“State of Israel Celebrates Independence”
Posted on May 24th, 2016

Sarath Wijesinghe – former Sri Lankan Ambassador to U A E and Israel

A New Nation was born

State of Israel was born in 1948, amidst struggle and fighting with Neighbours and a large segment of opponents and Arab states worldwide   after losing 1/3rd of Jews in the world as a result of large and small scale massacres on Holocaust. Historically Jews though blessed in the blessed holy land, were persecuted, prosecuted   and driven away from homelands, from time to time historically over thousands of years. Last were the Romans who chased them away. Since then they were on the lookout for a State of their own for a long period to attract and consolidate stateless Jews spread worldwide. World war which is one is the crucial and cruel turning points of the mankind  witnessed the biggest blood bathes on  the wars and during the   massacres of Jews by Nazis, deliberately and systemically to eradicate the race from the Globe as planned by Hitler and the clan. World was destabilized and lost control of the League of Nations- then world body with the limited power and the mandate proving the inactivity and weakness of the toothless world organization then. Israelis became the victims of mankind’s largest acts of murders and substantial portion of the world population became victims of the unwanted but unkind and ferocious deaths of war.  In the year 1922 League of Nations granted a mandate for British to   rule Palestine as a protectorate giving further concessions to the Jews who attracted the world sympathy. After the United Nations was formed Palestine was declare to be land of Jews by Belfair Declaration as a result of the worldwide support generated by the sympathy to the Jews due to Holocaust.

Father of Israel who founded the State

It is Ben Gurian”- the founder/father of Israel founded the new State on the declaration of the establishment of State of Israel, on 14th May 1948, despite the protest by all the neighbours and the Arab World, who invaded the New Nation immediately to protest was repulsed by Israel with ferocity with the backing of the West and USA with large number of casualties of Israeli soldiers. All future wars on 1967 six day war and 1973 wars were won by Israelis.   USA recognized the new State within hours followed by number of western allies and with objections and resistance from the Arab world. According to International law principles the requirements for the recognition of a state are (a) Effective control (b) Capacity to enter into agreements with other countries and (c) defined boundaries. The boundaries were still not defined and the war was still on at the time when the state was recognized by USA and British. But Israel carried on establishing the new state successfully with effective control by establishing the Knessette”- the Israel Parliament, giving life to the dead historical language Hebrew- the language of the first Bible, and consolidating the existing administrative and economic structure with the assistance of the Diaspora Expatriates worldwide including rich educated and powerful Israelis awaiting for this moment for years.

Israel a Leader on Water and Agriculture

It is an uphill task to develop a land with 2/3 desert with no water resources except for the disputed Galelee” River at the corner of the boundary, with no rainfall and water reserves. Fortunately there was a vision and a visionary with educated and hardworking citizens, worked hard collectively and tirelessly until the tiny nation of 1/1000 th of the Globe reached the states of one of the world leaders with power to guide and direct the rest of the world on Agriculture and High Technology. Seeds of a new Israel grew from the imagination of an exiled people. The exile was extremely long. Some two thousand years. The exile left the Jews with a prayer and without a country. Yet this unbroken prayer matured their hope and their bond of their forefathers. David Ben – Gurion – the father of the Nation, once said We are experts of what was there is no expert on what will be, To become an expert on the future, vision must replace experience”. They developed artificial intelligence and empowered scientific discovery individually and collectively. Start Up Companies and SME’s have started developing personal development with the university technology and agricultural education with the power of academics. Water was given priority by pumping water in the Galilee River for agriculture carefully and scientifically using drip irrigation and modern technology to use water carefully and sparingly, until millions were spent for desalination of sea water to make water for agriculture industry and domestic usage. Today Israel a country with full of water and green, with no water 70 years ago, now self-sufficient and selling water to others. They are leaders in agriculture as a main income and an export crops using modern technology utilizing 95% of technology on agriculture, using minimum water capacity.

Country with Few Resources but Developed on Human Resources

Israel is a country with no natural resources other that human resource the country has fully exploited. Education was given priority aiming at the development of the country under extreme political, climatic, and war situations threatened by neighbours right round. Personal development was connected to collective and higher education with universities and educational institutions part of the development process based on the vision of the visionary, encouraged by over 15 Noble prize winners and the scientists who have left great legacies to the present generation; Education Institutions took charge of the responsibility of scientific research and human developments creating and generating innovators and creators who will convert themselves to SME’s and Innovators. New avenues were invented and created such as Arms, Aeronautical and commercial industries now thriving with lot of income and reputation worldwide. Military Equipment’s, Kefir Planes, Devors, Missile Testing Equipment’s, Shouldering Crafts are some used by Sri Lankan forces in the successful eradication of terrorism in Sri Lanka. Israel is a world renowned defence equipment seller to the world powers and advisor to world powers on agriculture and Hi Tec.It has nuclear power, Gas and self-sufficient on power.

Now a Powerful Nation

Israel is a powerful, but a tiny nation of the size of New Jersey which is only 1/1000th of the Globe, with relatively diverse topography and population of 7858,000 where more Jews live worldwide than in the State of Israel, holding high positions as rich bankers and industrialists capable of controlling the economics of the host countries. Their life expectance is as high as 79.7 male and 83.4 for women being a relatively healthy nation with excellent eating habits and GDP of $19500. She has no formal Constitution with the Parliament consisting of 120 seats with absolute practicing democracy with an Executive Prime Minister and a President who is the head of the state. It is a strong economy having joined the rich OACD club of leading countries in the region.

Sri Lanka and Israel – Close Genuine Fiends in Need

Sri Lanka maintains close and friendly relations from the inception of the State, politically economically and helping each other. Israel has been a tower of strength for Sri Lanka during the war and internationally spoke on difficult situations of both countries. Trade Missions organized by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Israel to Sri Lanka with the help and blessings of Chambers of business in both countries have brought the countries and business together. Tourism from Israel and religious Tourism from Sri Lanka is in the upward trend, with businesses improving and thriving with investors with Israeli contacts frequently visiting Sri Lanka and taken steps on investments in small and large scale. Cultural and religious Centres in both countries are thriving with state patronage with religious cultural and business tolerance.  Bilateral relations are thriving and trade has improved by 178% with $175.63 million on diamond exports, and import of highly technical merchandise.

Way forward

Both Israel and Sri Lanka gained Independence on the same year but the developments of Israel to what it is today is miraculous and creditable compared to Sri Lanka. We need not feel shy, but to learn from them and work together for our development and success. Israel is one of the world leaders economically and politically as an economic giant and a fearless state,  a leader on Agriculture, High Tec, Self-sufficient on food, with lowest crime rate,  exporter of fruits, agriculture, flower and industrialised materials  worldwide, a centre of excellence on education, leader on Diary harvesting the highest milk from a cow and an exporter of animals, and a leader in the region maintain highest values of practicing democracy and human rights to the last word. World powers are seeking her assistance on agriculture, Hi Tec, Dairy and many other areas. Our relationships are friendly and most cordial. Both Israel’s and Sri Lankans are friendly and educated following two deep free and tolerant religions with followers in both countries. These two countries and peoples are ideal partners to work with, and it is time to resolve to work together on the Israel Independence Day with all the reason for them to be happy about for the great achievements of the forefathers and the current generation carrying the message for generations. As Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans, let us wish the Great State of Israel and the Great Israeli citizens a bright future for the next thousands years to come.

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