Posted on November 20th, 2016

Press release by the Sri Lanka Solidarity Movement

The Joint Opposition is requested by the Sri Lankan Solidarity Movement to publish the above mentioned report about the Recommendations by the Sub-Committee on the Centre and Periphery Relationship and talk as urgently as possible about its extreme dangers to the Mahanayake Theros.

Please keep in mind that even India and Pakistan which are huge, massive countries and who are federal states have retained their concurrent lists. South Africa which is a huge country is a unitary state and has a concurrent list. However tiny, little Sri Lanka is proposing to get rid of the concurrent list as the TNA  and the US, EU, UK, Norway, Sweden, Canada and India wants.
The Sri Lankan Solidarity Movement thinks that the treacherous Ranil, CBK, Sirisena and Mangala are doing what a bunch of stuck up US, EU, UK, Norway, Sweden, Canadian politicians who have a superiority complex, are neo-colonialists and imperialists want (since these countries are resource and strategic location hungry) in order to please these stuck up US, EU, UK, Norway, Sweden, Canadian politicians at great expense to all future generations of Sri Lankans and betraying 2600 years (of Sinhala Buddhist Civilization) and actually 37000 years (as attested by pre-historic finds, stone age and iron age finds)  of independence and freedom of the island of Sri Lanka by partitioning this island which has never ever happened in its 2600 and in fact its 37000 year history.
This is happening degree by degree, surreptitiously and slowly as the treacherous Ranil, CBK, Sirisena and Mangala have planned and happening slowly but surely. We do not feel it since it happens surreptitiously degree by degree. However suddenly these recommendations by the sub-committee to provide extremely great amounts of powers to provincial councils will be included in the constitution as Ranil wants and at the referendum there will be stuffed ballot boxes and somehow the referendum will be passed. Everything happens as Ranil wants it to happen and in order to please the stuck up US, EU, UK, Norway, Sweden, Canada European politicians. This is what the Sri Lankan Solidarity Movement has noticed.
Ranil is fooling the Sinhala people big time by doing this slowly, surreptitiously and degree by degree. This is how the OMP Act was passed. That is how the federal or Eelam constitution will be passed as well, surreptitiously, degree by degree and by use of stuffed ballot boxes.
Our grave suspicion is that the treacherous Ranil, CBK, Sirisena and Mangala have already promised the US, UK, EU, Sweden, Norway and Canadian politicians, the TNA and all other separatists that the recommendations of the sub-committee to provide extremely great amount of powers to provincial councils will happen as planned. Therefore it will happen as planned.
The only way to stop the treacherous Ranil, CBK, Sirisena and Mangala is to publicize in the Sri Lankan media that this is what they are planning to do and shout out as loud as possible i.e. tell all to the Sri Lankan media, especially the Sinhala media so that this treacherous plan is exposed and the treacherous Ranil, CBK, Sirisena and Mangala then will have to answer to the Sri Lankan public, especially the Sinhala people and all other patriotic Sri Lankans about this.
The best remedy is to do everything possible to ensure that the proposed constitution is as unitary as possible and to campaign very hard for that. As long as the constitution is unitary and no more powers are given to the provincial councils, Sinhala Buddhists and even Sinhala Catholics, Malays, Muslims, Veddhas, Burghers are safe. If however, any more powers are given to provincial councils, all of the above and in particular the Sinhala people will be very insecure and unsafe and our future very precarious and uncertain.
Note: The new constitution is nothing but a federal state or even worse Eelam. The treacherous Ranil, CBK, Mangala and Sirisena and the godfather of the federal or Eelam constitution Dr. Jayampathy Wickramaratne are going to abolish the concurrent list. Even India and Pakistan which are huge countries and which have federal constitutions have a concurrent list. Even South Africa which is huge country but is a unitary state has a concurrent list. However tiny, little Sri Lanka is going to get rid of its concurrent list as per the wishes of the TNA, other separatists, the US, EU, UK, Canada, Norway, Sweden etc.
The godfather of the new federal or Eelam constitution the treacherous Dr. Jayampathy Wickramaratne is going to set up a constitutional court which is above the supreme court to deal with constitutional issues which arise which will be manned by foreign funded NGO lackeys. Not only that, the Governor of a Province who is the executive at the provincial level, his powers will be given over to the Chief Minister of the Province.
Not only that, land and police powers will be given to the provincial councils which means there will be nine different police forces in the country. Vigneshwaran will then use his police force to ethnically cleanse the North of Sinhala people. Giving land powers to Vigneshwaran means he will ethnically cleanse the entire North of Sinhala people using his Eelam police force. Giving land powers to provincial councils in equivalent to handing over Eelam.
Not only this, the subject national planning is to be handed over to the provincial councils. This is similar to handing over an Eelam if the provinces can draw up their own national plans. The public service commission will be turned into nine public service commissions with each province having their own public service. There will be nine different police forces in the country with each police force being under the chief minister of each province. Even worse, certain fiscal powers will also be handed over to the provincial councils. Therefore the provincial councils will be able to raise funding via taxes etc. This is highly dangerous since this is yet another move paving the way towards Eelam or a separate state. All fiscal powers should be with the central government not the provincial councils.
Worst is that at present sovereignty lies with the people with the executive being the presidency, the legislative the parliament and the judiciary being the judiciary that is there at present. This will be converted to sovereignty lies with the people with the executive being the presidency but the legislative being not just the parliament but the provincial councils and the local councils as well. This is extremely dangerous and can be used in a court of law to argue for a separate state in the North.
This new constitution is highly dangerous and equivalent to handing over an Eelam. It should be rejected in total by the Sinhala people and all patriotic Sri Lankans if they have even an ounce of sense. Let us keep what is there at present which is more than sufficient as per the centre periphery relations


