Posted on April 27th, 2017

Sarath Wijesinghe former Ambassador to UAE and Israel and former Chairman Consumer Affairs Authority

’John Locke’s economic and political theory’

John Locke 1632 English philosopher-father of liberalism- remarks a distinction between money and asserts in a Nation. Money is a steady movable friend travel about and gold silver and other assets must be solid and substantial part of the wealth of a nation and to multiply that metal ought, he thinks great objects of its potential economy”. This part of his philosophy has direct impact of on our country and economy with less money but enormous natural, historical, and other invaluable asserts the Nation” owns despite continuous exploitation by foreign powers from time to time directly and indirectly. Decades of exploitation and domination has resulted in our traditional asserts such as Gem, Jewellery, and other forms of wealth are in the hands of foreigners and foreign museums when we are left with our beautiful seas, rivers, forests, potential for gem mining, beautiful and strategic harbours right round the island, Historical monuments and civilization running back to thousands of years, which are untapped and unexploited immovable resources with the potential to convert to money by sale and auction to foreigners foreign states and companies. Foreign assistance and cooperation is essential but on our terms and short term contracts benefiting both countries bilateral and multilateral. UK and EU still follows Locke’s thinking, followed by BRICS (met recently) – nations Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa that each country has primary responsibility for its own economic social development when India practices” protectionism” but demand trade and political liberalisation in other countries when Sri Lankan authorities are in haste to liberalise, killing successful local industries to pave the way for foreign FTA’s binding local industries with long term ramifications for decades with irreparable international bindings. BRICS consist of great leaders and leadership national minded and patriotic leaders which is the secret of the success of countries with complicate issues.

Most beautiful island with invaluable natural resources untapped and preserved for the future”

It is no exaggeration that Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful islands, with natural resources, abundance in water which is lacking in many parts of the world, different climates conditions with few hours’ drive, fertile soil, ancient irrigation systems no second to modern irrigation systems, with paddy plantations over the island to be self-sufficient in food, great cultural heritages despite domination of decades by foreigners, with great culture led by concepts of tolerance and loving kindness of Buddhists and Buddhism with tolerance to other religions and races from the time of Kings who sheltered all religions and races in the island. Country has small and large national and international harbours such as Baruwela, Galle, Oluwil, Colombo, Magampura, Trincomalee, and many other small fisheries harbours, and the river network consisting of Mahaveli, Malwathu, Kala, Kelaniya, Yan, Daduru, Walawa, Maduru, Maha, Kirindi Oya, Kumbakkan Oya, Ma Oya Gin Oya and small rivers, canals and reservoirs, with UNESCO recognized sites such as Kandy- Maligawa, Sigiriya, Anuradhapura, Galle, Pollunnaruwa, Singharaja, Central Highlands, and many other small and large sites, Gems in abundance, consisting of our natural wealth amongst many in abundance preserved and protected all of which are unique to Sri Lanka..

Vision and a Visionary”

Vision, a visionary, patriotism, and discipline are the main ingredients for a country to prosper from poverty and indiscipline. Ben –Gurion” of Israel, Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktone” of UAE, Lee Kuan Yew” of

Singapore, and Mahathir Mohamed” of Malaysia brought their nations to be powerful and developed with their vision, love to the country with full of honesty integrity and patriotism. Dubai was once a fish market with sea pirates with no resources until 1961 when they found oil which UAE invested well when Dubai has only 4% oil in UAE developed exploiting the strategic situation of the harbour and airport in the Middle East (less strategic than the Silk Route” we are naturally and stragercally blessed with) in the sea route and developing the service sector harbours and airports they developed without selling or leasing to power blocks though they were sandwiched with powers right round. They got the best from world powers on their terms. They had land policy, trade policy, giving security priority. Land and resources were precious for Israel, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai. Father of Dubai brought it to the highest in the business and industrial world was one of the richest and powerful countries today. Foreigners were invited and used on their terms with stringent rules on land and use of local resources, when land has become so cheap in Sri Lanka. There is an news item that 65000 acres in Wellassa” the land our ancestors shed blood for is to be given to a foreign company with the excuse that it is a lease for 100 years which is only a small example of number of multiple happenings. Success of Singapore is well known and well documented. Though a small Nation they were leaders in legal documentation, trade practices, international trade and business leading and guiding the rest of the world with arbitration and legal centres in Singapore and Lee Kuan is credited and respected as the father of Modern Singapore, when we are no short of intellectuals/educated local and international. Israel in 1/3 of Sri Lanka with no water 70 years ago now a nuclear and a world power guiding the world powers on agriculture and technology with full of innovators backed and encouraged by the State to groom as SME’s to groom and produce to the world. Land was precious to them and priority was given to defence and security, she helped Sri Lanka with Pakistan and China when the world was looking the other way when we were desperate for help.

