Ranil Wickramasinghe Emulated his Infamous Ancestor when he Sold the Country Down the River
Posted on October 4th, 2015

By Gandara John

On 30 Sep 15 Ranil Wickramasinghe (RW) emulated his infamous ancestor Don Adrian Jayawardhana and did that unworthy proud when he guilefully guided inimical US forces into Sri Lanka (SL) by opening the island’s gates, from within.

The beneficiary of RW’s guile was the enemy who waged a proxy war on SL for nearly 30 years and who on being militarily defeated immediately switched tactics by waging siege war on the island like they have unsuccessfully conducted on the heroic Cuban people for nearly 60 years, applying financial, trade, market and tariff embargos.

It was Two hundred years ago when on 18th February 1815 RW’s progenitor, the infamous ‘Thamby’ Guide Mudaliyar, betrayed the Kandyan kingdom to the British after having previously, betrayed his Dutch paymasters to the British.

On 30 September 2015 the Sri Lankan skies were rent asunder as they wept uncontrollably and bitterly when Judas kissed the Pharisees in Geneva to betray our beloved land. The meteorological department recorded one of the highest rainfalls in the island in recent times on that day.

This ill fated day is a blotch in the Nation’s history and is indeed a black armband day for the country as was that bleak Sunday Two Hundred years ago. It took nearly 150 years for the people to regain their sovereignty from the British who during that time insidiously implanted in the people an obsequious mindset.

The country specific US sponsored Resolution in Geneva taken up on 30 Sep 15 is a damning indictment on SL and her people and is based solely on three reports filed by Navi Pillay who at the time was the top honcho of the OHCHR. Pillay incidentally was planted in the International arena as an ‘expert’ judge when she only had just three months experience as an acting judge in a sundry South African court.

Pillay’s report is based on ‘evidence’ given as a ‘private’ report by a panel of ‘experts’.This ‘private expert report’ was never placed officially before any UN organisation; the country is unable to respond to Pillay’s charges not having seen the evidence it is based on.

It was in this context that RW with an assumed veneer of bravado lamely admitted that SL is co – sponsoring the damning US Resolution against Sri Lanka. The profundity of that statement has numbed many Sri Lankans.

What a travesty of events! In short, as co – sponsor of the incriminating US Resolution, Sri Lanka is accusing Sri Lanka of war crimes; and Sri Lanka wants Sri Lanka to ensure that such crimes will never ever happen again.

Does that make sense? It would make sense only if we latch on that the word co – sponsor is a deliberate misnomer; a more accurate description of co – sponsor is ‘a plea of guilt and a pledge to make changes in SL spelt out by the US Resolution’.

What the US achieved in Geneva was to get RW, as co – sponsor, to publicly accept on a UN platform SL’s predetermined guilt and get RW, at a UN forum, to commit SL, to put in place in SL ‘invasive’ mechanisms that would ensure ‘ such crimes will never ever happen again’.

The mechanisms spelt out in the Resolution have reduced SL to a subject State, subject to the directions of the US.

Sri Lanka on 30 Sep 15 ceased to be a free, independent and sovereign Nation.

RW prates that the West is restoring the GSP plus benefits; Mangala Samarasinghe babbles that SL is now accepted as a partner by the West; Sirisena who would do a porter wallah at a railway station proud, mutters that things would have been worse if not for the stance taken by the GOSL; the mouth doctor says that the Resolution is very palatable.

RW secretly parleyed with the US that was conducting a siege on the country and conceded to the terms of surrender; is it any wonder why the GSP plus has been restored? It is because the enemy has now lifted the siege.

When the hangman walks the prisoner to the gallows and the prisoner tells the hangman Yes, I deserve to hang, so hang me” and the hangman proceeds to hang the prisoner, Samaraweera’s logic is that that the hangman has accepted the prisoner as his partner!

It would take more than Bankster Arjuna Mahendran with money laundering contacts to convince Sirisena that nothing could be worse than SL loosing her independence and becoming a colonized country.

The mouth doctor evidently is unable to see the wood for the trees. He has got lost in the maze of adulatory discourses which is the bulk of that very voluminous Resolution. As Tamara Kunanayakam in her brilliant analysis of the Resolution observes ‘there are only just 26 crucial paragraphs’. Hopefully the mouth doctor can identify the good teeth from the bad.

To monitor and to ensure that SL discharges her commitments pledged in Geneva, RW committed the country to a permanent presence in the island of the OHCHR whose reach of duties to overlook includes the Parliament, the Judiciary, the Military and the Administration.

If SL fails to honour any of the pledges it made as co sponsor of the Resolution, the country runs the risk of an R2P type intervention as hinted in the Resolution.

The OHCHR is an infamous organisation used by Western countries to infiltrate and subvert third world countries where Western interference is abhorred; funded by rich Western countries the OHCHR staff have a revolving door relationship with the funders. In Nepal subverted badly by the West the government was compelled to boot out the OHCHR from the country.

