Development of Galle harbour in troubled waters?
Posted on June 7th, 2016


There is and was a grandiose plan by both previous a incumbent government to develop Galle harbour as a tourist destination .A master plan was done with a proposal to build a out harbour breakwater and inner harbour Marina of which phase 1 has been completed An investor proposed to establish a Yacht Repair and Building Yard  next to the Marina and cabinet approvals was granted and agreement was signed It is a 25 m$ investment and it will augment the plans to expand the Marina and the plans to expand tourism in Galle Now the new management has devised a plan to cancel the Yacht repair and building  plan and calling new RFP for a Marina for the whole harbour with plans even to expel Navy from the harbour !

None of these bureaucrats understand that current inflow and the trend does not give sufficient ground for any investor to come in for a fully fledged Marina What we get in Galle is few yachts-men who pay 150 rupees per day and survive on “Malu paan”from” pan  choon ” three wheelers The salaries of SLPA is paid from moneys paid by Holcim cement bagging unit They should allow the repair facility to entice more yacht owners and then go for expansion We have a southern area development minister,and Minister for strategic development,BOI , who have no clue of the benefits of such developments.

These technocrats should visit Maldives and Seychelles to fathom the unprecedented development taking place In tourism

Overto the prime minister sir


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