MOU with India on Economic and Political Issues

MOU was long and broad signed between Hon Malik Smarawickrama and Hon Sushma Swara, keeping the Prime Minister’s promise to the powerful Sri Lankan unions that he will not sigh any documents connected on the Trincomalee Oil tanks and the 500 acre land within, when the contents of the powerful MOU contains broadly proposals to develop Oil Tanks in keeping with and continuation of tripartite international agreement entered into Chandrika Ranil” government in 2003, Develop CNG in Keravalapitiya, Piped distribution(gas) in suburban areas, with retail outlets, transportation sector and development of 84 tanks with long lease as continuation of the previous agreements still binding on Sri Lanka, Petroleum Refinery, Indian companies to control container terminals with 70% of Colombo port business to Indians for transhipment with far reaching ramifications of giving access and control over the strategically vulnerable and important best harbours running at the terrific profit, with bitter reminders of failed CEPA,SAPTA,APTA,ISFTA and Indo Sri Lanka accord signed hurried with high hopes all of which will have effects on the MOU and contents within. According to news Sri Lankan PM will try to get the best possible terms on ETCA in keeping with the principle of Fire Fighting” where a fire is the crew rushes through with equipment with no proper plan to be planned at the fire depending on the fire damages and situation, with no long term plans or strategy. Once the MOU is signed it is binding under international law and coming out of it by one party is an uphill task especially the two parties re unequal. Everything follows should be the four walls of the MOU and parties has a duty to abide by under international law and practices. Parent company of IOC in India is as large a Microsoft in USA with $ 61 billion( Sri Lanka GDP is only around 80 billion) with LKR 7000 million in country with thousands of outlets is India shows the asymmetrical and uneven magnitude of the parties concerned backed supported directly by mighty India.

Geo- Political and Foreign Policy realities/ramifications and Way forward”

Now that Magampura harbour, airport, with lands of around 15000 acres and FTA’s are negotiated with China on a firm footing awaiting for final documentation, it may be necessary to come to terms with the Giant and powerful neighbour- India – a regional power aspiring to be a world power with a position on the UN Security

Council as a balancing strategy/exercise. China -India’s traditional arch enemy is already a member of the Security Council (with the blessings with Sri Lanka in UN when others turned their back indication the success of our foreign policy then) and second economic power of the Globe” giving loans to the entire world lavishly with mega and mini investments grooming friendship with Asia, Africa and Latin American states. The reality is that it is impossible to satisfy both parties possibly demanding more and more facilities’ in the near future depending on the unforeseen and unexpected international and political competitions and complications where economy is given priority today as selfish and patriotic nations looking after themselves. Like the elephant unknown and unconcerned of his power importance and power, most probably Sri Lankans may not have realised their value and strength when the world thinks otherwise. Unless Sri Lanka and Sri Lankas are vigilant it is unavoidable Sri Lanka becoming a battle ground’ of two world powers with enormous potential and expectations. Battle today will not armed struggles- It is on Trade and economy as states have now given priority to trade and economy” over all other considerations. Now traditional domination has turned to economic and trade dominations in the world. It may be not too late at least now to strengthen our foreign policy either to be fully neutral and non- aligned following Hon. SWRD and Hon. Sirimao or to follow Hon D S Senanayaka- father of the Nation who followed patriotic balanced pro-western foreign policy. Do we have a foreign policy is a million dollar question today when leaders speak to the world in different tones which are considered a part of international law. Leaders do not speak on foreign policy with one word and there appear to be no firm and coherent foreign policy for the country which is paramount. We can position in between learning from the past using our learned intellectuals locally and spread worldwide. Even opposition is to be blamed for the confused state for non-intervention and non-interference guiding the state in the right direction!. Opposition is aiming and planning to come into power sooner or later without proposing or forcing the State to be in the right direction giving the citizen a plan of action and a vision. Still it is not too late for us to come back to the tract provided the opposition and the professionals including intercalates come forward with no fear or favour to any group or ideology in the name and interest of the Nation in grief and danger! We urge and request the Trustees of the Nation to be more vigilant and extra careful in making decisive decisions for the citizen entrusted the honourable duty on trust! (Author takes the responsibility to the contents and could be reached on sarath 7@hotmail.co.uk and mobile 0777880166)


  1. aloy Says:

    People voted My3 to power trusting that he would stand by the citizenry knowing fully well that RW can be up to no good as he did before. It appears that he has joined RW and even threatening to use force in their effort to sell gold and silver entrusted to him.
    Let all politicians know they are in those seats temporarily; they are not the owner of SL. The next change can be bloody.

  2. aloy Says:

    When you humiliate people to the extent that the ruler wears mask to reach the disaster at garbage dump it exceeds the limit of patience of people. Such rulers have been put to gallows elsewhere. France, Ghana are examples. I don’t think they tried to sell assets in those places.

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