Old Hag Chandrika’s treachery, bluffing, and enmity to Sri Lanka (Part II)
Posted on June 17th, 2017


Let us find some more despicable statements made by her and her anti-national and abhorrent activities in the recent past probably due of the mental degeneration she is suffering from:

  • During her first visit to India after this government came to power addressing Indian media she said that she found almost everyone in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party were either thieves or murderers and it was difficult to find someone who can be trusted in that party and after much endeavor she found Sirisena to lead the breakaway group and she maintained contacts with Sirisena through Viber technology. How come these so-called thieves and murderers become members of the present government and hold Ministerial portfolios if her intention was to have a clean government?
  • She was in U.K (her beloved country) when Tsunami struck Sri Lanka and she returned only after several days. By that time Prime Minister Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa has visited all affected areas and completed all preliminary work to be done.
  • She came and took over the already arranged relief activities together with some of her cronies and made various promises which were never fulfilled. Tsunami dilapidated buildings still remaining in  the Galle city for which she promised to establish a modern city
  • By the way we do not know what happened to that Tamil baby she took care of and said that she was going to raise as one of her own children! Whereabout of this child is a mystery.
  • It was Chandrika as President who presented the federalization (‘union of regions’) package, brought in by the Norwegians, double crossed the Karuna rebellion and signed the PTOMS empowering the LTTE to handle Tsunami financing in the North and East.,
  • She said that power devolution beyond 13th amendment should be given to solve the problems of the minorities. She said that there was a war for 30 years since power devolutions specified in the 13th amendment was insufficient. She also stated that the Tamil people have no confidence on a government ruled by the Sinhalese and hence there is nothing wrong in giving powers they envisage to them. However her mother Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike strongly protested against the 13th amendment in 1987 and she also held a sit-in protest under the Pettah Bo-tree.
  • She knows that she can never win an election except by contesting for an electorate in the North. Prior to the 2015 General Election she tested the ground by pasting some posters in the Gampaha district which was completely ignored by the people.

Military debacle during Chandrika’s rule

The old hag Chandrika recently claimed that she finished 75% of the war and what Mahinda Rajapaksa did was only attend to procedural matters. Given below are her horrible war record and the personnel and material losses incurred by our forces during her period:

Her period of office (1994-2005) was notable for a series of battlefield defeats. LTTE took Mullativu (1996) Kilinochchi (1998), Elephant Pass (2000) and nearly took Jaffna peninsula. At Elephant Pass, the most important military base in the north, with access to the Jaffna peninsula, the army withdrew leaving behind massive stock of arms, ammunition and equipment including artillery pieces.  In Kilinochchi, 500 soldiers were   killed, 3,000 wounded and 500 were missing.  LTTE burnt alive 1300  Sri Lankan soldiers at Mullaitivu and removed the entire arsenal including artillery pieces, mortars, and machine guns. Those who survived the Mullaitivu attack  had revealed the pathetic state of Mullaitivu defenses at the time.  Experts  say the  Mullaitivu debacle could have been avoided. The government wanted to regain Mullaitivu, but the military opposed this and refused to deploy any more men.  They were against maintaining isolated bases.

The government engaged in a series of highly publicized, knee jerk military operations which kept the focus on Jaffna, and off the Eastern province. These seriously weakened the army and helped LTTE further entrench itself.  These operations were given names that screamed success even before the operations had started,   ‘Thrivida pahara’,    ‘Sath jaya, ‘Jayasikurui, ‘Edibala,   ‘Rivi bala’ and ‘Ranagosa’. They suffered from a shortage of weapons and the lack of holding strength at crucial moments. They all failed. ‘Thrivida pahara,’   was called off within hours, leaving a group of soldiers stranded on the beach. They were eventually killed by the Tigers.   ‘Ranagosa’ spread three divisions thinly on the ground. LTTE crushed them. Jayasikurui seemed a lunatic venture even to the public. It was trying to regain the highly exposed Jaffna-Kandy road, with the LTTE lined up on both sides of the route,  using just two fighting divisions. These two divisions were soundly defeated by the LTTE.

These ill planned military operations resulted in a huge number of deaths. Operation Riviresa (1995) took Jaffna, but with a loss of 600 men.    The government did not care. The lives of the armed forces and police didn’t matter.  Security issues and long term implications were not important.  The Government simply wanted to show territorial gains. When the campaigns failed, the government imposed censorship .The press could not report on the bloody fighting and the number of lives lost.   The statement issued by LTTE when they took Elephant Pass was completely censored.

