National University Teachers defend China
Posted on November 7th, 2016

November 6, 2016, 9:54 pm

National University Teachers Association (NUTA) has appreciated China debunking allegations as regards loans it made available to Sri Lanka during the previous administration.


A statement signed by Dr Channa Jayasumana for NUTA reads: “NUTA wishes to express our gratitude over the clarifications made by China’s Ambassador to Sri Lanka Yi Xiangliang on 2nd November 2016 about loans and development aid during a meeting at the Chinese Embassy in Colombo. The ambassador should be congratulated for exposing the misconceptions about Chinese assistance. We as responsible academics in Sri Lanka firmly believe this would further strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two countries. People’s Republic of China, Russia and Pakistan has consistently stood up for Sri Lanka in international organizations such as United Nations. The rapid economic development of Sri Lanka after defeating terrorism can be attributed to the support given by China.

“Meanwhile the US, the UK, India and most European countries advocated separate state and happily supported anti-Sri Lankan Diaspora at those international fora. Viceroys from those countries were seen blatantly interfering with anti-terrorist activities of the Sri Lankan government.

“Further we unequivocally condemn attempt to ostracize Chinese ambassador by the responsible authority. Instead we should thank China for always supporting us unconditionally.”

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