Is 1815 repeating? An imminent danger before Sri Lanka.  An open letter to Mahasanga and all Patriotic Sinhala Buddhist Leaders all over Sri Lanka.
Posted on October 8th, 2015

Dr Sudath Gunasekara President Senior Citizens Movement Mahanuwara 4.10.2015 

Dear all,

Now the much hyped UNHCHR Resolution on Sri Lanka is unanimously passed, I feel we are standing on the brim of disaster and perhaps extinction as well, as a sovereign Nation.  No wonder it was unanimously passed as Sri Lanka itself did not object to a single close there in when the Sovereignty and independence of this nation was actually blatantly and brutally murdered by USA, UK and their allies. I do not propose to go in to details of the Resolution here as everyone is aware of its serious repercussions as already discussed by eminent people. Believe me it is only a matter of time. Therefore it is high time for you to awake and arise from the deep slumber and to organize the whole nation to save this 2500 year old heritage and your motherland from the twin attacks of neo-colonial invasions of the so-called International community and the unpatriotic, self seeking and power hungry corrupt politicians at Home. Please recall what happened and how it happened in 1815 and how badly we are caught up in the cruel grip of western Colonialism even today being unable to release ourselves from the curse of foreign domination.

I have no dollars or pounds or political power to give you to organize this rescue mission. I only can warn you of an imminent disaster with my wailing heart and plead you to awake and arise to rescue mother Lanka and the Sinahala nation before it is gone forever from the surface of this planet.

Let me draw your attention first to few major changes taking place in the geopolitical map of South Asia in the wake of the rapidly changing socio-economic, political and military superiority of the West and the emerging East Asia on the other as predicted by eminent Harvard academic Samuel Huntingdon in his famous thesis on Challenges of Civilization and the unusual interest the neo-Western Colonial powers are taking on Sri Lanka in that backdrop.

Secondly to some unfortunate events and historic betrayals taking place in Sri Lankan political scenario in these days at the behest of the Western world called the International Community lead by USA and UK with the active an effective support of the so-called Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora, most of whom are not Sri Lankan citizens but full time citizens of those countries where they live now, migrated long time ago in search of greener pastures either from Sri Lanka or India but have a common dream of creating a Tamil EELAM in Sri Lanka which again has  its early roots in divide and rule colonial policy adopted by the British during their rule in this country. This so-called Tamil Diaspora, domicile in large numbers in most countries (particularly UK, Canada, Germany and USA), while directly influencing policy makers through their vote they also exert these international agencies like the UNO and World Bank, which they have infiltrated via their financial and political clout. The pull exerted by Tamilnadu and Central Government of India to pacify the hungry Tamil population in Southern India for political expediency also plays a crucial role on this conspiracy. This situation has come to stay as a major factor that influences the attitude of the so-called International Community as well as Agencies against a nationalist Government in Sri Lanka. As such the real situation is much worse and stronger than it was in 1815.

From a global geopolitical point of view Sri Lanka’s strategic location right at the center of the Indian Ocean between the West and the East flanked by nations not so friendly to America on the west and an open and broad Pacific Ocean with friendly Australia and New Zealand in the far East and anti-Chinese pro US India in the north and an open Ocean in the South has made it the most strategic point in this global power struggle. The fact that it provides the best Oceanic midway gateway to the East for the entire Western world with its strategic location and providing excellent naval and Airport facilities has made it the attraction of this world power struggle. The dependability on Diagogarcia and Okinawa for USA is under threat as both Pakistan and North Korea are not well disposed towards it. This is why both the USA and West are keen to gain control over Sri Lanka as the focal point in the Indian Ocean.  For China more than global strategic importance its significance as an entry point to India makes it indispensable.

