Who permitted UN Rapporteur meet LTTE detainees: MS
Posted on July 18th, 2017

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

President Maithripala Sirisena is reported to have asked at today’s Cabinet meeting as to who gave permission for UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism Ben Emmerson to meet LTTE suspects in prison.

Mr. Emmerson who concluded his mission in Sri Lanka accused it of using torture against people detained under the Anti-terror Act and that its progress on human rights, reforms and justice remained woefully slow.

Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe criticized the UN official for with regard to the allegations he had levelled at the government.

It had been revealed that the Foreign Affairs Ministry had given permission for Mr. Emmerson to meet the LTTE detainees. (Kelum Bandara)

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  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SO IT IS VERY CLEAR THAT THIS REPORTER HAS COME WITH A **SPECIAL** TAMIL AGENDA. THE FOREIGN AFFAIRS MINISTER APPEARS TO SHOW THAT HE HAS MORE CLOUT THAN THE PRESIDENT, IN GOVERNING SRI LANKAN AFFAIRS. Nevertheless it is utter discourtesy, and an un-disciplined move, to permit a foreign Interloper, to meet Terrorist suspects, specially in a Prison, without the nod from the Country’s President, who is totally in charge of National Security. It is de-basing the Morale of the Tri Forces, Police and other Security Personnel. The President lacks the Moral High-Ground to Discipline his Minsters, as he appears to be very timid, and is scared to use his Presidential Authority. There are many REPORTERS buzzing around, awaiting for an opportunity to sting into internal affairs of the Country, They must be declared Per-so-na Non Gra-ta, and asked to leave the Country immediately, without any hesitation.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  3. Dilrook Says:

    It may be either Ravi or Mangala. Both are from the UNP. The position of the UNP as regards the war crimes issue is similar to the LTTE (TNA).

    Sirisena has once again shown he is not in control of his ministers, government and the nation. His ministers have taken him for a joke.

  4. helaya Says:

    This backbone less lethargic president is a puppet of RW. He is a RUKADAYA. This bunch of idiot trying to destroy the country. If this goes on like this we will be like Somalia.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    SL has become a PUBLIC TOILET now. Like the CEASEFIRE time. Anyone can come any time and meet anyone.

    Did BEN meet LTTE child soldiers? This must be reported to CHILD PROTECTION AUTHORITY.

  6. Charles Says:

    They criticised and continue to critise the foreign policy of President Mahinda Rajapakse in which the West went against him for his determination to eliminate terrorism in Sri Lanka. If he tried to improve the foreign Policy in his Government by try to become friendly with the West, we would still have had terrorism in Sri Lanka.

    The West and the UN System which is part of the West are not in favour of independent development of Couintries of the so called third world. They invented Human rights, R2P, and the UN HumanRights Council as an arms to thwart the development of the thirdworld countries without their dependence of the West. We see what is happening in Sri Lanka with the Puppet Government -Yahapalana of the West in Place.

    The President Maithripala Sirisena lacks power independent of the UNP to act on his own and tell UN or other Western countries to stop interefering into internal Affairs of Sri Lanka, by sending their representativest to meet without the permission of the government too meet former terrorist sympathires and other communities; As by doing so the put different Communities in Sri Lanka against each other and perpetrate disunity in the country, and bar the “so called” reconciliation efforts of the Government.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    So My Chignkala Sakodarayas who gave permission is the problem ???? nothing else.

    Now You know our one & only Thesiya Thalaivar VP want TE nothing else not even NEP given to him in gold plate by Indian !!!!

    Velu where are ??? awaiting for your order Sir !!!

  8. jay-ran Says:

    He is a real betrayer “WHO HAD HOPPERS WITH MR,THEN PRESIDENT AND THE FOLLOWING DAYA HANDED OVER NOMINATION PAPERS TO CONTEST THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS joining with Batalanda Ranil who could never win any election alone”.Many people in our Siri Lanka have a very short memory TOTALLY FOEGETTING WHO SAVED OUR MOTHER LANKA FROM THE MURDERERS TAMIL LTTE.These people believed WHAT SIRA SAID DURING THE ELECTIONS & VOTED SIRA and NOW THRY ALL ARE SUFFERING. These idiotic, ungreatful people have now realized that THEY ALL HAVE BEEN CHEATED BY SIRA & B’Ranil.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    FYI Today
    Saiva Tamil Judge at Chavakachcheri ordered to local authority ( NPC & Jaffna Distric) has no right to stop build Bhuddist Temple at Navadkuli as Mother Lanka’s land of Law gave highest position to Buddiisum .

    Same court ordered earlier 77 VP’S Man & Woman were not guilty but colombo court ignored .

    So My Sinhela Brothers & Sisters are We-Tamils or You-Sinhelese are racist & do not want peace in Mother Lanka !!!

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    It appears that Sri Lanka never had an Independent State even after Independence in 1948.

    Why ?

    * Because of lack of PATRIOTISM mainly after nearly 500 yrs of Colonisation.
    * Cold War politics.
    * Colonisation : America, INDIA & Sri Lanka are all earlier Colonised countries. All these countries suffered and continue to suffer due to Colonisation.
    * Greed for money/Resources, within and from outside.
    * Systems imposed from outside such as GDP to measure Development in a country.
    * Foreign loans taken with inimical donor conditions attached thereto.

    The UN must address the Real Problems that beset a developing nation, not impose false ones such as done now over the so called self created Tamil problems through their own CASTE based wars attaching onto Cold War players via foreign countries.

    The UN going on the wrong track will result in wrong results.

    Also, let us also keep the Man : Land ratio healthy in Lanka by :

    1. Deporting all illegal migrants.
    2. Offering free and safe birth control material to all adults who need them.

  11. Ratanapala Says:

    They will remove Maithripala Sirisena’s underwear too without his knowledge and then he will ask ” Kawda mage amude galewwe kiyala?”

  12. Ratanapala Says:

    We commend the Minister for his forthrightness in confronting another piece of white trash who thinks they can forever ride roughshod over smaller countries like Sri Lanka. However Minister’s bravado will remain just bravado if it is not possible to follow up with the UN authorities through the right channels.

    Much cannot be expected knowing we have a President who is only looking after his own personal welfare and living from day to day to survive his illgotten presidency. And much cannot be expected knowing we have a Prime Minister whose only task is to fulfil the foreign agenda given to him by the Western Christian powers led by the US who engineered the Regime Change of Jan 2015 and his personal agenda to undo the Sinhala Buddhist establishment in Sri Lanka.

    If the Minister is genuine he should follow his righteous anguish against this International interloper by making contacts with countries similar to Sri Lanka who are at the receiving end of similar unwarranted intrusions and forming a common front, so that Sri Lanka will not be alone to face the wrath of the UNITED HYPOCRITES also called the United Nations!

    We need the backing of Russia and China on this matter. They are the ones who can make an impact at the UN, UN Security Council and other relevant UN Agencies. It is high time the world look up to another mechanism to rival the now defunct and corrupt UN!

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