We need a Patriotic National Leader who can boldly say ‘This is our own and native Land and this is our Country’ none shall interfere with our domestic matters.
Posted on June 1st, 2016

Dr. Sudath Gunasekara 31.5.2016

All Tamils have a Subcontinent called India to go, from where they intruded to this country from 2nd C BC either as invaders or illicit immigrants or people imported by Dutch and British to work for them on their tobacco, coffee and tea lands established on our lands conquered by them.

Muslims have a mighty Arabian world to go.

But what is the place Sinhala people could go. This is our own and native Land and this is our Country where we had our first breadth. It is also the place where we, our children and their children’s children have to have the last breath as well. It is the place where our ancestors built the civilization ancient and a culture pristine and unique. It is the land where millions of our ancestors died in battle against the invaders Indian and western in defense of their motherland. It is the land where every grain of sand is soaked with their warm blood and converted to gems and jewels for the benefit of their posterity

History has proved beyond all doubts that this was the land of the Sinhala people. Until the devastative Magha invasion ruined our ancient Rajarata Civilizationin in the 12th  Century, the whole Island was inhabited by Sinhala Buddhists. It was ruled by 186 Kings with an unbroken lineage  from 427 BC to 1815 AD and they founded  a unique human CIVILIZATION IN THE MEDIEVAL WORLD. That is why from Kadurugoda (Kantharodei as it was named by Tamils later)  in the northern tip of the Island up to Dondra in the southern tip of the country, the length and breadth of this Island displays a fabulous treasure of Sinhala Buddhist Archaeological treasures.

Tamils on the other hand, other than those in the tea estates on the central hills, are descendents of South Indian invaders from 2nd century BC. , Kallathonies (illicit immigrants) who crossed the Palk straight in search of green pastures or South Indian dalit coolies brought here either by Dutch to work on tobacco plantations in Jaffna  or British after 1860 to work on coffee and tea plantations on the hhills) and left behind. No fake history by any Tamil or a Westerner can prove it otherwise. Estate Indian Tamils as everyone knows were brought in by the British, starting from 1860s were British citizens up to 1948

Muslims came to this country as traders from early times in small numbers. But they never invaded this country or claimed a homeland like Tamils until recent times. Unlike the Tamils they married Sinhala women and even got Sinhala ge names and were in fact in the process of getting integrated with the native Sinhala people until mad communal Muslim politicians like Ashrof and Hekeem started a Muslim Homeland claim.

As such none of these people have any right to claim them to be recognized as separate nations or nationalities and ask for separate administrative or political unit under Federal or any other. They all have to accept this country as ‘The only Sinhala Buddhist country in the world’ and learn to live with them as they do in all other countries, without dreaming of a small India or EELAM or a small Arab World inside this country. Those who cannot do so should go back either to India or any Arab country from where they came here. You shall never have a motherland here in Sri Lanka if you are not prepared to accede to this reality and prepared to live in harmony with the Sinhala people- the Bhoomiputras of this resplendent Island.

A word to India and the so called International Community instigated by the western colonial forces who are conspiring to ruin this country. Why don’t you look after your own problems without fingering in to others domestic affairs.

We will look after our country and people the way we have done for the past 2500 years without you help.

 Dear all patriots!

This country needs a Patriotic National Leader who can boldly say this much

To the Tamils and Muslims in this country and stop crawling behind them for their vote and betray the great Sinhala Nation any more‘

And then make a clarion call to the whole world including UK, EU. USA , Canada,Norway and India, This is our own and native Land and this is our Country” none shall interfere with our domestic matters.

 I call upon all the Patriotic Sinhala forces to give up all their blind political attachments to the existing political Parties such as UNP, SLFP, JVP etc that are playing pandu with this country and the nation and unite under One Sinhala Banner to save this Pinbima” our beloved Motherland under

a new political Party with an entirely a different political culture

lead by  A Patriotic National Leader   

who can boldly say

‘This is our own and native Land and this is our Country’ none shall interfere with our domestic matters’.

27 Responses to “We need a Patriotic National Leader who can boldly say ‘This is our own and native Land and this is our Country’ none shall interfere with our domestic matters.”