The geopolitical significance bestowed on it by Mother Nature that had been the biggest blessing throughout its history appears to have become the biggest bane under this new situation. This is where Sri Lanka has to be extremely careful and play safe without antagonizing anybody. Though it looks like walking a tight rope there is no better way than following a non-aligned foreign policy under this critical situation. In this game of chess both the West and pro-US India would prefer a weak and pro-west Government in Sri Lanka. That is why they manipulated a conspiracy to oust pro-China and nationalist Mahinda Rajapaksa government and replace it with a weak and pro-western puppet Government under Ranil- Sirisena combination, that meekly submit to their dictates often displaying a no government situation at Home. This is why I think Sri Lankan people have to watch very cautiously and carefully as to how this geopolitical power struggle is revolving around Sri Lanka in order to prevent another 1815 tragedy.

Drawing our attention to the domestic scenario a closer scrutiny reveals, rather predicts, an alarming situation in the offing. It is indeed tragic to get in to another mess when we are still struggling to get out of the colonial clutches of the West and dependency even after 67 years of so-called political independence. Looking at the evolution of Sri Lankan history an optimist might perceive this only as another common episode of Sri Lankan history. Yes admittedly it is a platitude to say   history repeats. But I do not think there is any other country in the whole world where history has repeated so frequently and unfavourably at regular intervals with such disastrous results.

Rama invaded in Prehistoric times and Vibhisana betrayed his own Brother Ravana. But fortunately Rama never wanted to annex this country to Bharath Desh. He was only interested in rescuing Sita from Ravana’s captivity. With the advent of Vijaya, a north Indian Prince, in the 6th century BC Kuveni a local Princess helped him to massacre all her kith and kin, married him and betrayed the Lankan Kingdom. But though Vijaya was an Indian, fortunately he also never tried to make this country a part of India or identify himself as a man of Indian Origin like the present day Tamils. He also did not change the name of the country either. Instead he got integrated and assimilated with the local people and their customs and he himself became a part of the soil. Only departure he did was that he brought his own people in sufficient numbers along with a Princess as his Queen but all of them got absorbed in to the local system.

This was followed by the advent of Mahinda Thera who introduced Buddhism to this country. Contrary to the previous event this was mainly a religious invasion san any political ambitions, perhaps the most welcome and benevolent in the history of this Island nation which set the wheels in motion for a new civilization in this Island. Those subsequent Indian invasions such as Sena Guttika and Elara (2nd century BC), and Magha (12th century AD) were only successful in occupying smaller areas in the NCP, of course the last having far reaching effects in shifting the Sinhala Kingdom to the South West. Again none of them also tried to change the name of the country or the culture, which was Sinhala Buddhist, of the country or claimed equal status for the languages, religion or cultures. They also never asked for separate political or administrative regions. Of course even if they had wanted to do so all of them were defeated in war by our patriotic warrior Kings and chased them out never to return.

On the contrary with the advent of the Western colonial invaders, Portuguese in the 1505, Dutch in 1667 and British in 1797 they all wanted to own this pearl of the Indian Ocean. They even change the name to Ceylon (though it was only an adaptation from Sinhale) and wanted to completely transform the Island’s culture to one of their own with their language, religion, food, customs and dress etc. They were successful in these fields to a certain extent but finally they also had to leave this country leaving behind some of their vestiges of colonial remnants only. But the most conspicuous thing one must note here is again none of them could radically change the solid foundation of the Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country with the exception of British being able to leave behind much of their identity including the English Language, religion, dress, customs and habits, their legal and administrative systems behind. The last colonial power, the British, from the very inception adopted a divide and rule policy and conspired to divide this country on ethnic and religious bases mainly as Sinhala Buddhist and Tamil Hindu in order to kill the identity of this country as a Sinhala Buddhist country in the world map. One of the worst legacies the British left behind is the 1 million South Indian labor force on plantations which has turned out to be a serious political and socio-economic problem to this country. Even today it is the same vicious colonial policy Britain is following with the assistance of USA and the so-called western allies called International Community while getting India also to support it.