And what did SL concede by co – sponsoring the US resolution? To list out just a few of the many pledges made, RW conceded:

  • That the judges are incompetent and the judicial system needs to be changed to accommodate International Judges.
  • That the Police are incompetent and the system needs to be changed to accommodate International investigators.
  • That the AG’s department is incompetent and must accommodate International prosecutors.
  • That justice will not be served by our local courts and International courts needs to be set up in the island for major crimes.
  • That the Parliament is answerable to the OHCHR
  • That Parliament must pass laws to accommodate the changes envisaged.
  • That the military must close down camps in the North and the East of the country.
  • That the military must get out of security VPs in the North and the East.
  • That the 2/3rd coastline in the North and the East must be abandoned by the military.
  • That the Parliament and the electoral process must be reformed
  • That Sri Lanka must be under the dominion of OHCHR that would overlook the work of the Parliament, the Judiciary and the Administration.
  • That the office of the OHCHR must be permanently based in the country and that they would be required to report their findings regularly to the UN.
  • That when it appears that cases before courts are not receiving proper dispensation they should be transferred to the International Courts, abroad.
  • That Sri Lanka must sign the Rome Treaty and have the opportunity of justice at the International Criminal Court.
  • That if the provisions of the Resolution are not complied with by any government in SL and this causes instability in the country the R2P forces have the right to intervene and restore order.
  • That there needs to be a new Constitution with devolution of power.
  • That many State responsibilities should be transferred to NGOs.
  • That and many more.

 Although US and RW are setting the stage for SL to be a signatory to the Rome Treaty, RW signed a bilateral treaty with the US in 2002 that SL will not prosecute US war criminals in SL nor would SL extradite US war criminals, as required by the Rome Treaty, to the ICC.

It is an irony that the US is not a signatory to the Rome Treaty, after initially placing their signature and thereafter refusing to ratify their signature.

Piqued at the opposition to his quisling conduct RW addressing the media on 19 Sep 15, issued a veiled threat to the newspapers and their editors that they should not publish information or articles that would be perceived as being anti – government.

As Tamara Kunanayakam suggests in her analysis in, What the Ranil – Sirisena government will not tell you! US draft resolution: a system change”– a must read for every patriotic Sri Lankan – 08 Jan 15 was a US manipulation necessitated by reason that SL is a vital cog in US’s ‘Pivot to Asia’  Foreign policy to contain China and reflected strongly by Kerry in his speech in Colombo.

In 1815, amongst those accompanying Adrian Jayawardhana on his traitorous trek to Kandy were interpreter Solomon Dias Bandaranaike, sycophant par excellence,  and Ekneligoda. The sepoys and the porter wallahs have not received any mention.  It is perhaps a quirk of fate that 200 years later their progeny are doing a rerun of history.

Years may have gone by but the genetic characteristics remain unchanged.

3 Responses to “Ranil Wickramasinghe Emulated his Infamous Ancestor when he Sold the Country Down the River”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    UNPatrotic party have always licked the back of the western countries who want Sri Lanka to toe their line.
    That included
    keep Chinese away from indian ocean
    make Sri Lanka a catholic country.
    Who better suited for the job than catholic traitor chief pol pot ponil.
    Pol pot ponil is the most powerful man in Sri Lanka for nearly half a century whether he is in power or not.

    Ample proof of that was batlande report. Him and his catholic cohots involvement in the massacre of Buddhists in black and
    white in the report. But nobody bothered to punish him because he is too powerful and victims were Buddhists.
    No UNHCR, no karry, no cameraman, no monki boon, no news papers, no tv channels did make a fuss about
    those 60,000. Because they were Buddhists. UNPatriotic party prolonged the war for 30 years and got ltte to kill another
    100,000+. Again nobody cared simply because the majority killed were Buddhists. Buddhst Sri Lanka! ha

    He grassed all intelligent officers in millenium city to the ltte. No punishment. Not even criticism from the media.
    Then he signed a pact to divide the country with murderous ltte. Still no criticism.
    Then the central bank 5000 billion day light robbery. Anybody with any common sense would think it would be the end
    of the traitor chief. Again it was proven beyond anybody’s doubt he is untouchable. Punishment? What punishment?
    Then he got pupper maru sira to dissolve the parliament and got elected to be the prime minister.

    It is understandable tamils and muslims voting for him. But sad truth is, a lot of Buddhist still think he is a saint
    and voted for him. That is how pathetic some of the Sinhalese are.

    There haven’t been a traitor of his calibre in Sri Lanka. So we have to thank all those traitor Buddhists who voted for him
    enabling him to do more and more damage to the country.

    This reminds me of an old song of mohideen gebba. I think he foresaw the bleak future of the Sinhale many many years ago.
    Voba kenda yema sandaha maruwa yeyi soya!
    Voba kenda yema sandaha maruwa yeyi soya!

  2. Christie Says:

    Hi folks US ambassador is an Indian vermin, then US State Department Biswal is another. If you look behind you will see the Indian Imperialists behind all actions against the island nation. I am not trying to let US off the hook but what I see is it is all Indian Empire, Indian colonial parasites and vermin.

  3. asoka2468 Says:

    Every time I see a pic of this idiot he looks like he just woke up from a deep slumber. The other guy has a stupid grin on his face. I ask myself are sinhala people so stupid to elect these two dummies?

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