  1. Dham Says:

    Thank you Sir!
    Some fake patriots are blocking the arrival of that leader who says,
    “‘This is our own and native Land and this is our Country’ none shall interfere with our domestic matters’.
    Identify them. This is the first step towards finding such a leader.

  2. stanley perera Says:

    Out of the leaders so far it is only Sir John Kothalawala who had the backbone to tell the Indians where to go. All others are shivering in their boots before Muslim and Tamil votes playing diplomacy and bull shit one sided reconcilliation. That reconcilliaon bull shit must come from those Kallathonis and mattayas. I have no qualms with the plantation Tamils in the hill country. They suffer a lot. I wonder if there is any Sinhalaya who has a brave front to the jokers where to go. If Fiji and Malaysia give the prominance to the Boomis what is wrong with the Sinhala Boomis? One heck of a leader must come forward. Diyasena Kumaraya is not born yet.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:


    Yes indeed, this BS one-sided RECONCILIATION must end!

    Why should there be RECONCILIATION with a bunch of unrepentant terrorism supporters be there at all?

    Did the Victories allies RECONCILE with the Nazis? NO!
    The allies partitioned Germany, proscribed the Nazis, partitioned Germany, militarily occupied it for decades, and the USA prohibits Nazis from entering the country even today!

    So, why apply these BS double standards to Sri Lanka that suffered from Tamil Terror for 40 years and ended it only 7 years ago?

    Is the security and lives of the Sri Lankan people not as valuable as those of Westerners?

    Why do they demand that Sri Lanka empower them so as to take up arms again?


  4. Dilrook Says:

    I agree with Sudath except this part.

    [Quote] I call upon all the Patriotic Sinhala forces to give up all their blind political attachments to the existing political Parties such as UNP, SLFP, JVP etc that are playing pandu with this country [Unquote]

    Joint Opposition must be specifically added to that list. They are the same as the rest until and unless they made a firm contract with the people to abrogate 13A and ETCA (if signed), stop the bridge, disregard IMF dictates detrimental to the country, shed LLRC report and stop nepotism.

    The first to a patriotic leadership is the admittance that there is no such leadership currently. Closest to patriotic leadership won’t do. First, we should list down the criteria and then assess the leaders. As there is no patriotic leader available, such a leader should be build. There is 3-4 years to the next national election and this is the time to do it.
    It may be an existing leader who has the backbone to make a firm contract with the people to abrogate 13A and ETCA (if signed), stop the bridge, disregard IMF dictates detrimental to the country, shed LLRC report and stop nepotism. Alternatively, it may be a brand new leader unattached and unrelated to provincial councillors, uncorrupted by nepotism and undiluted by Tamil appeasing nonsense.

    Someone like India’s Modi (not his policies but his complete commitment and absolute lack of nepotism) will do well.
    A politician may be bold and willing to put his neck on the line to defend the nation but if his relatives have political ambitions, that makes him bend to external pressure.

    It is heartening to see Sinhalas are no longer fooled by pussy-footing politicians on important matters. A politician unable to take a stand before the election (in fear of RAW or whatever) will not suddenly become bold after election.

  5. Dham Says:

    Thanks Dilrook,
    Yes we must PRESS this JO hard to get them to right path rather than resorting to maximum mudslinging, exaggeration of trivial issues, sabtage but hiding real issues under the carpet until they win votes then do the opposite.

    Now it is the best opportunity to get rid of the constitution and do a new one with “Sinhala only” and no “traditional homelands ” to anyone. But LTTE governemnt will not do it. they are waiting to bribe one by one and get them to vote for Federal or near Federal system with no safegurads whatsoever ( like India).

  6. ranjit Says:

    We as a nation shouldn’t bow down to any son of a gun or any evil minded Govts. We had heroes who fought mighty armies and won and still we have such heroes among us so it won’t be difficult to find one to save our Sinhala Motherland which we Sinhales only have in this world. We had tough leaders after Independence like Sir John, Mahina Rajapaksa some of them. MR never went after votes. He stood firmly on issues concerning the Sinhalese. He never give in to Tamil and Muslim demands like these current traitors. This is the worst habitual Govt we had in our history. This evil govt has to pay dearly one day for their crimes which are yet to unfold.
    All what they promised on Jan 8th were bogus and lies. 92 Ministers just imagine? What the hell they are doing? All family business among the Ministers and their kith and kin same like in the past. Where is the press freedom? Why the law is only for the Opposition? What about the law breakers in the govt? Why no FCID for them? Bullshit!!!!? This govt is nothing but shit hole with thugs and murderers. Most of the politicians in the govt are foul mouthed, uneducated, uncivilized, power hungry dirty individuals who know nothing about good governance. Time has come to change all that and to unite Sinhala nation.

