Resolutions passed at the Annual General meeting of the TULF on 06-08-2017 in Jaffna
Posted on August 7th, 2017


Resolutions passed at the Annual General meeting of the TULF on 06-08-2017 in Jaffna

  1. The Tamil United Liberation Front reiterates its demand, to solve the Sri Lankan ethnic problem, by adopting the Indian model of devolution. To achieve it the TULF will solicit the support of all concerned parties.
  2. The Tamil United Liberation Front desires to have all the problems the Tamil speaking people face, by negotiations and by peaceful means.
  3. The government without any further delay consider resettling the Muslims who were expelled from their homes and those Tamils who were displaced during the communal violence of 1983 and fled to India. The TULF insists that sufficient compensation should be paid to all, since all of them left their homes with only what they could carry.
  4. The TULF desires that all ethnic groups the Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Malays and others should have the guarantee to live as free citizens enjoying equal rights, without any discrimination.
  5. The TULF wants the government to take into consideration the pathetic plight of those who are in detention for several years and take steps to release all them, under a general amnesty, as was done at the time the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord was signed. The fact that these prisoners have already spent several years in prison should be taken as a very reasonable excuse for their release and for a just claim for a substantial compensation.
  6. There are several victims of war many of whom are disabled and undergoing several hardships. The TULF blames the authorities for neglecting them and demands that a regular payment of an allowance monthly for their subsistence.
  7. The fishing dispute the fishing community is facing in the North and the East should be tactfully handled, since the other party involved is our immediate neighbor. Extreme caution  should be taken by those who handle this problem, is the advice the TULF gives to the parties concerned.
  8. We have a disgruntled youth population with hardly any chance for the majority of them to find employment. The TULF insist that the government should make available to the disgruntled youths substantial financial assistance at low interest, to enable them to find self employment.
  9. The TULF calls upon the Members of the Provincial Council to avoid clashing even verbally in the interest of the poor people. The TULF very strongly feels that the Provincial Council can do a lot to enable the unemployed youths to earn and income, by investing whatever funds the Council has that could be used for this purpose.
  10. The TULF is not happy about the present constitution of the TNA. However they should realize that they have a massive responsibility to solve the problems the Tamil people face. Therefore without giving undue importance to one party, neglecting other constituent parties of the alliance, every action taken should be with the consent and concurrence of all parties of the alliance.
  11. The TULF is very much aware about the weaknesses of the TNA. Yet in the interest of the common people the TULF had repeatedly offered its help to the TNA. But unfortunately the TNA had dodged to accept our offer, for no reason other than the selfish interest of some leaders.
  12. By giving a distorted version of the history of the TNA, some of its members had successfully cheated the people for a fair length of time and continue to do so, for their personal gains.
  13. Not only private lands, even large extents of the crown lands taken over by the army should be vacated, retaining small extents genuinely required by the army.
  14. The TULF very strongly condemns the government and the people’s representatives in Parliament for failing to take action to reopen the K.K.S cement factory, Elephant Pass saltern, Paranthan Chemical factory, Oddusuttan tile factory and in short all factories now remain closed like Valaichchenai paper factory, Achchuveli industrial state etc, which will give employment to thousands of unemployed youths.
  15. The TULF notes with deep regret that the appointments of members of the minority communities, to various positions of higher grade in the Police force, in the Diplomatic service and appointments as Chairman for various corporations and such other institutions. The TULF calls upon the government to rectify this situation by making all appointments based on ethnic ratio.
  16. Rightly or wrongly all youths suspected as having links with the LTTE had been rehabilitated and released. Almost all of them are minding their own business under very strenuous circumstances. It is wrong practice to arrest anyone of them without proof of having committed any offence. They have already suffered enough. Therefore arresting anyone and torturing them merely on suspicion should be completely avoided.
  17. The TULF very strongly condemns the detention of five youths suspected as having some involvements in the attempted assassination of a Tamil Member of Parliament. Of those who are accused one is without a limb another one without one of his wrists and third one had remained in hospital for more than three months without any senses and speechless . At least the government should go all out to do justice to these youths whom the TULF believes as innocent.
  18. By misusing the term TNA, the genuine struggle under taken unitedly by various political parties had been sabotaged, with the sole purpose of breaking the unity and promoting the Federal Party. The efforts taken by various Tamil groups supported by the LTTE and by people like Taraki, to bring all political parties under one umbrella and to contest the 2004 general election under one policy and one symbol, got disrupted by the Federal Party, which action the TULF strongly condemns.
  19. The Federal Party that was defunct for 28 years was revived without consulting anyone related to it, but merely on the instructions of an unauthorized person. Contesting the 2004 general election on the Federal Party ticket and thereby causing the war to prolong for a further period of five years, when in fact it should have come to end with the general election of 2004 was the gravest mistake the Federal Party made. This has caused the death of not only several thousand innocent people but also caused the eradication of a group fighting for freedom and damage to several billions worth of property. The TULF condemns the Federal Party leadership and holds them responsible for the deaths of several thousand innocent people and destruction of property.
  20. In the interest of the country and its people, the Tamil community in particular should windup the TNA, failing which the TULF will start a campaign condemning the TNA as a curse that had fallen on Sri Lanka. We will not hesitated to solicit the support of the International Community and the Diplomatic Community in Sri Lanka for this purpose.

