Posted on June 20th, 2016

Dr Sarth Obeysekera

Let us start with power failures lasted for few days inconveniencing not only the public but all manufacturing processes which are the life line of an economy .

Chairman CEB made a bold statement that he shall resign and qualified his promise by adding that he will do so after restoration of power .There were opinions obtained   from even foreign experts and found that someone is at fault.

He is still there !

Again the  Flooding in Colombo and other law line areas and extended delay of subsiding of water from Kelani watetr basin .Sand banks were not removed  and some gates along Hamilton Canal were not opened .

Who ever responsible is still out there  !!

Then can Salawa explosion and devastation .Many pointed figure at some top army brass ,No punishment .

There are still there  !!

Many purportedly wrong doers in the past embezzling money and ineffective law enforcement delaying punishment

Head of Law enforcement agencies may be responsible and he is still there !!!!!!

Law and order in day to day driving and obvious blatant violations of traffic laws by three wheelers and some private buses

Someone on charge of traffic law enforcement is responsible,

He is still there >>

A DIG of an elite forces made some serious threats to journalists

He is  still there

Finally over all delays in efficiency in state sector decision makers and some  obvious culprits found Ministers in charge of those state institutions are responsible

There are still there !

Some one accused of bond trading seems to be singled out

He is still there

Finally leaders of the country who have not taken action and punish all culprit listed above ( and may be ,many more) are

Still There !!

We just have to watch the dramas unfolding everyday

Dr Sarth Obeysekera

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