It is also interesting to note that during 443 years of western colonial struggle to take over this country there was only one King who subdued to their power. That is Don Juan Dharamapala of Kotte Kingdom who even changed his religion for survival and handed over his Kingdom to Portuguese. He also brought Saivaivist from South India and settled them all over his Kingdom and gave even Sri Pada to them. But neither Portuguese nor Don Juan Dharmapala could bring the whole country under Portuguese rule. The present day Karava and Salagama people who are supposed to have come from South India integrated and assimilated with the natives in every respect and today they have become the best Buddhists and most patriotic Sinhala people in this country.

Bringing the whole Island under any foreign power for the first time in our 2500 year old history was made possible only in 1815. That is by the British Colonial invaders. Nevertheless that too was not a capture of the island by the British though they wanted to do so as even then they considered this Island as the most priceless Island in the Indian Ocean.  The truth is that the British did it through a series of high handed conspiracies espionages through their able and cunning British Civil Servant John Doily who got the native Leaders of the Kandyan Kingdom deceived and persuaded under false promises to cede it to them. How much the British craved for this Island is revealed from the following quotation. In 1814 when a British official had dispatched the following message to the Colonial Secretary in London ‘The Big fish is in our net shall we raise it’. This was the reply he had sent back. Don’t worry the Sinhalese themselves will raise it for us”. That was the correct assessment shrewd Englishmen had made of our people by that time. In 1815 having misled by false promises made by the Englishmen, the Kadyan Chiefs exactly did that and handed over the motherland on a platter to the British who ruled for 133 years since then until 1948. This was the first time a foreign power was able to capture the whole Island in its long history beginning in 648 BC. Finally the British also had to leave the shores of this Island on Feb 4th in 1948 leaving behind the indelible 2500 year old Sinhala Buddhist imprint intact in spite of certain random minor intrusions conspicuous in the socio-political fields.

It is this miraculous characteristic of this Nation both clergy and lay Leaders of this Island nation have to strive to comprehend before running to London, New York or Delhi meekly to show their ignorance of their own proud history and display their personal subservience and servility’. As for me I feel we should be ashamed as a nation having such a glorious history to have elected leaders of the caliber we have as politicians who are ruining and betraying this country today.

What is happening now I believe is a repetition of the same historical process that happened way back in 1815.  But this time the results are going to be much worst and disastrous. This time the same British Colonial power, who were craving to own this Island for centuries, has returned again with USA and the entire Western world to catch the Big fish in the Indian Ocean. This time in addition to the local unpatriotic and anti Sinhala and Anti- Buddhist forces they also have India and global Tamil Diaspora who are ever ready and conspiring to hand over the country purely for personal gain to the Western imperial forces of course each one having a different agenda. The main objective of the Western powers for the past five years since 2009 was a regime change which they have succeeded on Jan 8th2015. So now that Mahinda Rajapaksa is apparently out of power, they are happy. That is why they have declared Sri Lanka a good boy. Nevertheless they may be postulating Sri Lanka as their future focal strategic point in the Indian Ocean in global power struggle. However whether that will materialize is a moot point as there are many obstacles both from inside and outside, particularly India, not because she loves us but she loves Indian security more. Therefore as one could safely expect a lull period in this regard I don’t foresee an immediate danger. With regard to the EELAM dream we may not debate it for the time being as I see that it only as a day dream of Tamils extremists, that will never become a reality. Because neither Sri Lanka nor India will allow it to be a reality as it will be another ISIS, a global monster to the entire world, if allowed to re-emerge.

Drawing a parallel between 1815 and 2015 I see in 1815 Ehelepola wanted first to take revenge from Sri Wickrama Rajasingha and then to be the King of Sinhale as promised by the British decoy Doily. The Kandyan chieftains perhaps in all their good intentions wanted to liberate the Sinhale from the South Indian Tamil hegemony. Ehelepola’s first dream of deposing and extraditing Sri Wickrama was done when he finally got Sri Wickrama Rajasinha captured at Madamahanuwara on 14th Feb in 1815. But he could never be the King of Sinhale. Instead he was taken a prisoner on 2nd March 1818 and died as a British captive on April in Mauritius Island in 1829. Abrogating all the promises contained in the Kandyan Convention the British by Royal proclamation of 21 of 1819 consolidated imperial hegemony over the Island of Ceylon and continued their shameless exploitation until 1948.