Economic performance

The latest of her mad utterances is that during her rule she brought Sri Lanka among the 75 richest countries in the world.  She says during that period the GDP increased significantly and public servants salaries were increased by five fold.  We do not know where this illusory world of her existed.  It is a known fact that her sense of economic management was zero and Sri Lanka for the first time in its entire history became a country with minus economic growth during her period and frustrated by this fact several Ministers of her government quit the government and joined the opposition and toppled her government.

It can undoubtedly be said that Sri Lanka achieved a massive development during the period of former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaaksa and given below is a table showing Sri Lanka’s economic status under Chandrika and its significant expansion up to the end of 2014.


Details At the end of Chandrika’s period (2004) At the end of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s period (2014)
GDP US$ 20.7 billion US$ 80  billiom
GDP  per capita US$ 1,062 US$ 3,853
Average Inflation 9% 3.3%
Foreign Reserves US$ 2.3 billion US$ 8.3 billion
Debt/GDP ratio 102.3% 70.7%
Public investment US$ 0.98 billion US$ 3,7 billion
Foreign direct investments US$ 0,24  billion US$ 1.6 billio
All share price index 1506 7299
Unemployment 8.3% 4.3%
Poverty headcount 15% 6%
Fiscal deficit GDP 7.5% 5.7%
Electricity for households 73% 98%
Telephone penetration 37% 120%
Safe drinking water 72% 90%
Computer literacy 0.5% 26%
University Admission 14% 18%

We hope that this old hag leaves this country at the latest possible time without causing further damage and disrepute to the country and serving for the separatist cause and settle down in UK permanently with her son and daughter.

She is not the only perfidious character that has harmed and continues to harm this country. There are so many. All these brutes should be roped in, taken to Galle Face greens and mete out punishments that used to be carried out by Sri Lankan kings in the past. (end)

6 Responses to “Old Hag Chandrika’s treachery, bluffing, and enmity to Sri Lanka (Part II)”

  1. AnuD Says:

    In one web site, Fr. Emmanuel says, Now, they have the pending luck of CBK governing Rainbow nation of Sri lanka with three ethnic groups and four religions. so, we can understand what is going on.

  2. Christie Says:

    She is no different to her father.

  3. Cerberus Says:

    The one eyed bandit queen is bad luck for all right thinking people of Sri Lanka. She as a patron of the SLFP should NOT be batting for a UNP candidate. It is an act of treachery. She must immediately resign from the SLFP party or be removed. She is as bad as MY3 who left the party, ran for President then after he won became the leader of SLFP but is batting for Ranil W and the UNP. What a pair!

    CBK’S destroyed the Sinhalese, some of it quite inadvertently. First, her father SWRD brought in Sinhala Language Act (1956) to make Sinhalese the Official language overnight. It was not a bad thing o the surface of things. But what it did was it gave Tamils and even Muslims freedom to choose the language of education while the Sinhalese HAD TO study all subjects in the Sinhala language. This would have been somewhat acceptable if there had been a great deal of preparation and entire libraries of translation done in many subjects into Sinhala language and new research made possible using the Sinhala language. But that was not so. It was Sinhala overnight, almost. People had no time to adapt to the new situation, both Sinhala people and others.

    As a result of our people, the Sinhalese got handicapped. What made matters worse was that he then made Tamil a National language. Our children should have got a good grounding in the Sinhala language with a strong knowledge of English also so that they had access to the world of commerce and business.

    When SWRD was assassinated by Somarama, his wife became Prime Minister and she made matters worse. With all the Marxist academics as her advisors such as NM Perera, she brought the Land Reform Act (1972 ) which decimated the Sinhala land owners. Traditionally Sinhalese were not traders. They were mainly farmers and landowners. There was a good relationship between the villagers and the land owners with land owners looking after the villagers and vice versa. Many of the Sinhala landowners lost all they had and some of them committed suicide. It takes a long time to develop plantation estates and many of them had inherited the estates from their ancestors and had put in a lot of effort and money to develop them. The emotional attachments to their land and connections to the villagers were removed overnight. Overnight it was all taken away. The land owners no longer could support the villagers.