  1. S.Gonsal Says:

    It is already a Federal ( given by MR). This is the TRUTH. Now it is treacherous RW+MS hivalas turn to make it more than Federal.

    Take my word, this highly dangerous constitution will be passed with or without the help of JO with MR not voting YET AGAIN.
    Balu Palanaya will do every Balu method to buy over the remaining ex-crooks.

  2. AnuD Says:

    Sri lanka will be full of mosques. No one will stop that.

    Tamil will be the second language.

  3. S.Gonsal Says:

    The irony is this con-institution can easily be thrashed and Balu Palanaya sent home if proper people are in the parliament.
    If we had 75 proper Sinhalayas in the parliament today we don’t have to face such a grim future.

    Maru Sira did every BALU action getting ready to pass this with 2/3 majority. (Please listen to his own explanation not too long ago).

    If MR’s government was honest, how on this earth MS could buy over so many of his ministers ? All Metimoles should ask this question themselves.

    It is because of unbelievably unashamedly huge corruption plus killings of innocent people by NEW COLOMBIANS who can’t even speak Sinhala properly that he was able to form this government. These are not WAR CRIMES these are URBAN CRIMES .

    Other option people had was to vote SLFP.

    Wat would have happened then ( if THEY won) ?

    Please read on…

    By now all LLRC recommendations would have been implemented. Period. This is because it was a pledge by MR and MS to do it. It includes MAXIMUM DEVOLUTION OF POWERS , exactly the same as UNP.
    Will UNP STOP implementing FULL LLRC recommendations? Will there be ANY PROTESTS ? If so protesters could have been shot dead.
    Lucky they DID NOT WIN. We can at least still discuss. We can try to prevent this NEW CON_INSTITUTION. We have the opportunity now to kick out this Balu Palanaya and also make sure future governements cannot do it.. Only the Metimoles who go after MR licking the ass prevent this happening. These are the Desh Drohiya , Pal Horu waiting to invade Sri lanka to rob, currently pretending like Metimoles.

    Is the following is a writing of Ranil/CBK speaking ?

    In the course the consultative process, I shall initiate direct talks with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. I also intend to meet their leader and other representatives for such discussions. At such talks, I shall present the consensus reached to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.
    In this process, the rights of the Muslim people will be safeguarded and their representation will be assured.
    The talks during the period 2002 – 2004 undertaken by the government of the United National Front failed because such talks were not based upon any clear plans or pre-determined time frames. Hence such talks did not deliver any tangible or positive results. In contrast to such attempts, I shall present a specific time frame and a clear agenda to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in order to recommence discussions. Our agenda which shall be open and transparent, shall include vital concerns such as renouncing separatism, demilitarization, entry into the democratic process, a discussion towards a final solution and the implementation of such solution.

    It is my belief that since 1977 the short-sighted policies followed by the United National Party governments contributed to the unfortunate situation where we have been compelled to have foreign countries unnecessarily intervening into our internal affairs. The bloodshed that has resulted has been immense. That was the past. Even the present has been affected by the imposition of various external conditions into our country’s affairs. Itis my intention to rectify this imbalance.
    In this context, I shall as a matter of priority, commence talks with our immediate neighbor, India and arrive at an agreement in relation to regional security and peace.