  7. Dham Says:

    “MR never went after votes. “

    Then why he called for elections two years early ( greedy for the 3rd term created specially for him) plus a big mess already created just to hand over the government to worse opposition leader in the world ?
    He shall be named as the most vote greediest leader in the world history.
    Please go for a check up. You may have Alzheimers decease.

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:




  9. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    DHAM !! Your name was on my Skype page, but you had not made the request ”TO ACCEPT” Try again.

  10. Dham Says:

    Still doesn’t work. I don’t know why. I sent a new request.
    Yes. Where is Lorenzo ?

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    stanley perera
    I have no qualms with the plantation Tamils in the hill country. They suffer a lot- – You won the war because of this sense of humanity ( Dharma).

    Please teach them Sinhala make their next generation mother tongue is Sinhala instead of Tamil.

  12. Dham Says:

    LTTE’s rapid collapse after Kilinochchi debacle through the eyes of Thamilini
    May 31, 2016, 6:47 pm
    By Shamindra Ferdinando

    Vidusha ordered to shoot surrendering civilians

    Commander of the Malathy Regiment, Vidusha, had started to cry as soon as she saw ‘Colonel’ Thamilini walking towards her. The chance meeting had taken place at Sugandipuram, one of the last remaining LTTE bastions, east of the Kandy-Jaffna A9 road. ‘Colonel’ Thamilini quoted Vidusha as having told her that she was embarrassed when she thought of the organisation’s conduct. Vidusha had revealed receiving instructions from the top leadership to shoot those wanting to surrender to the army below their knees. Although, she had resented the directive, she instructed some cadres of the situation. They had told her how could they shoot their relatives and it was better to shoot themselves.

    ‘Colonel’ Thamilini quoted Vidusha as having told her regretfully the situation the organisation had fallen to by ordering mass scale shooting of civilians.

    Subramanium Sivagami alias ‘Colonel’ Thamilini’s Thiyunu Asipathaka Sevana Yata (In the Shadow of a Sharp Sword), the Sinhala translation of Oru Koorvaalin Nizhalil, intimately dealt with the final phase of the war on the Vanni east front.

    Thamilini, who had served the front line LTTE fighting formations before being appointed leader of the Tiger Women’s Political Wing, discussed Intelligence Wing leader Pottu Amman’s ridiculous efforts to halt advancing government forces. Senior LTTE commanders had been extremely angry over a spate of directives, issued by Pottu Amman, without taking into consideration severe difficulties experienced by fighting formations. Pottu Amman had earned the wrath of fellow commanders for ignoring the plight of the fighting formations, close on the heels of the LTTE being forced to abandon Kilinochchi, during the first week of January, 2009.

    Those who had been demanding to know the truth were strangely silent on ‘Colonel’ Thamilini’s first hand account, though Oru Koorvaalin Nizhalil was launched in Kilinochchi on March 19, 2016. The Sinhala version was launched at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute (SLFI) on May 13, 2016.

    ‘Colonel’ Thamilini’s husband, Jeyakumaran Mahadevan, a British national of Sri Lankan origin, earned the wrath of an influential section of Tamil politicians, as well as Tamil Diaspora, for releasing shocking memoirs.

    By January, 2009, several fighting formations had been engaged in large scale offensive operations, on the Vanni east front. The military had eradicated the LTTE fighting cadre, in the Vanni west, and the remaining units surrounded in the Vanni east, across the Kandy-Jaffna A9 road. But the LTTE continued to resist in spite of rapidly losing its capacity to face the army.

