Posted on March 12th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Chinese are casino –addicts .

Port city to have an area to be given to Chinese for 99 year lease will be a famous haven for Chinese to build what they want

,I am quite sure they will be build mega entertainment centres at their  will as it is their land ,

Crown Casinos do not have have to invest in Sri Lanka as such facilities may be built by Chinese .

As I mentioned their next destination will be Maldives where they have already started to build a bridge to connect Airport .Male capital and newly built area called Hulu Male which is already developed like Singapore with Marinas.

Maldives is a Muslim country, but they allow investors to put up hotels with liquor which is prohibited as per Islam religion ,and yet they allow it because they need foreign currency survive

I will not be surprised if Malidivians allow Chinese to develop a whole Atol full of Casinos to attract Chinese

We should not let that chance slip away .We should allow Chinese to build Casinos in their land in the Port City and let it operate with a direct access to Airport via connection of an extension of Airport Highway

We should add another clause to the Port City Contract so that Chinese also build above highway connecting Kelaniya and Fort via SLPA boundary

Like in Singapore before they allow to build the first Casino near marina bay ,they allowed operation of short haul passenger boats operating from Singapore Marina out of the boarder where people can gamble in the boat after it leaves Singapore Maritime boarder .

They go only for 1-2 day trip towards Indonesian Islands and many Chinese use that facility to spend money.

We should encourage such facilities from Port City to Male- Northern Islands may be via Galle Port which will be converted to a marina where such Casino Boats can operate,

If the wizards in the government can think of such promising program and request Chinese to spend on Infrastructure, we can make that area out of bound for Sri Lankans  ( in case Ravan Balaya or BBS with JVP protests) unless they purchase tickets to travel in the boat and make 1-2 day trip to Male an return so that they can gamble .!!!!!!!

Indians will also love it as they have no place to go to have fun

Port City will also be a haven of Russians which is quite famous after perestroika for becoming a  country full of neo rich gambles !

They will spend millions in Sri Lanka providing that banking system operates via Sri Lanka’s central bank

I wish that I can see this happen during my life time

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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