    The net result was that the village youth felt unsupported and decided to revolt. The JVP launched a military type attack to take over power by force. Mrs. SWRD Bandaranaiyake should have at this point invited them for a discussion to look into their grievances. Instead, she ordered the Military to kill JVP. The military and police were merciless. More than 60,000 Sinhala youth are estimated to have been killed. Many were completely innocent youth who were just rounded up by Military and asked to dig pits and then shot so that they fell into the pits which were covered up. The UNP came into power with Premadasa as President and he did the same. Ranil W was put in charge of the youth. He did not help the youth but set up Batalanda where either with his knowledge or without his knowledge JVP people were tortured and killed. Then when SLFP came into power and CBK became President with Ranil W as Prime Minister they bungled the entire military operations against the LTTE. She appointed her uncle as Minister for Defence and her nephew Rohan Daluwatte as the Military Commander. This man had no military experience and would run off to see Sai Baba whenever there was trouble. She kept the war with LTTE dragging on and thousands of our Sinhala soldiers were brutally killed by LTTE. She had a preset idea that it was not possible to beat the LTTE along with Ranil W. Ranil W kept trying to hand over the North and East to appease Prabhakaran. He even stopped a crucial military operation in 2001 where the army knew the exact location of Prabhakaran and was ready to take him out.

    She recently in January engineered the downfall of the hero of the nation President Mahinda Rajapaksa by using the think tanks of the West and telling the people lies which have subsequently been proven to be baseless. She is so full of hatred and anger that it distorts her face where she looks like a Yakshani when she talks about MR. She may be harboring anger towards Sinhalese since her father and her husband was killed by Sinhalese. The Bandaranaiyake family has been a blot on the Sinhala people. It is a curse we have had to suffer for so long.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    “CBK’S destroyed the Sinhalese, some of it quite inadvertently. First, her father SWRD brought in Sinhala Language Act (1956) to make Sinhalese the Official language overnight.”

    IF NOT, TAMIL ELAM would have happened already in SL.

    SINGHALA-ONLY in 1956 is the only thing that SAVED SL from WESTERN STOOGES and TAMIL ELAMISTS.

    Until this happened TAMILS dominated the ADMINISTRATIVE service. They could have easily done anything to SL. But with SINGHALA ONLY in 24 hours they evil plans went BUST.

    Don’t forget ILLANKAI TAMIL ARSE KACHCHI was very powerful then. That plus UNP would have done the trick.

    UNABLE to face it, they launched the 1962 COUP but failed.

    Don’t judge SWORD-B in the same light as CBK. He was the GREATEST PATRIOT ever but CBK is the WORST TRAITOR ever.

  5. Dilrook Says:

    A good list of economic indicators. The list will be complete if other indicators like Foreign Debt balance, Local Debt balance, Per Capita Debt, foreign debt borrowed, local debt borrowed, US$/SLR exchange rate, Balance of Payment, Interest on Loans, Interest on Loans per capita, Interest over State Revenue, State Revenue over GDP and average real GDP growth rate were included.

    In terms of economic management, I see not much difference between both and Sirisena/Ranil.

    On other matters, I’m in agreement. Her military disasters are legendary. By the time she left office, we had lost more strategic camps (e.g. Elephant Pass, Thalladi, Mulaitivu) than when she took over.

    It is best if former presidents keep out of politics as JR and DB did, and, almost all former presidents of other countries do.

  6. ranjit Says:

    Though I like Mahinda very much I agree with Dilrook on his comment” it is best if MR keep out of politics” and live a peaceful life like other famous leaders who were loved and respected by their own people. Mahinda is genuinely a good leader whom we cannot forget so easily. Ending the war is enough for anyone to worship this great individual. It was a terrible dirty war although our stupids forgot. Did anyone was able to sleep one night without hearing gunfire? How many young lives were lost? All stopped in 2009 due to courageous approach Mahinda took fearlessly. Anyhow it’s history now. So I hope Mahinda will do something magic to rescue our nation again from this evil lot Sira/wicky/one eyed hag combination. We don’t forget so soon what this dirty old hag and the Batalanda hangman did to our youths and to the whole nation in the past. They were traitors from the beginning. They are the darlings of the west and still they work against our nation collaboration with our enemies. We need to stop them in their tracks before they bring disaster to our Motherland.

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