    Much to the anger of fellow field commanders, Pottu Amman had positioned disabled cadres with explosives, to thwart the army advance on Puthukuduirippu, the main LTTE bastion, east of A9. At the behest of Pottu Amman, disabled cadres had carried out suicide attacks on troops advancing on Puthukuduirippu. The LTTE Intelligence Wing leader had also ordered Black Tigers to mount claymore mine attacks. ‘Colonel’ Thamilini declared that a large number of LTTE cadres had perished during the final phase of an unwinnable war.

    ‘Colonel’ Thamilini inferred that Pottu Amman had the blessings of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran. She quoted Prabhakaran as having declared that he would ensure that the Black Tigers would be the most powerful weapon of the weak community.

    Both Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman believed the army could be halted by carrying out mass scale suicide attacks. Referring to a Black Tiger suicide attack mounted during the first week of February, 2009, on the 59.3 Brigade, south of Puthukuduirippu, ‘Colonel’ Thamilini acknowledged the group lacked the wherewithal to halt the army. She said that the global community had been both suspicious and shocked over the collapse of what it had hitherto believed was a very powerful organisation. ‘Colonel’ Thamilini asserted Prabhakaran’s unilateral decisions caused massive destruction to the Tamil-speaking people.

    Although, Prabhakaran had faulted Pottu Amman for constantly complaining against other senior commanders, including Karuna, he didn’t obviously intervene. Commander of the Malathy Regiment, ‘Colonel’ Vidusha had expressed disappointment with regard to Pottu Amman’s conduct, Thamilini quoted ‘Colonel’ Vidusha as having told her, at a medical facility, at Iranapalai, that she lost even the little bit of respect she had for Pottu Amman for not taking stark ground realities into consideration. Thamilini had met ‘Colonel’ Vidusha shortly after the latter had met Prabhakaran, in the company of Pottu Amman, during the final phase of fighting on the Vanni east front.

    ‘Colonel’ Thamilini succumbed to cancer, in Oct, 2015. Perhaps, her revelations should be examined by the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) pursuing war crimes investigation, in respect of offensive action, on the Vanni east front, as well as the government. The government should seriously consider seeking the expertise of the Paranagama Commission, including its international experts, to examine the LTTEers’ claims and assertions. The government shouldn’t ignore an opportunity to produce an add-on to the Paranagama Report. The Paranagama Commission’s legal advisory council comprised Sir Desmond de Silva, QC (UK), Professor Sir Geoffrey Nice, QC (UK), and Professor David M. Crane (US). The team received the support of several experts, including retired Maj. Gen. John Holmes, one-time Commanding Officer of the elite Special Air Services (SAS).

    ‘Colonel’ Thamilini’s revelations sent shock waves through those who had been propagating war crimes allegations. Her memoirs should be examined against the backdrop of the UN declaring, in March, 2011, that those who accused the previous government of war crimes wouldn’t be subjected to cross examination, under any circumstances, until 2031 (UNSG’s Panel of Experts Report, March 31, 2011). A second inquiry, on the basis of which UNHRC adopted a Resolution on Oct. 1, 2015 paving the way for a hybrid court, too, refrained from revealing the identities of those who made unsubstantiated allegations. Colombo-based foreign-funded civil society organizations, promoting accountability process, should reveal their stand on the deceased Tiger’s memoirs published by her husband with the support of veteran film maker, Dharmasiri Bandaranayake, who openly campaigned to end the Rajapaksa administration.

    ‘Colonel’ Thamilini dealt with the last meeting, attended by heads of all formations and units engaged on the Vanni east front, during March 2009. Held at a camp, at Puthukuduirippu, once considered the most vital high security zone in the North, the meeting revealed the imminent collapse of the organization’s conventional fighting capability. Having summoned senior colleagues, for a final briefing, Pottu Amman admitted that the LTTE could achieve battlefield victory only through a miracle. ‘Colonel’ Thamilini quoted Pottu Amman as having said that victory was no longer a reality. Having warned them that those LTTE personnel who surrendered to the army, along with civilians, would be shot by the security forces the moment they admitted being members of the organisation, Pottu Amman again reiterated only a miracle could save them. The LTTE Intelligence Wing Leader had ordered them to destroy all documents in their hands. ‘Colonel’ Thamilini briefly explained the deep mental trauma as senior commanders resented talking with each other. The top level grouping conveniently failed to discuss the issue of the large group of wounded LTTE personnel.

