Posted on June 23rd, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Almost 18 months since the new regime came to power ,and both UNLP’ers .SLFP ,JVP and JOC all in similar frequency Vis a vis failures of development drive and the management of the proposed development  gaols and plans .None of them are talking good about the progress and yet expect something to happen like a last minute goal in a decisive foot ball match.

Having involved in public and private sector for many years in Sri Lanka and Abroad I would like to propose following .

Honourable Prime minister to appoint committees and execution team targeted for  development , and give excessive powers to give instructions to all State Agencies to cut the red tape and assist in the development drive

Teams with a Dynamic head for following sectors to be appointed which are of priority for  the development . ( It does not have to be a Harvard trained!)

Fishery Sector

Road /Transport Sector

Health Sector

Port/Airport Development

Housing Sector

Plantation Sector

Town Development

Environment sector /Garbage disposal

Etc etc

Prime minister should hold a meeting every week with the participation of Finance  Minister with few dynamic secretaries to review the progress and give orders for  execution  as planned

All heads of state agencies should attend the meeting and undertake to provide their concurrence in order to allow commencement of the development project .

Any unnecessary objections should be overruled at this meeting and make provisions to grant approval within a short period

Current haphazard way of making decisions should be stopped and I am sure within next two years country will back to high development gear

Final advice is to disband FCID because the name gives shivers to many state officers ( who are reluctant to execute any order)  and may  establish a new Unit with a more friendly name such as WARWY ( We ARe Wathing You )!!!!!!!!

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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