The Butcher of Batalanda Should be Arraigned for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Enjoin the Judges of the Commission of Inquiry –   RW Files (Part 3)
Posted on July 16th, 2016

By Gandara John

It was 1987 and the spectre of naked terror stalked the island; to counter the JVP that had brought Colombo to a standstill, the UNP let loose their pack of lumpen killers on the people

Hoodlums wearing balaclavas knocked on the front doors of houses in the wee hours of the morning; petrified young men and women, clinging on to their mothers like little children, were ripped away and bundled into vehicles never to be seen again; crematoriums working feverishly overtime, billowed plumes of thick black smoke into the night sky; gangs prowling the streets in unregistered vans snatched people off the road on the nod of hooded individuals inside these vehicles; the incoming surf kept washing up dead bodies on the beach with monotonous regularity; men and women were kept hanging from the roofs of secret detention centres upside down and beaten up with poles before being tortured with chilly powder in their eyes and needles under their finger nails; thousands of nameless men and women were incarcerated in secret unauthorised prisons; people wending their way to work in the morning were numbed by the terrifying sight of dead bodies littering the roads.

This was some of the evidence that was led before the Commission of Judges inquiring into Sri Lanka’s deadly ‘Reign of Terror’.

The country froze with fear and all that the people prayed and asked for, was an end to this terror.

The prayers of the people were answered when Premadasa was killed.

Observers estimate that over fifty thousand people went missing during this period.

Thirty years have gone by but the people remain angry and bitter; Ministers of the Premadasa regime, reportedly involved in crimes against humanity, were not brought to justice.

Those marshaling the killer gangs included dentists, lawyers and politicians.

In the township of Batalanda in the Kelaniya electorate was located the most notorious and dreaded of such secret unauthorised detention centres.

A Commission of eminent judges sat to inquire into alleged crimes of abduction, detention, torture and murder that had taken place during the ‘Reign of Terror’.

Sifting through copious volumes of evidence that was presented before them, the erudite Commission determined that there was evidence to substantiate the accusations made that ‘Crimes against Humanity’ had been committed in the bowels of the Batalanda torture chambers.

After much deliberation the Commission of Judges came to a studied determination that there was indeed a prima facie case against RW – a senior Minister in the Premadasa Cabinet of Terror –  and that he could be held culpable for ‘Crimes against Humanity’.

The judges of the Commission recommended that in the name of justice, reconcilliation and truth RW be indicted in a Court of Law to try him for ‘Crimes against Humanity’.

That was not to be. Twenty years have gone by but criminal cases have yet to be filed against RW.

Justice meanwhile eludes those thousands who were tortured and murdered in Batalanda.

In the year 20oo Gonawela Sunil, by then a liability, was gunned down at home by hatchet men armed with automatic weapons. Sunil took with him to his grave many secrets of that dark period. His death remains yet another of the unresolved murders of our time.

Another major player at Batalanda, Douglas Pieris a close confidante of RW and who carries with him the dire secrets of the torture chambers, went missing. Some reports indicated that he too had been killed while some other reports suggested that he  had fled the country and had been granted asylum in a White Western Country.

It is impossible to determine whether Peiris or for that matter the thousands of terrorists allegedly killed in the 30 year war, are really dead because the White Western Countries refuse to give the names and details of all those Sri Lankans who had ‘fled’ the country and to whom the White Western Countries have given  asylum or accepted as refugees.

There are many, reportedly claimed by the Tamil terrorists to be dead or missing, who are actually living in those White Western Countries.

By the White Western Countries obstinately refusing to provide Sri Lanka the names of their so called ‘Diaspora’, the White Western Countries are actively encouraging criminal election malpractices in Sri Lanka; these ‘diasporans’, while domiciled in those White Western countries, continue to have their names in the electoral registers of Sri Lanka. These diasporan votes added upto the ‘90%’ voter fraud, that took place in the North and the East of the country at the bygone Presidential and General election.

In the case of Douglas Peiris, if he were alive, he could be extradited to Sri Lanka.

It is indeed surprising that these Batalanda type crimes, for which there is no time prescription, have escaped the radar of the White Western Countries and the local WWCFOs (White Western Country Funded Organisations) also known as NGOs.

Political observers strongly opine that only a judicial trial would clear the air and serve the cause of justice.

5 Responses to “The Butcher of Batalanda Should be Arraigned for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Enjoin the Judges of the Commission of Inquiry –   RW Files (Part 3)”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Butcher of Batalanda’s handy work for the Sinhala modaya (if they can understand)
    Half the country to catholic tigers of tamil drealam by traitor chief die hard catholilc, token Buddhist pol pot
    ponil wickramaSinhalakiller
    Burnt in tyres, eyes gorged out while alive for the Buddhist jvpers by traitor chief die hard catholilc,
    token Buddhist pol pot ponil wickramaSinhalakiller

  2. anura seneviratna Says:

    Cannot imagine SL has so many evil two legged creatures! Indeed, justice must emerge swiftly and no hiding place for murderers and traitors be granted by all the infinite forces of nature and refined mankind. Grateful thanks to you Gandara.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Because the JVP followed the Communist path, no proper talks were ever held with them by the then govts of Lanka. Sri Lankan leaders were scared of the western countries as it was Cold War times with the Soviet Union. These leaders just ‘got rid’ of the poor JVP lads & lasses without giving them any hearing.
    The JVP first uprising was during Mrs B’s time due to UNEMPLOYMENT.
    The JVP second uprising was due to the illegal 13-A signed in under Duress during Pres JRJ times and onto Pres Premadasa times.

    Now the JVP leaders pussyfoot around Yahap and “do as they are told” by Exec PM Ranil whose Heart is in Britain and only his feet are in Colombo.

    Facts :
    Two World Wars started in Europe.
    Similar political and socio economic patterns prior to the world wars may possibly emerge yet again out of Europe. The British Pnd St fell drastically after Britain left the EU. We are told that many wealthy middle eastern people withdrew their funds from Britain when the Brexit was called. Greece, Spain, and some other EU countries are having socio-economic problems.

  4. crobe Says:

    For all practical purposes, the 13th amendment is illegal because it was never ratified in a referendum.

  5. Cerberus Says:

    I lived through those years of terror which were unleashed by the UNP on the innocent Sinhala Buddhist youth whose only crime was that they were seeking employment and the removal of the illegal 13A which was forced on Ranil’s uncle JR Jayawardene’s whose Govt like the current Govt calling themselves “Yahapalanaya” called themselves “Dharmishta”. John Ameratunga was the Minister for Law and Order was a large part of these activities. As has been pointed out by you, Ranil always wanted a “Big boy” behind him. So he got himself Gonawela Sunil who was called Ranil’s husband by those who knew about the relationship. I worked in the vicinity of Batalanda and heard about the goings on there through the people who worked at Sapugaskande. Some of the drivers at Sapugaskande whose vehicles were commandeered by the army told stories of how the army went into villages and rounded up any youth who were hanging around since they were unemployed and asked them to dig pits and lined them up before the pits and shot them. That is how the Minister for Youth Affairs Ranil W solved the unemployment problem of the country. He has been protected by the West for their own purposes and now the “Dittha Dhamma Vedaniya Kamma Vipaka” is hitting the West. Ranil W as soon as David Cameron resigned immediately appointed Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka as a Minister so that he has a big boy to protect him.</b? Ranil is a psychologically warped human being and when he is dying one day as we all do I do not know how he will come to terms with all the pain and death he caused so many people.

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