    There hasn’t been a previous detailed account of what took place, on the Vanni east front, after troops secured Kilinochchi. Thamilini described the final counter offensive, launched by the LTTE, during the first week of April, 2009, leading to the loss of over 600 cadres, including several senior personnel. According to ‘Colonel’ Thamilini, senior commander Bhanu had conducted the operation, in the Anandapuram area, east of Puthukudirippu operation, which lasted three days before troops brought the situation under control. Those who survived fled leaving both the dead and the wounded, as all organised resistance crumpled.

    ‘Colonel’ Thamilini confirmed Wikileaks report pertaining to the LTTE conducting all its operations from among the civilian community in the wake of the organisation losing Kilinochchi. Diplomatic cables, originating from US embassies, quoted top ICRC official as having confirmed that the LTTE positioned itself among civilians. In spite of realizing that resistance couldn’t be sustained, Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman engaged in desperate measures to thwart the army advance. The organisation ordered forced conscription and execution of those who had quit the LTTE. The LTTEer alleged that Voice of Tigers (VOT) engaged in propaganda meant to convince the population that external assistance was on its way while, on the ground people struggled to secure approval to go on board ICRC ships operating between Puthumathalan and Pulmoddai.

    It would be pertinent to stress that the government allowed the evacuation of those who had been wounded on the Vanni east front, with an Indian medical team positioned in Pulmoddai, north of Trincomalee to receive them. The UNSG’s Panel of Experts (PoE) referred to the ICRC operation in its report released on March 31, 2011. The PoE declared that the LTTE prevented wounded cadres from leaving the area, in ICRC – run ships.

    ‘Colonel’ Thamilini’s reference to the deployment of the navy, off the Mullaitivu coast, during the final phase of the offensive highlighted the crucial role played by the Navy ably commanded by Vice Admial Wasantha Karannagoda. The LTTEer recalled leader of the Women’s Wing of the Sea Tigers Purni (a close relative of TULF leader A. Amirthalingam) confiding in her the inability of Prabhakaran and his chief lieutenants to escape by sea, due to heavy navy deployment. ‘Colonel’ Thamilini had received information, from Purni, in this regard, on the evening of May 15, 2009, at Mullivaikkal. Thanks to VA Karannagoda, the writer had an opportunity to visit the naval cordon, off Mullaitivu-Chalai, during the last week of April, 2009. The navy sustained the operation until the army overran the remaining LTTE – held territory on the Vanni east front. VA Karannagoda threw the sea cordon in the wake of the then Army Chief Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka declaring that Prabhakaran could escape by sea.

    ‘Colonel’ Thamilini’s sentiments clearly reflected the pathetic situation experienced by the once powerful LTTE combat formations. The LTTE lacked the wherewithal to breakthrough army lines, nor a plan to take care of those who had been wounded in battle. ‘Colonel’ Thamilini asserted that the top leadership had decided to leave them to face the army, while a selected few escaped. Reference to well-known Sothiya Regiment underscored the crisis. By the third week of May, 2009, there had been only a few left of the Sothiya Regiment, then deployed at Mullivaikkal. A conversation between Sea Tiger commander Sri Ram and ‘Colonel’ Thamilini also revealed the collapse of their fighting capability. By then, the top leadership had abandoned civilians though it resorted to violence to stop them surrendering to the army.

    Having joined the LTTE for a period of 18 years, Thamilini surrendered to the army, on May 16, 2009, several hours before Prabhakaran made an abortive bid to escape.

    Wikileaks, Stockholm-based author, Mark Salter (To END A CIVIL WAR; NORWAY’S PEACE ENGAGEMENT IN SRI LANKA), serving diplomat Dr Chanaka Thalpahewa (NORWEGIAN INVOLVEMENT IN THE SRI LANKAN PEACE PROCESS), Norwegian report (PAWNS OF PEACE : EVALUATION OF NORWEGIAN PEACE EFFORTS IN SRI LANKA) and the Paranagama Commission (REPORT ON THE SECOND MANDATE OF THE PRESIDENTIAL COMMISSION OF INQUIRY INTO COMPLAINTS OF ABDUCTIONS AND DISAPPEARANCES) dealt with the situation on the front, during the final phase of ground operations.

