good governance and democracy.

12 Responses to “Ranil promises devolution of power to provinces”

  1. Ben Silva Says:

    In simple language, Ranil wants to sell the country to Tamils, Indians and the West to stay in power at any cost. The Indians and the West would be happy as they would have control of the east cast and perhaps most of the coast. JVP is living up to its name as Jathika Vinasha Peramuna, by supporting Ranil. Yalpalanaya people carried out the alleged biggest scam in our history.Ill people be conned again ?

  2. Sarath W Says:

    Ranil’s priority is to please the Tamils, the Indians and the west. India always wanted to please the Tamils and the politicians in western countries like England and Canada depend on Tamil votes and LTTE funds. Even Hilary Clinton took LTTE money in her previous campaign. This is just the beginning, if elected he will give them northern and eastern province governments with the help from the UN and the NGOs.

  3. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    “His government would look to devolve power in an undivided island, Wickremesinghe said” – undivided? Is Ranil really that stupid in that he doesn’t understand that devolving power along RACIAL lines divides the country by race?

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Breaking news: YAMAPALANA minister Captain Cool was caught in the 69 position with a senior UNP minister’s sister in law by none other than CBK!!


    “A typical ladies’ man, his flings with fair ones from time to time have provided ideal stuff for juicy gossip.

    Recently someone green with envy had phoned up a once powerful madam that her latest protégé was having a good time with a beauty in a luxury apartment in the city. Enraged by this disturbing news, the madam had gate-crashed the apartment and found the couple honeymooning inside. Thereupon, the madam had castigated the politico using some choice words and had also come out with some sordid details from his family history as well. Not content with the tongue-lashing, she boxed his ears hard several times! “I put you in charge of an important constituency because of the trust I placed in you. Remember if you don’t stop this kind of dirty affairs, you will not get nomination either,” was her parting warning.

    The Ministerial one had kept studying the floor tile patterns while the stream of invective was being directed at him, they say.”

    – dailymirror.lk

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Unpatriotic Party is

    Gb rw will sell his mother to stay in power. He is joining up with all the traitors to defeat MR. He knows this time if he
    loses, catholic chief going to be in serious trouble. He won the Jan 8 election after corruption allegations against MR which
    he couldn’t prove. Then his catholic tiger buddy at the central bank did the biggest robbery in the country’s history. Now the catholic traitor chief knows if he loses this election, he is going to be an inmate at welikada! That’s why he is prepared to break up the country to save his skin. Sinhalese dump this traitor before he destroys the country, Sinhalese race and Buddhism from Sri Lanka!

    Still a lot of Sinhalese Buddhists support them. Look at the malwatte kapuwa and asgiriya kapuwa.
    Supposed to be the guardians of Buddhism in the country. But they support traitor catholic chief rw’s party.
    Can you just believe those two’s treachery. Sinhalese, Buddhism and Sri Lanka are doomed when you have out an
    out traitors like that within!

    Malwatte kapuwa, asgiriye kapuwa just look at Unpatritoc party (UNP) record. Introducing 13, 13A to divide the country.
    Is that alone not enough to bury these traitor party for good? If not, I don’t know what?

    In just 100 days catholic chief put his catholic tiger buddy the governor of cb. In one single stroke he stole billions.
    Is that not enough?

    Alugosu jr (Sinhalese youth only, if Buddhists better), alugosu lk premadasa (Sinhalese youth only, if Buddhists even better), 600 policemen in the east to face ltte bullet, catholic chief gb rw batalande massacre.
    Not enough?

    Another disgusting act of the the Unpatriotic Party (UNP) is darmister thambi mudiyanselage alugosu jr (to Sinhalese youth only, don’t forget, prefer Buddhist youth) sacked over 40 thousand state workers in the July 80 strike. Still there are a lot of Sinhalese supporting these traitors.

    List goes on. No motorways, no tourism increase, no harbours, no airports, only revenge and stealing!
    That’s all the traitor party does. You should be ashamed to call yourselves Sinhalese!

    Shame on you Unpatriotic Party (UNP) supporters!
    You think it is fashionable to be called Unpatriotic Party (UNP) supporters. You have no shame!

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    10 Ex-LTTE Cadre Crusading for Democrazy TODAY, will take up ARMS for a Tamil National Alliance TOMORROW!

    The “rejection” by the TNA is just an ELECTION GUNDU to FOOL the Sinhalese!

    10 Ex-LTTE Cadre Vying For Seats In Jaffna-Kilinochchi Electoral District

    July 11 (NIE) COLOMBO- Crusaders for Democracy (CFD), an organization of ex-LTTE cadre and their supporters, will be putting up ten former militants in the Jaffna-Kilinochchi electoral district for the August 17 Sri Lankan parliamentary elections, CFD coordinator N.Vithyatharan told Express on Saturday.

    Following the rejection of their applications by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), the most popular party in the Tamil-speaking areas of Northern and Eastern Lanka, CFD decided to put its candidates up as Independents, Vithyatharan said. Their nominations will be filed on Sunday.

    Asked why the CFD is not fielding candidates in the other districts of the North and East, Vithyatharan said that he had been told that fielding them might bring down the Tamils’ overall representation in parliament.

    Earlier, the TNA had rejected the ex-militants’ applications on several grounds.

