Mahinda no more ‘Mr Nice Guy’
Posted on July 24th, 2015

Courtesy The Nation

Will implement law to the letter”
A weakling cannot do the job”
All wrongdoers will be punished”

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who is contesting the upcoming General Election as a United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) candidate from the Kurunegala District, pledged to punish even his sons and brothers if they are found to have violated the law. Rajapaksa made this statement during an interview with The Nation conducted at his residence in Tangalle.

When queried whether he believed the law and order situation in the country had deteriorated during his presidency, and whether this was one of the reasons he had lost his reelection bid, Rajapaksa pointed out he had a war to fight during his Presidency and that he was more focused on the war and development.

If I tried to take on all these things together I would have achieved nothing.  Maybe that’s what happened to my predecessors.  Maybe people didn’t understand that it is impossible to do everything at once,” he said.

While acknowledging the failure to implement the law against certain persons had cost him in the end, Rajapaksa maintained that during the past six months, the United National Party (UNP) had showed that it could not deliver on law and order.

What we need now is a strong leader with a clear vision.  I will put all efforts to ensure that the law is upheld.  I will not allow anyone to play with the law, whether it is a minister, an MP, a friend, a relative or anyone else.  Even if one of my brothers or any of my sons violates the law they will be punished according to the law,” he insisted.

He also said the younger generation had not experienced UNP administrations. When they heard the word Good Governance,” they took it seriously. If they have received a bit of experience of how the UNP have treated the youth, they would never have made that decision.  Now they have that experience.  They know now.  So they will take this into account on August 17,” Rajapaksa said.

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  1. Kumari Says:

    Yes, Mihinda. You are spot on. “What we need now is a strong leader with a clear vision.” Not a back stabber and a pickpocket.


    Yes, MR you gave the right answer. “If I tried to take on all these things together I would have achieved nothing. May be that’s what happened to my predecessors. (Only one of them were honest and loved the country. Late JR who was corned by Indira Gandhi but some how managed to get the 6th amendment passed.) Maybe people didn’t understand. (NOT MAY BE, BUT THEY DID NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND,) Even today comedy actors led by TAMILS FOR OBAMA still blame JR because he made a mess of the country! Today it is mess because JR agreed to the 13th Amendment. Ha! Why, OBAMA told the SL media through RANIL PUNK to deviate attention to the past and today’s issues will not be discussed. Today the amount of Gold that was in the treasury is half the amount that was there when Honorable MR handed over the government. ONE MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER IT WAS NOT THE UNP that created the Republic and the constitution. It was a all party government and Colvin R. De Silva was the lead person. There were many Tamils and Muslims in the team. MR ter Jayaweva. Let’s learn to respect JR.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    Let’s learn to respect JR.- We are unique stang Nation this like We-Tamil Let’s learn to respect VP.

    Putha, putha……. What else can I say !!!

    Mr President MR after 19th May 2009 you done perfect jobs but 13 plus = 13 +0.0000001 this simple maths you got it wrong Sir . otherwise you would have been president of Mother Lanka forever until you retire (taken over by Namal(son))
    also Gandhi(Indian) 6 fleet status would have been replaced by your status (with mustache) in Aspaththiry Road (hospital road) in Japanaya .

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    There is a CONCERTED EFFORT to ONCE AGAIN propagate BAREFACED LIES and UNSUBSTANTIATED DEFAMATORY ALLEGATIONS against President Mahinda Rajapaksa by his opponents on the EVE of theParlamentary ELECTION on August 17, 2015.

    One example is the allegation that the Ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa attempted to hit a man (lated found to be intoxicate) who had grabbed his arm at a recent political rally.

    The attitude is: LET us say WHATEVER OUTRAGEOUS LIE we can CONCOCT NOW, and make IMPOSSIBLE ELECTION PROMISES NOW, and somehow WIN the ELECTION, and then we can VANISH into the WOODWORK, where no one will be able to find and hold us responsible … AFTER the ELECTION is won.

    That is largely what they did to WIN THE Presidential Election on January 8, 2015 … accusing MR of UNLIMITED CORRUPTION and MINIMIZING his accomplishment on behalf of our Motherland.

    We saw that ourselves in the ATROCIOUS BEHAVIOR at LankaWeb of that LTTE Operative LORENZO, now posing as a PATRIOT supporting MR hoping to repeat the process at the last moment. That is WHY I am doing as MUCH as I can to keep our MEMORY of his PREVIOUS ANTICS alive at LankaWeb, as long as he blogs here.

    After the Presidency was WON by Somarama Sirisena, much of the 100-day Program that was promised, was been ABANDONED.