    Unfortunately, the war-winning Rajapaksa government ignored the need to conduct a thorough examination of events leading to the conflict with the focus on eelam war IV (August 2006-May 2009). Had the administration undertaken such an inquiry, the LTTE rump, the Tamil Diaspora and Western powers wouldn’t have been able to propagate that the government of Sri Lanka engaged in systematic crimes. The previous government had been so foolish it didn’t even bother to examine Wikileaks until the Legal Advisory Council, and other foreign experts, joined the Paranagama Commission. The Norwegian evaluation too took Wikileaks into consideration. Wikileaks revealed the ICRC admitting the army paying a heavy price on the Vanni east front due to them taking the civilian factor into consideration.

    ‘Colonel’ Thamilini reminiscences about war weary people along with LTTE cadres surrendering to the army. They had walked along the Mullivaikkal road and passed Wattuwakal bridge to reach what ‘Colonel’ Thamilini called Mullaitivu central area. The army had been advancing towards Mullivaikkal on both sides of the road, leaving people to walk towards Mullaitivu central area. The army had made special arrangements to receive those entering into the area under their control. Arrangements that had been in place highlighted their readiness to accommodate large groups of people, including LTTE combatants. ‘Colonel’ Thamilini appreciated the army having made prior arrangements to ensure the safety and security of those surrendering as the fighting entered the final stage.

    The LTTEer explained the transfer of people and LTTE cadres from Mullaitivu to Omanthai in buses escorted by the army. Thiyunu Asipathaka Sevana Yata and Oru Koorvaalin Nizhalil discussed a situation hitherto neglected by the Tamil community. Those who had been demanding accountability, on the part of the government, never acknowledged efforts made by the army to safely receive Tamils on the Vanni east front. The LTTEer had been lucky to meet her mother and accompany her to Omanthai.

    Strangely, the JOINT OPPOSITION, loyal to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, is yet to comment on revelations made by ‘Colonel’ Thamilini. The grouping obviously lacked a strategy to collect information which can be used to defend the military.

    Most importantly in spite of her being part of the top command and control structure of the LTTE, ‘Colonel’ Thamilini never made any reference to the group planning to surrender to the army. Her version of events, leading to the group’s annihilation, revealed Prabhakaran and his sidekick Pottu Amman acting recklessly and foolishly in the wake of the debilitating setback, suffered at Kilinochchi, during the first week of January 2009. ‘Colonel’ Thamilini asserted that the LTTE never had a chance to recoup, following the Kilinochchi defeat. According to ‘Colonel’ Thamilini, there had never been a serious attempt to reach an understanding with the government and obviously Prabhakaran and his close associates believed in fleeing Vanni leaving even the wounded behind. Wartime US Defence Advisor in Colombo Lt. Colonel Lawrence Smith, in early June, 2011, in Colombo, declared that there had never been an agreement between the government and the LTTE for the latter to surrender. The official dismissed reports pertaining to LTTE Political Wing seniors, Nadesan and Pulithevan, reaching an understanding in this regard during the final phase of fighting. An exclusive report on statement made by the US official was denied by the then US State Department Deputy spokesperson Mark C. Toner.

    Toner declared: Well, just to clarify, the U.S. did decline invitations to participate in that conference as either a conference speaker or panellist. My understanding is that the defense attaché was there as an observer and a note taker. His comments reflected his personal opinions. There’s no change in the policy of the United States, and his remarks do not reflect any change in our policy.

    The US was embarrassed. The previous government acted as if nothing happened. It was busy hiring expensive US PR firms to enhance its image.

    (Final piece on ‘Colonel’ Thamlini’s ‘work on June 8)

  13. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  14. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    DHAM !! I don’t see that you have come. Put my Skype address and then a window will come on to Accept or Decline. Try again.

  15. Sooriarachi Says:

    Reconciliation is not possible as long as Tamil leaders like Wigneswaran and Sampanthan make provocative utterances and then go on to broadcast to the world their imaginary history of Sri Lanka. They claim to be educated moderates, but their utterances are stupid and vicious. They are moderate to the extent of only not using guns, suicide bombers etc to win their bogus claims.

