Defeat Sirisena’s march to Autocracy
Posted on April 27th, 2017


Sirisena-Ranil Junta which grabbed power in Sri Lanka after more than two years of continued conspiracy in Singapore and New Delhi now finds that they are unable to fulfil any of their promises such as abolition of the Executive presidency, getting massive foreign direct investments from western counties, provision of one million jobs, raising the standard of living and making the people rich etc.

Similar to the fibs such as Rajapaksa family foreign deposits, golden horses, lambogini vehicles and so on they shamelessly and unflinchingly uttered during the election period, immediately after the election they established a State repression unit called FCID and attempted to frighten the opposition and at the same time create a horrendous bad image of the former President Mahinda Rajapakse, his family members and other prominent leaders in the opposition.  In this exercise the government even went to the extent of digging lands belonging to various people saying that they are looking for Mahinda’s hidden gold and treasure in then and even went to search the family property of Mr. Welgama in Matugama saying that they were looking for bullet proof vehicles purported to have been hidden in that land.

All these attempts became futile, no one has so far been found guilty of any crime, misappropriation or fraud while the popularity of Mahinda Rajapaaksa and people’s yearning for him to return to rule this country has reached its zenith. These desires of the people were abundantly displayed at the joint opposition rallies held throughout the country starting with the historic Nugegoda rally, the protest rally held at Hyde Park, and through the mammoth Kandy-Colombo foot walk.

The government also attempted vainly to suppress the popularity of the prominent opposition personalities such as parliamentarians Wimal Weerawansa and Udaya Gammanpila, former Minister Basil Rajapaksa by remanding them on various allegations for different periods.  The genuine and legal opposition in the Parliament was denied time to express their view points on crucial debates and Acts, and the speaker acting like despot even suspended the leader of the joint opposition MP Dinesh Gunawardene for one week from attending for Parliamentary sittings.

Meanwhile, the government in addition to its inability to fulfil its promises to the people finds it impossible to cope with people suffering from natural disasters such as floods and draught, Aranayake avalanche, and people suffering from disasters caused by negligence, abandonment, and sloppiness of the government such as Saalawa blast, and Meethotamulla garbage mountain collapse.

People’s antipathy to the government is growing steadily and they voluntarily resort to various types of demonstrations to vent their anger towards the government including staging road blocks, disrupting transport,  heckle and boo government politicians and ignore not only government directives but even court orders at some times. On top of this,  demonstrations are being held almost daily over grievances and injustices being faced by University students, demonstrations against the SAITEM issue, and over desperate attempts being made by the government to sell State institutions, lease out viable projects, traditional and valuable lands, ports and harbours to foreigners, and privatise state institutions under the guise of revitalizing and management reinvigorating.

Most of these demonstrations almost daily are being held in Colombo as well as in the main outstation towns.  A new dimension to these demonstrations were displayed by the University students in Colombo on the night of April 26th by holding a demonstration in the night carrying fire sticks and lamps in addition to their banners.

The government having succeeded in suppressing a demonstration and a protest in Hambantota by using the Navy Commander himself to inhumanly and brutally attack the protesters and media personnel unsuccessfully attempted to quell demonstrations held in Colombo by deploying use water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets.

While the ground situation remains in this status World Bank estimates indicate that the 2017 economic growth under this government will only be 4.7% which will be a lowest economic growth of a country in the South Asian region.  Only Maldives and Afghanistan with 4.5% and 2.4% respectively will be lower than Sri Lanka..  It is estimated that India’s economic growth will be 7.2%.

In addition to this, indices related to various aspects of the economy at the end of December 2015 indicate a significant downfall when compared to the Mahinda Rajapaksa government figures relating to end of 2014.  Details of these figures are as follows:

GDP growth fell from 4.9 to 4.8; remittances from US $ million 7,018 to 6,980; FDI inflows US $ million 1,635 to 1,161; All Share Price Index from 7299 to 6894; unemployment rose from 4.3 to 4.6 per cent; exchange rate from 131.05 to 144.06; fiscal deficit from 5.7 to 7.4 and total public debt from US $ million 7,391 to 8,503. This is the result of mismanagement by this government within one year.

The 2014 economy was applauded by multi-lateral institutions and rating agencies as that year’s publications by the IMF, S&P, Moody, ADB, Fitch, Millennium Development Goal – UNDP, Capital Finance International of UK and Annual Travel Study of MasterCard clearly stated that in 2004, when Mahinda Rajapaksa assumed Presidency the economy was very bad and in 2014, the economy was promising. These achievements were made by Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa while fighting a 30 year old war against the tiger terrorists who were notorious as the world’s ruthless terrorist outfit, and many of the NGO vultures in the country and the UNP branded it as an unwinnable war.