    In addition, I shall also seek and obtain an Asian cooperation with China, Russia and Pakistan, who have been extremely helpful to us. I shall also hold open and frank discussions with the Co-chairs of the peace talks, United States of America, European Commission, Japan and Norway.
    When such talks, consultations and discussions are successfully completed, I shall appoint a Constitution Re-drafting Council which shall be responsible for drafting a new Constitution. Such Council shall have representation of the Opposition as well. The new Constitution that would be so drafted would be submitted to the People at a Referendum.
    If such reforms are approved by our People, I shall take immediate steps to implement such new Constitution.
    Whilst these talks and reform processes are continuing, I shall implement my development plans which would include special programs for the North and the East as well.
    The ceasefire agreement will be amended so as to ensure that acts of terrorism would not be permitted in any way. The ceasefire monitoring mechanism would also be reviewed and new steps taken. In doing so, it would be endeavored to obtain a regional co- operation as well.
    I will not deprive our children of their right to free education. I will take early steps to teach Tamil language to Sinhala children and Sinhala language to all students whose mother tongue is Tamil. For this purpose, comprehensive syllabi will be developed while a team of versatile teachers equipped with necessary linguistic skills will be trained.
    Two fully fledged Tamil schools in Colombo and one Muslim boys school in Kandy will be established.

    No. This was GREAT MAN MR speaking with 100% honesty through his heart to win Tamil votes in 2005.

    Has he admitted it was WORNG ? No. Not at all. He will do it again. Metimoles of USA prevent us from asking questions from the King.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Yes; Sri Lanka is already a federal state since 1987. It is only namesake unitary. A unitary nation cannot devolve powers to provinces that cannot be retracted at will by parliament. In fact, Sri Lanka’s federalism goes far beyond that of India.

    Defeating intended constitutional amendments is good, however, removing 13A is the ideal as it has provided an unchangeable platform for further division. At the very least Tamil language must be removed from official and national status. It must be confined to a regional language status in the north and east only. Otherwise the entire island faces the threat of Tamil Eelam. Tamil racists are not after the barren, infertile, arid and industry-less north and east. They are after Colombo as the capital of Tamil Eelam.

    Some unwise Sri Lankans have compromised with the Tamil language use outside the north and east in order to “save” Sri Lanka in one piece. This loses both the north-east and the rest.

    If devolution and federalism are inescapable, Sri Lanka must allow further federalism following the Indian model but remove Tamil language from the list of national and official languages. Sinhala must be made compulsory for everyone living outside the north and east and Tamil language use must be stopped on all official and national matters. Tamil language should be the only language in the north and one of the languages in the east.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Now this is how Lorenzo makes enemies. I’m NOT here to become popular. So I call a spade a spade.

    What to do IF USA, EU, ENDIA and Tamilians call for FEDERAL? Give SOME federal?


    It is like the UNWINNABLE WAR. Look for other ways to beat federal.

    I AGREE Tamil should not have been made an official language. That is why millions of TN people come to SL to COLONIZE it. IF Tamil was NOT an official language the will not come. NO JOBS in north and east ANYWAY.

    By 13 amendment Endia passed its BIG PROBLEM to SL.

    Our Thirupathy worshippers cannot think beyond 13 amendment because IF they SCRAP 13 amendment, they cannot go to Thirupathy.

  6. S.Gonsal Says:

    You leave everything to Thirupaty worshippers ( because they are the GREATEST, HONEST we ever had, according to Metimolas) they will GO BEYOND 13. Who said 13 PLUS ? Not Ranil, Not CBK.
    Metimoles wake up !

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    Excellent invention.

    Metimoles think SL launched a SATELLITE thanks to Chi-Chi Baby that took SL to the SPACE RACE!

    After $320 million SOME SLs (not Metimoles) come to realize they have been FOOLED. Now the great astro-nought has become a SINGER. World’s FIRST astro-nought to release an ALBUM – Lan Wela ft Tiana Lee and her boyfriend Chi-Chi baby and his dog.

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    It is like the FOOD CHAIN.

    METIMOLES —->worship——-> THIRUPATHY WORSHIPPERS ———> worship ——–> ENDIANS

    Then the RAMAs are not pleased with local gods and the cycle turns.


    Whose fault is that? Those who refuse to worship the THIRUPATHY WORSHIPPERS.

    Read RATHGAMA MALINGA's interview. You may DISAGREE with him but we should COMMEND the man for his HONESTY. He says had he KISSED the LION he would have become a bigger IDOL.

    MATARA METIMOLE kissed the LION and now he has no wife, no kids, no cricket, no IPL, no MP post. Even THIRUPATHY WORSHIPPERS have left him.

  9. S.Gonsal Says:

    I read the interview. It changed my views on him. I appreciate his honesty. What I liked the most is his wisdom expressed in the end.
    He had some weakness. He couldn’t resist beautiful girls. I could have put him in deep trouble, but seeing his talent I let go.
    CHi-CHi not bad in singing. His father is also a talented singer attracting metimoles. For us, we know his songs too well.