Though this country is supposed to have got political Independence in 1948 a careful perusal will reveal that what happened in 1948 was only a political masquerade. There is no denying that in 1948 we were allowed to elect our own government. But how can we say we have got Independence, when we have not got full ownership of our mother land ceded to the British in 1815, when we are continued to be ruled by a foreign system of Government and alien institutions, when limitations were imposed on us by the constitution designed by the colonial masters on us and, when our sovereignty is restricted, when justice is adjudicated under a foreign judicial system and over one million south Indian Tamil labourers who held British citizenship  were left behind on our motherland, when British owned the Katunayaka and Trincommallee Air bases, when the Governor was appointed by the Queen of England, when final appellate power of the Judiciary was vested with the British Privy Council and finally when the King of England was also the King of this country long after the so-called Independence was granted to us. In short even today Britain has its colonial mechanism of controlling this country both directly and indirectly through international cartels and agencies with impunity. The ridiculous behavior displayed by British PM Cameron when he visited the Commonwealth meeting last time and his exaltation that Britain has been instrumental in the United Nations (UN) investigation and adoption of the (UNHCHR) resolution last week clearly shows their Colonial attitude and mentality that continuous to be followed towards countries like ours.

In present day politics in Sri Lanka Chandrika, Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasingha wanted to avenge Rakapaksa for personal reasons and capture power, though Rajapaksa is also to be partly blamed for some of the blunders he made since 2009, the troika has done it. All other politicians both in UNP and SLFP only want to enjoy the luxuries of political office. They also have achieved it. None of these present day politicians from the President down to the Pradeshiya Sabha member is concerned about the welfare of the people as evinced by their behavior since Jan 8th. Tamil politicians also wants power and Tamil Diaspora want to see their Eelam formed within Sri Lanka as they can never realize it within the Indian soil.  But that too will ever remain a day dream.

Chandrika-Ranil- Sirisena Troika in modern context also won the General elections in August, though marginally, and now has set up a 2 year hybrid administration, with all the undemocratic maneurings possible under the sun. The government they have invented has no parallel anywhere in the word. It is an amorphous animal with no sense direction or vision of governance couched in the magic word yahapalanaya. Of course it is excellent governance, rather sunshine days, for those who govern, but certainly not for the governed or the country.

Meanwhile some optimist people of this country also see this regime change as a temporary blessing in disguise as it has avoided a greater national disaster as the wolves of the International Community led by the USA would have taken much more serious steps in desperation to eliminate all patriotic national leaders in this country. It also appears to have reduced pressure on areas like economic sanctions and human rights etc.  Therefore we should be happy that we are blessed with an interval to breathe and to organize systematically all patriotic forces to liberate the country from these evil forces in due course. In the mean time I perceive some significant changes in the International political arena as well as internal power structures of the west as well as India are heading for trouble. The emerging problems created in the West by increasing rifts between Europe and US and within European States and the mess created by the millions of ISIS refugees surging in to Europe and agitating Tamil Diaspora all over and disintegrating tendencies emerging in India are all favourable signs for Sri Lanka.

