Right to Reply …….The LTTE, ISIS and the GMOA Posted on April 1st, 2017 by by Dr A.C.Visvalingam Courtesy The Island
Posted on April 2nd, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

 Right to Reply …….

The LTTE, ISIS and the GMOA
Posted on April 1st, 2017 by by Dr A.C.Visvalingam Courtesy The Island

I whole heartedly agree with Dr Visva  who is an  eminent structural engineer who never abandoned his motherland to join diaspora to discredit our country .

Doctors under GMOA is behaving like ISIS and LTTE playing terrorist tactics to overthrow a democratically elected government.We engineers who are also playing similar roles in the country do not behave like GMOA members

I wrote a similar article few months citing the same facts


GMOA doctors to leave the country..New Item ……….

I am writing the snippet in a lighter  vein .I do understand the plight of the doctors .There are many other professionals in the country like lawyers ,Engineers ,teachers ,state officers of administrative service ( and politicians) out of which some of them are also educated under free education system ,who may be asked to work in ,many areas away from the cities .Do they threaten to leave the country because their children cannot get in to national schools ?

What is special about doctors ?

I keep wondering, where do they plan to go to work ?

Somalia ,Middle east or Australia ?

If the doctors ( with GMOA)  leave the country we will have a  good chance of promoting more and more private medical schools and send children to study abroad and return to work under an agreement to serve anywhere in the country .

In any case when the doctors go abroad for medical training to get higher qualification, they tend to stay back in those western countries rather than returning back.

What GMOA who is more and more involved in various national issues should do is  push for improvement of education system to develop standard of schools in rural areas and towns so that their children can attend the schools in the area where they are assigned .I am sure the government will be so relieved that doctors of GMOA plan to leave ( or call it exile) so that they have less problems and protests and strikes .Why don’t they take all the politicians who are a bane to the country as well ?Australia may be willing to create a separate state near Darwin to settle  both educated and un educated lot to serve the Aborigines !

Another article

Nationalize SAITM – A response to GMOA-response

I read the opinion expressed by Mr Hemal Perera toda and this I smy response


When we read newspapers, all  headlines are about GMOA which is an organization run by a bunch of ( I call them fascists) who have no concern about the country and the people ,They have no respect to tax payers who funded their free education,

First they led a strike to get a luxury of a duty free permit and now they talk about CEPA ( Free trade agreement with India) and budget allocation

Good old days only suppressed labour unions who have limited education ,and now the doctors who are supposed to have a healthy and softer heart with a superior education are threatening to strike for reasons which has nothing to with the trade

We have so many Sri Lankan students studying medicine  in India,Nepal Bangladesh ,and even in Latvia and Russia and China

They return back ,do the local exams and work in hospitals and provide yeoman service to the nation who have not even spent a penny of tax payer’s money

Their parent’s  hard earned money has been spent and yet  they provide service after doing a Act 16 exam

If GMOA has little bit of sympathy towards the children who study in SAITEM they can demand the government to get them to sit for Act 16 exam rather than totally rejecting them and calling them to nationalize SIATEM

During the disturbances in eighties created by JVP, GMOA stopped work under threat from JVP  GMOA’s big shots came to my house to press my wife not to go  work  in a base hospital  near Colombo

I chased them away and told them that they have no right to stop a doctor who did not get education with tax payer’s money (she is a foreign graduate )  and I am !!!!!!!!!

We have to stop this blackmail

Allow all foreign graduates to work freely .

Recruit more students to the Kotalawala Academy to do medicine   and give them a rank so that they are under military rule and they will never strike


Invite the big shots of GMOA to Temple Trees ( like the boss of private bus union) and hit them on the belly so that they walk out learning a lesson how they should be treated !!!

Apologize for being blunt but this is the gospel truth

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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