  10. S.Gonsal Says:


    “Defeating intended constitutional amendments is good, however, removing 13A is the ideal ..

    I am not for defeating it for the purpose of bringing back the OLD SINGER. I am fed up listening to him. His song depends on the crowd. No honesty at all. Everytime refrain from voting. Not here , not there.

    Nevertheless it is very likely it will pass with JO approval ( may be with some amedments).
    Most people are not intersted. It is hard to beleive Sinhala people voted for him in 2005 after saying “I also intend to meet their leader and other representatives for such discussions.”
    Even in a referendum people will vote for new constitution.
    So full fleged Federal is unavoidable.

    With this reality, it is with great sadness that I have to approve your statement that “Sri Lanka must allow further federalism following the Indian model

  11. S.Gonsal Says:

    What were the members of JO doing in this sub-commitee ?

    The Committee comprises the following members:

    Hon. Dharmalingam Sithadthan (Chairman)
    Hon. Dilan Perera
    Hon. H. M. M. Harees
    Hon. Dullas Alahapperuma
    Hon. Bimal Rathnayake
    Hon. Vidura Wickramanayaka
    Hon. Mylvaganam Thilakarajah
    Hon. Sanath Nishantha Perera
    Hon. S. M. Marikkar
    Hon. (Mrs.) Rohini Kumari Wijerathna
    Hon. Wijepala Hettiarachchi

    .Constitutional Assembly’s Center-Provincial Relations Sub-committee Recommends Reduction of Governors Powers and Granting Police and Land Powers for Provinces

    22 November 2016, 2:46 am

    By PK Balachandran

    The Sri Lankan Constitutional Assembly’s sub-committee on Center-Provincial relations has recommended that the provinces be granted powers over land and police; that the powers of the provincial Governor be drastically pruned, and that there be a fair allocation of financial resources to the provinces along with powers to decide how to spend the money.

    As a matter of fact, the 13 th.Amendment of the constitution carried out in 1987 following the India-Sri Lanka Accord, had devolved powers over land and police to the provinces. But this was not implemented.

    The constitution sub-committee under the chairmanship of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP, D.Siddharthan, has now recommended that all State Land (or government lands) in a province should come under the purview of the provincial administration though the Central government may requisition land for the propose of executing projects on matters under the Central List.

    Likewise, the police in a province should come under the Provincial Administration and they should be regulated by a Provincial Police Commission (again as stipulated under the unimplemented 13 th Amendment).

    The sub-committee said that the Concurrent List should be abolished and that there should only be a Provincial List and a Reserved (Central) List to avoid confusion and arrogation of powers by the Center.
    The panel wants the provincial Governor to go entirely by the advice of the Chief Minister and his Board of Ministers and not be an agent of the Center which, he or she is, now. The power to control the provincial officers and determine what statutes should be passed by the Provincial Council should be taken away from the Governor.

    Since only one of the nine provinces of Sri Lanka (namely the Western Province) is financially sound, the Center should not only give adequate funds to the provinces but also leave it to the provinces to decide how the funds should be spent. At present, the Center not only allocates the funds, but also specifies in detail how they should be spent. Though there is a Finance Commission to determine allocations to the provinces, the President often over-rules its recommendations. The panel has sought an independent Finance Commission with representatives of the provinces in it.

    At present there is a stipulation that provincial schemes should conform to the relevant National Policy. The sub-committee has recommended that the provinces should be given the right to participate in the formulation of a National Policy.

    The sub-committee has skirted the controversial issue as to whether Center-Provincial relations should be based on the federal or the unitary model. While the minority Tamils have been agitating for a federal constitution, the majority Sinhalese want the present unitary system to continue. The sub-committee’s recommendations envisage devolution of power but without labeling the overall scheme as either federal or unitary

    Courtesy:New Indian Express

  12. S.Gonsal Says:

    Joke of the century.
    These brainless jokers must be PhDs from famous Maharagama Institute.

    Since only one of the nine provinces of Sri Lanka (namely the Western Province) is financially sound, the Center should not only give adequate funds to the provinces but also leave it to the provinces to decide how the funds should be spent.
    At present, the Center not only allocates the funds, but also specifies in detail how they should be spent.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you Gonsal for this valuable info. You have shone a torch on PATRIOTISM VERSES PASSA-LICK-OISM.

    JO says one thing to the people and does another thing to WIN TAMIL VOTES.

    IF Tamils want to live in a federal country so much GO TO ENDIA.

    PCs are PARASITES not just white elephants.

  14. S.Gonsal Says:

    May be they did not agree.

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