Also no one knows at what time the Chandrika-Ranil-Sirisena honey moon will end. In all probability, I think it will be a nice crab dance until the water in the pot gets boiled only, like what is described in ‘Lipagini molawana tek diyaseliye- sepayak yei kakuluwa diyakeliye’ in Loweda Sangarawa. No one knows at what time the West might try to convert the present Government to a full time puppet Government under the command of the USA and UK. All ready, it has begun with the passage of the UNHCHR resolution last week. British PM Cameron has all ready said Britain has been instrumental in the United Nations (UN) investigation and adoption of this (UNHCHR) resolution and is committed to standing up for those affected by Sri Lanka’s civil war. Cameron’s statement clearly evince pro-Tamil and anti-Sinhala Buddhist British conspiracy that is coming down from 17th century to destroy Sinhala Buddhist identity of this country.

Once their (UK and USA) dream is fulfilled, like what happened to the 1815 March Convention, whatever promises these parties have made this time will cease to exist and their hidden agendas will become operative. They will try to consolidate their naval (Trinco, Colombo & Hambantota) and Air power at Katunayaka and Iranawila. Both Ranil and Sirisena will end up as puppets or prisoners. India will also realize its blunders only then, after the match is over. Ranil and Sirisena duo will also realize their folly that they were only a cat’s paw used by the western imperialist to realize their cunning goals. Those who aspire for EELAM will also not get it. Hakeem and Digambaran might get some concessions in so far as they are used to keep us divided. The estate Tamils will have to produce tea eternally may be even under worst conditions, for the Western masters as their slaves and the vicious circle of suffering will go on. Modern betrayers both in UNP and SLFP will be cursed by the people. Eternally engage in battle with the Nn Tamils, estate Tamils and Muslims Sinhala Buddhists will have to look on until they attain Nibbana in this life itself in the deep Indian Oceana.

The Mahanayaka Theras and those of the Three New Nikayas that is UNP, SLFP and JVP will have to perform the Pansakula ritual of the Sinhala nation and their own very soon, if they don’t stop singing hosannas, don’t stop confiring their blessings to these corrupt and unpatriotic politicians for their Atapirikaras and lavish fruit bowls and come out of their ivory towers and cloisters and if they don’t play their age old traditional role as Lankan Bikkhus of Gautama the Buddha, to liberate the country and the Sinhala nation.

The only way to protect this country and the nation from this impending disaster is  for the Monks of the Theraputthabhaya, Kadahapola, Wariyapola Sumangala and  Gangodawila Soma or Ven Chiratu of Burma genre living all over the country to come out of their cloisters and to give spiritual and national leadership to this dying nation and to organize the masses around an unassailable Sinhala Buddhist Leader, perhaps an incarnation of Dutugemunu who loves the Country, Nation, Religion, Language and the people and who cannot be bought over with US $ and Sterling Pounds or any other mundane bribe of any sort, get down to the  battle field and fight until we restore what we lost for Magha invaders in the 13th century with  a view to once again  re-creating the golden era of Anuradhapura.

I would like to conclude this note with a prophesy, attributed to Lord Buddha by the Mahanama, the celebrated author of Mahavansa- the Great Lineage of the Sinhala nation, and a verse written by Fr. Marcelline Jayakody a doyen of and an admirer of Sinhala socio-cultural tradition and its heritage.

‘Patissati Devinda-Lankayan mama Sasanan Tasma saparaivarantan –Rakka Lankancha sadukan’

(Oh Lord of Devas my dispensation will be established in Lanka. Therefore protect his (Vijayas) retinue and Lanka well with care) (Lord Buddha)

2500 years later from that date, this is how a Catholic priest in Sri Lanka wrote about the role of Mahasangha who made that prophesy a reality which proves beyond all reasonable doubts how  Buddha’s prediction has come true.

‘Aettak aeti setiyen kiva        yutte

Sivurai pana dii rata reka   gattte

Sivurei Helaye anu pana      aette

Adath nasinne me rata      matte’

(Fr. Marcelline Jayakody)

(A truth must be said as it is. It is the Robe that did protect this country by sacrificing life. In the Robe lies the second life of Helaya and even today it is they who sacrifice their lives on behalf of the country).