Economic experts and analysts point out that the country is facing this adverse economic situation due to the following:

  • Increase government expenditure caused by impossible election promises;
  • bad fiscal policies trying to generate a quick revenue,
  • reckless defending of the rupee,
  • short-term borrowing in foreign currency,
  • suspending major infrastructure projects and thereby killing the growth momentum,
  • losing credibility amongst foreign investors,
  • Central Band TreasuryBond scams
  • Dampening of business sentiments by FCID
  • inept 2016 Budget,
  • growing political uncertainty and
  • global economic slowdown.

Under these dwindling economic situations and the government’s committed policy of selling everything that can be sold mass protests against the government are bound to increase and the government too envisages increased protests and demonstrations in the near future.  The Eunuch Sirisena is now well immersed in the greediness of power and would not care for the well being of the country but somehow want to protect his position by resorting to dictatorial means and suppress such demonstrations even by shedding blood and incarcerating opposition politicians including Mahinda Rajapaksa, trade union and student leaders.

It is for this vicious intent that he has decided to form a Special Unit called the Special Unit for protecting essential services, and head this Unit by wild cat (Kalavedda) Sarath Fonseka with wide assistance from the Security Forces.  This Unit in fact will be a Repressive Armed contingent.

The political chameleon Rajitha Senaratne who aided and abetted to topple Mahinda Rajapaksa government within has endorsed the formation of this Unit and told the media that previous leaders such as Dudley Senanayake, Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike, J.R.Jayawardene and R.Premadasa also used armed forces at times of need and the government cannot allow outside powers to challenge its authority.  It is surprising to find the bone chewing lap dogs in the government who conveniently call themselves as SLFPers keeping silent about this prelude to dictatorship. All peace loving patriotic masses devoid of party, colour, religiosity and ethnicity should join together to defeat this dictatorship craze.


2 Responses to “Defeat Sirisena’s march to Autocracy”

  1. ranjit Says:

    Nizam as always your article is very simple and easy to understand how the country is moving under the Yamapalanaya government. Every word is true but unfortunate thing is our stupids cannot understand the hidden motives behind this set of crooks in the Yamapalanaya. If we need to save the next generation we somehow need to stop these worms before they eat and destroy our Sinhala motherland with the help of our enemies within and outside. They are playing with our land, culture and the religion already so it’s not a joke just to stay silent. Unitedly we should stand strongly to face the enemies of our motherland.
    Nizam we cannot trust Sirisena or Ranil they are both traitors who came to power through lies and bogus promises. Both are same no difference. Most of the team members in the Yamapalanaya were losers in the last elections. They were bunch of rejected garbage similar to meethotamulla garbage mountain. Nothing to say good about these parasites. We need a change as soon as possible. We need to work on it tirelessly. Galle face is the answer. Be there and stand with the great leader to save mother lanka.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Nizam correctly reminds us of OUTRAGEOUS and AS YET UNPROVEN Yamapalanaya FIBS such as Rajapaksa family foreign deposits, golden horses, Lambhorgini cars in the above article.

    Nizam reminded me that these were PRECISELY the ALLEGATIONS that Katussa (Lorenzo), the resident EELAMIST Virus at LankaWeb, used to BROADCAST in INTERMINABLE LISTS, dancing up and down the aisles at LankaWeb, leading upto the Presidential Election on January 8, 2015 and later prior to the General Election in August 2015!

    This SHAMELESS EELAMIST AGITATOR now REAPPEARS wearing a PATRIOTIC SHEEPSKIN presuming a right to propose various “solutions” to STEM the DESTRUCTION now being wrought by the Yamapalanaya that he himself helped to hoist to power!

    THis former “human rights”, “democrazy” and “anti-corruption” critic now ADVOCATES the ULTIMATE ANTI-DEMOCRATIC ACT: A Military Coup-de-Etat!

    Katussa (Lorenzo)’s OBJECTIVE is not the RESTORATION of a PAYRITIC government consistent with the WI’LL OF THE MAJORITY of the people of Sri Lanka, but to SOW as much CHAOS AS POSSIBLE to undermine the National Government that is a barrier to SEOATATIST GOALS, open the gates to foreign intervention, and CREATE an OPPORTUNITY for his EELAMIST MASTERS to achieve their EELAM!

    BUGGER OFF Katussa (Lorenzo)! Your sheepskin cover is in TATTERS, your FIG LEAF has dropped away, your minute EELAMIST CROWN JEWELS are FULLY EXPOSED, and NO ONE TRUSTS YOU anymore!

    BUGGER OFF and HAUNT another website with gullible innocents unaware of you and your EELAMIST pedigree!

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