The Indian Octopus is fast squeezing the neck of Mother Lanka The Yahapalanaya Government is sleeping. Awake and Arise the Sinhalese           
Posted on June 12th, 2017

Sudath Gunasekara


I want all my patriotic Sinhala readers to look at the following photographs. I am wondering whether this government has already handed over the central hill country to India. It is high time the people of this country ask the President whether he and Ranil have already handed over this part of the country to India, pending the handing over of North and East together with the Trinco harbor and the 100 oil tanks.

Otherwise how could the Indian ambassador openly behave arrogantly like this like an Indian viceroy..

In this land of the Sinhalese how dare the Indian Ambassador displays and make pronouncements as given below as if he is standing on a Province of India. It reminds me of the days when Dixith was behaving in front of JR. There isn’t a single Sinhala representative in any one of these pictures. That confirms it is already a mono Tamil country. What the hell the Sinhala MPP of these Kandyan areas are doing. Why aren’t they at least ask the President or raise this issue in Parliament and protest against this kind of unwarranted invasions on our motherland. Are our native politicians and the Sinhala people waiting for the day that they will be directly ruled by India as a separate region within this country along with the North and East.

Isn’t it a disgrace to have representatives like this.

I do not know why the Sinhala voters of these areas continue to vote these traitorous puppets as their MPP We all know that it is useless telling the President or, the Prime Minister as both of them are sleeping with them. Their only hope and wish is to get these votes at the forthcoming election as well as they did in 2015.

I have a far more serious question. Now that the Government has allowed the Indian politicians and the Diplomats to behave nakedly and act like this in spite of the fact that they openly bypass the Sri Lankan Government when they deal with people of Indian origin, even though they are already at least physically citizens of this country what will it do if Arab countries like Saudi and their Ambassadors also  start to behave and act like this, as they also have already done in Wilpattu and the Eastern Province, when they deal with Muslims people living in this country..

Where are we going to end at this rate? If we are going to keep deaf, blind and dumb then why should we have a Government of 225with about 112 Minister at all and nine Provincial Councils with nearly 700 parasitic politicians including 9 Governors and 45 Ministers spending billions of public money for their upkeep with no benefit to the country or the people at large while the people are starving and dying.

I also wonder whether there is any other country in the whole world where the government has allowed this type of things to happen. Now that we have the best Finance Minister in the world, it would not be surprising even if the Sri Lankan President and the Prime Minister are also declared as the best in the world for betraying the country’s sovereignty, freedom, independence and it’s 2600 year old pristine Sinhala Buddhist civilization.

1 High Commissioner of India H.E. Mr. Taranjit Singh Sandhu along with 2 Minister for Hill country New Villages, Infrastructure and Community Development Hon. Palani Digambaram, and 3 State Minister for Education Hon. V.S. Radhakrishnan, laid foundation stone for 100 new houses being constructed High Commissioner in his remarks recalled the promise of additional 10,000 houses announced by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Narandra Modi during his visit to the Hill country on 12 May 2017 and reiterated Government of India’s continued commitment to the wellbeing and development of the Plantation areas. Both the Ministers in their remarks, thanked the Government of India for the support and the various development projects implemented by the Government of India in the Plantation areas, especially the Housing Project.

  Government of India has committed a total of 14,000 houses in the Plantation areas. Habitat for Humanity, Sri Lanka is the implementing agency for the houses being constructed at Hellebodde Estate.under the Indian Housing Project.

Members of Parliament and Central Provincial Council, senior Government officials as well as officials from Plantation Human Development Trust(PHDT), Plantation and Estate Management participated in the ceremony. More than 500 people from the Hellebodde Estate attended the function

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  1. Christie Says:

    Wake up. It is the Indian Empire who installed SWRD and that was the start of the genocide of the Sinhalese.

  2. ranjit Says:

    Current dictatorship government using force, harassment, jail terms to break the bones of the patriotic sinhala buddhists who fights for the rights of the sinhala buddhist population but never raise their fingers towards other racists in North or East because of the word”Sanhindiyawa” which is their golden goose to get aids from their financial backers wild West and the Indian parasites.
    We still remember how the bloody Dick shit behaved and acted during LTTE times. He was like Prabakaran’s cousin that time. Run nil was his brother. Premadasa was another brother who helped Prabakaran with money and other goodies. We won’t forget in our life time any of those anti sinhala acts by those traitors. All the UNP leaders past and present should be brought to justice for treason. They were responsible for thousands of deaths of innocent citizens in my country same like LTTE barbarians. This time they go beyond that not killing but selling our Motherland to outsiders specially to Indian parasites. Like everybody says this land my land will be an Indian colony very soon if these stupid yamaballo continue to rule this land further. Someone should take the lead to organise a people’s power to get rid of this shameful government as soon as possible. We should act like a lion not like a sheep Wake up Sinhalese, wake up. No time to lose.

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