I cited the above two quotations to highlight the deep and inseparable bondage that exists between Buddhism, the monks and Lanka and its people. It also shows the role of the monks and their unique commitment in protecting the country and the Sasana. What more evidence is needed than the latter verse, to prove the eternal mundane and spiritual bondage that is found within a true Sinhala man to his traditional nationhood, irrespective of the present religion to which he belongs by design or accident?

I would like to request all Buddhist monks starting from the Mahnayaka Theras down to the novice in the village temple in this country to recall and recite the ancient epithet ‘Jatiye Muradevatavo’ referring to  role of Mahasangha in our society at least thrice a day starting from today.

The victory is ours if at least 1% of our Buddhist monks and Ten Patriotic Sinhala Leaders understand what I have said here and the eternal spirit and substance of what the celebrated and Patriot Catholic Priest Fr. Marcelline Jayakody has said.

I only sincerely wish and hope that all our Ven Buddhist monks from the four Mahanayaka Theras to the one in the village temple who subsist on the charity of their poor but devoted benefactors will realize the danger before the nation and awake from the deep slumber to command the whole nation in a clarion call to rise in unison to rescue the nation, if they wish to protect the motherland and the Sasana as they have always done it in history. I suggest, as a first step, they all immediately start a countrywide boycott programme of all politicians starting from the President downwards refusing to receive them and all their ill-gotten Atapirikara and rotten Fruit baskets. They also should ask all those UPFA & SLFP MPP who have betrayed the people by joining the hybrid Government to resign immediately as they have no mandate to do so.

Having said that I must also say that still have full confidence that no enemy can destroy this Land of the Buddha thrice blessed and sanctified by the Lord on four grounds. Firstly, the Buddha ‘s prophecy  as the Buddha’s Land and secondly, his confidence that his Sasana will be safer here but not in his land of birth-India, Secondly, the blessings and protection of the  Four Guardian gods and Thirdly, the power of the spiritual blessings and protection of the Sacred Tooth relict of the Lord and the Sacred Bo Tree  at Anuradhapura and finally interplanetary and cosmic influence on the Helanistic people in this country via Adam’s Peak.

From Rama through Magha to Prabhakaran including the mighty cannon guns of the western colonial invaders have failed to destroy this country. In the same way no god or human on earth or heaven or a natural disaster will be able to destroy this land, its people or its religion and heritage as far as the sun and moon will last!

The demise and nemesis is his he who tries to do so. This is my firm personal conviction as a true son of Lanka. May I be ever reborn on this sacred land again and again until I attain the final bliss?

Sasara wasana turu Nivan dakina turu

Pinketa randerane  yali upadinnata hetu wasana

Weva hetu wasana”! Weva hetu wasana”!

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  1. asoka2468 Says:

    Well it is very disturbing when we have persons in power who say something to your face and do something entirely different. Hopefully Sirisena did the same thing at the UN like he did at the Hopper dinner with MR. HE HAS A SOLID REPUTATION FOR THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR.So the best thing to do is wait and see. Hey by the way does anyone know how the esteemed ven. Sobitha is doing? We have to keep in mind that he was instrumental in all this.

  2. Christie Says:

    1815 the Indian Sepoys.

  3. Indrajith Says:

    සුරේන්ගේ ගෙදර පාටිය ආරංචි වී
    ලන්ඩන් ශ්‍රී ලාංකිකයෝ තුෂ්ණිම්භූත වෙති

    කීර්ති වර්ණකුලසූරිය – Courtesy Divaina

    රජයේ දේශපාලනඥයකු සහ හිටපු ආරක්‍ෂක ප්‍රධානියකු ඇතුළුÊපිරිසක්‌ ලන්ඩන් නුවර පිහිටි ගෝලීය ද්‍රවිඩ සංසදයේ ප්‍රකාශක සුරේන් සුරේන්ද්‍රන්ගේ නිවසේ භෝජන සංග්‍රහයකට සහභාගි වී ඇතැයි ප්‍රකාශ කරන ලන්ඩන් නුවර ශ්‍රී ලාංකිකයෝ දැඩි විමතියකටත් තැතිගැන්මකටත් පත්ව සිටිති. ශ්‍රී ලංකා හමුදාව යුද අපරාධ සිදුකළ බව කියමින් එය ජාත්‍යන්තර අධිකරණයට ගෙන යැමට දැඩි ලෙස උත්සාහ කර ඇති පුද්ගලයන් අතර සුරේන් සුරේJද්‍රන් ද ප්‍රධාන පෙළේ පුද්ගලයකු බව කියවේ.