    To date they have refused to support the handing back of properties in the North to Sinhalese residents who were killed or chased out by Tamil terrorists. Also, to date they have not thanked the armed forces for rescuing around 300,000 Tamil civilians kept like slaves in LTTE camps as a human shield by Prabakaran. Had Prabakaran not been defeated, then would these leaders like Wineswaran dare to visit the North?
    Are these the people Tamils can find to represent them for reconciliation?

  16. ranjit Says:

    I think Dham is a nouble word, how come you got that name? You talk same like underwear Senaratne (Dentist’s habitual son who migrated from USA as an American agent to help Hitan and coup leaders) Did you see his press conference yesterday and did you listen to his noble words about well educated doctors? Those traitors have little mind dont be in that category my dear. Anyway no hard feelings. Interesting comments always by you and others.
    Yes MR and every politician is greedy for votes.Thats their culture. I AM telling that MR didnt go after Tamil and Muslim votes because they wanted to highjack MR govt by demanding this and that. IF WE Sinhalese got united he would have won easily. The problem is with our own Sinhalese Dham. Voters were greedy than politicians. Hitan and runnil hoodwinked them all by showing a dream world. After one and a half year still they couldn’t keep up their promises.They were all liars and bullshiters. Get all patriots who love their Motherland come to one united movement to send these thugs and criminals to hell. Sinhale must be kept intact and united because it’s our only home sweet home.

  17. Dham Says:

    You do have a memory issue. I tell this again. please have a check up.

    I AM telling that MR didnt go after Tamil and Muslim votes …..

    Actually he went after Muslim and Tamil votes more than any other politician. You have completely loss memory.
    1. RW and CBK did not open Jassim city in November 2014 , just before the election

    2. there is no secret that MR spent 90% budget on North and East, people in this web site discussed this many times. where were you ?

    Please, unless you bring up the TRUTH and expose these we Sinhalese Buddhist will go no where under MR. He will have to forced to take our side. He has been running the path of ” Bahu Jathika , Bahu Agamika” nonsense.

  18. Dham Says:

    You don’t have to try hard. Please look at the comment column and read Ratnapala’s comment.
    He says ( I am not saying this)
    Many things that MR could have done after the Eelam War, 13 A, Provincial Councils, Anti Conversion Bill, etc,. he neglected and let go to appease the minorities. …

  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    Since the ILLEGAL 13-A was imposed on the UNP govt led by JRJ in 1987, it is right that the UNP govt led by Ranil now in power REMOVES it.
    Ranil leads the UNP which leads the Yahap.
    When Pres Sirisena appointed Ranil as Exec PM, Pres Sirisena said he did that ‘becasue the west wants it so’. This proves that Ranil has all powers and backing from the IC.

    * It is obvious that Ranil has the power to remove the 13-A, with or without the JO.
    * In fact, as matters stand, it seems obvious that MR could never have removed the 13-A during his tenure in office, so he used it to some advantage for the war effort, his party effort, etc.

    ALL Lankans must demand that Ranil led UNP/Yahap makes it so and removes the 13-A !! Then Ranil would have done something good for Lanka after all of his earlier non-National acts.

  20. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    DHAM !!

    Just put your thinking cap on.

  21. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    DHAM !! Sorry I said something but it did not come on. Please ignore the above. Here it is.


    Just put your thinking cap on.

  22. Dham Says:

    It is not possible. As Ananda said, Prof. Hudson, Kumar Moses and Lorenzo likely be the same person.
    Please not the following.

    1. All his comments and writing were anti-LTTE
    2. Very strong anti-Islam
    3. Very strong pro- Israel
    4. Strong “Christian” type faith believing in a supreme being strongly
    5. Very much pro-MR strongly until 2010 and started finding faults since then, similar to any other writer here and commentator here.
    6. Intelligent person who doesn’t write repeated long nonsense or worship politicians
    7. Good sense of humour not a stupid “web warrior” fighting “by mouth” shivering in body.
    8. Anti UNP

    Things I doubt in him.

    1. Above 2 -4 and possibly writing in different names show characteristics of a LTTEr
    2. He insists on writing Sinhala names in a Tamil way is always strong LTTE characteristic
    3. He was very likely pretending to younger than actually he was
    4. Understands Sinhala but pretends not to.

