EU MP Niranjan Deva Aditiya  Opens A Dream Restaurant In Colombo
Posted on April 8th, 2017

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Opening a new restaurant is a challenging and risky venture in Sri Lanka

But for EU MP Niranjan Deva Aditiya , spent one year researching the menu and his chefs have obtained traditional recipes from every part of the island and from all communities.

“At Ceylon Café, conveniently located on Horton Place within the premises of Grande Gourmet, we aim to provide you with traditional Sri Lankan food and specialty crab says Ceylon Café Chairman Niranjan Deva Aditiya !.

“Our crab dishes include the world famous traditional Jaffna Crabs Curry, Chilaw Curry Crab, Singapore Chilli Crab, Butter Crab and Garlic Roast Crab and Pepper Crab.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend lavishly to enjoy our crabs. They are the cheapest in town or we give your money back”, he added

MP Deva Aditiya who describes himself as a ‘passionate foodie’ says his wish is to make good food affordable to all.

Sri Lankan food is probably the tastiest in the whole world. Recently there has been an explosion in interest regarding Sri Lanka’s ancient, multi-facetted cuisine which has three types of curry: White, Red and Black. White mild curries are coconut milk based, Red curries have chilli powder or ground red chillies, while the Black curries are made by roasting the spices and are the traditional curries.

Arabs introduced saffron,rose water, pilaf and biriani.

Portuguese introduced chillies and ‘tempering’ or ‘temperado’, the Dutch introduced recipes rich in eggs and butter and the Malays wattalapam!


“From thousands of recipes, we have selected for you this exclusive menu, which we will continue to update from time to time.

We have also innovated our hoppers to bring out new flavours to this delectable dish together with the normal traditional recipes.

Our food is Halal and we do not serve beef”.

The restaurant which is beautifully designed in the Louis Napoleon style of France with some historical references to the great banquet given by Sir Charles de Soysa to Prince Alfred, Queen Victoria’s son in 1871 at Alfred House, is redolent with the ambience of old Ceylon, hence ‘Cafe Ceylon’ is indeed an apt title.

Grande Gourmet has had the privilege of playing host to guests such as Prime Ministers Tony Blair and John Key of New Zealand, and various other luminaries as well, with TripAdvisor being lavish in its praise of Grande Gourmet’s food and the beauty of the restaurant.

If you wish for private dining this too could be arranged as not only does Grande Gourmet have a private dining room, even the ground floor of the restaurant could be made available.

Ceylon Cafe is a must for the Sri Lankan foodie who wants authentic local fare at affordable prices

Please book your table by ringing Tel : 0112692922

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  1. RohanJay Says:

    Whats an EU MP doing opening a restaurant in Sri Lanka. How can he be an EU MP and citizen of Sri lanka at the same time. I honestly don’t get it. Hasn’t the EU been giving problems to Sri Lanka over the last 20 years? Only long term Sri Lankan residents not affiliated with any foreign organisation should be allowed to open a restaurant in Sri Lanka. Do Sri Lankan citizens have any rights anymore?

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