Troubled youth make a troubled country  Editorial –Nation ,,18/8/17
Posted on August 17th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera


It was important for the government to ensure that the young boys and girls were occupied with something useful such as education or employment. It was important because it needed to ensure that the youngsters do not get frustrated about their future and resort to violence.


Dear Editor .

This is my opinion, advice  and suggestions ……….

During successive Sri Lankan Governments in Sri Lanka under different Socialist ,Quasi -Socialist ,and outright Capitalist and oppressive regimes ,there were projects ,industries ,trade opportunities  for youngsters to get involved ,Everyone  wants to be white collar worker .We have so many universities and technical colleges ,Institutions for various trades like welding ,fitting ,Marine Engineering .Most of our youngsters wants to carry a latest smart phone and want to wannabe’s .Younger generation drop out from school and buy a three wheeler  to earn fast buck and also get involved in nefarious activities to become rich .

We have ship repair and ship/boat building industries flourishing, but they import over 3-400 Indian workers. Some companies bring down masons an carpenters. Do you know that a rice miller is employing over 400 Indian youngsters in Rajarata ?

Our boys and girls do not want to get training in any other field .All BA graduated want to be teachers or join government service .When they cannot get such easy jobs they tend to get violent.JVP is waiting in the backdrop like vultures to mobilized them to fill Lipton Circus or Lotus Square. Youngsters leaving forces do not want to do any work. With their skill in handling of arms they go and rob people ,Army should keep an eye on them and keep them on constant watch ,and train them for some trade .

In USA all ex-army people get some training and do some work ,Unless s extreme person like Trump who instigate White Supremacy rising ,these youngsters would be doing something useful.

Only advise to the government is start private universities for Technology Trades and create more blue collar workforce .Forget  about elite education like Medical Degree for the time being .

Government can ease bureaucratic procedures to approve start-up of industries.  Development of Marine Industries ,Aquaculture along the coastal belt can generate many jobs. They should train more fishing boat- operators ,Currently they train many sea going cadets  in Ocean University and  Cenec. When They pass out they always look for a job in a foreign vessel . As the sea trade is declining there are no jobs.

We should reduce bureaucracy and allow Sri Lankans   to own small coastal vessels to carry cargo from West to East ,South ,East and North

Many fishing boat owners cannot find boat operators to mobilize more boats. We should make these seagoing cadets to operate boats and multiday fishing vessels.

Government is hell bent in opening up of land based Industrial parks .They are always empty and as the banks tend to give bigger chunk of money to property developers.

Government should use some money to fund multiday fishing vessels which can be supported by few Mother Vessels, These are ocean based Industrial parks

With GSP sanctions being lifted ,we have a great opportunity .but we are only talking about garment exports .Minister of Industries and Ministry of Fisheries should be amalgamated .Trade ministry should be taken  away from Industry Minister  who talks a  lot and settle his own kind in national parks ! ( and also developing paultry trade !)

(I also suggest to deploy some youngsters in Government should have a task force which is headed by people with foresight. We have jobs .Only problem is that the whole nation is fed (up)  with various news about corruption and private education and none is keen to develop employment generation , It was important for the government to ensure that the young boys and girls were occupied with something useful such as technical blue collar–education .

We have politicians get fatter and obese day by day but the people in the country are getting slimmer and thinner .

( We can also open centres for youngsters to learn Physical Training so that they can open up Slimming Salons in every province for fat politicians to patronize !  .Another option is make the doors in the parliament and councils with only 18 inch  clearance so that any politician who wants to come for sessions have to slim down !)

Dr Sarath Obeysekera


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