    එසේම ගෝලීය ද්‍රවිඩ සංසදය තහනමට ලක්‌ වූ සංවිධානයක්‌ වේ.


    As Dr. Sudath says SL is standing on a disaster. Again, But SL do not have a Parliament so how can legally take this government down. MUSLIM OBAMA did this. He hand picked the players. The mistake MR did was present Palestinian Statehood at the UN. This was the biggest mistake and OBAMA was determined to take him down before he goes to the UN. He told his staff at the White House do some act to increase the TAMIL MUSLIM population. Which he has successfully done.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dr Gunasekera has written a good analysis of events here. Our thanks to Dr Gunaskera.

    It is rather heartbreaking to note that old and ancient cultures break down due to economic pressures brought from outside, Globalisation and large populations. Small countries like Lanka do suffer enormously and painfully.

    Small Buddhist countries will do best keeping their LIFE VALUE SYSTEMS INTACT as guided by Buddhism. Get as Self Sufficient as possible. And get leaders with more spunk who work for the People put into the important jobs !

    Tamils must know that their bread is buttered on the same side as for the Sinhala & Muslim folk.

    Ideas for Survival welcome.

  6. aloy Says:

    Sinhale survived for the last 2500 years due to the guidance of mahasanga as explained very well by Sudath irrespective of their differences of its people. Our forefathers saw the difficulties that would arise in defending the nation and improvised ways that would save us and that seems to have worked.
    At the present moment how can sanga give advise when they seem to have got corrupted themselves?. Look at the Diyawadana nilame appointment. All in the country know that an absolutely corrupt person has been appointed as the guardian of the most sacred place in the island. I have not seen that anything has been done about it by the authorities. I have read that one of the reasons why Buddhism disappeared in India is the corruption of the sanga in that country.
    Will the same thing happen in our country?.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    You want SL to survive?

    Then help guardian gods to take control of this country. They ALWAYS saved SL.

    Guess why the Geneva dirt and their local traitors want to GRILL guardian gods? Precisely for the sale reason – to end SL.

    Look at the parliament. Apart from WIMAL, DINESH and UDAYA no other MP cares about SL. They just eat free food, get parliamentary privileges and FOOL the people.


    Lorenzo, you are correct, what we need is Parliament open every day of the week. This is why I critique MR for taking his political advisors subjects and not THINKING! Why is he silent? He should fire all old staffers and replace with new and young Men and Woman without any political or religious attachments. This what the Election Commissioner did soon after the 2015 election was over.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:


    Guardian gods AND common sense, firm Governing (government plus the Law of the Land), must prevail. Then and then alone will a sense of Security for All prevail.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    Only guardian gods can save SL.

    Beggars can’t be choosers. High standards of governance and democracy cannot deliver safety to our war heroes.

    If you want perfection, forget it.

  11. Independent Says:

    Look at the definition of Shngha. Sangha are those who completed the path or striving on the same.

    Nation should start with keeping 5 precepts. If we have 51% Sinhalses keeping or (trying hard) to keep 5 precepts for 1 year, everything will be OK. Easiest one to keep is the last one.

  12. Independent Says:

    At least people in this forum have not come back to a sensible approach ( except 1 or 2 FOOLS). Note that I am using the word used by Buddha, not abusing, when I use it I have a big responsibility – I don’t want to go to hell.

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