Sarath rejects Special Rapporteur allegations
Posted on June 19th, 2017

The UNHRC Special Rapporteur Ms. Monica Pinto’s allegations following her visit to Sri Lanka in 2016 that SL Judiciary was highly politicised and judges give verdicts favouring the Government was a derogatory and contemptuous statement made towards the Judiciary with a proud history of 200 years, retired Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara said.

Addressing United Nations’ side event held in Geneva Thursday (15) Mr. Weerasekara questioned the ability of Ms Pinto to read, study and analyse.

He asked how she came to the conclusion that Sri Lankan judges were incompetent, incapable, poorly selected, corrupt, cowardly and partial within just eight days.

It is very obvious that all these were pre-conceived /pre-determined observations, influenced by separatist elements to justify foreign judges, lawyers and prosecutors in special courts in Sri Lanka to try our soldiers who defeated the terrorists trying to separate the North from the country,” he said.

He also said that before coming to a conclusion that Sri Lankan judges were not capable enough to handle systemic crimes, the UNHRC should go through the achievements of the judges who work for the Judiciary in foreign countries.

Further, he also turned down the charges made by OISL Report of Zeid Al-Hussein, the High Commissioner of UNHRC that Sri Lankan forces committed genocide, indiscriminate shelling, and preventing aid to Tamil areas.

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2 Responses to “Sarath rejects Special Rapporteur allegations”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Sarath has done well again.

    With due respect to Sarath who has done more than his due share for the country, allow me to point out some challenges.

    It is extremely difficult to prove to the UN that the Sri Lankan judiciary is not highly politicised and verdicts don’t favour the Government. The Shirani-Mohan-Shirani affair surely dented the sanctity of the judiciary. Both Mahinda and Sirisena are to blame. Then there are cases of criminal activity (e.g. killing of Bharata Lakshman Premachandra) that were not prosecuted for a very long time despite identified suspects. A large number of media men have been killed but no one has been convicted still (over 7 years late).

    Our supreme court judges are appointed by the president which also caste doubts on their impartiality.

    Then our government itself pandered into the allegations by inviting foreign investigators. ACF case (2007) was investigated by a foreign panel which included Darusman and Bernard Kroucher! One of them worked for the UN later. Then in 2013 the Sir Desmond panel was appointed to look into possible war crimes. This too pandered into the allegation that locals and the local judicial system are incapable of handling them.

    These have been created by politicians. Sadly soldiers will pay for these sins.

    It is extremely difficult to reverse these blunders now.

    I’m afraid “questioning Ms Pinto’s ability to read, study and analyse” will not take us anywhere.

  2. Senerath Says:

    Agree with Dilrook “I’m afraid “questioning Ms Pinto’s ability to read, study and analyse” will not take us anywhere”.

    Some of our judges are corrupt and some are known criminals. We have to accept it.

    It is pathetic that only this one man if left to defend our armed forces.

    Politicians have discreditted our armed forces doing various private criminal activities USING them. This is disgusting and is haunting us now.

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