    He was the most interesting character here no doubt. There is no reason for him to completely change is style. Even if he was a LTTEr it does not matter to me as long as he could logically put his arguments, give us some interesting news.
    I do communicate with Andy Lingam “Grrr” too when it need to be. If we shut off people then we here boring repetitions and Pandam Allannos, Kade Yannos and Abusers only making this like a Tamil Nadu media.
    Lorenzo was a delight to communicate with. Therefore I miss him.
    No he has not comeback with a different name.

  23. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    This S AK ANDY and I have communicated very harmoniously. It is with great feeling of fun that I end with Grrr. NO MALICE AT ALL. Even he too ends with Grrr at times. You can openly ask him if I was unkind to him. NEVER.

    Why I raised this topic was because a new entrant to Lanka Web, always write anti -LTTE. I may be wrong. Prof Hudson is definitely not Lorenzo. Possibly, you would not have seen my controversies with Hudson. Lorenzo and I have got on like close buddies. It was Lorenzo and I that promoted Military rule temporarily. Somebody named him Commander-in-Chief, and me as Defence Secretary. We collected some brick-bats.


  24. Dham Says:

    I too.
    But remember Hudson, Kumar Moses are also missing in action. (think .. I am writing with an intention here).
    I too communicated with Andy Lingam those days before I went absent for years.
    There was another guy missing now “MS MUDALI”.

    Piyadigama’s statement gave some explanation. It is also evidence that Lorenzo was ex-LTTE intelligence wing man who crossed over to our side. If MR can trust Karuna , KP why can’t we trust Lorenzo and let him say anything he want to say ?
    The worst lot are the “WEB TERRORISTS”, the followers of Prabhakaran method to shut down free speech.

  25. ranjit Says:

    Ok Dham you won the fight.As per your advise I will go and get a check up.Thanks but remember there isn’t a single politician in this country more likeable, loveable, knowledgeable more adorable than our Predident Mahinda Rajapaksa today. I DOUBT you will agree with me Dham because you people never appreciate what he has done to our beloved country. Anyway people have different opinions, that’the nature of mankind.Adios!!!!!!!.

  26. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said it all when you said:

    “remember there isn’t a single politician in this country more likeable, loveable, knowledgeable more adorable than our Predident Mahinda Rajapaksa today.

    I DOUBT you will agree with me Dham because you people never appreciate what he has done to our beloved country”

  27. plumblossom Says:

    We do not need provincial councils which only promote separatism. The provincial councils only duplicate the already existing system of ministry, district secretary, divisional secretaries, grama niladhari system which has functioned for decades. In addition, there are the municipal, urban councils and pradeshiya sabhas who elect their officials to ensure that there is local government representation and to ensure that local matters are dealt with effectively. The ministry, district secretary, divisional secretaries, grama niladhari system is how government plans get implemented at the district, divisional and the grama niladhari level. The only thing the provincial councils do is duplicate this already existing system and is totally unnecessary. Since Sri Lanka is a small country, what is agreed at the parliamentary level in terms of plans can be implemented islandwide via the ministries. If anyone in any province wants to suggest anything innovative, they can do so via their MP at the parliamentary level. A small country such as Sri Lanka needs a strong central government and just one plan for the entire island to move forward. For this to happen, the existing ministry, district secretary, divisional secretaries, grama niladhari system is sufficient. At the local level there are the municipal, urban councils and the pradeshiya sabhas to take care of local matters. The provincial councils are a huge waste of money and only promote separatism.

    Sri Lanka has been a Buddhist country since 300BC. Sri Lanka has provided an enormous service in the preservation and propagation of Buddhism around the world, especially to other Asian countries centuries ago, even millennia ago. Therefore, the state religion should be Buddhism for the foreseeable future. The unique identity of Sri Lanka is precisely due to Buddhism which is the prevalent religion of the country. The US, UK, the EU, Norway, Sweden and Canada who do not like this or the TNA separatist terrorists who do not accept this should be told these facts. If the TNA separatist terrorists want an alternative law to prevail, they can kindly leave and go live in any other country which is more to their liking.

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