    Let me ITEMIZE some of these:

    1. The financial salary and benefit incentives that were offered to bribe the voters have proved to be impossible to give and maintain in effect, for it would bankrupt the nation … the money is just not there.

    2. The promised reduction in the prices of staple foods and other essentials had to be retracted as the costs to government skyrocketed. Now with economic activity in the nation disrupted by all the uncertainty and foolish uncoordinated policies implemented post-election, the inflation in the cost of living is much higher than before. Are the people better off now? No they are not.

    3. The Western Powers who egged them on pre-election (read IMF and World Bank) backed-out and denied the loans sought by the UNP govt to replace the Chinese loans they had alleged were obtained at very high interest rates. Now they had to eat crow and keep the loans from China which the UPFA GOSL negotiated at a time NO LENDER would underwrite Sri Lanka’s development at any price.

    4. The infrastructure development projects that were halted under various allegations of impropriety and corruption and lacking sound financial planning, are one by one being restarted as they begin to find that those allegations of corruption were false, the plans are economically sound, and by halting them they are putting people (read as VOTERS in the next election) out of work … for no reason … except jealousy and need to undermine MR and the UPFA.

    5. They could not carry through most of the “Yahapalanaya” Constitutional Amendments because they simply did not have the necessary votes in the Parliament. In fact, they had to terminate the Parliament early and call for new elections to PREVENT a NO-CONFIDENCE motion against Ranil which would have resulted in his ouster. The UNP in desperation urged Somarama Sirisena to dissolve the Parliament.

    6. In particular, Somarama Sirisena who had campaigned for the Presidency saying he DOES NOT WANT TO BE PRESIDENT beyond 100 days NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, and will step down IMMEDIATELY at the end of 100 days, has NOW CHANGED HIS MIND, and is DESPERATELY TRYING to hang on his position, even to the extent of OPPOSING the elimination of the Office of the President. What more can you expect from a hidden BACKSTABBER than a hidden LIAR?

    7. Somarama Sirisena now recognizes that with the passage 19th Amendment, he has LOST much of the powers of the Presidency, which have been TRANSFERRED to the position of PRIME MINISTER. Ranil in the meantime is enjoying and exercising those powers, and is quietly PUSHING Somarama Sirisena into powerless impotence by IGNORING him.

    Also, if MR captures the PM’s post, Sirisena fears that he will be in a worse pickle …. hence his DESPERATE unsuccessful FIGHT to DENY a SLFP/UPFA Nomination to MR, and THREATS that he will NOT APPOINT MR as the PM no matter how big he wins in the Parliamentary Election. That, by the way, is not his sole prerogative, because the person appointed must be supported by the vast majority of the MP to enable stable governance.

    Sirisena would rather survive with Ranil than cope with MR whom he BACKSTABBED after eating Appa with him the night before. Somarama Sirisena is caught between the DEVIL and the DEEP BLUE SEA … the INEVITABLE FATE of all TREACHEROUS DISHONORABLE BACKSTABBERS.

    8. In the meantime, it is OPEN power-grabbing SEASON for the Tamil and Muslim separatists, who are happily consolidating their grasp in the land areas where they are local majorities. The TNA is doing everything it can to make their GRASP on the NPC IRRREVERSIBLE … with an eye out for eventual separation from Sri Lanka.

    9. The “Yahapalanaya” con artistes who bitterly complained about lack of political freedom and harrasment under the MR/UPFA regime launched an UNPRECEDENTED WITCH HUNT of the leaders of the PREVIOUS REGIME, hitherto never seen in the History of Sri Lankan politics. So much for “Yahaplanaya”!

    10. Meanwhile, these very same “Yahapalanaya” miscreants appointed a slew of sleazy people with criminal records and allegations of crimes currently being adjudicated in the courts, to ministries and other important administrative positions. The best example is the Central Bank Governor Mahendran who allegedly started to loot the Central Bank and the National Treasury to benefit his relatives, while dear old Ravi accused of similar crimes, looks the other way. The investigative reports on these crimes are being suppressed and prevented from being released to the public before the upcoming election! They have MUCH TO HIDE …. hence the bitter battle being now fought t hang on to power.

    Is this the much balleyhooed YAHAPALANAYA that we were promised? Sounds more like a YAMAPALANAYA!

    I can go on and on about the OUTRAGEOUS ANTICS and MONUMENTAL FOLLIES of the players of the Yamapalanaya Bandwagon.


  5. Raj Says:

    Ananda-USA, you are spot on. This LTTE guy Lorenzo is now posing as a patriot. He worked very hard earlier to oust MR. he is A Tamil and an LTTEr. Thanks for exposing Ananda USA.

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