14 Responses to “Resolutions passed at the Annual General meeting of the TULF on 06-08-2017 in Jaffna”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    With this list of Resolutions the TULF has taken a partial step in the right direction to emerge as a LOYAL Sri Lankan political party.


    COME BACK to us Sinhalese to DISCUSS these issues AFTER you have DONE THAT!

    Until then, as far as the Sinhala people are concerned, you are the SAME as the TNA!

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    BTW, we Sinhala people WILL MEVER ACCEPT devolution of power on Communal bases, NOT according to the Indian Model, or according to the 13th Amendment Model.


    The PARA-GATHI DESHADROHI KALLIYA of Sepatatist Ethno-Religious Minorities and Foreign NGO 5th Columns who ENGINEERED the REGIME CHANGE of Jan 8, 2015 will LIVE TO RUE that DAY of INFAMY when they attempted to RE-ENSLAVE the Sinhala Buddhist majority of our hallowed Motherland!

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Another anti-Sri Lanka resolution by the TULF after TULF’s 1976 resolution that started war.

    What authority says the Indian federal model suits Sri Lanka? If done, will Tamils living outside the north and east leave those places and go to local “Tamil Nadu” or work in Sinhala as happens in India? If so, the Indian model is good, not otherwise.

    TULF resolution has wilfully omitted resettling Sinhalese in the north and east. This cannot be an error.

    No Tamil was displaced in 1983 riots to this date. All those displaced immediately went back to their places. If compensation is given, all must get compensation including bomb victims, LTTE attack victims, dead and injured soldiers, not just some.

    Terrorists in detention must be prosecuted. They are there for a reason.

    I urge the government to totally reject this resolution by a party not even represented in parliament!

    Although TULF condemns TNA their demands are same as the TNA, if not worse. Even TNA’s Vigneswaran recently stated that Sinhala sentiments must be respected. Although his other statements are wrong, this particular statement deserves more merit than this extortion letter.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    BTW, we Sinhala people WILL NEVER ACCEPT devolution of power on Communal basis, NOT according to the Indian Model, NOR according to the 13th Amendment Model.


    The PARA-GATHI DESHADROHI KALLIYA of Separatist Ethno-Religious Minorities and Foreign NGO 5th-Columns who ENGINEERED the REGIME CHANGE of Jan 8, 2015 will LIVE TO RUE that DAY of INFAMY when they attempted to RE-ENSLAVE the Sinhala Buddhist Majority of our hallowed Motherland!

  5. Vaisrawana Says:

    None of these Jaffna politicians can be accepted as national politicians. They are all regional and communal. They are unrepentant apologists for federalism. Now they feel that they are almost at their goal. Naturally, they don’t want to be pipped at the post. Everybody who is somebody in Jaffna speaks and acts in unison openly as well as secretly promoting that goal. Public attention was deflected from re-emerging separatist terrorism when the deadly gun attack on two police officers providing security to an important someone was interpreted as an attack on that person, casting doubt on the sincerity of the security forces. The overwhelming humanity shown by that person impressed some of the southerners, especially as reported in the unprecedentedly free SL media. They are hitting while the iron is hot. All these groups that clash with each other in the open are really single-minded in their unjust demand for federalism (which is bound to lead to ultimate separation) and they are perfectly united. The show of disunity is a sham that is designed to hoodwink the ordinary Sinhalese, whose electoral power, they know is an unbeatable challenge for them. The tragedy is that the opposite is happening in the rest of the country.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    “TAMIL” &“LIBERATION” Equal to “Sinhalese” & Freedom !!!

