Olcott Oration 2016- on Sunday the 20th November 2016 at Kularatne Hall, Ananda College
Posted on November 18th, 2016

Yasas Vishuddhi Abeywickrama

 Nearing the 130th Anniversary celebrations of establishment of Ananda College, Colombo, Ananda College Old Boys’ Association is organizing an event to remember school founders including Col. Henry Steele Olcott who was able to create history through his immeasurable service towards the revival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.  Ananda College Old Boys’ Association organizes Olcott Oration on a timely theme every year as a part of celebrations of the founders.

This year, the Olcott Oration is scheduled to be held on 20th November 2016 at the Kularatne Auditorium, Ananda College. The event is to be started at 16.30 pm. This year, the oration will be delivered by Prof. Rohan Attele, who is the Professor of Mathematics and Chairman, Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Chicago State University. A distinguished Old Anandian, Prof. Rohan Attele, will deliver this year’s Oration on the topic the Unreasonable success of Mathematics and role of IT in driving national economies”.

As has been the case year-after-year, a full house is expected for this year’s Oration. The audience will comprise of Old Boys of Ananda College, Principal and academic staff, distinguished invitees including eminent academics, scholars and professionals in various fields.

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Long Live Ananda College that raised a Phalanx of Patriots to defend, protect and foster our Motherland!

    Jayawewa, Anandians … We are very proud of you!

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