Posted on July 3rd, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera Ex Chairman –SLLRDC

When we watch TV news ,Minister Sajith is trotting around the country and opens new housing schemes in the rural areas.He does not make any meaningless statements about the state of affairs   in the country .He may talk about Mahinda Rajapakse or GMOA and talks to the point .My wife keeps telling me that he is seem to be only minister who does something. Last week I saw a housing complex near the Premadasa Stadium being opened by the president ,but sadly he was not invited as the Housing Minister .His team of ex R  Premadasa era are advising him correctly  .Housing Ministry is a stepping stone for Kingship in the country

Then we have minister of Fisheries .Except his political role as the secretary to UPFA ,he does a yeoman service to Fishery Community . He has revived Fishery Corporation and advised Fishery Harbour Corporation to use private sector as much as possible to improve efficiency. He does nor go around the country and talks nonsense.

Both parties should get together and Promote Sajith as the  President from UNP and Fishery Minister Amaraweera as the Prime Minister   in the next election .

Task masters from previous government with clean record may join this combination



  1. Dilrook Says:

    I heard he has constructed thousands of houses in 442 villages in just 3 years. He has also awarded land and a house to our best sniper’s poor mother (his record is world class). For 7 years authorities disregarded people like her as the glory of winning the war was taken away from soldiers. What is more important is he did these without foreign borrowings and associated corruption.

    This is the type of development we need, not white elephants constructed with foreign borrowings. Most of these have become disasters with only the liability remaining (plus interest) and the assets don’t produce profit. Sajith is qualified in economic matters, another vital requirement.

    Opponents made fun of him when he was assigning jobs based on height (security and peon). What they missed was he was giving jobs to non-relatives!

    On that account I agree Sajith is far more suitable to become president than all other names so far suggested in both camps. As the writer says, Sajith doesn’t play politics as much as others. It may be a weakness. He is not regarded well within the UNP.

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