    Live & Let’s live in United Mother Lanka ( You call NPC, EPC & other 7 PCS & We-Demila call Saiva TE , Muslim TE & Sinhela Lanka ) untill Eelam war V !

  7. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Ethnic problem. Sinhalese aren’t supposed to live in the north and east. It is their country. Not these traitor xxxxs’.
    While enjoying more perks than the natives traitor cancer still not happy. Dutch brought the first lot of ungrateful,
    never happy, never enough, never a god word, tn at heart traitors to work in tobacco plantations. Then the british brought the second lot of traitors to work in tea plantations. Then the third lot of traitors swam/crossed the waters
    from tn to save their lives during the severe famine in the 60s in the hell hold tn. Known as kallathonis, they settled
    down along the coastal belt. Today all the traitors are natives of Sri Lanka with 1000s of years of bogus history.
    With kingdoms (mythical of course) etc. So the lie goes on and on. Same time the xxxx chant the mantra ethnic
    issue when they got more than fair share of the cake.

    All these traitors are followers of religions of conveniences. They don’t regard lying, stealing as sins. Charles
    Darwin’s Theory of Evolution destroyed the creator god myth. Still these guys don’t want to admit it since it is
    going to hurt them in the pockets etc. Without lies, stealing how can you do well? But religions of conveniences
    look the other way and the traitors are at it all the time. Fortunately for Mother Lanka, they won’t be two legged
    creatures. Obviously four legs. What do you call them? xxxx?

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    What do you call them? xxxx?- You can call us Damila Kodiyas !!!

    We Thamil Kallathonis use thoni to cross Indian ocean but you use Qutar airways ???

    We arrived Yesterday years but TN is only 20 miles away ( frpm Kachcha Theevu) ??? now you know why We-Demila call you modaya machagn !!!!

  9. AnuD Says:

    Sri lankan govt has promoted minority politics by dividing the flag, by implementing more than one officiaa languages and by chaning the country’s name. Change all those and say if you can not go awya. Learn how make children grow up.

  10. Christie Says:

    All Indian Colonial Parasites in the Indian Colonies from Fiji to Guyana should integrate or go back to their respective countries in the Indian Union.

    Down with the Indian Empire.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    TULF must address :

    1A. True PATRIOTISM to Lanka from ALL Tamils of Lanka. Give credit to Lanka for all things done for Lanka’s Tamil population at great cost to the Others in Lanka.

    1B. Admit to past great errors through the LTTE, the murders and destruction of nearly 30 yrs. and ask for Forgiveness from the rest of Society in Lanka.

    Also Address:

    1. The Revocation of the Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976.

    2. Deporting ILLEGAL migrants in Sri Lanka,mainly from Tamil Nadu area.

    3. Removing the ILLEGAL 13-A.

    4. True merging into Sri Lankan society, no more divisions through Language & Territory.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    All these groups that clash with each other in the open are really single-minded in their unjust demand for federalism (which is bound to lead to ultimate separation) and they are perfectly united.- Corrected but federalism will stop separation .
    why you can not understand this ?

    eg: in India South(Draviden) demanded separation after independent (1947) but implemented federalism with 16A (Kerala, TN etc..) so separation stopped totaly.

    like wise if We implement 6A & 13A together (federalism) than separation stop itself !!!!

    no short cut machagn !!!!
    mean time let me go back to We-Tamil 2,500 years day dream .
    Naalai pirakkum TE (Tomorrow TE will born – not today , will repeat tomorrow again ).

    Modaya & Sakkiliaya never learn !!!

  13. Fran Diaz Says:


    Would INDIA allow Federal States within INDIA ?

  14. SA Kumar Says:

    Would INDIA allow Federal States within INDIA ? India is a federal union comprising twenty-nine states and seven union territories !!!

    NO 1) to solve the Sri Lankan ethnic problem, by adopting the Indian model of devolution.

    We-Ilankai Thamilar do not want Thani ( Separate) TE (that mean DO NOT implement 13A with out implementing 6A) what we want Indian model of devolution.

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