Australia must side with the opponents of ISIS, not the creators of ISIS
Posted on October 9th, 2015

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia Media Release  Friday, 9 October 2015

If Islamic State inspired 15-year-old Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar to kill NSW Police accountant Curtis Cheng on 2 October, then the deadly consequences of recent Australian government foreign policy have now blown back onto the Australian people.

Islamic State has not emerged as a backlash against Australia and our leading allies; it is the synthetic creation of our closest allies, with our government’s support.

US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) documents from 2012 prove that Australia’s closest allies, the United States and the United Kingdom, along with France, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, knowingly fostered the rise of the Islamic State horror in Iraq and Syria, in order to achieve their regime change goal of overthrowing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The 12 August 2012 DIA document (released on 18 May 2015 under a Freedom of Information request by Judicial Watch) reads:

Opposition forces [to Assad] are trying to control the Eastern areas adjacent to the Western Iraqi provinces (Mosul and Anbar), in addition to neighbouring Turkish borders. Western countries [US, UK, France], the Gulf States and Turkey are supporting these efforts… If the situation unravels there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality [Islamic State] in Eastern Syria and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition [US et al.] want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime….” (Emphasis added.) Beginning with Kevin Rudd, successive Australian governments fully supported the Anglo-American regime change objective; by extension, they at least condoned the unleashing of a dark-ages death cult” to achieve it.

Now Russia has intervened—at the invitation of Syria and therefore legally under international law—to destroy ISIS and the other extreme Islamist jihadists such as the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al Nusra Front, and who is screaming the loudest? The very governments identified in the DIA documents as responsible for ISIS in the first place: the US, UK, France and Saudi Arabia.

(Interestingly, Turkey, which is also named in the DIA documents, and which the western media is reporting is hostile to Russia for flying over its territory, is actually contradicting the media and insisting that Turkey-Russia relations are very good and that Russia’s intervention won’t lead to conflict between the two nations. Other nations impacted by ISIS, including Iran and America’s client-state Iraq, are enthusiastic about Russia’s intervention. European nations which are struggling to deal with the flood of refugees from Syria also acknowledge that Russia’s action is right.)

In 10 days Russia has successfully hit more than 100 ISIS locations, including a bomb-making facility, command posts and munitions depots. Contrary to the propaganda claims of the western media, the Russians are using very precise intelligence and precise targeting, using the most advanced technology. ISIS has been taken by complete surprise: there is panic in the ISIS strongholds and 600 ISIS jihadists are known to have fled their Raqqa headquarters. One ISIS complaint is that the US-led coalition bombings only occurred at dawn, but the Russians are engaging targets day and night, in any weather.

Vladimir Putin’s intervention has completely outflanked Barack Obama and his re-badged neo-con agenda; the US President is decrying Russia’s success against ISIS, and condemning Russia for attacking the mythical moderates” among the Syrian opposition, because they are his forces in his drive to overthrow Assad. Obama’s sometime foreign policy adviser Tony Blair—the war criminal who is the intellectual author of the regime change agenda that has destroyed the Middle East, in order to permanently end the principle of national sovereignty enshrined in the Treaty of Westphalia, the cornerstone of international law—is also howling. In their desperation to maintain Anglo-American global hegemony militarily even as the financial power of the City of London and Wall Street implodes, they had planned Syria as their next target in a series of regime changes that they fantasised would end with Russia and China, but which would have definitely ended in global thermonuclear war.

The Australian people should welcome this reversal of Islamic State’s fortune, and demand our government do the same. More fundamentally, if we are serious about defeating the terrorism that we fear is rearing its head in Australia, we should demand that our government break with the imperial strategies of our allies who have consciously fostered and supported such terrorism for their geopolitical agenda. Finally, we should demand that our government collaborate with the BRICS alliance of nations—Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa—which are leading the push for a new international economic order that both respects national sovereignty and fosters peace through encouraging nations to cooperate on great economic development projects, such as China’s vision for a New Silk Road and Maritime Silk Road.

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  1. ranjit Says:

    No country should follow another country blindly because of their long standing friendships and help to do wrong things which are not beneficial to the mankind. Everyone should support the truth and good things not bad and untruth. Americans were the ones who started on war on terror and now they have become the terror and destroying the whole world in the guise of war on terror. They were the ones who said “Those who harbor and train terrorists are guilty same as the terrorists” and the very same people are questioning us for eliminating terrorism completely? What a joke. What kind of a world are we living? Is this the Democracy they were talking and worshiping about?

    Australia or any other country must try to find a way to eliminate terror and terrorism from their own soil and any part of the world without taking sides for the betterment of the human race. America hasn’t done any progress on war on terror up to date except killing innocent people and destroying countries. They were responsible for destroying many historical countries around the world namely Iraq,Libya,Syria,Yemen and many more. Due to war on terror millions have died and lost their kith and kin. Every country must join together without taking sides to eliminate terror and terrorism from every country for their people to live in Peace and harmony. ISIS should be eliminated completely at any cost as they are poison to the world like we did with most ruthless barbarians LTTE terrorists. Give your support to Russia and China to clean the mess which Americans brought to this world.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Some excellent Russian MI-24 (mil) attacks on terrorists!



    Mil hu akbar!

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