    “Firstly, the applications had arrived too late. Secondly, TNA’s association with ex-LTTE personnel at this juncture will lead to the Mahinda Rajapaksa camp indulging in destructive propaganda against the TNA, dubbing it as a front of the LTTE. At a time when the TNA is trying to find a solution to the Tamil question with domestic and international support, any such propaganda will vitiate such efforts,” said M.A.Sumanthiran, former TNA MP.

    Sumanthiran also said that the TNA wanted time to study the antecedents of the LTTE militants in question because there was a rumor that the group had been put up by sections of the Lankan military intelligence which are sympathetic to Rajapaksa.

    “Once we are satisfied with the antecedents of an ex-militant, we can give him a ticket, but this can happen only in the case of future elections, not this one,” Sumanthiran said.

    TNA Spokesman Suresh Premachandran said that some inquiries were conducted and it was found that the antecedents of the militants in question were shrouded in mystery. He also said that jailed and released LTTE cadre had to give an undertaking to the government that they will not participate in politics.

    Meanwhile, A.Ravindra alias Rupan, a former political leader of the LTTE in Trincomalee District whose application was not entertained, issued a press release saying that he had applied even before parliament was dissolved and had handed his application directly to TNA leader Mavai Senathirajah, but got no reply.

    Rupan complained that though TNA leaders talk a lot about ex-militants’ right to lead normal lives, they do not visit jailed militants or enquire after their welfare after release.

  7. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    These sort of separatist arguments will appeal to the 5.8 million voters Mahinda ALREADY has, but if he wants to win the election he not only needs to appeal to this base of voters with security and separatist arguments, he ‘MUST’ also appeal to the disaffected Maithripala voters who voted in January on the single issue of GOOD GOVERNANCE in order to win in August.

    It has to be a two-pronged approach: (1) hang on to the 5.8 million voters with the security, separatist, econ development arguments, AND (2) get as much as you can (try to hit 75%) of the 2 million GOOD GOVERNANCE Maithripala voters who are not minorities or UNP voters and who are now disgusted with Ranil and the UNP because they did not deliver on ‘good governance’ and proceeded over the largest bond fraud in the history of the country without holding anyone accountable.

    Hammer away at BOTH of these themes (security- racial separatism AND lack of good governance) in an effective way and Mahinda and the UPFA win this.

    The best approach for the lack of good governance theme is have a VIDEO news interview of the Central Bank staff that testified to Mahendran’s DIRECT involvement (coming into the trading room, reviewing the bidding list, and directing the staff to accept bids to the EXACT amount of his nephew’s bid) in the bond issuance to his nephew in the COPE report, which will make Ranil’s so-called ‘independent’ committee of UNP loyalists who found “no DIRECT involvement” look like an absolute joke and part of a COVER-UP to a serious crime. Run this VIDEO over and over again in campaign ads on TV from now until August 17th, and this election is OVER!

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    NO WAY!

    The president will NOT allow that because he too is implicit in SAVING the crooks – Run-nil for saving Maha-hora-indran of CB, Ravi – the hora finance minister, John, etc.

    My3 stopped their impeachments. Harping too much on it discredits the president. IF he is discredited he will attack back.

    IMMEDIATELY after Run-nil BLASTED My3 for giving nominations to MR, My3 snapped back the PRESS COUNCIL to TAME the UNP controlled media. Although he looks LAME, he is not. He is very revengeful which is not bad.

  9. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:


    Maithripala can’t defend Ranil because he too gets implicated in the bond fraud cover-up based on dissolving Parliament a day before the COPE report was to be published.

    Besides, he is the head of the UPFA, not the UNP, right?

    And how can he attack Central Bank staff testimony of several people that all say the same thing concerning Mahendran’s direct involvement? Maithripala was not in the trading room, but they were actually there and objected to what the governor was trying to do.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    All that is true in an IDEAL WORLD. But in the real world of SL politics, we have to be MINDFUL of politicians’ SENSITIVITIES. My3 is the ALL powerful man who cane MAKE OR BREAK UPFA, make or break MR, make or break RW.

    We brought him back to MR’s fold with EXTREME difficulty. (Run-nil did the rest!!!) We should NOT do anything that disrupts it.

    My3 is a VERY sensitive man always feeling INSECURE. That is why MR said we should all protect him. MR KNOWS his vulnerabilities and plays right.

    As UNCONNECTED INDIVIDUALS we should do your campaign. We should use the BOND FRAUD to the MAXIMUM and DESTROY Run-nil, etc., etc. The UPFA CANNOT do it without splits.

  11. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    I don’t see how using the bond fraud to GAIN VOTERS from the ‘good governance’ segment will cause a ‘split’ in the UPFA? In fact, if Mahinda does not use the bond fraud effectively with actual video interviews of Central Bank staff, he ends up with the same votes he got in January and Ranil wins.

    Ranil is actually counting on getting the ‘good governance’ voters to win, which is why he named his new coalition UNF for Good Governance. Minorities (2m) + UNP loyals (2m) + Good Governance (2m) = UNP/Ranil victory (6m).

    Mahinda needs to be MUCH smarter this time around and learn that appealing to his base of 5.8 million voters is not enough to win. UPFA base (5.8m) + 50% of the 2 million good governance voters (1m) = UPFA/Mahinda victory (6.8m).

  12. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:


    Part of the dynamic with Maithripala you may be missing is that he too read the COPE report ‘after’ deciding to dissolve Parliament, and now knows for certain that Ranil and the UNP merely used him and the good governance issue to get elected and really have no intentions whatsoever of actually bringing about good governance if they are running the government.

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